Are Washing Machine Hoses Universal? (Explained!)

Essentially it’s advisable to replace the washing machine’s hoses after 3-5 years of continual usage. The problem is that there are so many options, which can be confusing. You have to wonder, ‘ are washing machine hoses universal?’

Sadly NO, washing machine drain hoses are not universal as they come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and types. However, we have standard hoses that seem to fit most washers, making them interchangeable more often. Moreover, fill hoses sometimes come in universal choices to fit any washer. 

So, ideally, you should know what size, shape, design, and type of washer drain hose you want when getting a replacement. Of course, the easiest way is to use your older hose as a template for getting a replacement.

I’ll take you through the four factors that make washing machine drain hoses non-universal to enable you to get your next purchase right.

I’ll also answer several questions about washing machine hose size, interchangeability, and replacement. That should help clarify whatever concern you might be having about the washer hose.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

are washing machine hoses universal

Why Aren’t Washing Machine Hoses Universal?

Washing machine hoses aren’t universal for several reasons. They include:

1. Washing Machine Hoses Differ In Size

Washing machine hoses differ in length and diameter, making them non-universal. Length-wise, for example, the standard fill hose measures about 1. (Ultram) 5 meters while extra-long options measure up to 2.5 meters. 

Mark you, you can extend the lengths as much as possible depending on the distance between your washer and water source.

Meanwhile, drain hoses measure about 3-5 ft long, depending on the brand. Note that we are talking about the original drain hose (one that comes with the washer).

Drain hoses are, however, extendable to up to 100 feet depending on the washing machine’s drain pipe height or how far the washer is from the draining point (standpipe). 

Diameter-wise, drain hoses have an internal diameter of 1 – 1¼ inches and an outside diameter of 2-inches. So, the inner diameter differs even though the outer diameter is the same.

Fill hoses, however, have the same internal diameter (¾ inches), making them interchangeable.

2. Washing Machine Hoses Differ In Shapes

Some drain washing machine hoses come threadless, others threaded, and the two options are not interchangeable, making them non-universal. Some have a straight (flat end ), while others have a bent orientation, making them non-interchangeable too.

3. Washing Machine Hoses Differ In Design

In terms of designs, washing machine hoses either have an NPT or BSP connection. NPT (National Pipe  Thread) standards are observed in the United States, where the connections measure ¾ inches.

On the other hand, BSP (British Standard Pipe) standards are observed in Europe (the UK mainly) and Asia, where the pipe connections have different patterns.

NPT and BSP connectors are not the same, making the drain hoses non-interchangeable. 

4. Washing Machine Hoses Differ In Type

Washing machine drain hoses come in two types; retractable & standard.

Retractable washer hoses are stretchable to cover a long distance and quickly regain their original length. Generally, these hoses have no standard sizes. That’s unlike standard hoses.

Standard hoses, which come mounted on the washer, are 3-5 feet long but are extendable to 100 ft, as I mentioned earlier.

Overall, the extension hose size you opt for depends on how close the washer is to the drain and water source. Thus, it’s essential to measure the distance beforehand.

The Exception – Universal Washing Machine Hoses

While drain hoses are generally non-universal, some fill hoses are universal. They allow you to fit them on just any washer, regardless of models and brand. 

One perfect example is the Hippo Hose Washing Machine Hose . This 10-feet 2-pack fill hose (cold and hot fill hoses) allows you to fit it on all washers, the manufacturer claims.

It has a 5-year warranty, which is more extensive owing to its burst-proof stainless steel construction and can bear a maximum pressure of 1500 psi. It’s generally easy to fit, making it a suitable replacement for modern dual-fill hoses.

What size is a washing machine hose fitting

Do All Washing Machines Use The Same Drain Hose?

No, all washing machines don’t use the same drain hose. Why? That’s because washing machine drain hoses differ in size, design, shape, and even type.

So, look for a hose that matches your washer. Here are the tips to use:

  • The hoses diameter should match the diameter of its supply line
  • The fitting on the new hose should equal that of the old hose

But as far as the length goes, it’s up to you to decide what size to go for.

What Size Is A Washing Machine Hose Fitting?

Standard-size washing machine drain hoses measure 3-5 ft long and have an internal diameter of 1-1 ½  inches. Retractable drain hoses, however, measure much longer, but they don’t have an actual size.

