Samsung Washing Machine Start Button Not Working (9 Reasons!)

Is your Samsung washing machine start button not working, and are you considering calling a service technician? Perhaps you should wait and try troubleshooting yourself first, starting with identifying the fault.

Your Samsung washing machine’s start button isn’t working because it’s not firmly pressed or because of power failure, setting issue, software glitch, damp control panel, jammed button, open door, defective switch, or failed component.

Some components that could fail and prevent your Samsung washer from starting include the lid switch, timer, control panel, or control board. However, before considering replacing any of the four components, you should go through the other checks that don’t require any replacement. 

I’ll explain what to consider in each case and how to troubleshoot each issue. We’ll also look at what to do when the control panel or start/pause buttons aren’t working.  

Let’s jump into it!

Samsung washing machine start button not working

In a rush? Below is a quick troubleshooting guide for your Samsung washing machine whose start buttons aren’t working.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for Samsung Washing Machine Start Button Not Working

Possible CauseRelevant Fix
1.Start Button Not Firmly PressedPress the start button firmly. Hold it down for about 2 – 3 seconds
2.Power Failure Ensure you’ve power and the power cord is firmly plugged in. Reset the breaker if off and replace the thermal fuse, wall socket, or power cord if they lack continuity
3.Setting IssueDeactivate ‘Delay Start’ or ‘Control Lock’ if any of the settings are ON
4.Software GlitchReset your washing machine
5.Damp Control Panel Don’t wet the control panel with your hands, and wipe it dry if it’s damp
6.Jammed Buttons Tap the stuck button on the side to release it
7.Open Door Shut the washer’s door firmly and remove any trapped clothes. If it still won’t shut, replace the door latch
8.Faulty Button Replace the start button if it’s faulty
9.Failed Component Replace the timer, lid switch, control panel, or control board if faulty

How to Fix Samsung Washing Machine Start Button Not Working?

Generally, fixing the Samsung washing machine start button that’s not working starts with identifying the cause. One of these nine reasons could be why your Samsung washing machine’s start switch isn’t responsive.  

1. The Start Button Might Not Be Firmly Pressed

Your Samsung washer won’t start unless you firmly press the start button. So, it doesn’t always mean that something is wrong when the washer won’t run after pressing start. 

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You should hold the start/power button for 2-3 seconds to start the washer. If not, it may not start. 


Consider pressing the start button firmly and holding it for 2 – 3 minutes. If the washer still doesn’t start, consider the possibility that it’s not getting power (explained below).

2. Washer Isn’t Getting Power (Power Failure)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to plug in the washer or turn on the power switch and assume that the start button is faulty. There could also be a power blackout, which means you cannot run your washer. 

So, there are many elements of power failure which you should consider. But still, something faulty could be preventing your washer from turning on. That includes:

  • Faulty power cord – If the power cord is defective, it won’t permit any power supply to the washer. So, the washer won’t start. 
  • Blown fuse – If the thermal fuse blows up, which happens to protect the washer from overheating, the washer won’t start.
  • Tripped breaker – If the circuit breaker is tripped due to a power surge, the washer won’t start when you press start. 


Before anything, ensure you have power. You can try switching the lights on or plugging in any other appliances. Once you confirm adequate power, ensure you firmly plug in the washer. The power cable shouldn’t be loose. 

If that’s the case, but the washer won’t start, use a multimeter to test the power cord, power socket, and thermal fuse for continuity.

If any others lack continuity, consider changing it as it’s likely faulty. Moreover, reset the circuit breaker if it’s tripped. 

3. Wrong Setting (Programming Issue)

Sometimes choosing the wrong setting could prevent your Samsung washer from starting when you press start. Two such settings are:

  • Child Lock – If Child Lock is ON, it locks the control panel, preventing the washer from starting. You can know if that’s the case if the Child Lock (cd/dc) indicator light is flashing on the control panel. 
  • Delay Start – The ‘Delay Start’ function delays the washers starting time until a preset time. If the setting is on, your Samsung washer won’t start until the preset time is reached.  You can tell ‘Delay Start’ is ON if there’s a counting-down timer and the button is illuminating. 
Samsung washing machine start pause button not working


If ‘Child Lock’ or ‘Delay Start’ is ON, deactivate it. To deactivate Child Lock, press the Child Lock switches for 3 seconds. As for ‘Delay Start,’ press power to switch off the washing machine and then press power again to turn it on. That will clear ‘Delay Start.’

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4. Software Glitch (Samsung Washing Machine Start Button Not Working But Has Power)

Samsung washing machines are software-driven. And because of that, the software may develop a glitch that could prevent it from starting.

