Haier Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide (7 Problems Solved!)

Though Haier air conditioners are among the most reliable, the units can fail. When they do, performing basic Haier air conditioner troubleshooting is advisable, and that’s where this troubleshooting guide is handy.

With it, you can troubleshoot your Haier air conditioner when it doesn’t turn on, blow air, cool, heat, or drain. Additionally, you can fix it when it turns on and off or when its reset button keeps tripping. 

Those are some of the common Haier air conditioner problems which I’ll cover in this troubleshooting guide. I’ll help you identify why your Haier AC is behaving or malfunctioning the way it is and how you can fix it. 

And as you’ll discover, you don’t have to call Haier or local AC experts whenever your air conditioner doesn’t work. That’s because you can perform most troubleshooting DIY. 

We will, after that, look at how you can reset your Haier air conditioner to fix some issues. Let’s jump into it!

Haier air conditioner troubleshooting

In a rush? The Haier AC troubleshooting guide below can help you troubleshoot typical air conditioner problems. 

Quick Haier Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Likely CauseTroubleshooting
1.Haier AC Won’t Turn OnPower issues (outage, unplugged AC, tripped GFCI or breaker, blown-up fuse or faulty outlet)Check if there’s power and correctly plug in the AC. Reset a tripped GFCI or breaker and replace a blown-up fuse or faulty electric outlet
2.Haier AC Won’t Blow Air Faulty fan motor, relay board, thermostat, thermistor, or main control boardReplace any of the five components once you confirm they are faulty
3.Haier AC Won’t CoolHigh thermostat setting, dirty coils or air filter, leaky room, low refrigerant, faulty component (thermostat, thermistor, compressor, capacitor, or control board), or more undersized ACAdjust the thermostat setting (65 – 75 0F), clean dirty coils and air filters, and reduce air leakage. Call an expert to handle the rest (refrigerant leakage and component failure). Upgrade the AC if its capacity (BTU rating) is small
4.Haier AC Won’t HeatLow thermostat setting, tripped breaker, dirty air filter or coils, or a faulty blowerRaise the thermostat setting (at least 750F), reset the breaker, and clean the air filter or coils. Replace a faulty blower
5.Haier AC Won’t Drain Unleveled AC or blocked reservoir tank Level the air conditioner and clean the reservoir tank to unblock it
6.Haier AC Turns On and OffClogged filter or coils, tripped breaker, a faulty thermostat, low refrigerant, or wrong AC capacityClean the air filter and coils, reset the breaker and replace a faulty thermostat. Ask for a refrigerant refill in case of refrigerant leakage, and replace the AC if it’s the wrong size
7.Haier AC Reset Button Keeps TrippingA clogged filter, power surge, loose wiring, low refrigerant, or faulty compressor or fan Clean the dirty air filter and call an expert to fix the rest

7 Common Haier Air Conditioner Problems and Their Troubleshooting

Here are seven common Haier AC problems you can troubleshoot:

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1. Haier Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Generally, a Haier Ac won’t turn on due to a power issue. Without receiving adequate power, the Ac won’t power on, and here are the power issues you should be wary of:

  • Power outage – Sometimes, a power outage could be why your AC and every other appliance or light fixture won’t turn on. So, consider that.
  • Unplugged AC – Check the AC power plug to ensure it is firmly fixed into the wall outlet. If it’s not, the Ac won’t power on.
  • Tripped GFCI/GFI – On the air conditioner’s power plug is a GFCI/GFI, which trips off during a power failure. When it does, the AC won’t turn on. 
  • Tripped circuit breaker – The AC also has a circuit breaker that protects it (by tripping off) during a power failure. In such an event, the Ac won’t turn on. 
  • Blown-up fuse – The Haier AC will also not power up if the fuse blows up during a power spike.
  • Faulty outlet – It’s also important to check the electric outlet or power socket as the air conditioner won’t power on if it’s defective.


Confirm if there’s power or an outage. In the case of the former, ensure the Ac is plugged in correctly and turned on. Check the GFCI on the Ac plug and reset it if it’s tripped. 

Also, check the circuit breaker, and if it’s off, reset it. As for the fuse, test it for continuity with a multimeter and do the same for the electric outlet. If any of them lacks continuity, replace them. 

2. Haier Air Conditioner Not Blowing Air

Depending on the climatic conditions, the air conditioner should blow hot/warm or cold air. After all, that’s the essence of an air conditioner. You should, however, watch out for these issues if your Haier air con doesn’t turn on:

  • Faulty fan motor – The air conditioner won’t blow any air if the fan motor is defective. In such a case, look for non-spinning blades or worn-out bearings.
  • Relay board – The relay board relays voltage to the fan motor, among other components. If faultiness means that won’t happen. And so the fan motor won’t run. 
  • Thermostat – A faulty thermostat will fail to monitor the temperature changes and may thus deter the fan from spinning.
  • Thermistor – Like the thermostat, a faulty thermistor prevents the AC’s fan from spinning, and once that happens, the AC won’t blow air. 
  • Main control board – A defective main control board can also prevent the fan motor from rotating and blowing air. 
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Consider inspecting each of the above five components; if they are faulty, replace them. An air conditioner expert can help you with that. 

