Are Frigidaire Refrigerators Good Quality? (Quick Answer!)

A lot goes into buying a fridge, and it’s more than reliability and value. There’s also functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency, and that’s where the name Frigidaire is more pronounced. But how good are these fridges? Are Frigidaire refrigerators good?

Frigidaire fridges are good because they are spacious, energy-efficient, reliable, stylish, and reasonably priced. They also offer convenient storage and advanced climate control functions and come in various series and types.

So, when it comes to storage capacity, energy efficiency, reliability, style, fair pricing, convenient storage, climate control, and product variety, Frigidaire fridges tick all the boxes.

It doesn’t mean that Frigidaire fridges don’t have some issues. They also fail, and I’ll highlight their most typical problems.  

are frigidaire refrigerators good

In a rush? Check out a summary of the pros and cons of Frigidaire fridges below:

Pros and Cons of Frigidaire Refrigerators

Pros Cons
a) Variety of storage capacities (mostly spacious)a) No smart options
b) Energy-efficient (mostly energy-star rated)b) Cooling issues
c) Reliable – backed by a 10-year part warranty and a 10-20-year lifespanc) Ice maker problems
d) Stylish – professional, eye-catching lookd) Noise issues on some fridges
e) Reasonably priced (available in all budgets) 
f) Lots of storage conveniences 
g) Advanced and effective climatic controls 
h) A variety of series and fridge types 

Are Frigidaire Refrigerators Good or Bad?

To answer the above, we’ve to review Frigidaire fridges under the elements discussed below:

1. Storage Capacity

Frigidaire fridges come with different storage capacities that differ between the various types. Here’s a breakdown of what each type offers:

Fridge TypeAverage Capacity
Compact Fridge3.1 – 4.5 cu-ft.
Top Freezer Fridge10.1 – 20.4 cu-ft.
Side-By-Side Fridge22.0 –25.6 cu-ft.
French Door Fridge17.4 – 27.6 cu-ft.
Single Door Fridge19 cu-ft.

As you can see, compact fridges have the smallest capacities, but they are not entirely small. Overall, side by side, French door and single door fridges have the largest storage capacities making them better for families.


While not all Frigidaire fridges are spacious, a majority are. They offer enough room for food storage and even an ample freezer area.

2. Energy Efficiency

You can tell an energy-efficient refrigerator from its energy-star rating, and that’s an area Frigidaire suffices.

Most Frigidaire refrigerators have the energy-star certification mark to prove energy efficiency. These fridges will not lose heat unnecessarily and won’t consume lots of electricity either.

So, the fridges promise to save your money from a financial standpoint.


Most Frigidaire fridges are energy-efficient, and you can tell by their energy-star certification.

3. Reliability 

Frigidaire fridges tick many reliability boxes (not all but a lot). These fridges enjoy a smudge-proof stainless steel finish that resists easy damage, for starters.

The manufacturer handpicks the components to ensure they are not just functional but also promise long-term use. So, while parts like the condenser, ice maker, and dispenser may break down, their failure rate is much lower with good maintenance.

And when it comes to finding replacements, they are more available than the likes of Samsung and LG, making Frigidaire reliable.

Even better, the parts are backed by a 10-year warranty and can stay for 10-20 years, depending on maintenance and fridge usage.


Frigidaire fridges enjoy an excellent lifetime and parts warranty, making them reliable. Though they may break down, their failure rate is much lower.

who makes frigidaire refrigerators

4. Style 

Unlike Samsung and LG, Frigidaire doesn’t make smart fridges; let’s get that straight. However, they make sleeker, modern-looking fridges with smudge-proof stainless steel or black stainless steel finish.

There are also many colorful compact, top-freezer, and mini options. These fridges have an eye-catching professional look that makes them the standout in any kitchen.


While Frigidaire fridges don’t have smart integration features, they are neatly designed with a professional, sleek and modern look, making them good.

5. Pricing 

Different Frigidaire refrigerators come at different prices depending on the type. Below is a table showing the price range of all the five Frigidaire fridges:

Fridge TypePrice Range
Compact Fridges$309 – $399 (most budget)
Top Freezer Fridges$799 – $1,249
Side-By-Side Fridges$1,499 – $2,449
French Door Fridges$1,399 – $3,749
Single Door/Freezer-Less Fridges$3,249+


Frigidaire fridges come in all price points, making them more affordable for most people.

6. Storage Convenience

Frigidaire fridges offer lots of storage convenience that make them exceptional performers. First, these fridges feature adjustable shelves that allow you to fit foods in cans easily.

Their Store-More Gallon Bins make it easy to store more oversized items, while SpaceWise Organization cleverly lets you use available space.

That includes indoor condiments, sliding under shelves, adjustable bins, and a snack zone. There are also Custom-Flex Temp Drawers for storing your most-used foods, especially those that require freezing.

Others feature the Deli Drawer for organizing your cheese and meat, while a few models have flip-up shelves to economize on storage space.


Frigidaire fridges offer you lots of storage convenience solutions that improve their functionality.

7. Climate Control

a) Cooling Technology

Frigidaire employs superior cooling technologies like Even Temp, Twin Tech, and Quick Freeze. Even Temp prevents temperature fluctuation from keeping your food fresh, while Twin Tech offers consistency in the freezer and fridge units.

