Maytag Dryer Making Squealing Noise? Here’s How to Stop It!

Did you know that a startling 54% of Maytag dryer owners have reported their dryers making an unexpected and bothersome squealing noise during operation? If you’re one of them, experts are at hand to help.

If you’ve ever been driven up the wall by the high-pitched sound emanating from your Maytag dryer, experts and satisfied customers have questions and posts. From faulty bearings to worn-out belts, there are various culprits such as dryer drum causing this annoyance. Stick around as we uncover the root causes of questions and equip you with actionable tips to bid farewell to that unwelcome racket of the dryer drum once and for all.

A Maytag Bravos XL dryer can squeal for simple reasons like loose foreign objects or screws, unlevelled legs, laundry overload, or lint buildup. It could also be due to an ungreased or worn-out motor, drum bearing, support roller, drum glide, idler pulley, felt seal, door hinge, or drive belt.

Overall, the secret is to do a quick check where you consider the simple issues I mentioned (foreign objects, unlevelled legs, loose screws, overload, and lint buildup).

Once you establish that the reason is none of the five, you should determine if the squealing originates from the bottom, top, front, or rear side of the dryer. I’ll discuss all the 13 reasons and their suggested fixes to aid you in doing it.    

Let’s get into it! 

Maytag bravos xl dryer squealing

In a rush? See below a quick troubleshooting guide for a squealing Maytag Bravos XL dryer!

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Squealing Problems

Probable CauseRecommended Fix
1.Loose Foreign Objects Inspect the drum for loose objects and take them out
2.Loose Screws Identify any loose screws and tighten them properly
3.Unlevelled Legs Tighten the dryers feet if they appear loose and level them properly using a wrench
4.Laundry Overload Reduce the wet laundry load to about ¾ full
5.Lint Buildup Take out the back panel to inspect the dryer for lint clogging. Clean it if that’s the case
6.Worn-Out Motor Consider replacing the dryer’s motor if the screeching is from the bottom and the motor looks worn out
7.Ungreased Or Worn-Out Drum Bearings Lubricate the drum bearings if they are dry and rough but replace them if they appear worn out
8.Unlubricated Or Worn-Out Support Rollers Grease up the drum bearings if they look dry and rough but change them if they appear worn out
9.Worn-Out Drum GliderReplace the drum glides if they look worn out
10Worn-Out Idler PulleyReplace the idler pulley (with a technician’s help) if it looks worn out
11.Damaged Felt Seal Inspect the felt seal for damage or wear and replace it if it looks damaged
12.Ungreased Or Worn Door Hinge Or Latch Lubricate the door hinge or latch if it looks dry and rough, or replace it if it’s too old
13.Faulty Drive BeltReplace the drive belt if it won’t turn the drum when the motor runs and shows signs of fault or wear

How Do You Fix a Squeaky Maytag Bravos XL Dryer?

Generally, the process of troubleshooting the Maytag Bravos XL dryer squeaky sound starts with these simple five checks:

1. Foreign Objects in The Drum

There is a chance the squeaking sound is because of foreign objects such as keys, broken buttons, coins, and pins. These objects could be loose and knocking around the dryer drum. So, this is the first thing to check.


Check the dryer drum for any loose foreign objects and remove them. You’ll need to power the dryer off to inspect it.

2. Loose Screws 

Quickly scan your eyes around the dryer to identify any loose screws. They could be the reason your Maytag dryer is squeaking when spinning. Sometimes the dryer may make a vibrating sound. 


Inspect the dryer for any loose screws, especially on the inside, and tighten them if that’s the case. 

3. Unlevelled or Loose Legs 

More often than not, the reason why the Maytag dryer produces a squeak around its bottom part is either loose or unleveled feet. If the dryer’s legs are not tight enough or just not well leveled, the dryer may squeak when running.


Inspect the dryer’s legs and tighten them if they are loose. Also, check the feet and adjust them using a wrench if they aren’t at the correct level. 

4. Laundry Overload

It may come as a surprise, but putting too many clothes in the dryer could cause a squeaking sound. At times, the extra wet laundry could be why your Maytag Bravos XL dryer won’t heat.

So, quickly check the drum to see if the clothes are in excess. That’s often the case if the drum is more than ¾ full.


Reduce the number of wet clothes in the drum if the drum is more than ¾ full. That improves the spinning too and reduces the number of wet clothes.

5. Lint Buildup

After some time, lint may build up on the pulley, drive belt, or blower wheel. Once that happens, the dryer may produce a squealing noise when running.

So, you may need to quickly take out the dryer’s back panel to inspect its interior components for lint accumulation. 