Remember, the washer can only respond to instructions if there’s no issue with its programming. 


Consider resetting your washer if you suspect a software glitch. Overall, here’s how to reset a Samsung washing machine:

  • Unplug the washing machine for 1 – 5 minutes
  • Alternatively, turn off the circuit breaker also for 1 – 5 minute
  • Power up the washer to restart it

5. Damp Control Panel 

A Samsung washing machine’s control panel is moisture-susceptible. It won’t respond to your command if it’s wet. That could be because of your location, which is humid, or your wet hands. 


Don’t touch the washer’s control panel with wet hands. You need to dry them first. And if you happen to touch the control panel with wet hands, wipe it dry with a clean, dry cloth.

But if the issue is because of a humid location, allow your washing machine to dry first before retrying it. 

6. Jammed Button

Your Samsung washer’s start button may stick if it’s continually pressed. Once that’s the case, the button becomes unresponsive.

Overall, you can know if the issue is a jammed button if you identify any of these troubleshooting error codes: bE2, BE2, E2, 8E2, or 6E2.


Consider tapping around the stuck button or any other to free it. The trick could also dislodge the foreign material preventing it from working. 

7. Open Door (Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Start Button Not Working)

A Samsung front loader may fail to start because it interprets the door as ‘not shut.’ That could be because of not firmly shutting it, an obstruction, or a faulty door latch.

So, you ought to check all three possibilities once you suspect the issue could be an open door. The secret is to identify any error code that indicates a faulty door, and examples are LO, FL, dL, ds, d5, 1dc, dc1, 1dc1, dE2, dE1, 1dc4, and dc*.


Consider firmly shutting the door if you suspect an open door. You may need to check for any trapped clothes and remove them.

If there are no trapped clothes and the washer door won’t close, consider checking the door latch as it could be faulty.

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Check its continuity using a multimeter. If it doesn’t show continuity, replace it. 

how to fix Samsung washing machine start button

8. Faulty Button 

Sometimes the issue could be the start button itself which is faulty. If forcefully pressed repetitively, the start button can break, and once that happens, it becomes non-responsive. So, you’ll need to inspect the start switch for faults. 


Consider testing the start switch for continuity. If the button won’t show any, it’s likely to be broken and therefore needs a replacement.

9. Failed Component

If you still cannot find why your Samsung washer’s start button is not working after the above eight checks, consider that it might be because of a failed component.

The components include the following:

  • Timer – The timer is more like the washing machine’s governor. It relays voltage to relevant components to enable the washer to start when you press start. So, its faultiness means the washer won’t start. 
  • Lid switch (Samsung top load washing machine start button not working) – Just like a front loader won’t start because of an open door; a Samsung top loader won’t start because of an open lid. In most cases, the lid won’t close because of a faulty lid switch.
  • Control panel – If the control panel is bad, so are its buttons. That means the washer won’t start when you engage the start button. 
  • Control board – If your washing machine has power, but the start button is not working, and none of the other components is faulty, the control board is likely to be defective. 


Consider replacing any of the above four components if it’s faulty. Start by testing the timer and lid switch for continuity. If any of them lacks continuity, replace them.

If they are okay, have an expert check the control panel and control board. You’ll need to inspect any of the two if they are faulty. 

Samsung Washing Machine Start Pause Button Not Working

If your Samsung washers button start button is not working, consider that the switch is not firmly pressed or faulty. If that’s not the case, the door could be open because of trapped clothing or a defective door latch.

If that’s not it, then it could be that the water supply to the washer is not connected. So, you should check all these issues and address them to start your washer. 

Samsung Washing Machine Control Panel Buttons Not Working

If your Samsung washing machine’s control panel buttons are unresponsive, it’s likely because the control panel is damp or dusty.

You need to check it and wipe out the dampness or dust. Ensure you clean and dry your fingers before touching the control panel. Also, consider the possibility of a ‘Child Lock’ which locks the control panel.

Once the control panel is locked, its buttons become unresponsive. So, you’ll need to disable it if it’s active. 

Closing Remarks On Samsung Washing Machine Start Button Not Working:

In conclusion, it’s important to check several things, not just the start button, when you cannot start your Samsung washing machine.

Start by checking the start button to ensure it’s well pressed and not faulty. Ensure your washer receives power, the control panel is dry, and the Delay Start and Child Lock settings are disabled.

Don’t forget to shut the door or lid properly, reset the washer when you suspect a software hitch, and replace a faulty component.