Why is My Samsung Fridge Making Vibrating Noise? (10 Fixes!)

You expect a Samsung refrigerator to vibrate in a low tone when the compressor runs or the ice maker fills up. But what if the vibration is too loud and discomforting? Why is your Samsung fridge making vibrating noise?

Several reasons could explain a loud Samsung fridge vibration. It could be due to an unleveled surface, lack of clearance, loose parts, fridge understocking, improperly aligned door, obstructed fan blade, dirty condenser coils, or a faulty compressor, ice maker, or evaporator fan.

So, while low vibrations aren’t alarming as they are associated with the everyday running of the fridge, you shouldn’t take loud vibrations lightly. That means you have to know how to differentiate the two sets.

In light of that, I’ll share more on normal vs. odd vibrations to help you distinguish them. Moreover, I’ll suggest the relevant fixes for the latter.

Let’s jump into it!

Samsung fridge making vibrating noise

In a rush? The table below shows the various causes of a loud ‘abnormal’ vibrating Samsung refrigerator and the fixes.

Troubleshooting a Samsung Fridge Making Vibrating Noise (Quick Guide)

 Probable CauseFix
1.Unleveled FloorMove your refrigerator to a leveled ground. Alternatively, adjust its leg leveler
2.Lack of ClearanceLeave at least 50 mm around the fridge and 25 mm from its top
3.Loose Parts InsideTighten or remove any loose parts or content in your refrigerator
4.Fridge UnderstockingStock your refrigerator well; about ¾ full, but don’t overstock
5.Improperly Aligned DoorProperly realign your fridge and freezer door and replace their base grill
6.Obstructed Fan BladeRemove any obstruction along the fan blade’s path and replace the blade if it’s damaged
7.Dusty Condenser CoilsVacuum or brush off the dirty condenser coils
8.Bad CompressorReplace the compressor if it’s too loud or malfunctioning
9.Defective Ice MakerReplace the ice maker if it proves to malfunction
10.Faulty Evaporator Fan Replace the faulty evaporator fan 

‘Normal’ Vs. Odd Samsung Fridge Vibrating Noise

It’s generally essential to differentiate between a normal vibration and an abnormal one regarding Samsung refrigerators. Let’s separate them and their causes:

Normal Samsung Fridge Vibrating Noise

A normal Samsung fridge noise, including a vibration, is a low pitch. Sometimes you wouldn’t even notice the fridge vibrating unless you approach it and listen carefully.

Essentially, Samsung refrigerators vibrate at a low pitch under the following normal conditions:

  • When cooling due to the compressor working – The compressor is an essential component in the fridge whose role includes cooling. But unlike most parts, the compressor motor vibrates when running. That, however, doesn’t mean something is wrong with the compressor unless the vibration is thunderous.
  • When the ice maker fills up with water – Sometimes the fridge produces a vibration sound when the ice maker fills up with water. Once it fills up, the vibration stops. If it doesn’t, then the concern could be something serious. 
  • When the auger motor is running – the Auger motor also produces a vibration sound when running. It only becomes a concern when the sound is deafeningly loud. 
Why Does My Samsung Fridge Make a Vibrating Noise

Odd Samsung Fridge Vibrating Noise

While a low vibration indicates a regular running Samsung fridge, a violet or loud vibration suggests a problem that needs fixing. Let’s discuss the reasons behind the abnormal vibration.

Why Does My Samsung Fridge Make a Vibrating Noise?

Generally, your Samsung fridge is making a loud vibrating sound because of one of these reasons:

1. Unlevelled Floor

Your Samsung will vibrate loud if it’s not resting on level ground. The noise may even be deafening if the fridge is not well stocked or has loose trays inside. So, it’s paramount to level its feet to give it the utmost stability when running. 


Look at the ground your Samsung refrigerator is resting on and ensure it’s uniform. You may have to move it or adjust its leveler’s legs if it’s not. 

2. Insufficient Clearance Around the Fridge

If there is insufficient space around and on top of your Samsung fridge, it may rattle against the surrounding objects when running. Once that happens, the refrigerator will vibrate against the object.

Overall, the closer the objects are to the fridge, the more the vibration. 


Attain a clearance of at least 50 mm on the fridge’s sides and about 25mm or more from its top. That will stop the rattling and vibration. 

3. Loose Parts (or Content) Inside The Fridge

Your Samsung refrigerator may vibrate loud if there are loose parts such as detached trays and bins inside or loose food containers. The components or containers may rattle against each other or the inner walls of the fridge, causing it to make a vibration noise. 


Inspect your refrigerator’s interior and fix anything that looks loose. You may have to firmly position the food containers to prevent them from shaking as the fridge runs. 

