How to Reset Daikin Air Conditioner in 6 Simple Ways

It’s usually advisable to try and reset a Daikin air conditioner that’s not working before replacing anything or calling an expert. So, you ought to know how to reset Daikin air conditioner if you want to save money and time.

You can do a Hard Reset, which involves turning off the breaker or unplugging the Daikin air conditioner for at least 1 minute and the thermostat for 30 minutes to reset it. You can also reset a Daikin AC by pressing the reset button or using the remote control.

Moreover, you can reset specific issues such as the green light, thermostat, or timer. Thus, there are different reset approaches to take, but you must first recognize the various reasons why a reset is recommendable.

So, let’s start with that before discussing the techniques.

how to reset Daikin air conditioner

Why Reset Your Daikin Air Conditioner?

Generally, resetting a Daikin air conditioner allows you to fix specific issues that don’t need expert help, at least not before you try it DIY. Such problems include the following:

1. When The Daikin Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

The Daikin air conditioner won’t turn on for different reasons, such as power failure, thermostat fault, or clogged filter. You can try resetting it first, especially if there’s power.

The problem might not be severe, and the reset may fix it. It’s only when the AC won’t turn on after a reset should you call an expert. 

2. When The Daikin Air Conditioner Won’t Work After Power Outage

After a power outage, the Daikin air conditioner’s circuit breaker kicks in, protecting the AC from a power overload once the power returns. Unfortunately, that causes a thermostat fault.

So, the AC won’t start. That’s until you reset it. So, a reset is advisable to get the thermostat and AC back working after an outage. 

3. When Daikin Air Conditioner Won’t Heat or Cool

Yes, issues like clogged filters, low refrigerant, and thermostat faults are the most likely reasons an air conditioner fails to heat or cool. But before you can get into these issues, consider resetting the air conditioner.

You could get the unit blowing hot or cold air after a reset, saving you the time of calling an expert.

4. When Daikin Air Conditioner Turns Off by Itself

You should reset not only a Daikin air conditioner that won’t turn on but also one that turns off by itself. If the reset doesn’t fix the AC, you can consider issues like a faulty thermostat, power failure, and a faulty compressor, circuit board, or condenser.

5. When The Daikin Air Conditioner Lights Flash

Usually, the Daikin air conditioner operation lamp blinks green to show a dusty/dirty dust box. In that case, you should clean the dust box.

Once you do that, the green light should stop flashing. If it doesn’t, you should reset the air conditioner. The reset will stop the operation lamp from blinking. 

6. When There’s an Error Code on Your Daikin Air Conditioner

If there’s an error code on your Daikin air conditioner that you cannot interpret, consider resetting the AC first. In most cases, you only need to disconnect the AC from the power or reset it using the remote control to eliminate the error code.

7. When The Thermostat Malfunctions

Given that the thermostat regulates the AC’s temperature, you wouldn’t want it to fail. Once it starts to malfunction, you cannot control the AC’s essential functions, like heating and cooling.

You can fix it most of the time by resetting it. A reset will fix the issue, and your device’s thermostat will now properly control your indoor temperature. A thermostat reset returns the thermostat to its factory/default setting. 

8. When The Timer Malfunctions

The thermostat is not the only AC component that you can reset. You can also do the same for the timer. Usually, this requires turning the timer on and off, which you can do seamlessly. 

9. When The Daikin Air Conditioner Remote Control Won’t Work

The Daikin air conditioner remote control may fail to respond for different reasons. Often, the issue is the batteries. If they are dead or just wrongly loaded, the remote won’t work. So, you expect it to work once you replace the batteries and load them correctly.

But if the AC still won’t respond to the remote, consider resetting the remote control. Luckily, most Daikin AC remote controls have an on/off switch, which you can press to reset.

10. When The Daikin Air Conditioner Makes Strange Noise

Daikin ACs can make strange noises that you can fix by resetting them. Often, all it takes to resolve an abnormal sound is to unplug the AC from the power. That includes any strange noise when cleaning the air filter. 

Where is Daikin reset button

6 Ways Reset Daikin Air Conditioner?

Now that you recognize to reset a Daikin air conditioner, below are six ways to do it:

1. Hard Reset (Best for Resetting Daikin Air Conditioner After Power Outage)

As explained earlier, it’s advisable to reset the air conditioner after a power outage to kick-start it. The reset technique that’s best for such a situation is Hard Rest.

In addition to resetting the Daikin air conditioner after a power outage, you can use the Hard Reset technique to fix it during a power surge.

Here’s how to reset Daikin air conditioner after power outage:

  • Turn off the AC thermostat to prevent the AC from auto-turning on
  • Locate the AC breaker box and flip off the circuit breaker
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds to turn on the breaker
  • Then wait for an additional 30 minutes before switching the thermostat back on
  • Go ahead and set the thermostat on ‘Cool Mode’ or choose a low temperature setting that you prefer (at least 5 degrees less than your room temperature)

Note – Remember that you can also unplug the AC for 1 minute instead of turning the breaker off. The other steps, however, involving the thermostat will stay as they are. 