Consider cleaning the dryer’s interior, especially the idler pulley, drive belt, and blower wheel, if they are lint-clogged. 

How do you fix a squeaky Maytag Bravos XL dryer

Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Squealing Sound Coming from The Dryer’s Back

If the squeaking sound originates from the rear part of the dryer, consider these issues:

1. Unlubricated or Worn Out Drum Bearings

The drum bearings sit at the back wall of your dryer and offer support to the rear drum when the dryer runs. But due to their constant exposure to friction, the bearings wear down over time and may produce a squeaky sound.

At times, however, the bearings squeal not because of wearing out but due to excessive friction (lack of lubrication).


Inspect the drum bearings and lubricate them if they appear too dry. But if they are worn out, replace them. You can call an expert technician for help. 

2. Unlubricated or Worn-out Support Rollers (Or Rollers Shafts)

The support rollers or rollers shafts have the same effect as the drum bearings if they are unlubricated or worn out. That is, they’ll squeak. You can find these little pins on the back wall of your Maytag dryer.


Locate the support rollers at the back wall of your dryer’s inner part and grease them if they look dry. However, replace them if they look old.

3. Worn-Out Drum Glides

The drum glides job is to build a smooth barrier/wall between the dryer door and the drum’s front part. That enables the dryer to run smoothly. But once the glides start to wear out, the dryer will begin to squeak.


Locate the drum glides at the back of the dryer (use your manual), inspect them for wear and replace them if that’s the case.

Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Squealing from The Front

Now, consider these issues if the squeaking sound of your dryer is coming from the front part:

1. Worn Out Idler Pulley

In most cases, a squeaking sound coming from the dryer’s front part indicates a worn-out tensioner or idler pulley. This component gives the dryer belt the correct tension to protect it from sliding off when the dryer is running.

So, if it’s old, the drum belt will slip off and produce a squeaky sound. 


Use your dryer’s manual to access and inspect the idler pulley. If it looks worn out, replace it with the help of an expert technician. 

2. Damaged Felt Seal

Another suspect regarding a squeaky sound from the front dryer part is the felt seal. This seal wears out or cracks over time, allowing some noise to escape the dryer.

Thus, you may hear the squeaking sound because of a damaged felt seal.


Inspect the felt seal for wear and cracks and replace it if that’s the case. So, you’ll need to open the dryer door fully to check the felt seal. 

3. Unlubricated or Worn Out Door Hinge/Latch

The squeaky noise could also originate from the dryer’s front part because of an unlubricated or worn-out door hinge or latch. So, after checking the felt seal, the next thing to check is the door hinge or latch. 


Start by greasing the door hinge to see if the squeaking stops. If it doesn’t, check for wear. If the hinge or latch appears worn out, replace it. 

why is my Maytag bravos dryer squeaking

Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Squeaking from The Bottom – Worn Out Motor

If the noise comes from the dryer’s base, it’s usually advisable to check the dryer level. If the dryer is not unbalanced, but the squeaking won’t stop, then the likeliest cause is a worn-out motor.

Your bravos XL dryer is squeaking because the motor has worn out and cannot spin smoothly. 


Inspect the motor from wearing; if that’s the case, you need to replace it. If you can’t do it, talk to an expert dryer technician. 

Maytag Bravos Xl Dryer Screeching Noise from The Top – Faulty Drive Belt

If the screeching comes from the top of the dryer, especially the back part, it’s highly likely because of a worn-out drive belt. So, consider inspecting it. You can find it outside the drum center.

If the belt is faulty, the drum won’t turn. Instead, the motor will run but produce a screeching or squeaking sound. 


Inspect the dryer belt for damage, cracks, wear, and other faults. If it looks faulty and the motor turns just fine, replace it. 

Understanding Dryer Noises

Common Sounds

Dryers can produce various noises during operation. A grinding noise when the dryer is running may indicate a problem with the drum glides or rollers. On the other hand, a high-pitched squeaking sound could be due to worn out or damaged parts such as the idler pulley, belt, or drum support rollers. If you hear loud banging or thumping noises, it might be caused by objects getting caught in the dryer’s baffles.

Squealing Specifics

It’s essential to understand its specific characteristics. Unlike other common sounds like grinding and banging, a squealing noise typically indicates an issue with moving parts that require lubrication or replacement. It’s crucial to differentiate between this high-pitched sound and others to accurately identify and address the problem.

Identifying the source of the squealing sound in your Maytag dryer involves examining components such as the idler pulley, drum support rollers, and drive belt for signs of wear or damage. For instance, worn-out bearings in these parts can cause friction leading to a noticeable squeal during operation.

