Bryant Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide (6 Problems Fixed!)

Let’s face it; no homeowner wants to wait for hours or days to have their Bryant air conditioner fixed. Bryant even recommends DIY troubleshooting before calling them, and that’s where this Bryant air conditioner troubleshooting guide comes in. 

With it, you can troubleshoot your Bryant air conditioner when it doesn’t turn on or cool, when its fan, compressor, or blower is not working, and when the thermostat has a blank screen or dealing with an error code. 

So, I’ll walk you through all these issues to enable you to get your Bryant AC working as quickly as possible. Some problems may require only a minor fix, while others will need you to do a major replacement. 

Consequently, you may sometimes need to turn to an HVAC expert. But like I mentioned, only in ‘some cases. So, you must familiarize yourself with the air conditioner problems to know what’s DIY and what’s not. 

Let’s get into it!

Bryant air conditioner troubleshooting

In a hurry? See a quick troubleshooting guide of the commonest Bryant air conditioner problems below:

Quick Bryant Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Likely CauseRecommended Fix
1.Bryant AC Won’t Turn OnTripped breaker, turned-off shutoff switch, clogged condensate line, or ice buildupTurn on the breaker and shutoff switches if they are off, unclog a clogged condensate line and call an expert in case of an ice buildup
2.Bryant AC Won’t CoolDirty air filter or condenser coils, an aging or undersized unit, thermostat fault, low refrigerant or a faulty thermistor, compressor or control boardClean dirty air filter or condenser coils, upgrade an aging or undersized unit and call an expert to fix the other issues
3.Fan Not Working Defective motor, thermostat, relay board, or control boardReplace the fan motor, thermostat, relay board, or control board if faulty
4.Compressor Not WorkingBad thermostat, overload, control board, or compressorReplace the thermostat, overload, control board, or compressor if any of them is faulty
5.Blower Not WorkingTurned-off on/off furnace switch, incoming power issue, burnt blower motor, or a defective capacitor or control boardTurn on the on/off furnace switch, reset the breaker, and replace a blown-up fuse. And if the blower motor, capacitor, or control board is defective, replace it
6.Black Thermostat ScreenPower-saving mode, low thermostat battery, bad fuse, tripped breaker or turned-off thermostat or backlightDeactivate power-saving mode, replace dead batteries, reset a tripped breaker and turn on the thermostat. If the screen doesn’t turn on, reboot the unit

6 Common Troubleshooting Bryant Air Conditioner Problems

Below are the six most everyday Bryant air conditioner problems and how to troubleshoot them:

1. Bryant Air Conditioner Not Turning On

In most cases, a Bryant AC won’t turn on because of a power fault or failure. But still, there could be other issues. So, check out these five possibilities if your Bryant air con won’t power on:

  • Tripped breaker – The circuit breaker trips off during a power surge to protect your air con. That, however, stops it from turning on. So, you’ll need to reset it.
  • Turned-off shutoff switch – The Bryant air conditioner has a shutoff switch on its inside and outside units that you need to turn on. Ensure that’s the case. 
  • Clogged condensate line – The air conditioner won’t turn on if the condensate line is clogged. You’ll need to inspect the line for blocking and pour water to unclog it. 
  • Ice buildup – Excessive ice buildup on the inside or outside unit can prevent the air conditioner from turning on. Consider calling an expert if the units look frozen. 

2. Bryant Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling

While you expect your air conditioner to start cooling once it turns on, sometimes it won’t. If so, then consider these issues:

  • Dirty air filter or condenser coils –  If the air filter or coils accumulate dirt, which may happen over time, your Bryant air conditioner will struggle to cool your space. So, inspect them and clean them accordingly. Use a soft brush or vacuum, but replace the filter if the filth is too much. 
  • Aging or undersized unit – If your AC is old or small, it struggles to cool your space. You may not even notice it working until you upgrade it. 
  • Thermostat fault – Ensure the thermostat is set correctly on ‘cool’ mode. Since your goal is to have the unit cool your space, the thermostat should indicate that – not fan mode.
  • Low refrigerant – The refrigerant level shouldn’t drop significantly. If it does, it won’t be able to absorb the excess heat in your room, and so the room will feel hotter. You’ll need to ask for an HVAC expert’s help to fix the source of the leakage. 
  • Faulty thermistor – Sometimes, the thermistor may malfunction, and if it does, it’s unable to detect the air temperature changes. In the end, your air conditioner is unable to cool. So, test it for continuity and replace it if it lacks it. 
  • Faulty compressor – Though the compressor doesn’t fail easily, your unit won’t cool if it does. So, you cannot rule it out and need an expert technician’s help to diagnose and fix it. 
  • Bad control board – The control board is another component that doesn’t fail easily and requires an expert’s help to diagnose and fix. Overall, it’s the last thing to consider replacing when your air con won’t cool. 
troubleshooting Bryant air conditioner problems

3. Bryant AC Fan Not Working

The fan must work for your Bryant AC to blow cold air. It sometimes, however, fails due to any of these reasons:

  • Defective motor – If the fan motor is worn out or broken, it won’t turn the blades. So, you should inspect it to see if it’s faulty and replace it. 
  • Faulty thermostat – If the thermostat is defective, it won’t activate the fan to enable it to run just like it does the compressor. So, test its continuity and replace it (the thermostat) if it lacks continuity.
  • Failing relay board – The relay board relays voltage signals to different components, including the fan. If it’s faulty, the fan won’t run until you replace it. You’ll need expert help here.
  • Failed control board – If your control board has a problem, the fan, the compressor, and other components won’t work. You’ll need to replace the Bryant control board if it’s faulty, and you can ask for an expert’s help. 

