Washing Machine Noise When Spinning: Unveiling the Mystery of LG’s Racket

  • LG washing machines score highly on the predicted reliability scoresheet, making them good value for money. But even so, that doesn’t discount something inside them from day-to-day washing machine issues such as irritating sounds. So, is your LG washing machine making noise when spinning, and you cannot explain why?

    Well, your LG washing machine is noisy when spinning because you’ve overloaded it with laundry or the laundry is imbalanced. The noise could also be because of a rusty tub bearing, loose foreign object, damaged drive pulley, or worn-out shock absorbers or suspension rods.

    Other potential causes include a clogged drain or tub, a long drain hose, or a case of the machine being too close to objects or standing on uneven ground.

    So, there are many possibilities, but the secret to diagnosing the issue and fixing it is first identifying the type of noise. In most cases, the disturbing noise comes as a vibrating, grinding, banging, rattling, or whirring sound.

    I’ll explore the various causes and the respective sounds to help you fix the issue much quicker. Remember, LG machines come in different types, such as front-loader, top-load, and direct-drive, which means some problems are more common on some washing machines than others.

    LG washing machine making noise when spinning

    We’ll also categorize these issues according to the LG machine type they are popular with. Here’s a table overview of potential noise causes depending on the LG machine type.

    Machine TypePotential Noise CauseSound Type
    Front-Loader Washing MachineUnbalanced laundry load or overloadThumping or banging sound
     Loose foreign objectGrinding or rattling sound
     Rusty tub bearingGrinding noise
     Damaged drive pulleyHigh-pitched sound
     Worn out shock absorbersBanging sound
    Top-Load WashingWorn out/ misplaced suspension rodsBanging sound
     Unbalanced load or overloadThumping or banging sound
     Worn out drive pulleyBanging sound
    Direct-Drive Washing MachineBad tub bearingsGrinding noise
     Damaged drive pulleyBanging sound
     Loose foreign objectsGrinding or rattling sound
     Damaged drive beltSqueaking sound
    All LG Washing MachinesClogged drain or tubWhirring sound
     Long supply/drain hoseVibrating sound
     The machine is too close to objectsBanging sound
     The machine is on nonuniform groundVibrating sound

    LG Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning? Reasons and Fixes!

    To answer this question, we must talk about the sound you hear and the type of LG machine you have.

    Is it a front loader, top-load, or direct-drive machine? And are you hearing a banging, thumping, rattling, grinding, or squeaking sound?

    Answering the two questions will help you know why the washer produces a disturbing sound when spinning and what you can do to fix it.

    Let me break things down for you.

    LG Front Loader Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning

    If your LG front loader is making noise during its spin cycle, here are the potential causes and sound types:

    1. Unbalanced Laundry Load or Overload (Noise Type – Thumping or Banging Sound)

    If your LG front loader is producing a thumping or banging sound, the chances are that you’ve overloaded it with laundry or that the laundry is uneven in the machine.

    An overload happens when you fill the washer to the top, not allowing enough room for them to spin.


    Check the laundry to see if it is unbalanced or filled to the top. If so, you should stop the washer and do any of these:

    • Rearrange the laundry if uneven

    • Remove excess laundry and only fill up the washer ¾

    If the laundry is imbalanced because you are only washing a few clothes, you should put a few more or towels to even the laundry load and allow your washing machine to spin smoothly.

    And if you are washing bulky items such as duvets and blankets, do it one at a time to avoid overloading your washing machine.

    2. Worn Out Shock Absorbers (Noise Type – Banging Sound)

    If your front loader is producing a banging sound and it’s not a case of an imbalance load or overload, the chances are that the shock absorbers are the problem.

    It could be that they are damaged and therefore unable to absorb the machine vibrations.


    While a technician can repair an LG washing machine’s shock absorbers, the best fix is to replace them with compatible LG shock absorbers .

    LG washing machine making high pitched noise when spinning

    3. Loose Foreign Objects (Noise Type– Grinding or Rattling Sound)

    Nothing is more serious than a grinding sound coming out of a washing machine. It usually indicates that something serious is forcefully rubbing against your appliance, potentially damaging it.

    These objects could be any of the following:

    • Coins 

    • Pins

    • Loose zippers

    • Paper clips

    • Belt buckles


    Stop the washing machine immediately once you hear a rattling or grinding sound and look for loose foreign objects. Ensure you remove them. Likewise, check the pockets to remove foreign objects.

    4. Damaged Drive Pulley (Noise Type – High Pitched Sound)

    Laundry overload and worn-out shock absorbers are not the only possible causes of a banging sound during a washing machine’s spin cycle.

    Also, watch out for a damaged drive pulley. Usually, LG washing machines employ metal or plastic drive pulleys to move the drive belt, thus responsible for spinning the washer tub.

    So, if the drive pulley breaks or becomes loose, the washing machine will produce a banging sound.


    Check the drive pulley for loose screws and tighten them. But if it’s broken, the solution is to replace it.