Noise Identification

Recognizing different types of noises produced by a malfunctioning dryer is crucial for maintenance purposes. While some sounds are normal operational noises like gentle humming from motors and fans, others can indicate underlying issues within your appliance.

Determining whether the noise is normal or indicates a problem requires careful observation while operating your Maytag dryer. If you notice any irregularities such as excessive vibration accompanied by unusual sounds like screeching or rattling that persist over time, it’s likely there’s an issue that needs attention.

Using auditory cues to identify specific issues with your Maytag dryer involves paying close attention to changes in typical operational sounds over time. Any new persistent noises should prompt further investigation into potential problems before they escalate into more significant malfunctions.

Causes of Squealing in Maytag Dryers

Worn Components

When your Maytag dryer starts making a squealing noise, worn components could be the culprit. Over time, parts like the drum rollers and idler pulley can wear out due to regular use. As these components deteriorate, they may produce friction against other parts or the dryer’s cabinet, resulting in the annoying squealing sound. To restore your dryer’s functionality and eliminate the noise, it’s essential to replace these worn-out parts promptly.

Replacing worn components is crucial for ensuring that your Maytag dryer operates smoothly and quietly. By addressing this issue early on, you can prevent further damage to other vital elements of the appliance while also improving its overall performance.

Loose Parts

Another common cause of squealing noises in Maytag dryers is loose parts within the machine. When various elements become loose over time, they can create vibrations during operation, leading to unusual sounds and potentially causing further damage if left unattended.

Securing any loose parts effectively prevents excessive noise and minimizes hazards associated with malfunctioning machinery. By identifying and tightening or replacing these loose components as needed, you can maintain a quieter and safer drying experience with your Maytag appliance.

Drum Issues

Drum-related problems are often responsible for generating squealing noises in Maytag dryers. Misaligned drums or damaged drum assemblies can lead to friction that produces unpleasant sounds during operation. Obstructions within the drum area may also contribute to this issue.

Inspecting the drum assembly for misalignment, damage, or obstructions is crucial for resolving potential sources of noise in your dryer unit. Addressing these issues promptly ensures that your Maytag dryer operates quietly without any disruptive squeals.


Common obstructions such as lint buildup or foreign objects can significantly impact a Maytag dryer’s performance by causing abnormal noises during operation. These obstructions interfere with moving parts within the appliance and generate unwanted sounds as a result.

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your dryer helps prevent future obstructions from occurring while also minimizing disruptive noises caused by debris buildup or foreign objects within the machine.

Preparing for Troubleshooting

Safety First

When dealing with a noisy Maytag dryer, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Before attempting any repairs or inspections, always ensure that the appliance is unplugged to avoid electric shock. Consider wearing protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles to prevent injuries. If you’re unsure about handling potentially dangerous situations, it’s best to consult professional help. Remember, your safety should be the top priority when troubleshooting any appliance.

It’s also important to be cautious around moving parts of the dryer, especially if you suspect mechanical issues are causing the squealing noise. Avoid placing your hands near rotating components and wait for the machine to come to a complete stop before inspecting or working on it. By taking necessary precautions and being mindful of potential hazards, you can minimize risks while diagnosing and addressing the problem.

Tools Needed

To effectively diagnose and fix a squealing Maytag dryer, having the right tools at hand is essential. Some of the essential tools required for this task include a screwdriver set (both flathead and Phillips), an adjustable wrench, pliers, flashlight or work light for better visibility inside the dryer cabinet, and possibly a putty knife for prying open panels if needed.

Having these tools readily available ensures that you can perform routine maintenance tasks as well as handle unexpected repairs promptly without delays due to missing equipment. A comprehensive toolkit will enable you to access various components within the dryer easily so that you can identify any worn-out parts contributing to the squealing noise.

In addition to basic hand tools, consider investing in specific items like belt tension gauge or lubricant spray suitable for dryers if your diagnosis leads you towards those areas as possible sources of noise.

Investigating the Squeal

Internal Inspection

When your Maytag dryer starts making a squealing noise, it’s essential to conduct an internal inspection. Look for loose or damaged components within the dryer’s interior. Visually examine internal parts to identify potential causes of squealing noises. Check if any foreign objects are trapped in the drum or if there is excessive lint buildup.

Inspecting the internal components can help you pinpoint the source of the squeal and determine whether it’s related to worn-out parts, lack of lubrication, or misalignment. By examining these elements thoroughly, you can better understand what might be causing the unwanted noise.