4. Bryant Air Conditioner Compressor Not Working

The compressor is another indispensable part that the AC depends on to run and cool your space. Its failure means the incapability of the AC to cool, and it could fail to work due to these reasons:

  • Bad thermostat – If the thermostat is bad, it won’t turn on the compressor. So, start by checking its continuity; if it doesn’t show any, replace it. 
  • Burnt overload – Sometimes, the compressor fails to continue working because of a blown overload or fuse. So, you’ll need to test the overload for continuity and replace it if it lacks continuity.
  • Defective control board – If the temperature control board or the main control board is bad, the compressor won’t run. That’s because the control board supplies the compressor with the running voltage. You’ll need an expert’s help to check and fix the control board. 
  • The compressor is dead – If the compressor itself is defective, it won’t run. So, you’ll need to replace it. An expert AC technician can help you here.

5. Bryant Air Conditioner Blower Not Working

The blower’s job is to send heated or cooled air from the AC into your home. So, it shouldn’t fail if you want to enjoy the most comfortable indoor air condition. If it does fail, then consider these issues:

  • The furnace on/off switch could be off – The furnace’s blower motor needs to be turned on from the blower or the furnace to work. So, check the on/off switch on the furnace and turn it ON if it’s off.
  • Incoming power issue – Issues such as a tripped breaker and an overheated fuse disrupt the power supply to the blower unit. So, the blower won’t work until you fix them. 
  • Burnt blower motor – The blower motor’s job is to blow air across the heat exchanger and via the return vent. If it’s faulty (which you can tell if it doesn’t run), the blower fan won’t spin. So, you’ll need to replace it. 
  • Defective capacitor – A faulty capacitor translates to a noisy fan motor, but at times, the motor may overheat and become faulty. So, the blower assembly won’t work until you replace the capacitor. 
  • Bad control board – The control board’s job is to regulate the furnace’s power supply. It won’t relay any voltage to the furnace or the blower motor if faulty. So, you’ll need to replace it if that’s the case. 
Bryant air conditioner not turning on

6. Bryant Thermostat Blank Screen

Sometimes the Bryant thermostat screen may blank all of a sudden. If it does happen, it could be because of any of these issues:

  • Power-saving mode – Before the thermostat goes off because of a low battery, it may automatically go into power-saving mode, and the screen will go blank. You’ll need to deactivate the mode. 
  • Low thermostat battery – If your Bryant thermostat is battery-powered, consider that the batteries have run out of power, especially if it has been a while since replacing them. If so, replace them. 
  • Bad fuse – If there is an electrical fault, you might have a blown-up fuse. You can check if that’s the case using a multimeter. If the fuse lacks continuity, replace it, as it shows blown up.
  • Tripped breaker – A tripped breaker could also blank your thermostat screen. That happens during a power spike to protect your AC. So, you’ll need to inspect your breaker box and reset the breaker. 
  • Turned-off thermostat – The thermostat screen also goes blank when the thermostat goes off. So, before you rule the thermostat to be faulty, ensure it’s ON. If not, turn it so.
  • Turned-off backlit – A turned-off backlit could also be why your thermostat screen is off. So, you’ll need to reboot the unit to restore power to the backlit.

How to Fix Bryant Air Conditioner with Error Code?

An error code is often an indication of an anomaly. So, you shouldn’t ignore them. While there are many Bryant air conditioner error codes, the table below describes the most typical 8.

Error CodeInterpretation What to Do
16Failed system communication Check the wiring for your outdoor and indoor unit
25Wrong plug Use the correct plug to match your AC model
31Open high-pressure switchCheck the refrigerant and coils for blockage
32Open low-pressure switchCheck the refrigerant and indoor airflow
45Failed control boardReplace the control board
53Faulty outdoor temperature sensorSeek an expert technician’s help
55Faulty outdoor coils sensorSeek an expert technician’s help
56Out-of-range thermistorCheck the thermistor wiring

People Also Ask

1. But How Do I Reset My Bryant Air Conditioner?

You can reset a Bryant air conditioner by turning off the circuit breaker for at least 5 minutes. But first, turn off the power but don’t unplug the AC. You can restore the power and flip back the breaker after 5 minutes.

2. Why Is My Bryant Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Several issues could prevent your Bryant air conditioner from cooling. The commonest ones include a clogged air filter or condenser coils, wrong thermostat setting, low refrigerant, an aging or undersized unit, or a faulty thermistor, compressor, or control board.

3. Does Bryant AC Unit Have a Reset Button?

Unfortunately, no, Bryant air conditioners don’t have a reset button. So, you’ll need to flip off the circuit breaker to reset them, which should take about 5 minutes. 

Closing Thought

Above is a simple Bryant air conditioner troubleshooting guide you can turn to when your Bryant AC fails or malfunctions. Depending on the problem type, you can take the appropriate steps to try and diagnose the issue and possibly fix it. After all, DIY troubleshooting is both time-saving and money-saving. 

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