Bosch Vs Samsung Dishwasher Compared (9 Differences!)

Bosch and Samsung are arguably the most innovative appliance makers. So, understandably, you’ve to consider the two when picking a dishwasher, bringing us to the Bosch vs Samsung dishwasher debate.   

Bosch dishwashers are quieter, more reliable, and better dryers, and they enjoy more options and built-in water softeners. On the other hand, Samsung dishwashers are slightly more energy efficient, durable, and affordable, and clean better.

But if you look closely, these two dishwasher brands have much in common. For instance, it’s hard to separate them based on appearance, remote access, storage flexibility, leak detection, and sometimes drying technology, given that they share some drying technologies.

And to help you understand my argument, I’ll share their resemblances before diving into their differences. Ultimately, you should know what you are getting when choosing either dishwasher brand.

Let’s jump in!

Bosch vs Samsung dishwasher

In a rush? Check out a summary of how these two dishwasher brands compare in the table below.

Bosch Vs Samsung Dishwasher Compared Side-By-Side

DifferenceBosch DishwashersSamsung Dishwashers
1Noise LevelQuieter (38-48 decibels)Slightly less quiet (38-55 decibels)
2.Energy EfficiencyEnergy qualified but not as energy efficient as SamsungHighly energy efficient (A+++ energy rating)
3.ReliabilityMost trusted dishwasher brand (according to Lifestory Research)Reliable but not as trusted as Bosch
4.DurabilityBudget options feature plastic interiors, thus less durableStainless steel interiors across all, hence more durable
5.Drying TechnologySuperior drying technology (better dryers)Decent drying technology
6.Washing TechnologyDecent washing technologySuperior washing technology (better washers)
7.Model SelectionOver 100 models (more options)Only 18 models (fewer options)
8.Water SoftenerPresentAbsent
9.PriceSlightly costly, especially high-end options (Some cost over $1000)Affordable (under $1000)

Similarities Between Bosch and Samsung Dishwasher

Bosch and Samsung dishwashers have many things in common, so it’s often hard to pick between them. Some of their fundamental resemblances concern the following:

a) Bosch vs Samsung Dishwasher Appearance

Bosch and Samsung employ contemporary designs to make their dishwashers modern and stylish. Moreover, the washers enjoy a sleeker look and come in stainless steel finishes.

Perhaps the only notable difference is that while Samsung employs stainless steel interiors across all its models, Bosch employs a mixture of plastic and stainless steel interiors on its low-end budget options.

b) Remote Access

Bosch and Samsung allow you to pair your dishwasher with your phone for remote access. Bosch’s Home Connect and Samsung’s SmartThings may be different mobile applications, but they offer almost the same.

You can use either application on your phone to access your dishwasher and other home appliances. Moreover, you can monitor its performance in real-time, so there’s no need to keep checking the dishwasher after every second.

c) Storage Flexibility

Samsung and Bosch share a few storage technologies on their dishwashers. One such technology is Third Rack, which allows you to load cutlery and other smaller utensils for easy cleaning. Their shelves are also adjustable to fit even the tallest containers and dishes.

d) Leak Detection

Both manufacturers employ Leak Detection technology to prevent water leakage. So, in case of water leakage, you can expect the dishwasher to stop running or alert you.

e)  Drying Technology

Though Bosch has an edge regarding the drying technology, both manufacturers employ Condensation Dry, which doesn’t burn the dishwasher walls. Even better, it’s effective in quickly drying the dishes.

Bosch’s Auto Air-Dry technology employs the exact working mechanism as Samsung’s Auto Release to open the door and improve air circulation.

Are Bosch dishwashers good

Differences Between Bosch and Samsung Dishwashers

Now that the resemblances between the two dishwasher brands are clear, let’s talk about their separations. Here are the factors that differentiate Bosch and Samsung dishwashers:

1. Noise Level

Ideally, a decent dishwasher shouldn’t produce a noise level above 50 decibels, which is about the same level as people conversing in a room.

With that in mind, Bosch dishwashers average 38-48 decibels, which means they are quieter than room conversations. You could also argue the same for Samsung dishwashers, only that some may be slightly louder (those above 50 decibels).

But overall, these two dishwashers are among the quietest on the market.

Verdict – Given its lower decibel value, Bosch has quieter dishwashers

2. Energy Efficiency

Let’s clarify: Bosch and Samsung make some of the most energy-efficient dishwashers. So, they are all energy-efficient.

The difference is that while all Bosch dishwashers are Energy Star-Qualified, another way of saying they are energy-efficient, Samsung dishwashers enjoy a better rating (A+++).

So, when pitting almost similar models, Samsung dishwashers will save you slightly more energy than Bosch dishwashers.

Verdict – Given its A+++ energy efficiency rating, Samsung has more energy-efficient dishwashers.

3. Bosch Vs Samsung Dishwashers Reliability

You can identify a reliable dishwasher brand from what customers are saying. The more the customer satisfaction rate, the more reliable the dishwasher is.

According to Lifestory Research, a trusted research firm collecting customer opinions on appliance usage in the U.S., Bosch remains America’s most trusted dishwasher brand. I’ve used the word ‘remain’ because Bosch has held the top position since 2019.