4. Fridge Understocking

Understocking your fridge could cause you a few problems. One of them is cooling issues, and the other is loud vibration. If the foods are understocked, the containers will likely move about when the fridge runs.

The problem is that they’ll rub against each other and the fridge’s inner wall, making a vibrating noise.


Stock your refrigerators properly. You don’t have to overstock as that may cause cooling issues but get to about ¾ full.

Why Is My Refrigerator Making a Vibrating Noise

5. Improperly Aligned Door

The fridge and freezer doors must be well aligned. If not, the fridge will vibrate when running, and the noise can be thunderous. That could happen if the freezer or fridge door is higher or lower than the other. 


Examine your fridge and freezer door and align them properly if they appear mismatched. You’ll need a screwdriver to do the job, and you may need to replace the unit’s base grill as it’s likely to cause the problem.

6. Obstructed Fan Blade

The condenser fan plays a pivotal role in circulating cold air in the fridge. For that to be the case, there shouldn’t be any obstruction on its path. If there is, it’ll make a vibrating sound. Familiar sources of block include ice mass and debris. 


Inspect the condenser fan blade for any debris or ice obstruction and remove it. And if the fan looks damaged from the collision, replace it. 

7. Dusty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils (which you can find on the fridge’s rear side) transport the coolant/refrigerant across the unit. 

Over time, the coils become dirty/dusty, interfering with the coolant flow. That forces the motors to work extra hard, making a vibrating or buzzing sound in the process.


Observe the fridge’s condenser coils and vacuum them if they are dirty. You can also use a fridge condenser brush to clean them.

8. Bad Compressor

Having mentioned the compressor for possibly causing a low vibration when running, it should concern you if the compressor is vibrating loud. 

That’s often a failing sign, and you’ll start noticing your Samsung refrigerator not cooling correctly. 


Pay attention to the fridge noise coming from the compressor. If it’s deafeningly loud, the compressor is likely to be bad. In such a case, replace it. 

How Do You Fix a Vibrating Refrigerator

9. Defective Ice Maker

If your ice maker continuously makes a vibrating sound even after filling up, it’s likely to be faulty. You can check it out once you disconnect the fridge. 

And if you detect loose wiring, damages, or disconnections on it, it’s probably defective.


Servicing or replacing an ice maker is not an amateur’s job. You’ll need to talk to an export Samsung fridge technician to help confirm the fault and service or repair the ice maker.

10. Faulty Evaporator Fan 

A faulty evaporator fan doesn’t just fail the fridge’s cooling system but may also make a vibrating sound when running. So, in addition to your Samsung refrigerator warming up, you’ll have to deal with a deafening buzz or vibration. 


If your fridge is strangely warm and your evaporator fan is noisy when running, replace the fan as it’s faulty. 

Samsung Fridge Freezer Making Vibrating Noise

Several reasons could explain a Samsung fridge freezer’s vibrating noise. However, not all vibrations point to a problem. For example, the fridge freezer will vibrate when the compressor runs.

However, if the vibration is too loud, watch out for any of these prospective causes:

  • The fridge freezer might be resting on an unleveled surface
  • The fridge freezer could be understocked
  • Lack of enough clearance around the fridge (the fridge is rubbing against things)
  • The compressor could be malfunctioning
  • The fan blades could be ice-obstructed

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My Refrigerator Making a Vibrating Noise?

In most cases, refrigerators make a low vibrating sound when the compressor is running or the ice maker is filling up. However, loud vibration points to a serious cause such as an unleveled floor, improperly aligned door, obstructed fan blade, food understocking, or lack of clearance. 

2. How Do You Fix a Vibrating Refrigerator?

You can generally stop your fridge from making a vibrating sound by:

  • Leveling its legs or the surface it’s resting on
  • Stationing a flow mat underneath to absorb the extra vibration
  • Fixing loose objects in the fridge,
  • Creating enough clearance around the fridge
  • Soundproofing the fridge
  • Cleaning the condenser and other moving parts

3. Why Is My Samsung Fridge Making a Loud Buzzing Noise?

Your Samsung fridge is making a loud buzzing sound because something is rubbing against its inner or outer walls. Additionally, it could be that the compressor or the fan is faulty.

4. Why Is My Samsung Fridge Freezer Making a Noise?

Your Samsung fridge freezer is making noise because its floor is unlevelled or rubbing against something close to it. But still, the noise could be due to a malfunctioning compressor or evaporator fan. 

Closing Thought On Samsung Fridge Making Vibrating Noise!

Generally, it’s important to distinguish normal fridge vibrations from strange fridge vibrations. While you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the former, the latter should concern you, and that’s where the above guide comes in.  You can use it to stop your Samsung refrigerator from making weird noises.

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