4 Common Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Problems (Fixed!)

Though Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators are among the most reliable and best-performing refrigerators on the market, they aren’t flawless. They are bound to fail at some point, and we’ll discuss the commonest Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator problems to help you know what to do when your unit fails.

Four typical Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator problems include ice maker, cooling, freezer, and display problems. So, we’ll be looking at cases where the ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, or display won’t work or malfunctions in some other way.

With this guide, you’ll be able to identify why your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator won’t work as expected and how to fix it. In the long run, that saves you money and time if you can do it yourself.

Let’s jump into it!

Frigidaire gallery refrigerator problems

In a hurry? Consider the four issues affecting Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators in the table below (and their fixes):

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for Common Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Problems

ProblemIndividual IssuesQuick Fix
1.Ice Maker ProblemsIce maker won’t workTurn on the ice maker if it’s on, check the freezer setting (should be 0-50F) and water supply, level the refrigerator, and replace a defective filter, water inlet valve, dispenser control board, ice maker assembly, or main control board.
Ice maker leaksLevel the unit, adjust the supplying water pressure to 20psi, unclog a clogged ice maker or condensation drain, and replace a clogged water filter or defective water inlet valve.
Ice maker won’t defrostShut the door if it has been open for 4 hours, reset the unit, and replace a defective defrost timer, sensor, heater, or control board.
2.Cooling ProblemsThe refrigerator won’t coolEnsure the unit has power, set the refrigerator temperature at 34-400F, clean obstructed condenser coils and air vents, and replace a damaged door seal or defective condenser, fan, and compressor.
Refrigerator freezes foodSet the refrigerator temperature are 34-400F and replace a faulty thermostat, temperature sensor, or damper control assembly.
3.Freezer ProblemsThe freezer won’t freezeSet the freezer at 0-50F, don’t overload the freezer, clean dirty condenser coils, force the freezer to defrost, and replace a damaged door seal or fan motor.
Frost buildupUnblock the condensation drain.
4.Display ProblemsDark displayCheck the power supply
Dim displayEnsure the power cord is well plugged in and replace it if damaged.

Common Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Problems Discussed

Below are four common Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator issues to fix:

1. Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker Troubleshooting Problems

Here are the most familiar Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker problems:

a) Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker Not Working

You expect your Frigidaire refrigerator ice maker to make 2-3 pounds of quality ice daily and the ice cabin to hold up to 4 pounds. That, however, may fail due to these issues:

  • The ice maker could be off – Ensure it is turned on, as it won’t run if it’s off.
  • Wrong freezer setting – The freezer temperature should be 0-50F for the ice maker to make ice. Thus, check if that’s the case.
  • Failed water supply – The ice maker needs adequate water to make ice. So, it won’t make any if the water supply is off, the water line is kinked or frozen, or the water pressure is inadequate (below 20 psi)
  • Unlevelled ice maker – If the refrigerator is unstable, it will be shaky, too, making it hard to make ice.
  • Defective component –  If the filter is wrongly fitted or clogged or the water inlet valve, dispenser control board, ice maker assembly, or main control board is defective, the ice maker won’t make any ice.


Turn on the ice maker if it’s off, and set the freezer temperature to 0-50F if that’s not the case. Ensure the water supply is turned on and unblock the supply line if it’s kinked or ice frozen.

While at it, adjust the water pressure to 20 psi. Use a water pressure gauge to check it.

Meanwhile, ensure the refrigerator is leveled, and if the filter is clogged or wrongly fitted, or the water inlet valve, dispenser control board, ice maker assembly, or main control board is defective, replace it.

Frigidaire gallery ice maker troubleshooting

b)  Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker Leaking

Your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker won’t leak unless there’s an issue. In most cases, it’s a result of the following:

  • Unleveled ice maker – If the ice maker is out of level, primarily due to an unleveled refrigerator, it’ll leak.
  • Inadequate water pressure – The ice maker may also leak if the refrigerator’s supplying water pressure is less than 20 psi.
  • Clogged ice maker or condensation drain – Over time, the ice maker will start leaking if it is blocked, and the same could happen if the condensation drain is clogged.
  • Clogged filter – Also, expect the ice maker to leak if the water filter is clogged, which is likely to happen after six months.
  • Defective water inlet valve – The valve won’t shut off properly if it’s faulty and requires a water pressure of 20psi.


Level the refrigerator to level the ice maker and adjust the water pressure to at least 20 psi. If the ice maker or the condensation drain is obstructed, clean it, and if the water filter is clogged or just older than six months, replace it. Replace the water inlet valve if it’s stuck or excessively blocked.

c) Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker Defrost Difficulty (Ice Maker Not Defrosting)

If your Frigidaire Gallery ice maker won’t defrost, it’s most likely due to leaving the door open for more than 4 hours. If that’s not it, it could be due to a defective component, such as the defrost timer, sensor, heater, or control board, where the unit won’t advance to the defrost cycle.