The report shows that most users trust Bosch in the U.S., the only brand with a 5-star rating. Samsung only ranks 8th with a 2-star to show that a few people trust it. Coming 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th are KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, and GE, respectively, all enjoying a 3-star rating.

Verdict – Owing to its highest customer satisfaction (trusted by many customers), Bosch dishwashers are more reliable than Samsung dishwashers.

4. Durability

Bosch and Samsung make quality dishwashers. Their exteriors, for example, have a stainless steel finish to withstand rust effects. Samsung is also known to employ stainless steel interiorly across all its dishwashers.

Regarding Bosch, however, the manufacturer only employs stainless steel in mid-range and high-end series. The most basic series (which includes Bosch 100 & Bosch Ascenta) features a mixture of plastic and stainless steel on its interior), thus slightly compromised in terms of durability.

Verdict – Samsung guarantees durability across all dishwashers and thus wins the durability contest.

5. Drying Technology

As mentioned, Bosch and Samsung employ Condensation Dry technology, which allows them to dry dishes using condensation; this technology doesn’t burn any plastic component.

But if we look closely, Bosch has been using this technology for years, so theirs is more advanced. Moreover, while Samsung’s Auto Release is just as effective as Bosch’s Auto Air-Dry, it’s only limited to high-end Samsung dishwashers.

Verdict – Bosch has superior drying technology across all series.

Are Samsung dishwasher good

6. Washing Technology

Samsung is known for its Water-Wall and Storm-Wash dishwashing technologies. Water Wall technology lets the dishwasher spray water linearly to guarantee corner coverage.

On the other hand, Storm Wash uses powerful rotating spray arms that promise angle coverage. And in addition to the two, Samsung employs Zone Booster technology which offers extra water streams for cleaning hard-to-wash utensils.

Meanwhile, Bosch is reputable for its Precision Wash technology, which employs sensor technology to auto-adjust the wash cycle depending on how soiled the dishes are. It’s pretty effective but generally gives the impression of a smart dishwasher, which can confuse first-time users.

Verdict – Though both dishwashers have impressive washing technologies, Samsung has more options, which are slightly more effective.

7. Bosch Dishwasher Vs Samsung Dishwasher Model Selection

Bosch has been there for more than 100 years. So, they have assembled many dishwashers over the years. So far, they have more than 100 models.

Samsung, in opposite, only joined the dishwasher market recently, and so they only have a few selections, 18 models to be precise.

Verdict – Bosch offers more dishwasher models

8. Built-in Water Softener

This is another area where Bosch dishwashers score a win over their Samsung counterparts. Bosch dishwashers usually have built-in water softeners, making it easy to use hard water to wash the dishes.

Sadly for Samsung, its dishwashers don’t have water softeners and so you may have a problem washing the dishes with hard water.

You’ll overuse the detergent, and the dishes may still have calcium deposits or water stains. That’s unless you pre-treat the water first.

Verdict – Bosch wins as its dishwashers have built-in water softeners

9. Price

Bosch and Samsung are traditionally branded high-end appliance brands. That, however, doesn’t mean they are unaffordable.

Though most Bosch dishwashers are costlier than most brands, a few options are under $500, as it’s the case of entry series like the Bosch 100 & Bosch Ascenta. However, the most high-end Bosch dishwashers cost $900 – $2,500.

As for Samsung, all their dishwashers cost under $999, making them more affordable.

Verdict – Samsung dishwashers are more affordable

Are Bosch Dishwashers Good?

Bosch has been America’s most trusted dishwasher brand from 2019 to 2022, which affirms that the brand is perfect. Its dishwashers are reliable, energy-efficient, silent, and user-friendly.

Bosch dishwashers’ drying and cleaning technologies are almost unrivaled, and they enjoy Leak Detection, among other impressive technologies. Moreover, they are stylish and available for all budgets.

But like other dishwashers, Bosch dishwashers may suffer a few issues, such as failing to start, stopping mid-cycle, and poor drainage during usage. These issues are mostly, however, fixable with a troubleshooting manual.

Bosch vs Samsung dishwashers

Are Samsung Dishwashers Good?

Samsung dishwashers like Bosch dishwashers have several outstanding qualities which make them good. These dishwashers, for instance, are energy efficient, durable, user-friendly, and reliable (though not as much as Bosch).

They are also better cleaners, owing to their superior Wall Wash and Linear wash technologies. And the best part is that the dishwashers are affordable. You’ll get them under $1000.

However, like Bosch dishwashers, they can break down, which may mean troubleshooting them DIY or calling an expert.

Which Is Better Samsung or Bosch Dishwasher? Closing Thought:

We’ve seen how to separate a Bosch vs Samsung dishwasher based on noise level, energy efficiency, reliability, durability, drying and washing technology, model selection, water softener innovation, and price.

With that in mind, Bosch wins the noise level, reliability, drying technology, and model selection battle, while Samsung wins the energy efficiency, durability, washing technology, and price contest.

So, if you want a quieter or more reliable dishwasher with better drying technology and a built-in water softener, go for Bosch. However, if you want a more energy-efficient, more durable dishwasher and one with better washing technology and is more affordable, go for Samsung.

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