Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Continuous Blinking Green Light: 8 Reasons

Is your Mitsubishi electric air conditioner blinking green light? Well, that’s because the air con cooling wants to tell you something might be wrong. 

Often, a Mitsubishi electric AC blinks green to indicate an overvoltage, which you can clear by a reset. But if the reset doesn’t stop the blinking, the issue could be a multi-split setting fault, obstructed fan, damaged cord, clogged filter, low refrigerant, faulty compressor, or electrical fault.

So, the only thing to panic about and probably call a service technician for is when the blinking won’t stop. I’ll walk you through all those eight reasons, indicating how they contribute to the blinking and how you can fix them. 

So, pay more attention to the fixes, as that’s what you’ll be trying out. Without further ado, let’s get into troubleshooting.

Mitsubishi electric air conditioner blinking green light

In a rush? See below a quick troubleshooting guide to fix the blinking green light.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Blinking Green Light

Probable CauseQuick Fix
1.Over-Voltage (Power Spike)Reset the air conditioner by switching off the isolator switch for 20 – 25 seconds
2.Multi-Split Setting FaultReset the air conditioner but if the blinking doesn’t stop, call a service technician
3.Obstructed Fan Remove anything obstructing the fan and reset the air conditioner
4.Damaged Power CordTest the power cord’s continuity and replace it if it won’t show any
5.Clogged Air FilterReplace the air filter if it’s filthy. Also, do it if it has been over 12 months
6.Low RefrigerantCall an HVAC expert to help you fix the source of the refrigerant leakage
7.Falling Compressor Replace the compressor if it’s failing or get a new air-con
8.Electric FaultAsk an expert technician for assistance

Why Is the Green Light Flashing On My Mitsubishi Air Conditioner?

Generally, the Mitsubishi electric AC blinks green light due to any of these issues.

1. Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Blinks Green Light Due To An Over-Voltage

Mitsubishi air cons are well advanced, and one of their most impressive features is their ability to self-diagnose an over-voltage and shut down to protect the unit.

But before the AC shuts down, it usually blinks green. The light doesn’t mean that the AC needs a repair or anything like that, but to cool down.

So, you can forcefully shut it down by resetting it or allowing it to self-shut. But what causes the over-voltage? Well, it’s a case of power supply fluctuation.


Since the blinking light is mostly a product of the AC’s self-protection mode, you may wait for the AC to self-shut.

The problem with waiting is that it’s time-consuming, and the damage could occur before the AC powers off. That’s why it’s recommendable to reset the unit right away.  

For all you know, the issue could be more severe than over-voltage. To reset the Mitsubishi AC, you need to:

  • Turn off the unit’s isolator switch

  • Wait for 20 seconds before switching it on

  • Alternatively, unplug the air con for at least 20-25 seconds and then plug it on

You can also reset your Mitsubishi AC by pressing the reset/power switch on the remote for 5 – 10 seconds.

Consider the seven issues below if the blinking light won’t clear after the reset.

2. Multi Split Setting Fault

If you’ve multiple AC units outside and one unit inside, there is a chance that the units are experiencing an imbalance. One unit could be heating or cooling while the others could be doing the opposite. 

Such confusion causes the Mitsubishi electric AC to sound a warning in the form of a blinking indicator light.


You can also fix a multi-split fault by resetting the AC. But if it doesn’t work, call a service technician to check the unit’s setting and advise you accordingly.

why is the green light flashing on my Mitsubishi air conditioner

3. Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Continuous Blinking Green Light Due to an Obstructed Fan

Sometimes the air conditioner blinks green when something obstructs the fan. That includes debris, ice, and dirt. So, it’s advisable to examine the fan to see if there’s something stuck in it. Failure to free the AC fan may lead to its failure, and once that happens, the AC won’t blow cold air.


Inspect the fan and take out anything obstructing it. After that, reset the air con.