Close the refrigerator door if it’s open and possibly reset the ice maker. Here’s how to perform the Frigidaire Gallery ice maker reset:

Option 1 – Unplug the refrigerator for 10-30 minutes

Option 2 – Press the reset button if it’s available

Option 3 – Turn off the on/off power switch for 5-10 minutes before flipping it back on

If the reset doesn’t work, check the mentioned components and replace the defective ones.

Still Can’t Fix Your Ice Maker?

Consider putting your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker in diagnostic mode if you can’t find an obvious fault. That’ll help you to find hidden fault codes that will point you to the most likely error.

Press any of these keys concurrently for at least 10 seconds to enter the Frigidaire Gallery ice maker diagnostics:

  • Up arrow + Plus (+) buttons
  • Fresh Food + Freezer Up
  • Options + Power On/Off

2. Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Cooling Problems

Here are two of the most typical cooling problems likely to affect Frigidaire Gallery refrigerators:

a) Refrigerator Not Cooling

Is your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator compartment warm? Well, it shouldn’t, and if it is, it’s likely due to any of these reasons:

  • Power outage – Check if there’s power, as the refrigerator won’t cool if there’s an outage.
  • Wrong setting – The refrigerator requires a temperature of 34-400F to cool correctly. If the temperature is higher than that, the fridge will become warm.
  • Obstructed condenser coils or air vents – If the condenser coils or air vents are dirt-clogged, they won’t dissipate heat, leading to the refrigerator warming up.
  • Damaged door seal – If the appliance’s door gasket is damaged, it’ll leak out cold air and probably allow warm air in. If that’s so, the refrigerator won’t cool.
  • Defective condenser, fan, or compressor – You can expect the appliance not to cool if the condenser, fan, or compressor is faulty.
Frigidaire gallery ice maker not working


Ensure your refrigerator has power, and its setting should be 34-400F. Check the condenser coils for filthiness and clean them, and if the door seal is damaged, replace it. Also, replace a defective condenser, fan, or compressor.

b) Refrigerator Freezing Food

The refrigerator compartment shouldn’t freeze food. That’s the job of the freezer. It can, however, happen due to a lower temperature setting, which I mentioned should be 34-400F.

If the temperature is within the range, the issue is likely a faulty thermostat, temperature sensor, or damper control assembly.


Set the refrigerator temperature at 34-400F and replace a faulty thermostat, temperature sensor, or damper control assembly.

3. Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Freezer Problems

Two of the most everyday Frigidaire refrigerator freezer problems are as follows:

a) Freezer Not Freezing

If your Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Freezer won’t freeze, it’s most likely due to one of these issues:

  • Wrong freezer temperature (higher than 100F)
  • Freezer food overload
  • Filthy condenser coils
  • Unsuccessful defrost
  • Damaged door seal
  • Damaged fan motor


Consider setting the freezer at 0-50F, and avoid overstocking the freezer. Clean filthy condenser coils and try unplugging the refrigerator to defrost it forcefully. If the door seal or fan motor is defective, replace it.

b) Frost Buildup

If frost is building up in the freezer compartment, it’s likely to result from a congested condensation drain. In that case, inspect it and unclog it.

4. Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Display Problems

Lastly, here are the most likely Frigidaire Gallery display problems:

  • Dark display – Your refrigerator display will go dark because the refrigerator lacks power.
  • Dim display – A dim display means the unit isn’t getting enough power, possibly due to a loose or damaged power cord.


Ensure the refrigerator has power. That means firmly plugging in the power cord and replacing it if it’s faulty.

Frigidaire gallery ice maker leaking

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My Frigidaire Gallery Not Making Ice?

Your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator is not making ice because the ice maker is off, the freezer temperature is higher than 100F, the ice maker isn’t getting water, or the unit is out of balance.

If that’s not it, it could be due to a wrongly fitted or clogged water filter or a defective water inlet valve, dispenser control board, ice maker assembly, or main control board.

2. Why Does My Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Leak Water?

Your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator will leak water if it’s out of balance or due to a clogged water filter, blocked or leaky water line, or faulty water inlet valve. If that’s not it, it could be due to an obstructed defrost drain.

3. Why Is My Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Beeping?

A Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator beeps when trying to communicate something. It could be a power failure or outage, a wiring fault, an unlatched door, an abnormally high temperature, or a damaged door seal. It could also be an underload or overload, clogged air vents, or control board malfunction.

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Closing Thought:

Shared above are typical Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator problems you can troubleshoot DIY. So, the next time your Frigidaire refrigerator has an ice maker, cooling, freezing, or display issue, try the above troubleshooting before calling an expert. However, if it’s a different issue that you can’t fix, don’t hesitate to contact a pro.