    5. Rusty Tub Bearing (Noise Type – Grinding Sound)

    The bearing is usually a small metal piece outside the washing tub that enables it to spin smoothly. But over time, the metal-bearing rusts from water contact, and if it happens, the washer will produce a grinding noise during its spin cycle.


    Depending on the rust on the metal bearing, you can remove it or replace it.

    But in most cases, getting a new front-load washer tub bearing is recommendable. But if you are not sure what to do, take your LG washing machine to an expert.

    LG Top Load Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning

    If you are dealing with an LG top load washing machine, you should be wary of these possible causes (some of which we have covered above).

    1. Unbalanced Laundry or Overload (Noise Types – Banging / Thumping Sound)

    If your LG top load washer is making a banging or thumping noise, don’t forget to check the condition of the load. If the laundry load is excess, reduce it to about ¾ full. And if it’s uneven, rearrange it.

    2. Defective Drive Pulley (Noise Type – Banging Sound)

    Another cause of a banging sound coming from your washing machine is a loose or defective drive pulley. If it’s loose, tighten the loose screws, but if the drive pulley is old and faulty, the best approach is to replace it.

    3. Worn Out or Misplaced Suspension Rods

    The suspension rods on a top load washing machine play the same role as a front loader’s shock absorbers.

    So, if they are defective, they won’t be able to absorb the machine’s vibrations and friction force, resulting in a banging sound. That can also happen if they are out of position.


    Examine the suspension rods to see if they are out of alignment and realign them. But if they are damaged, then replace them with a compatible suspension rod.

    LG automatic washing machine making noise when spinning

    LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning

    Lastly, if you are dealing with a direct-drive washer, you should watch out for these potential causes:

    1. Bad Tub Bearing (Noise Type – Grinding Noise)

    A grinding noise could Noise signify that your tub bearing is bad, primarily rusty. The best approach in such a case is to replace it. Get a compatible LG washer tub bearing to fit but talk to an expert if you cannot do it.

    2. Damaged Drive Pulley (Noise Type – Banging Sound)

    The next culprit is the drive pulley. If it’s either loose or broken, the chances are that it’ll cause the washing machine to produce a banging sound. So, inspect it and fix it using the tips I shared earlier.

    3. Loose Foreign Objects (Noise Type – Grinding Sound)

    Don’t forget to look for loose foreign objects such as coins, pins, broken zips, and even jewelry, especially when your direct drive washing machine makes a grinding sound. Once you find any of these foreign objects, remove them right away.

    4. Worn Out Drive Belt (Noise Type – Squeaking Sound)

    Lastly, examine the machine’s drive belt condition. It’ll cause the washing machine to squeak if it’s cracked or worn out.

    Usually, the drive belt’s rubber materials wear out over time, requiring a replacement.


    Check the drive belt to ensure it’s in good working condition. If it’s defective, then replace it.

    Other Reasons Your LG Washing Machine Is Making Noise

    So, is your new LG washing machine making noise when spinning? Consider these additional reasons:

    (a) Clogged Drain/Tub (Noise Type – Whirring Sound)

    If debris clogs your tub or drains filters, you will likely hear the machine producing a whirring sound when spinning.


    Check the drain filters and tub for debris clogging and unclog it (clean it thoroughly).

    (b) Long Supply/ Drain Hose (Noise Type – Vibrating Sound)

    If the drain/ supply hose is longer than it should be, it’ll knock against the washer’s rear side, producing a vibration sound when the machine spins.


    Pull your washing machine away from the water source to give the drain hose enough clearance.

    (c) Washer Too Close to Objects (Banging sound)

    The washing machine shouldn’t be near objects. If there are cabinets or other things nearby, it will produce a banging sound when spinning.


    Remove objects around the washer, especially those in direct contact.

    (d) Washing Machine On Unleveled Ground (Vibrating Sound)

    Since the washer operates at high speed, it’s likely to vibrate if standing on an unleveled surface. So, ensure the ground is level. That’ll help to reduce the excessive vibration and noise when spinning.

    You could adjust its feet using a wrench spanner.

    LG top load washing machine making noise when spinning

    People Also Ask

    1. Why Is My LG Washing Machine Making Grinding Noise When Spinning?

    Your LG washing machine makes a grinding noise when spinning because of loose foreign objects like coins and pins or a rusty tub bearing. So, check for the two possibilities and fix them.

    2. Why Is My LG Automatic Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning?

    There are several reasons why your automatic LG washing machine makes noise when spinning. It could be loose foreign objects in the machine, rusty tub bearing, unbalanced laundry load, or defective drive pulley, driver belt, or shock absorbers.

    3. Why Is My LG Washing Machine Making High Pitched Noise When Spinning?

    Your LG washing machine makes a high-pitched noise when spinning because of a possible damaged drive pulley, loose foreign objects, or rusty tub bearings.

    Closing Remarks On Your LG Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning!

    Above are the possible reasons behind your noisy LG washing machine when spinning. Note, however, that the tips shouldn’t replace what the manufacturer provides in the manual. So, use the information to supplement what’s on your LG washer’s manual.

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