Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator (9 Differences Shared!)

American giant appliance manufacturer Whirlpool and its Asian counterpart LG often go neck to neck when it comes to the best refrigerators. So today, we will put the Whirlpool vs LG refrigerator to test to see who comes out on top. 

Essentially, Whirlpool refrigerators enjoy a minimalist and cleaner look, intelligent storage and organization, and more affordable prices. On the other hand, LG refrigerators might cost more, but they are slightly more reliable, spacious, energy efficient, stylish, and technologically advanced.

As you’ll notice from the table below, the two brands differ in several other ways, such as door style, food preservation, cooling technology, and smart technology, to name a few. 

And since they are traditional giant competitors, they also have so much in common concerning energy star rating, low noise, cooling technology, LED lighting, among others. 

More importantly, the two refrigerator brands share a few problems you should know when choosing between them. So, this comparative review will help you do exactly that.

But first, let’s go through the brands ‘overview.

Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator

In a rush? See below a Whirlpool versus LG refrigerator table comparison.

LG and Whirlpool Refrigerator Comparison

Whirlpool LG
1.Design More traditional (minimalist and cleaner look)More modern, ultra-sleek look
2.Door Style (Fridge Type)Double door (top and bottom-freezer), side-by-side, French door, and 4 door optionsSingle door, double door (top and bottom-freezer), side-by-side (Instaview) and door-in-door
3.Storage And OrganizationMore intelligent storage and organization features Fewer clever storage and organization feature
4.Preservation Technology Freshflow Preserver and Crisper DrawerMulti Airflow, Moist Balance Crisper, and Auto Defrost
5.Cooling TechnologyDirect Cooling, Dual Evaporator, Total Coverage, Fast Cool, and Accu ChillDirect Cooling, Linear Cooling, Smart Cooling, Door Cooling, and Fresh Shield
6.Capacity Not as spacious as LG (11-28 cubic feet)More spacious (20-30 cubic feet on average)
7.Smart TechnologyFewer smart features (not smart home-compatible)Lots of smart home features, including Wi-Fi, Smart Diagnosis, and remote control
8.ReliabilitySlightly less reliable than LGMore reliable than Whirlpool
9.Cost Slightly more affordable (from $549 for a top-freezer)Slightly costlier (from $899 for a top-freezer)

Brand Overview 


Whirlpool is an American home appliance manufacturer and seller founded in 1911. Currently, the company has its headquarters in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, USA.

The company specializes in home appliances, including fridges, freezers, washers, and dryers. As far as fridges go, Whirlpool is known to produce and sell bottom-freezer, top-freezer, 4-door, side-by-side, and French-door refrigerators. 

Their fridges are reasonably priced, with top-freezers retailing from $549 and bottom mount options starting from $999. Capacity-wise, you can get Whirlpool refrigerators with a capacity of 11-28 cubic feet., depending on style. 


LG, originally Luck Goldstar, is a South Korean giant appliance producer and seller founded in 1947. The company’s head office is presently in Seoul, South Korea but has distributors everywhere, including the United States.

Like Whirlpool, LG makes a variety of home appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, deep freezers, TVs, and air conditioners. 

As for refrigerators, LG makes and sells single-door, bottom-freezers, top-freezers, Instaview, and door-in-door fridges.

The fridge prices vary depending on the style, but you can get a top mount option starting from $899. LG refrigerators average 20 –30 cubic feet, thus very spacious.

Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Reliability

Whirlpool and LG Refrigerator Similarities

Before we can look at what sets Whirlpool and LG fridges apart, we should look at what doesn’t. Overall, the two fridge brands share the following:

  • Energy star rating – Though LG has more energy star-rated fridges, both have 4.0+ energy star rated units. So, if you are looking for economical energy-consuming refrigerators, these two models should make the shortlist. 
  • Low noise – Both brands promise lower decibels, which means their units are quiet. Some customers, however, argue that Whirlpool fridges are more silent, perhaps due to their inverter compressors.
  • Direct cooling technology – Both fridges employ direct cool technology where the unit’s exterior doesn’t heat up, as it’s the case of frost-free units. Thus, fridges are more energy efficient.
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel finishes – Although their exterior designs differ, both brands use stainless steel finishes on their refrigerators. That promotes easy cleaning and a neater look. 
  • LED lighting – The fridge interiors are LED-lit to give you a better view and access. 
  • Intelligent shelving – Even though Whirlpool has a slight edge, these two manufacturers employ the most intelligent shelving technologies to allow you to easily and economically store your food supplies. 
  • Fridge types – Though we will cover this more elaborately later, it’s worth mentioning that LG and Whirlpool both make double-door fridges (top-mount and bottom-mount) and side-by-side options. 

Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Differences 

Now, here’s how the two LG refrigerators compare to Whirlpool units:

1. Design 


Whirlpool refrigerators enjoy more traditional stainless steel anti-fingerprint exteriors. The finish gives the units a neater but more minimalist look than LG. 

In contrast, LG units have a modern look. Their touch-sensitive panels and anti-fingerprint stainless steel finishes give them a more stylish look.


Whirlpool fridges come with spill-proof glass shelves for easy cleaning and feature panoramic LED lights, which promise easy access and a better view. The two give the fridges a neater interior.

LG doesn’t disappoint either with its advanced LED interior lighting and pull-out shelves


Whirlpool’s minimalist looks make it ideal for those who want a low-key but very functional refrigerator. However, LG’s sleeker modern look makes it suitable for those with a modern-styled home.

2. Door Style (Fridge Type)

Whirlpool currently stocks the following fridge type on their website:

  • Double door fridges (where we’ve top-freezer and bottom-freezer units)
  • Side-by-side refrigerators 
  • French door refrigerators
  • 4-door refrigerators

LG, on the other hand, stock these fridge types on their website:

  • Single door fridges
  • Double door fridges
  • Top-freezer and bottom-freezer options 
  • Instaview (side-by-side fridges)
  • Door-in-door fridges

Overall, the only thing to separate the two is that Whirlpool has 4-door refrigerators while LG doesn’t. But LG has door-in-door units, which are lacking on Whirlpool.


Both brands offer a variety of fridge styles, so there’s no winner

Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Double Door

3. Storage and Organization

Whirlpool takes pride in its intelligent storage and organization solutions where the highlights include:

  • Tiered freezer storage – For quickly accessing stored frozen foods
  • Infinity slide shield – For easy fitting of taller items
  • In-door ice storage – For easy ice access
  • Adjustable Gallon Door Bins – For flexible food storage
  • Flexi Slide Bin – Also for storing taller containers 
  • Pull out shelves – For easy frozen food access

As for LG, you can count on these storage options:

  • Moving ice maker – Lets you create more storage space
  • Vegetable box – For separate vegetable storage
  • Door basket – For more storage space
  • Pull out trays – For easy access to stored food 
  • Bottle storage – For keeping your favorite drink

Though there’s little to separate the two, Whirlpool has a slight edge. They compensate for the lack of a modern look with intelligent storage and organization features. 


Whirlpool scores a small win over LG due to its highly intelligent, easy-to-reach, and space-saving shelves.

4. Food Preservation Technology

Both brands take pride in their modern food preservation technologies. For example, Whirlpool employs FreshFlow Preserver and Crisper Drawer technologies to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh. 

Meanwhile, LG flaunts Multi Airflow, Moist Balance Crisper, and Auto Defrost, among other food preservation technologies. Its technologies promise better food storage and longer shelf life. 


LG offers more food preservation technologies and has a slight edge over Whirlpool.

5. Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Cooling Technology

There’s so much to separate the two brands as far as cooling is concerned. Let’s start with Whirlpool; its fridges employ these cooling technologies:

  • Total Coverage Cooling – Ensures the entire unit cools, and the food is always fresh. 
  • Fast Cool – The additional feature allows you to cool some foods quickly by setting their temperatures low. 
  • Dual Cooling – Isolates bad food smells while encouraging ultra-low cooling.
  • Accu Chill – Encourage faster cooling just like Fast Cool technology.
  • Direct Cooling – Promotes energy efficiency when cooling. 

