Why Is My Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed? (9 Fixes!)

Is your fridge making noise when door closed, and you cannot explain it? For starters, not all noise points towards a fridge malfunction or anomaly. But as far as abnormal noise goes, it’s fixable if you know the cause. 

Most refrigerators make weird noises because of a faulty or ice-obstructed evaporator fan motor, ice buildup, faulty condenser fan, unstable unit, dirty condenser, defective door hinge or door seal, temperature fluctuation, or poor airflow. 

Note, however, that fridges make different abnormal sounds such as resetting, squealing, grinding, and banging sounds. The key to silencing the fridge is relating the sounds to the cause I’ve mentioned, and I will help you do it. 

Well, discuss the normal sounds which shouldn’t concern you and the abnormal sounds whose causes are those listed above and in the table below.

Let’s get started!  

fridge making noise when door closed

In a rush? Then check below a quick guide to silencing an abnormally noisy fridge regardless of model.

Quick Troubleshooter for A Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

 Probable Reason Noise Type Fix
1.Faulty Evaporator Fan MotorLoud humming, squealing, rattling, or knocking soundReplace the faulty evaporator fan motor
2.Obstructed Evaporator  Fan Rattling sound Defrost the ice around the fan and avoid overloading the fridge
3.Ice Build UpGrinding noiseDefrost the ice mass in your freezer
4.Defective Condenser Fan Grinding, knocking, or squealing soundReplace the faulty condenser fan
5.Unstable Unit (Fridge Imbalance)Rattling or loud vibrationStabilize the fridge and the inside trays
6.Dirty CondenserGrinding or rattling noiseClean the condenser and entire fridge to get rid of the dust
7.Faulty Door Hinge or Door Seal Squealing sound Replace the squeaky door hinge
8.Temperature FluctuationSnapping, popping, or cracking soundAdjust the fridge temperature to normalize the conditions
9.Poor Airflow (Lack Of Sufficient Clearance)Knocking or rattling sound Create more room around the fridge and interiorly

‘Normal’ Vs. Abnormal Fridge Noise When Door Is Closed

So, how do you tell when the fridge is making a normal sound and when it’s not? Let’s answer that next:

‘Normal’ Fridge Noise When Door Is Closed

Essentially, here are the most typical normal noises when the fridge door is closed and the fridge is running:

· Soft Humming or Low Whirring Noise

A new fridge will likely make a soft humming or low whirring noise. That, however, doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the unit. 

Since the parts are new and unlubricated, it may take some time and regular usage for the noise to stop, but it shouldn’t be alarming.

· Low Hissing Sound 

Water may cause the fridge to make a low hissing sound when it drips. You could also hear the sound when the refrigerant gas is flowing, which is quite normal. 

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· Water Gurgling Sound 

As water moves up the drain pipe, it’s likely to make a gurgling sound. The same sound could come about when the refrigerant is running, or the ice is melting. So, it’s a typical sound that shouldn’t worry you as it’s brief.

LG fridge making noise when door closed

· Low Snapping, Popping, or Cracking Sound

A brand new fridge may also make a low snapping, popping, or cracking sound due to the contracting and expanding of its plastic parts. It happens when the temperature fluctuates to a certain degree which is pretty normal.

· Low Chirping or Clicking Sound 

If your refrigerator is making a low chirping sound (like a bird) or clicking sound, it could be because the fridge is only starting to run. 

The same could happen when you close the door, and the contact points rub against each other.

· Low Buzz

The fridge may produce a low buzz when the ice maker fills with water or when the water dispenser is running. Since those are normal processes, they shouldn’t make you panic.

· Creaking/Cracking 

A creaking sound often comes into play when the ice is ejecting. Thus, it’s a typical sound when the ice dispenser runs unless it’s too loud.

· Whistling or Blowing Sound

The fridge will most likely produce a whistling or blowing sound when you close the door due to the vibration of the seal. That often happens due to a slight vacuum the seal creates when vibrating, but the noise is brief. You could also hear the whistle when the fan runs.

· Bubbling Sound 

A bubbling sound usually shows the refrigerant gas is flowing, which is quite normal. It could also indicate that the fridge is cooling or freezing; thus, there is no need for distress.

Abnormal Fridge Noise When Door Closed

Now, here are the types of fridge noises that should concern you:

· Rattling Noise (Fridge Making Rattling Noise When Door Is Closed)

Fridges rattle when the evaporator fan is blocked, primarily by ice, or because of a failing defrost system. It could also happen when the refrigerator rubs against something nearby when running or due to unleveled ground. 

· Grinding Sound 

If excessive ice buildup is enough to block the fans, the fridge may make a grinding noise. Sometimes, however, the noise could be because of a failing condenser fan. 

· Squeaking Sound 

A squeaking sound often comes about when the fridge door hinge is faulty. Sometimes, you can fix it by spraying high-grade food silicone spray, which Samsung highly recommends. 

Why does my fridge make noise when door is closed

· Knocking Sound

A knocking sound is often a product of an overheating fridge fan motor or a faulty one. So, inspect the condenser and evaporator fan motors for faults. 

· Loud Bang (Water Hammering Sound)

Your fridge can make a loud bang or water hammering sound when the water pressure is so high. While the recommended water pressure should be at least 20 psi, you may experience a water hammering if you go past 120 psi. 