Belt Assessment

The condition of your dryer belt plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation without any irritating sounds. Assess its state by checking for signs of wear, fraying, or misalignment. A worn-out or damaged belt can lead to unpleasant squealing noises during operation.

If you notice any issues with the belt, replacing it will likely eliminate those bothersome sounds and restore normal functioning to your Maytag dryer.

Roller Evaluation

Drum support rollers are another component that may contribute to squealing noises in your Maytag dryer. Evaluate their condition by inspecting for signs of wear, damage, or lack of lubrication. Over time, debris and dust accumulation can affect roller performance.

Cleaning and lubricating these rollers could resolve minor noise issues; however, if they are faulty beyond repair due to extensive wear or damage, replacing them may be necessary to eliminate the unwanted sound completely.

Pulley Examination

The idler pulley system maintains tension on the dryer belt and ensures smooth rotation during operation. When conducting an investigation into a squealing Maytag dryer issue, examine this assembly carefully for worn bearings, misalignment problems with pulleys as well as other potential issues affecting its proper functioning.

Addressing Drum and Motor Problems

Drum Support

Dryers can make squealing noises due to issues with the drum support components. These parts, such as glides, pads, or seals, are crucial for providing support and reducing friction within the drum assembly. When these components wear out or become damaged, they can lead to annoying squealing sounds during operation. To address this issue, it’s essential to inspect these parts regularly for signs of wear and tear. If any damage is found, replacing the worn-out or damaged drum support parts is necessary to prevent further noise problems.

Regularly checking the condition of the drum support components is vital in preventing potential noise-related issues in your Maytag dryer. For instance, if you notice that the glides are worn down or if there are visible signs of damage on the seals, taking proactive steps to replace these parts can help maintain a quieter drying experience. By addressing these concerns promptly and ensuring that all drum support components are in good condition, you can effectively reduce squealing noises emanating from your dryer.

Motor Maintenance

In addition to examining the drum support elements, it’s equally important to focus on motor maintenance when dealing with a noisy Maytag dryer. Regular maintenance of the motor ensures optimal performance while minimizing excessive noise during operation. One critical aspect of motor maintenance involves lubricating its bearings according to manufacturer guidelines. Proper lubrication helps reduce friction within the motor assembly and minimizes unpleasant noises that may arise due to inadequate lubrication.

Promptly addressing any motor-related issues also plays a significant role in preventing excessive noise and potential breakdowns in your Maytag dryer. If you notice unusual sounds coming from the motor area or observe any performance irregularities, it’s crucial to investigate and resolve these issues promptly before they escalate into more severe problems.

Fixing Loose Components

Panel Screws

If your Maytag dryer is making a squealing noise, one possible culprit could be loose or missing panel screws. These can lead to rattling or vibrating noises that disrupt the normal operation of your appliance. By checking and tightening all the panel screws, you can secure the dryer’s exterior and minimize these unwanted sounds. It’s essential to inspect each screw carefully and replace any damaged or stripped ones as necessary.

Loose or missing panel screws are like loose ends in a story – they contribute to an unsettling narrative of unwanted noises emanating from your dryer. Just like securing loose pages in a book helps maintain its coherence, ensuring that all panel screws are tight ensures smooth and quiet operation of your Maytag dryer.

Exhaust Ducts

Another potential source of the squealing noise in your Maytag dryer could be related to issues with the exhaust duct system. Blockages, kinks, or damage within this system can cause disruptive noises during operation. Therefore, it’s crucial to examine the entire exhaust duct for any obstructions or signs of damage that may be contributing to the problem.

Much like how clearing out clutter from a hallway allows people to move through it freely without bumping into obstacles, cleaning out lint buildup from the exhaust duct ensures proper airflow and eliminates potential sources of noise. Repairing or replacing damaged sections of the exhaust duct will help ensure that air flows smoothly through the system without causing any disruptive sounds.

Silencing a Noisy Maytag Dryer

Proper lubrication is crucial in reducing friction and silencing a noisy Maytag dryer. Understanding the importance of this maintenance task can help you identify specific areas in your appliance that require lubrication. The most common areas include the drum rollers, idler pulleys, and motor shaft.

It’s essential to use appropriate lubricants such as white lithium grease or silicone-based lubricants. Applying these lubricants using the right techniques will ensure smooth operation and silence any squealing noises emanating from your dryer.

One effective technique for lubricating the drum rollers involves removing the front or rear panel of the dryer to access them. Once exposed, apply a small amount of lubricant on each roller’s shaft to reduce friction and eliminate squealing sounds during operation. Similarly, for idler pulleys and motor shafts, applying a thin layer of appropriate lubricant will help maintain smooth movement without generating unwanted noise.

