Amana Air Conditioner Troubleshooting (5 Problems Solved!)

You want your Amana air conditioner to work at all times and fix any issue that may arise, right? Well, this Amana air conditioner troubleshooting guide comes in handy, and you can use it to fix at least five common air conditioning problems.

Common troubleshoot-able Amana air conditioner problems include an Amana AC that won’t turn on or run, keeps going on and off, or fails to blow cold or warm air.

In addition, you may want to troubleshoot an error code that may pop up on your Amana air conditioner or reset the unit to fix some issues, and that’s an area this troubleshooting guide can help you.

We’ll examine the air conditioner problems, highlight their probable causes, and suggest the best fixes. And as you’ll recognize, though some issues need an expert, the majority are DIY.

Let’s explore them!

Amana Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

In a rush? The quick troubleshooting guide below can help you fix your failing Amana air conditioner.

Quick Amana Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

AC ProblemLikely CauseTroubleshooting
1.Amana AC Won’t Turn OnTurned-off compressor, incorrectly set thermostat, tripped breaker, faulty power cord or outlet, clogged air filter or outdoor unit, or wiring fault

Turn ON the compressor (if it’s OFF), set the thermostat on COOL or AUTO mode, reset the breaker (if tripped), and replace a faulty power cord or power outlet. Replace a clogged filter, clean a filthy outdoor unit, and call a pro to fix faulty wiring.
2.Amana AC Won’t RunWrong AC size, clogged air filters, or a defective compressor or capacitorGet the right AC size for the space and replace dirty air filters and a faulty compressor or capacitor
3.Amana AC Turns On and OffAirflow problem, wrong thermostat location, oversized unit, electrical fault, or refrigerant leakage
Replace a clogged air filter and clean a dirty outdoor unit, position the thermostat more centrally, downgrade the AC (if it’s oversize), and call a pro to fix an electrical fault or refrigerant leakage
4.Amana AC Won’t Blow Cold AirPower issue, incorrectly set thermostat, airflow issue, clogged condensate line or ductwork, refrigerant leakage or failed component (thermostat, thermistor, compressor, capacitor, fan, or control board)Ensure the AC has power and set the thermostat on COOL/AUTO mode. Replace dirty filters, clean dirty coils, and unblock the condensate line and ductwork. Call a pro to refill the refrigerant or replace any failed component
5.Amana AC Won’t Blow Warm AirWrongly set thermostat, turned-off compressor, clogged air filter, non-working fan, blocked air duct, or electrical faultSet the thermostat on HEAT/AUTO mode, turn on the compressor (if OFF), replace dirty filters or faulty fan, unblock the air duct, and call a pro to fix an electrical fault

5 Common Problems with Amana Air Conditioners

Shared below are the most everyday Amana air conditioner problems to try to troubleshoot:

1. Amana Air Conditioner Not Turning On

An Amana air conditioner that won’t turn on is just as good as a non-working one. Overall, here are the most likely reasons your AC won’t turn on:

  • The compressor is off – Check the compressor outside to see if it’s off. If it is, then that’s the reason your AC is not turning on.
  • The thermostat is incorrectly set– The air conditioner won’t turn on if it’s wrongly set. It should be at least on the COOL or AUTO mode.
  • Tripped breaker – Once the breaker trips, which is likely to be the case when there’s a power surge, the air conditioner will lack the power supply to turn on.
  • Faulty power cord – The AC won’t turn on if the power cord is defective. Such a power cord disrupts the AC’s power supply, and you can identify a faulty cable using a multimeter (if it has no continuity)
  • Faulty power outlet – You can also identify a defective power outlet with a multimeter. If that’s the case, the air conditioner won’t power on.
  • Clogged air filter – The AC may fail to turn on due to filthy air filters. In such a case, the air filter restricts airflow, making it hard for the AC to power on.  
  • Clogged outdoor unit – The condenser and fan, in particular, may prevent the AC from turning on if they are dirt-clogged. So, inspect them.
  • Wiring fault – If there’s a broken or loose wire or other wiring issues, the air conditioner may fail to turn on.