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· Loud Vibration

If the fridge is resting on an unstable surface, it may vibrate loud when you close the door. The same could happen if there is an unsteady tray in the fridge, which could shake when you close the door. 

· Loud Hum or Pulsating Sound

A loud hum or pulsating sound often indicates a faulty condenser fan. However, you could also hear the sound when the ice maker’s water supply is off. 

· Scraping or Loud Whirring 

Ice buildup around the fans may cause the fridge to make a scraping or loud whirring sound when the running fan crashes against it. You may need to defrost the refrigerator to fix the issue. 

· Loud Chirping or Squealing

While a low chirping sound is not a concern, a loud chirping is. If your fridge produces the sound or squeals, the problem could be a malfunctioning motor fan, which you should replace. 

fridge making rattling noise when door is closed

Why Does My Fridge Make Noise When Door Is Closed?

With the above sounds in mind, fridges generally make noises when the door is closed due to these nine reasons:

1. Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor, which you find in the freezer, makes a loud humming, squealing, rattling, or knocking sound when it malfunctions. Other than the noise, its malfunctioning results in a warm freezer.


Replace the evaporator fan motor

2. Obstructed Evaporator Fan

Different things could obstruct the fan and cause it to rub against them and make some grinding noise. Notable causes include dust, food (due to overloading), and ice buildup.


Don’t overload the fridge and defrost the ice mass

3. Ice Build-Up (Fridge Freezer Making Noise When Door Closed)

If ice accumulates in the freezer, the fridge freezer will make some weird noise. Essentially, that’s because the ice mass obstructs the fan, and the fan will rattle against it making a grinding noise.


Defrost the accumulating ice using a hair dryer or by unplugging the fridge and allowing it to defrost on its own.

4. Defective Condenser fan 

If the condenser fan is faulty, the fridge will make a noise indicating its struggle to cool. It may make a rattling or grinding sound.


Replace the condenser fan 

5. Unstable Fridge 

If your fridge stands on the unleveled ground, it’ll produce a loud vibrating sound once it starts to run. Sometimes the sound comes from the wobbly items or tray in the refrigerator.


Stabilize the fridge and correctly position the items inside.

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6. Dirty Condenser

The fridge’s condenser accumulates dust over time which could create a grinding effect when you close the refrigerator.


Ensure you routinely clean the fridge and condenser to eliminate the accumulating dust. You can use this condenser cleaning brush to do it.

whirlpool fridge making noise when door closed

7. Faulty Door Hinge or Door Seal

When you close the fridge, a broken door hinge will likely produce a squeaking sound. Also, the refrigerator may make noises if the door seal is faulty, either loose or damaged.


Consider replacing the fridge door or the door seal if it’s faulty.

8. Temperature Fluctuations

If the fridge temperature is abnormally low or abnormally high, the fridge will make some weird noise. The noise shows the refrigerator is not running well and often that of a faulty compressor. 


Adjust the fridge temperature correctly.

9. Poor Airflow (Lack of Sufficient Clearance)

If the air vents in the food are blocked by dust or food, the fridge will make some noise.  The same goes when there’s no clearance around the refrigerator when it produces a rattling or knocking sound


Create clearance around the fridge (by 5 cm at least), and don’t overstuff food to block the air vents. 

Samsung Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

Is your Samsung fridge freezer making noise when door is closed? Normal Samsung fridge sounds include a gurgling, burbling, or a low hissing sound when the refrigerant is flowing and a low buzz when the compressor is running.

Others include a snapping or popping effect when the plastic parts contract and expand or a low buzz when the compressor runs. 

The noises to concern you include a loud beep indicating a very high temperature, a squeaking sound showing a faulty door hinge, and a loud grinding or vibrating noise showing a faulty evaporator fan.

Whirlpool Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

Whirlpool fridges make normal sounds which shouldn’t alarm you. For example, the refrigerator may create a low buzz when the water is dispensing, a gurgling or dripping sound when the ice melts, or a hissing sound when the refrigerant is flowing. 

However, the ice maker’s water supply could be off if the fridge makes a loud humming or pulsating noise. And if it’s a vibrating noise, the fridge could be unstable. 

fridge freezer making noise when door closed

Kenmore Fridge Making Noise When Door Is Closed

Kenmore fridges make almost the same normal sounds as Whirlpool fridges, perhaps because they are by the same manufacturer. That includes a low buzz when the water dispenser runs and a dripping sound when the ice is melting. 

The most concerning sound is the high-pulsating sound which shows your ice maker’s water supply is off. 

Bosch Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

Bosch fridges make a bubbling or low humming sound when the refrigerant is flowing, a rumbling noise when the ice drops into the ice maker, and a droning sound to indicate a running motor. 

However, if the fridge vibrates loud, it could be unstable, or the trays inside are shaky. 

LG Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

Normal LG fridge sounds include clicking, gurgling, popping, dripping, low pulsating, sizzling, and whoosh sounds. Such sounds are expected when the fridge is running.

But if the refrigerator freezer is humming loudly, it shows the compressor is faulty, and if it vibrates loud, it shows it’s unstable.

Closing Remarks on the Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed!

Now you know how to differentiate the various fridge sounds and what to do when your fridge makes an abnormal sound. You can thus use the guide to try and fix your fridge when you notice an unusual noise before calling a service technician or Samsung.