When to Seek Professional Help

Persistent Noises

If your Maytag dryer continues to emit squealing noises even after attempting basic troubleshooting, it could indicate more intricate issues. These persistent sounds might stem from underlying problems such as motor issues or electrical malfunctions. In such cases, seeking the expertise of a professional is advisable to accurately diagnose and resolve the problem. If you find yourself unable to rectify the noise independently, it’s time to consider reaching out for professional assistance.

Addressing these complex concerns requires specialized knowledge and experience that professionals possess. Attempting DIY repairs without adequate understanding can exacerbate the issue or pose safety risks. By enlisting the help of a professional, you ensure that all potential causes are thoroughly investigated, leading to an effective resolution for the noisy dryer.

Complex Repairs

In situations where intricate repairs are necessary to address a noisy Maytag dryer, relying on professional expertise becomes crucial. Complex issues like internal mechanical faults or extensive electrical complications demand specialized skills and tools that may not be readily available for DIY repair attempts.

It’s important to recognize scenarios where attempting DIY fixes may not be feasible or advisable due to their complexity. Entrusting these challenging repairs into the hands of experienced technicians ensures that your appliance receives proper care and precise solutions tailored specifically for its unique issue.

Seeking professional help guarantees access to comprehensive diagnostics and targeted solutions designed specifically for addressing sophisticated problems with your Maytag dryer.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Future Noises

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent Maytag dryer from making squealing noises. To keep your dryer in top condition, make sure to clean the lint trap after every use. A clogged lint trap can cause the dryer to work harder and produce unusual sounds. It’s crucial to clean the vent pipe and exhaust vent at least once a year. The accumulation of lint and debris in these areas can lead to airflow restrictions, resulting in loud noises during operation.

Moreover, don’t overlook the significance of cleaning inside the drum and around the door seal. Over time, fabric softener residue and lint can build up on these surfaces, causing friction that may lead to squeaking or squealing sounds when the dryer is running. By incorporating regular cleaning into your maintenance routine, you can significantly reduce the risk of encountering noise issues with your Maytag dryer.

Inspection Schedule

Establishing a systematic inspection schedule is key for proactively addressing potential noise problems in a Maytag dryer. It’s advisable to inspect various components such as rollers, pulleys, belts, and bearings every six months for signs of wear or damage. Look out for any fraying or cracks on the belt as well as any visible wear on rollers and pulleys.

In addition to component inspections, consider conducting thorough checks on other parts such as seals and glides that contribute to smooth operation. By adhering to a structured inspection schedule at regular intervals throughout the year, you can identify minor issues before they escalate into major sources of noise in your Maytag dryer.

Final Remarks

You’ve now got the tools to tackle that pesky squealing noise in your Maytag dryer. By understanding the causes, preparing for troubleshooting, and addressing the issues step by step, you’re well-equipped to silence the racket. Remember, regular maintenance is key to preventing future disturbances. Keep those components tight and the drum spinning smoothly to enjoy a quieter laundry day.

Now, roll up your sleeves and show that squeal who’s boss! Don’t let a little noise throw off your laundry game. With these tips in your back pocket, you’ll be enjoying peaceful drying cycles in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Maytag dryer making a squealing noise?

Your Maytag dryer may be making a squealing noise due to various reasons such as worn-out drum support rollers, damaged idler pulleys, or a malfunctioning drive motor. It’s essential to investigate and address the specific cause of the noise for effective troubleshooting.

How can I troubleshoot the squealing in my Maytag dryer appliances?

Start by checking for loose components, inspecting the drum and motor, and ensuring proper maintenance. Look out for any signs of wear or damage that could be causing the squealing noise. Performing these troubleshooting steps can help identify and resolve the issue.

Should I attempt to fix the squealing issue with my dryer drum on my own?

If you’re comfortable with basic appliance repairs and have some experience working with dryers, addressing certain causes of squealing like loose components or minor part replacements could be feasible. However, always prioritize safety and consider seeking professional help if needed.

What maintenance tips can prevent future noises in my Maytag dryer?

Regularly cleaning lint traps, ensuring proper ventilation around the dryer, lubricating moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer, and conducting periodic inspections for wear or damage are essential maintenance practices to prevent potential noises in your Maytag dryer.

When should I consider seeking professional help for my noisy Maytag dryer questions?

If you’ve attempted troubleshooting but are unable to pinpoint or resolve the cause of the noise, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a qualified appliance repair technician. If there are complex issues related to internal components or electrical systems, professional intervention is crucial.