Haier air conditioner not blowing air

3. Haier Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Several issues could stop a Haier air conditioner from blowing cold. Other than the above-discussed components (under the AC not blowing air), here is why your Haier AC isn’t cooling:  

  • High thermostat setting – The AC won’t cool if the thermostat is set at a temperature above 750F. It’ll heat instead. 
  • Dirty coils or air filter – Dirt reduces the AC’s cooling ability, especially if the affected parts are the condenser coils and air filter.
  • Leaky room – If there are many openings in your room, perhaps gaps, on the walls or open windows and doors, cold air will leak out, making it harder for the AC to cool your space. 
  • Low refrigerant – If the refrigerant leaks and its level drops, it won’t be enough to absorb heat from your room. And as a result, the air conditioner won’t cool.
  • Faulty component – The air conditioner won’t cool if the thermostat, thermistor, compressor, capacitor, or control board is defective. An AC expert can help you figure out which one. 
  • Smaller AC – The AC won’t cool if its capacity is smaller than your room needs. So, if none of the components is wrong and the reason is none of the discussed above, it could be that the AC is small-capacity.


Start by checking the thermostat setting and adjust it to 65 – 750F if that’s not the case. Then inspect the condenser coils and air filter for dirt-caking and clean them. 

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If the walls and windows are leaking cold air out, seal them and replace the thermostat, thermistor, compressor, capacitor, or control board if faulty. 

And if you cannot find a fault with the components, the issue could be the AC’s capacity. On that note, consider Haier’s recommendation, as the table below shows:

Haier’s Air Conditioner Sizing Chart

AC Capacity (BTU)Maximum Cooling Area
5,000 BTU150 sq. ft
6,000 BTU250 sq. ft
7,000 BTU300 sq. ft
8,000 BTU350 sq. ft
9,000 BTU400 sq. ft
10,000 BTU450 sq. ft
12,000 BTU550 sq. ft
14,000 BTU700 sq. ft
18,000 BTU1,000 sq. ft
21,000 BTU1,200 sq. ft
23,000 BTU1,400 sq. ft
24,000 BTU1,500 sq. ft

4. Haier Air Conditioner Not Heating

 A few issues could prevent your air conditioner from warming up your space during the chilly season. The problems include the following: 

  • Low thermostat setting – The air conditioner won’t get hot if the thermostat reads a temperature below 750F. 
  • Tripped breaker – A flipped breaker stops the air conditioner from getting hot by cutting its power supply. 
  • Dirty air filter or coils – Dirt prevents proper hot air circulation, especially when the air filter or condenser coils are filthy.
  • Faulty blower – Given that the blower’s job is to blow hot air, the air conditioner won’t get hot if it’s defective.


Ensure the thermostat setting is at least 750F. So adjust it accordingly. Check the circuit breaker for tripping up and flip it back on if it’s off. Check the air filter and condenser coils and clean them properly. And if the blower won’t blow air, replace it. 

Haier air conditioner not heating

5. Haier Air Conditioner Not Draining Water

Two issues could prevent your air conditioner from draining water. First, the air conditioner could be standing on an unlevelled surface, thus unstable. Second, the reservoir tank could be debris-clogged. So, you’ve to check the two issues. 


Examine the air conditioner to see if it’s not uniform. If not, ensure you position it on a more even surface. Also, check the reservoir tank and clean it if it’s too dirty. 

6. Haier Air Conditioner Turns On Then Off

A properly working Haier air conditioner shouldn’t turn on and then off. If that’s the case, there’s an issue with your AC, which could be any of the following: 

  • Clogged filter or coils – Sometimes, too much dirt on the filter and coils causes the air conditioner to turn on and off. 
  • Tripped breaker – A continuously tripping breaker causes the air conditioner to power on and off. 
  • Faulty thermostat – A defective thermostat relays the wrong message, thus capable of turning the AC on and then off.
  • Low refrigerant – If the refrigerant is insufficient, the air conditioner may run and stop repeatedly.
  • Wrong AC capacity – Consider the possibility of your air-con being the wrong capacity. If it is, then it may turn on and off. 


Examine the AC filter and coils for dirt clogging and clean them if that’s the case. If the breaker is off (tripped up), flip it back on and have an expert check the refrigerant level and thermostat status. And as far as the AC capacity goes, use the earlier shared table. 

7. Haier Air Conditioner Reset Button Keeps Tripping

Lastly, your Haier air conditioner’s reset button may repeatedly trip down and cut the AC power supply. In such a case, consider any of these issues:

  • Clogged filter
  • Power spike/surge
  • Loose wiring/electrical fault
  • Low refrigerant 
  • Faulty compressor 
  • Bad fan 


Most of these issues (besides the clogged filter, which needs cleaning) require an AC expert’s intervention. So, talk to one. But before you do, first reset your AC

how to reset my Haier air conditioner

How To Reset My Haier Air Conditioner?

You can reset a Haier air conditioner using any of these methods:

The remote – Identify the reset button on your Haier AC remote control and push it in to rest the AC.

Power plug – Locate the Test & Reset switch on your AC power plug and press it to reset the AC. 

Closing Thought On Haier Air Conditioner Troubleshooting:

Above are the most typical issues likely to plague your Haier air conditioner. Hopefully, the above air-con troubleshooting guide can help you troubleshoot them. That should come before a service call. 

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