Turn on the compressor if it’s off and set the thermostat on either COOL or AUTO mode. If the breaker is OFF, reset it and if the power cord or power outlet is faulty, replace it. Also, replace a clogged filter and clean the outdoor unit and in case of a wiring fault, call a pro.

2. Amana Air Conditioner Not Running (Powers On but Won’t Start)

Sometimes the Amana AC will power on but fail to start or run. In such a case, watch out for any of these issues:

  • Wrong AC size – If the air conditioner is the wrong capacity (BTU rating), it may fail to run. See the sizing guide below.
  • Clogged air filters – The air conditioner may also fail to run due to a clogged air filter as it’s unable to circulate air.
  • Defective compressor – The air conditioner’s running depends on the compressor’s running. If the latter is faulty, the former won’t run.
  • Bad capacitor – The compressor depends on a working capacitor to run. If the capacitor is faulty, the compressor won’t run, preventing the air conditioner from doing so.
Problems with Amana Air Conditioners


Use this table to determine if you have the right AC size:

Maximum Cooled AreaBTU Rating (AC Capacity)
150 square-feet5000 BTU
250 square-feet6000 BTU
300 square-feet7000 BTU
350 square-feet8000 BTU
400 square-feet9000 BTU
450 square-feet10000 BTU
550 square-feet12000 BTU
700 square-feet14000 BTU
1000 square-feet18000 BTU
1200 square-feet21000 BTU
1400 square-feet23000 BTU
1500 square-feet24000 BTU

If the AC is undersized or oversized, replace it with the appropriate capacity. Remember, however, to:

  • Increase the BTU by 4000 BTU if it’s a kitchen AC
  • Increase the BTU by 600 BTU for every extra person if there are more than two people per room
  • Decrease the BTU by 10% if the space is heavily shaded
  • Increase the BTU by 10% if the room is extra sunny

If the filters are clogged, change them and have an expert check the compressor and capacitor and replace the faulty one.

3. Amana Air Conditioner Turns On and Off

While you expect your Amana Ac to consistently run once it powers on, sometimes it won’t. It goes through a short-cycling phase, where it keeps turning on and off, and the likely reasons are:

  • Airflow problem – Either the air filter or outdoor unit could be dirt-clogged, and if so, that could be the reason the air conditioner short-cycles.
  • Wrong thermostat location – If the thermostat is near a window, an air vent, or direct sunlight, the conditions could trick it into causing the AC to run and stop. So, check the thermostat location.
  • Oversized unit – If the AC has a bigger capacity than the room it should cool, it will keep going on and off.
  • Electrical fault – A wiring fault could cause the air conditioner to short-cycle.
  • Refrigerant leakage – A leaking refrigerant that is likely to freeze the evaporator coils will prevent the AC from running uniformly.


Replace the air filter if it’s dirty, and clean the outdoor unit if it’s also dirty. Position the thermostat in a more central location and replace the AC if it’s the wrong capacity (refer to the earlier table).

Call a pro to handle an electrical fault or possible refrigerant leakage if the issue persists.

4. Amana Air Conditioner Not Cooling (Not Blowing Cold Air)

Proper cold airflow is paramount for air conditioners. Sadly, some problems may prevent the air conditioner from blowing cold or cooling your space, and they are as follows:

  • Power issue – If there is a power issue, the AC won’t cool.
  • Incorrectly set thermostat – The AC will only cool if it’s on COOL or AUTO mode. It won’t blow cold if it’s on another mode.
  • Airflow issue – The air conditioner will also fail to blow cold air if the air filter or the outdoor unit is dirt-clogged. So, inspect them for filthiness.
  • Clogged condensate line or ductwork – The condensate line and ductwork may also prevent the air conditioner from blowing cold if blocked.
  • Refrigerant leakage – A low refrigerant could also be the reason the AC won’t cool. In such a case, it causes the evaporator coils to ice up, thus making it unable to dissipate hot air.
  • Failed component (thermostat, thermistor, compressor, capacitor, fan, or control board) – Lastly, the air conditioner won’t blow cold if any of those components is faulty. An expert technician can help you determine the faulty one.


