Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide (8 Problems Solved!)

As reliable as Fujitsu air conditioners are, they occasionally fail. However, not all AC issues require an expert, at least not before trying the Fujitsu air conditioner troubleshooting yourself.

You can troubleshoot a Fujitsu AC that won’t turn on, blow cold air, heat, or work after a power outage. You can also troubleshoot an option not responding to the remote or one that blinks green, leaks, or won’t turn off. 

So, if any of those issues are troubling you and you don’t know what to do, this troubleshooting guide will help you. We’ll look at the 8 cases, their likely causes, and recommended fixes.

But as you’ll note, not all problems are fixable. Some require an expert HVAC technician’s help. But before you can rush to call the technician, you should be convinced that the issue is not DIY.

Let’s get into it!

Fujitsu air conditioner troubleshooting

In a rush? See below for quick fixes to the eight common Fujitsu air conditioner problems.

Quick Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Likely Cause Recommended Fix 
1.Fujitsu AC Won’t Turn OnPower problem (power outage or power failure to reach the AC), thermostat fault (wrong setting or damaged thermostat), faulty timer or clogged filter or drain lineCheck for a possible power outage, reset the breaker, and replace any broken wires or blown-up fuse. Set the thermostat on Cool Mode or replace it (thermostat) or timer if faulty. Check the filter or drain line if dirt-clogged
2.Fujitsu Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air  (Not Cooling)Wrong temperature setting, dirty condenser or filter, blocked outlet port or intake grille, closed windows or doors, too many people, nearby heat source,  faulty compressor, or a refrigerant leakSet the thermostat on Cool Mode, and clean the condenser, air filter, outlet port, and intake grille. Open the windows and doors, avoid overcrowding and move the heat source away from the AC. Call an HVAC expert to fix a faulty compressor or a refrigerant leak
3.Fujitsu AC Won’t HeatA dirty filter, blocked outlet port/intake grille, wrong thermostat setting, power failure, or a refrigerant leakUnclog a dirty filter, outlet port, or intake grille, set the thermostat on Heat Mode, reset the breaker and replace a blown-up fuse. Call an expert in case of a refrigerant leak.
4.AC Won’t Work After Power OutageTripped breakerReset the breaker and thermostat
5.AC Not Responding To the Remote Dead or improperly loaded batteries, long-range use, or barrier between the AC and remote controlReplace the remote control’s batteries. Load them properly and operate the remote control close by and away from a heavy barrier. If it doesn’t work, reset the AC remote.
6.AC Blinks Green LightAC requires maintenanceClean the air conditioner
7.Leaky ACBlocked condensate line or tube disconnectionUnblock the condensate line and reconnect disconnected tubes
8.Fujitsu AC Won’t Turn OffDirty condenser or evaporator or a faulty sensor Clean a dirty condenser or evaporator and call an expert to fix a faulty sensor

8 Common Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Problems (Quick Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Manuals)

Below are the eight most common Fujitsu AC problems for troubleshooting:

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1. Fujitsu Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Several issues can prevent a Fujitsu AC from turning on, ranging from power failure to a faulty thermostat and clogged drain line. Here are the top considerations when your Fujitsu AC won’t turn on:

  • Power outage – If there’s a power outage, the Ac won’t turn on. Sadly, you can do nothing about a power outage unless you have an alternative way to power the AC. So, you’ll have to wait for the power to be restored. 
  • Power failing to reach the AC – Sometimes, the problem might not be a power outage but a significant fault preventing the AC from getting power. That includes a tripped breaker (from power surge), broken wires (from rodent chewing), blown-up fuse (from AC overheating), or faulty or loose power cable.
  • A clogged filter or drain line – Sometimes, the ACV won’t start because of dirt or debris blockage. The clogging encourages icing above the coils, preventing the AC from turning on. 
  • Thermostat fault – Two issues could go wrong with the thermostat that can prevent the AC from turning on; wrong setting or a damaged thermostat. If the thermostat is not on Cool Mode, the AC might not start. 
  • Faulty timer – If the AC timer is defective, the AC won’t turn on. So, inspect it for faults or have an expert check it. 


Start by confirming that the issue is not a power outage. If it is, wait for the power restoration. If it’s not a power outage, perform the following checks:

  • Reset the circuit breaker (if tripped)
  • Replace the fuse (check the fuse box on the outside wall) if it’s blown. That’s if it won’t show continuity on a multitester/multimeter
  • Clean the air filter and drain line if they are clogged
  • Set the thermostat on Cool Mode but if it’s defective, call an expert technician
  • Also, call an expert to fix a faulty timer
Fujitsu air conditioner not turning on

2. Fujitsu Air Conditioner Not Cooling

You know your Fujitsu air conditioner is not working when it won’t cool. Overall, here are the reasons the AC won’t blow cold air:

  • Wrong thermostat setting – If your Fujitsu thermostat is on Heat Mode, it won’t cool. Instead, it’ll heat. Overall, the thermostat’s temperature should be at least 5 degrees lower than the room temperature.
  • Clogged condenser or filter – The condenser and filter could block by dirt, debris, dust, and hair. Once that happens, cold air finds it challenging to pass through them. So, your Fujitsu AC won’t blow cold air. 
  • Blocked outlet port or intake grille – If the outlet port or the intake grille is dirt-clogged, the cold air won’t flow freely. So, your Fujitsu AC won’t cool. 
  • Closed windows or doors – Closed windows and doors increase the room’s temperature and may prevent the AC from cooling correctly.
  • Too many people – If your room is too crowded with people, it may be hard for the air conditioner to cool the entire room. 
  • Nearby heat source – Heat sources like burners, running computers, and heaters increase indoor air temperature. That may interfere with the air conditioner’s cooling. 
  • Faulty compressor – The compressor is another component that helps with cooling. It compresses the coolant/refrigerant, enabling it to absorb heat. So, once it fails, the AC won’t cool. 
  • Refrigerant leak – The refrigerant or coolant absorbs the room’s extra heat, enabling the AC to cool your space. That, however, won’t happen if the refrigerant leaks. 
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Start by setting the thermostat on Cool Mode and ensuring its temperature is not greater than the room temperature. Clean the condenser, filter, outlet port, and intake grille if dirt-clogged, and open the windows and doors. 

Furthermore, avoid overcrowding in a room and move the AC away from the heat source. If you suspect a failed compressor or refrigerant leakage, call an expert.

3. Fujitsu Air Conditioner Not Heating

Most people don’t know it, but an AC doesn’t just cool your space but can also warm it. Some issues, however, may prevent it from blowing hot air, and they include:

  • Dirty filter – A dirty filter doesn’t just deter the AC from blowing cold air but hot air too. So, it could be the reason your Fujitsu AC won’t heat. 
  • Blocked outlet part/intake grille – A blocked outlet port or intake grille will prevent your AC from cooling and heating.
  • Wrong thermostat setting – While the Heat Mode prevents cooling, the Cool Mode prevents heating. So, your Fujitsu AC won’t blow hot air if it’s on ‘Cool Mode.’
  • Power failure – If something prevents the AC from getting power, such as a tripped breaker or faulty/blown fuse, the AC won’t heat.
  • Refrigerant leak – A low refrigerant level won’t be enough to absorb the warm air. So, your air conditioner won’t heat. 


Check the air filter outlet port and intake grille for dirt clogging and clean/replace it. Then set the thermostat to ‘Heat Mode’ to enable the AC to heat.

Reset the power breaker if it trips and replace the fuse if it’s faulty. And if the issue is a refrigerant leak, call an HVAC expert to fix it. 

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4. Fujitsu Air Conditioner Not Working After Power Outage

During a power outage, the power breaker will likely trip off the protect your air con. Once that happens, the air conditioner won’t work after the power restoration – not until you reset the breaker.


Turn off the power breaker if that’s not the case. Also, turn the thermostat off for about 30 minutes to reset it. Then turn everything on (breaker and thermostat) to complete the reset.

Fujitsu air conditioner troubleshooting manuals

5. Fujitsu Air Conditioner Not Responding To Remote Control

If your Fujitsu AC doesn’t respond to the remote control, it could be because of:

  • Dead batteries – If the batteries are exhausted, they won’t power the AC. So, you should check them. 
  • Improperly loaded batteries – The batteries should be appropriately loaded according to their polarity, lest the Ac won’t respond to the remote. 
  • Long range – If you are using the remote more than 20 feet away, the AC won’t respond. 
  • Dense barrier – If there’s a thick barrier between the AC and remote control, more so a wall, the remote control won’t work. 


Change the batteries and load them properly and try operating the remote. Ensure you move closer to the air-con and avoid walls and other heavy barriers.

If the remote control still doesn’t work, reset it by pressing the ‘Reset’ button using a ballpoint pen. That’s also how to reset Fujitsu air conditioner.

6. Fujitsu Air Conditioner Blinking Green Light

Usually, the Fujitsu AC’s ‘Air Clean’ light comes on and blinks green to indicate that the AC requires urgent maintenance. In that case, you should clean the AC, especially its intake grille. The green light flashes for about 3-7 seconds to show how urgent the cleaning should be. 


Clean the air intake grille to get rid of the dust.

7. Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

Lastly, your Fujitsu air con won’t turn off due to any of these reasons:

  • Dirty condenser – A dirt-clogged condenser interferes with the AC’s proper airflow and, therefore, cause it to run nonstop. So, it may not stop until you unplug it or the thermostat battery runs out.
  • Dirty evaporator – A dirt-clogged condenser also interferes with the Ac’s airflow, thus enabling it to run nonstop.
  • Faulty sensor – A defective sensor will send the wrong information when you try to turn off the AC. So, it’s likely not to go off.


Clean the condenser and evaporator to get rid of dust. Talk to an expert in case of a faulty sensor.

8. Leaky Air Conditioner 

Is your Fujitsu air conditioner not working but leaking water instead? That shows a fault, and the reason could be a:

  • Blocked condensate line – If the condensate line is dirt-congested, water may start leaking.
  • Tube disconnection – Water may also leak if the condensate line is disconnected.


Check the condensate line for blockage or disconnection and fix it. Depending on the problem, you’ll need to unclog or reconnect the tube.

Closing Thought:

Now you have the essential Fujitsu air conditioner troubleshooting guide. Consider the tips in addition to your Fujitsu manual in addressing the various issues that may arise. Do that before you can call a service technician or the nearest Fujitsu dealer to make a complaint.

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