2. ‘Reset Button’ Reset Technique (Best for Resetting a Daikin Air Conditioner That Won’t Cool, Turn On, or is Noisy)

The Daikin AC indoor unit has a reset button on its front, which you can press to reset the AC when it malfunctions. The small red button is handy when the air conditioner won’t cool properly, turn on, or make strange noises.

There’s another reset button on the outside unit, which you can press to reset the AC after a power outage. Overall, the AC goes through a 30-minute self-diagnostic mode, allowing you to identify any hidden errors. 

You should be careful, however, not forcefully press the reset button as it may stick or get damaged and become ineffective. 

3. Remote Control Reset (Best for Resetting Daikin Air Conditioner Error Codes)

If your Daikin air conditioner remote control won’t work, especially after replacing the batteries, you can reset it directly. Here’s how to reset Daikin air conditioner remote:

  • Find the on/off switch on the AC’s remote 
  • Press the button for 2 seconds and release it
  • Press the switch once and then a second time to restart the AC
  • Wait for the AC to restart to indicate a successful remote and AC reset

Now that the remote control reset is best for clearing Daikin error codes. You can try it whenever your AC presents an error code you cannot interpret. 

4. Thermostat Reset or Factory Reset (Best for A Malfunctioning Thermostat)

While the Hard Reset also resets the thermostat, you can reset it individually once it starts to malfunction. Overall, the reset technique depends on the type of thermostat.

Here’s how to factory reset Daikin air conditioner:

Daikin AC ENVI Thermostat Reset

Consider resetting your AC’s ENVI thermostat using these steps:

  • Go to your AC’s home screen and press the menu
  • Select setting and then ‘reset.’
  • Choose ‘reset’ to reset the thermostat

Alternatively, perform a complete reset of the ENVI thermostat by following these steps:

  • Select ‘Reset Registration,’ ‘Preference & Schedule,’ and the HVAC equipment setting on your AC
  • Then choose ‘All settings’ to return your AC to its factory resetting

Remember, you can also reset your ENVI thermostat by pressing the reset button on the AC. 

Daikin AC One+ Thermostat Reset

If you have a One+ Thermostat, you can reset it using these steps:

  • Press the menu on your AC’s touchscreen
  • Choose settings, then the configuration
  • Press reset to reset the AC
  • Wait for your Daikin AC to complete the reset
how to reset Daikin air conditioner after power outage

5. Timer Reset (Best for A Malfunctioning Timer)

If the timer is the one malfunctioning, you can individually reset it. Here’s how to reset timer on Daikin air conditioner:

  • Press the Off-Timer button on your Daikin AC remote
  • Continuously press the button to set your preferred time
  • Then press the On-Timer burton continuously
  • You can press cancel to abort the Off-Timer setting

6. Green Light Reset (Best for Green Flashing Light)

Remember, the green light pops up and flashes when the dust box is dirty. Once you clean it, you expect the flashing light to stop. If it doesn’t, consider resetting it using these steps:

  • Press the LED reset switch (filter reset button) for about 2 seconds
  • Release the button to see if the warning green light is on
  • If it’s off, then the reset was successful.

People Also Ask

1. Where Is Daikin Reset Button?

You can find the reset button on a Daikin air conditioner inside and outside the unit. The inside unit reset button looks like a small red switch which you’ll find on the unit’s front. This reset button is generally best for an AC that won’t turn or cool or makes strange noises. 

On the other hand, the outdoor unit reset button is best for resetting the air conditioner after a power outage.

2. How Can I Reset a Daikin Error Code?

You can reset your Daikin error code by unplugging the air conditioner from the power socket. Alternatively, use the remote control to reset the AC. 

3. Why Is My Daikin Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

In most cases, your Daikin air conditioner won’t cool because of dirty air filters. But if the filters are okay, it could be because of the wrong thermostat setting, low refrigerant, dirty outdoor unit, or damaged compressor. 

4. Why Is My Daikin Air Conditioner Not Turning On?

Your Daikin air conditioner is most likely not turning on because of a power failure. It could be an outage, blown-up fuse, defective power cable, or tripped breaker. But still, the problem could be a faulty thermostat or refrigerant leakage if the power is not the issue. 

5. How Do I Reset My Daikin Air Compressor?

You can reset your Daikin air compressor by pressing the on/off switch on the remote control. Just hold this switch for 2 seconds, then release it. Then press the button twice to force the air conditioner to restart.

Closing Thought

Now you know how to reset Daikin air conditioner in 6 different ways. You just have to understand why you are resetting the AC so that you can determine the most applicable reset techniques. 

But still, consider other troubleshooting tips and probably a service call when the reset won’t get your AC back working. After all, no reset technique can fix all air conditioner problems. Some require an HVAC expert’s input or a DIY component replacement.

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