4. Damaged Power Cord

A Mitsubishi electric AC can also display a blinking green light when the power cord is damaged. While the power cable may allow electricity to pass through and power the AC, it won’t do that for long. Moreover, such a power cord is a safety risk, which you should replace. 


It’s essential to confirm that the power cord is not faulty. Start by physically inspecting it for fault, and if you can’t see any signs of damage, test it with a multimeter. If the cord is faulty, it won’t show continuity, so you should replace it.

5. Low Refrigerant (Due to Refrigerant Leakage)

If the refrigerant (coolant) level is low, a Mitsubishi AC will give you a warning sign, and one of them is a blinking green light.

Usually, a low refrigerant level causes the compressor to struggle to work. Therefore, the AC is likely to shut down sooner than later.

Overall, the refrigerant level drops from leakage associated with direct damage to the unit or poor installation.


Checking the refrigerant level and fixing a leakage is an expert’s job. So, consider talking to an HVAC expert once it comes down to this issue. 

6. Mitsubishi Ac Blinking Green Light Due to a Clogged Air Filter

Your Mitsubishi air conditioner depends on a clean air filter to cool effectively and blow clean air. That, however, may not happen if the air filter is dirt clogged. Besides, clogged filters can also be a source of other issues, such as water leakage.

Generally, Mitsubishi recommends replacing the air filter after 6 – 12 months of active usage.


Inspect the air filter for possible dirt clogging. Also, do it if it has been more than a year since changing it.

Mitsubishi electric air conditioner continuous blinking green light

7. Failing Compressor 

If your AC compressor struggles to kick in, the unit may sound its struggles by producing a green blinking light. So, while this is uncommon, it remains a possibility.

But often, the compressor fails to kick in because it cannot detect the refrigerant level. So, the problem may not be a faulty compressor but a refrigerant leakage, which I explained earlier. 

But as far as a faulty compressor goes, the compressor may fail from wearing out or electrical fault.


A failing compressor is another element you should leave to experts. They can tell if the problem is the compressor or low refrigerant. You’ll need to replace the compressor or AC if it’s the former.

8. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Blinking Green Light Due to an Electric Fault

Lastly, your Mitsubishi electric air con may display a blinking green light because of an electrical fault. The unit could be drawing or loading an irregular power or suffering an electrical wiring issue.

So, you may need an electric technician to help you troubleshoot it. Remember, any electrical fault is a safety hazard and could lead to extensive damage to the unit.


Before calling a technician, try resetting the air conditioner again. If it still doesn’t work, make the call. You should, however, avoid doing any wiring task to prevent electrocution.

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My Mitsubishi AC Light Blinking?

Your Mitsubishi AC light is blinking because something is wrong with the AC that needs immediate addressing. It could be that there’s a power spike (an over-voltage), and you should therefore reset the air conditioner.

It could also be due to an obstructed fan, a clogged filter, a failing compressor, or an electrical fault.

2. What Does a Blinking Air Conditioner Light Indicator Do?

A blinking air conditioner light indicates a possible power spike, low refrigerant, dirty air filter, damaged power cord, obstructed fan, or a falling compressor. It could also be an electrical or wiring issue that needs a technician’s input.

3. What Are the Green Lights On a Mitsubishi Mini Split?

The green lights on a Mitsubishi mini split often indicate that the heat pump is yet to attain its set temperature. It often happens when the indoor temperature fluctuates by 200C or more. In that case, you should readjust the air conditioner thermostat accordingly.

4. Why Is My Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Con Light Blinking?

Your Mitsubishi heavy industries air con could be blinking because of a clogged filter, low refrigerant, failing compressor, obstructed fan, or an electrical fault. Overall, let an expert technician diagnose and fix the fault.

Closing Thought On Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner Blinking Green Light:

Above are the eight possible explanations for your Mitsubishi electric AC blinking green light. But of all the eight reasons, the most typical explanation is an overvoltage which, as discussed, only requires you to reset the AC. So, do that first before considering the other seven issues.

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