LG, on the other hand, promises these cooling technologies:

  • Direct Cooling – Just like in Whirlpool, the technology promotes energy efficiency.
  • Linear Cooling – Maintains the food in the state it was when bought or harvested.
  • Smart Cooling – The intelligent cooling technology self-adjusts to keep the food fresh at all times.
  • Door Cooling – It allows fresh air to recirculate inside the fridge once you lock the door.
  • Fresh Shield – Also cools the food quickly by releasing cold air.


It’s irrefutable that both brands have superior cooling technologies. LG’s Linear Cooling, Smart Cooling, and Fresh Shield have a slight edge over Whirlpools. 

6. Capacity 

Whirlpool fridges come in different capacities. Their top-freezer refrigerators, which are the smallest, have a total of 11 – 21 cubic feet, while their side-by-side units, which are the biggest, have a capacity of 18 – 28 cubic feet.

In contrast, LG fridges mostly average 20 – 30 cubic feet. However, there are a few smaller and larger options.


LG promises slightly more spacious fridges than Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Single Door

7. Smart Technology (Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Single Door)

This is probably one area where LG is the undisputed winner. While Whirlpool is known for intelligent technologies like Flexi Slide, Vacation Mode, and built-in coffee maker, the features don’t make the fridges smart home-compatible.

If you want a smart home worthy, you must look at LG. Its ThinQ application allows you to monitor and run the fridge using your phone remotely.

On the other hand, its Smart Diagnosis function lets you get real-time diagnostic feeds and enjoy conveniences like LCD touchscreen and door-in-door.


LG fridges are more smart home compatible than Whirlpool fridges.

8. Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Reliability

According to a 2021 appliance satisfaction press release by JD Power, LG enjoys a higher customer satisfaction index than Whirlpool in the various fridge categories:

Here’s the comparison:

Fridge Type LG Customer Satisfaction (Out Of 1000)Whirlpool Customer Satisfaction (Out Of 1000)
Top-mount & double-door fridge871/1000841/1000
Side-by-side fridge876/1000847/1000
French door fridge875/1000870/1000

Evidently, more customers are satisfied with LG fridges than with Whirlpool, even though the difference is not vast. That shows that LG fridges are more reliable than Whirlpool.

Another review by Wirecutter confirms that more customers are satisfied with LG refrigerators than with Whirlpool.


Since LG enjoys a higher customer index, its fridges are slightly more reliable than Whirlpool.

9. Cost 

Lastly, there’s a slight difference in price between LG and Whirlpool fridges. Here’s how their prices compare:

Fridge TypeLG Whirlpool
Top-mount refrigeratorFrom $899From $549
Bottom-mount refrigeratorFrom $1,169From $999
Side-by-side refrigeratorFrom $1,221From $1,299
French-door refrigeratorFrom $1,221 From $1,699
Foo-in-door refrigeratorFrom $1,299
4-door refrigeratorFrom $2,599

Besides side-by-side and French door fridges where LG is cheaper than Whirlpool, LG models are generally costlier. So, a Whirlpool fridge may be ideal for someone on a budget.


Whirlpool offers cheaper options than LG.

Whirlpool Vs LG Refrigerator Bottom Freezer Problems 

Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems 

Most Whirlpool refrigerators, especially bottom-freezer options, occasionally suffer these issues over their time of usage:

  • Reduced ice quality due to issues like clogged filter and failing ice maker
  • Slow or non-dispensing dispenser due to problems like reduced water pressure and clogged filter
  • Cooling issues due to a failing condenser or compressor

LG Refrigerator Problems 

LG refrigerators, on the other hand, especially bottom-freezer options, suffer these issues:

  • Cooling issues due to a failing compressor, motor, or condenser
  • Leakage due to a frozen tank
  • Low ice production due to a malfunctioning ice maker
Is Whirlpool or LG Refrigerator Better

Is Whirlpool or LG Refrigerator Better? Closing Thought:

There is no denying that LG and Whirlpool refrigerators are very impressive. They are energy efficient, spacious, reliable, good-looking, and quiet. 

So, it may be hard to choose between them. However, you can go for Whirlpool if you want a neat-looking, minimalist, spacious, and energy-efficient reliable fridge on a slightly constricting budget. 

But if you desire a more modern option for a smart home that is also spacious, reliable, and energy-efficient, then LG is the go-for brand. You may, however, pay more for some options. 

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