Check the air conditioner’s power supply to ensure it has power. If it doesn’t, resort to the fixes discussed earlier. Then ensure the thermostat is set on COOL or AUTO mode and change the air filter if dirty.

Meanwhile, clean the outdoor unit if it’s filthy and unblock the condensate line or ductwork. In case of a refrigerant leakage or component failure, call an expert.

Amana Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

I remember mentioning that one of the reasons the air conditioner won’t blow cold air is a non-working fan. Overall, the fan won’t work due if any of these components is faulty:

  • Fan motor
  • Relay board
  • Blower motor
  • Main control board


Replace the motor, replay board, blower motor, or main control board if it’s faulty.

Amana Air Conditioner Not Cooling

5. Amana Air Conditioner Not Heating (Not Blowing Warm Air)

The reverse of the above issue could happen. I’m talking about your air conditioner failing to blow warm air. In such a case, the likely causes are as follows:

  • Wrongly set thermostat – The air conditioner won’t blow warm air if it’s in COOL mode. It’ll instead blow cold air.
  • Turned-off compressor – The AC will not run if the compressor is off, and that means it won’t blow warm air
  • Clogged air filter – A dirt-clogged air filter will prevent the flow of conditioned air; thus, the AC won’t heat.
  • Non-working fan – A non-working fan will stop the AC from blowing cold and warm air.
  • Blocked air duct – If clogging happens within the air duct, the AC won’t blow the air.
  • Electrical fault – A wiring fault will also prevent the AC from heating up.


Set the thermostat on HEAT or AUTO mode and turn on the compressor if it’s off. Change the air filter if clogged, replace a faulty fan, and unblock a clogged air duct. Call, however, an expert to fix an electrical fault.

Amana Air Conditioner Reset

Knowing how to reset your Amana air conditioner is essential in clearing most error codes and fixing some unidentifiable issues. Here’s how to do it:

Option 1 (using the Cool/Heat buttons)

Simultaneously press the Cool + Heat buttons on your air conditioner and then hold down the master switch briefly until the indicator light turns red to show a successful reset.

Option 2 (using the reset button)

Press the reset button for about 5 seconds while the AC is plugged in. Press the button again for another 5 seconds to complete the reset.

Amana Air Conditioner Error Codes

The table below highlights typical Amana air conditioner error codes plus their troubleshooting:

Error CodeMeaningQuick Troubleshooting
FPFreeze ProtectionRaise the temperature to above 450F
nP/oPOpen window or doorShut any open window or door
L5Load SheddingExit the L5 mode by turning on the L5 switch
L6Extra hot outgoing airChange/clean the air filter
LCDirty condenser coilsClean the condenser coils
ONWrong AC configurationChange the configuration by resetting the AC
EHEmergency Hydronic modeTurn the EHH switch on
F1, F2, or F5Thermostat failureReplace the thermostat
F4 or F6Thermistor failureReplace the thermistor
BRBrown-out ProtectionCall an electrician
C5Extra hot outdoor coilsUnblock the outdoor unit
C1, C3, or C4Freezing indoor coilsReset the air conditioner and check the refrigerant
C6Failing systemCheck electrical components like the blower motor and compressor for fault

Closing Thought:

Above is a simple but handy Amana air conditioner troubleshooting guide for everyday air conditioning problems. That includes when your Amana Ac won’t turn on, start to run, blow cold or warm air, or keeps turning off.

So, consider the quick guide before calling Amana or any technical expertise. You may never know; you could troubleshoot the issue DIY, thus avoiding making the service or repair call.

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