On the other hand, Quick Freeze quickly freezes foods to keep them fresher always.

b) Humidity Control

Frigidaire fridges employ humidity-controlled Crisper Drawers that ensure your vegetables and fruits retain their freshness.

c) Filtration System

Frigidaire employs Crisp-Seal Filtration, preventing food spoilage by blocking out the dry bad air. And through Pure-Pour Connect, Frigidaire fridges allow you to dispense pure and great-tasting water.

d) Verdict

Frigidaire’s advanced use of climatic control to make its fridges dependable.

are frigidaire gallery refrigerators any good

8. Series Variety

Based on design, material, feature, and price difference, Frigidaire makes its refrigerators in three series:

  • Standard
  • Gallery
  • Professional series

The standard series is the least fancy, featuring the most budget-friendly fridges (averaging under $499). On the other hand, the gallery series features slightly fancier fridges, though costlier than the standard series.

At the pinnacle is the professional series, which features the sleekest, most sophisticated, and costliest fridges.


The existence of three fridge series shows the Frigidaire variety. There’s just a fridge for everyone.

Types of Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire makes five types of fridges as follows:

  • Compact fridges
  • Single door fridges
  • French door fridges
  • Side-by-side fridges
  • Top-freezer fridges

1. Are Frigidaire Compact Refrigerators Good?

Frigidaire compact fridges are just what their name suggests. They are compact. They come with a full-width top freezer with a rack to maximize storage.

The fridge unit is not the most spacious, but it has many functional elements such as easy-access can holders and crisper drawers.

These fridges are generally the most budget-friendly options, averaging under $400. One top recommendation for those on a budget or small spaces is the Frigidaire EFR376 BLACK.

do frigidaire refrigerators have problems

2. Are Frigidaire Single Door Refrigerators Good?

Frigidaire single-door fridges, sometimes known as freezer-less fridges, usually come as one refrigerator unit without a freezer.

While you might assume that they make them cheaper, they are, in fact, among the costliest. These fridges employ the most advanced air filters and have built-in alerts to allow you to detect temperature issues.

Their design is jaw-dropping and have an interior water dispenser. Plus, they employ Even Temp cooling technology and Crisp Seal Auto humidity control to maintain the ideal refrigeration.

3. Are Frigidaire French Door Refrigerators Good?

Frigidaire French door fridges usually are professional series fridges known for the dual swing-out upper fridge doors and massive bottom drawer freezers.

These refrigerators have spacious interiors and feature flip-up shelves to allow you to fit bigger and taller items easily.

They employ the most advanced temperature and humidity control and generally promise eye-view access to foods.

Their top-selling features include SpaceWise organization, which uses all available space, and a Custom Flex Temp drawer. The fridges are energy-star certified.

4. Are Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerators Good?

Side-by-side fridges are other professional-grade fridges, alongside French door fridges. They also have similar specs and are as costly, but the design is different.

Side-by-side refrigerators allow you to open the door on two sides, one for the fridge and the other for the freezer. But unlike French door fridges, they don’t require a lot of door clearance, thus best for tight spaces.

These fridges employ Crisp-Seal Plus Humidity Control, Even Temp Cooling Technology, and SpaceWise Organization.

They are energy-star rated and come in the sleekest, most smudge-proof stainless steel finish.

5. Are Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerators Good?

Frigidaire top freezers refrigerators are what they sound like. These refrigerators have a freezer compartment at the very top.

They are the second most affordable option after the Compact option and are generally family-friendly. The fridges feature humidity-controlled Crisper Drawers and lots of electronic controls for the temperature.

They employ LED interior lighting and have two reversible swing doors.

As the Frigidaire ADA Top Freezer Refrigerator demonstrates, you’ll find them in a smudge-resistant stainless finish. It’s energy-star rated and comes with an 11.6 cubic feet capacity.

how long do frigidaire refrigerators last

Do Frigidaire Refrigerators Have Problems?

Frigidaire refrigerators are not flawless. They occasionally develop issues due to poor maintenance or just component failure.

Here are some of their most typical problems:

  • Failed Ice Maker 

Sometimes, the ice maker fails to make quality ice, especially under extremely low temperatures. In other cases, a problem with the main water inlet valve results in ice under production.

  • Dispenser Failure 

Sometimes the Frigidaire dispenser fails to dispense water properly, and the ice tastes terrible when it does. It often happens when there’s an interruption in the water flow.

  • Noise  

Some Frigidaire fridge freezers make a buzzing sound to show a component failure, especially the compressor, fan, or condenser. You may need to check these parts for clogging or faultiness.

People Also Ask 

1. How Long Do Frigidaire Refrigerators Last?

Frigidaire refrigerators can last 10 – 20 years, depending on the type and maintenance. Professional series options are the longest-lasting, while standard options have the highest failure rate.

2. Who Makes Frigidaire Refrigerators?

Electrolux, a Swedish brand, owns and makes Frigidaire fridges.

3. Are Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerators Any Good?

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators are the go-to when you can’t afford professional-grade options but want something classier and slightly sophisticated.

They are more sophisticated than standard Frigidaire refrigerators and come at fair pricing.

In Summary – Are Frigidaire Refrigerators Good?

Frigidaire refrigerators are available in at least three series to cater to the needs of all kinds of users. They employ the best temperature and humidity control technology and offer many storage conveniences.

So, yes, these fridges are good. It, however, takes proper maintenance to milk more years out of them.

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