But overall, the sizes depend on the washer type, drainage distance, and home plumbing. Top loader washers have a higher pumping height, so they need a longer drain hose than front loaders. 

Also, the farther the washer is from the drain or supply line, the longer the hose. And if your house has old plumbing, it’s likely to require a longer hose.

Can I Use Old Hose With New Washing Machine?

You can use the old hose on the new washing machine under two conditions:

  • If the old hose is still in good condition (free from cracks and wear)
  • If the old hose is the same size and design as what’s recommended for the new washer

But overall, it’s not recommended to fit older hoses on new washers. Why?

They won’t give you long-term service. Old hoses are more susceptible to cracks and breakages. So, you may not use them for long. Plus, they are likely to be dirty or rusty, which could affect the quality of your water supply.

Can You Replace Washing Machine Hoses?

Replacing a washing machine hose is not a complicated undertaking. So, yes, you can change a washing machine hose. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • New washing machine hose (s)
  • Pliers/wrench 
  • Dry towel
  • Empty bucket

The Steps 

  • Start by turning off your washer water supply
  • Then unplug the washing machine from the power
  • Put the dry towel on the floor just below the hose to absorb the dripping water
  • If the dripping water is excessive, place an empty bucket instead
  • Disconnect the hoses, one by one, by twisting them anticlockwise
  • Use the pliers/wrench to loosen the hoses where they feel too hard to rotate by hand
  • Fit in the new hoses(s) and use pliers to secure them tightly
  • Turn on your washer’s water supply and test the new hoses
Can You Replace washing machine hoses

When Should You Replace A Washing Machine Hose?

Now that it’s clear you can replace a washing machine hose, the question is when. In terms of years, a washer hose can last 5-10 years.

It’s, nonetheless, advisable to replace it after 3-5 years of usage for optimum performance. You can also examine the hose and know if it’s the right time to replace it.

Here are the notable signs of a worn-out washing machine hose:

  • Cracks
  • Breaks 
  • Fading/discoloration
  • Blisters
  • Kinks around the turns and connection points
  • Rust
  • Bubbling

You can also tell if your washer hose needs replacing if it’s leaky. Overall, stainless steel hoses are the most long-lasting as they are less susceptible to breaking and pressure and do not become frail quickly, as in rubber hoses.

So, while you should replace a rubber hose after 3-5 years, you may take slightly longer to change a stainless steel option.

Are Washing Machine Hoses Interchangeable?

Washing machine fill hoses are generally interchangeable because they share the same internal diameter (¾ inches). So, even though their lengths may differ, the fact that they have similar inner diameters makes them swappable.

It is, nonetheless, not commendable to do so because of their color code differences. You may end up confusing the hoses. On the other hand, drain hoses are only interchangeable if they are of the same size, design, and type.

Considering these dynamics, you can easily find a replacement drain hose for your washer.

Can I use old hose with new washing machine

People Also Ask

1. Are All Washing Machine Hoses The Same Size?

Unfortunately no, all washing machine hoses are not the same size. We generally have standard-size drain hoses that measure 3-5 feet long and have an internal diameter of 1 – 1 ¼ inches and retractable hoses whose length varies but usually are longer when stretched.

2. Are Washing Machine Drain Hoses Universal?

Washing machine drain hoses are not universal, even though some manufacturers claim they are. These pieces come in different sizes, designs, and types. Most of them, however, are interchangeable, creating the impression that they are universal.

3. Are All Washing Machine Hoses Standard?

Though we have standard washing machine hoses, not all fall into that category. We have retractable hoses that are longer when extended than standard hoses.

4. How Often Replace Washer Drain Hose?

It’s generally advisable to replace the washer’s drain hose after 3 – 5 years of active usage. Nevertheless, do it immediately when the hose starts to leak, rust, and crack.

5. What Hoses Are Needed For Washing Machines?

A new washing machine usually comes with one (cold fill) if it runs only on cold water or two (cold and hot fill) hoses for hot and cold water. So, you wouldn’t need to get a new set. However, you can buy universal extended hoses to extend their length.

In Conclusion – Are Washing Machine Hoses Universal?

As shared, washing machine drain hoses are not universal. Essentially, they differ in size, design, shape, and type. However, a few universal fill hoses allow you to fit them on any washer. If you’ve doubts about what drain hose to get, consider your old hose and get something similar.