Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Not Working (6 Issues Fixed!)

Is your Rheem air conditioner fan not working, and it’s too much cold? Or perhaps the air circulation is quite poor, and you just can’t help but wonder why the fan is failing.  

Well, your Rheem air conditioner fan is not working because of a power issue, wrong fan setting, a blocked air filter, iced-up evaporator coils, a broken belt, or a defective component such as the fan motor, relay board, thermostat, capacitor, compressor, or control board.

So, consider these six issues to get the fan back working. As you’ll discover, apart from the failed components, most of the fixes are DIY, and so you can quickly troubleshoot your Rheem air conditioner and avoid paying someone.

We’ll discuss how each of the six issues affects the air conditioner fan and what to do to fix it. But first, it’s essential to be sure that the fan is really faulty, and for that reason. I’ll highlight the signs to look at to tell a defective AC fan.

Let’s jump in!

Rheem air conditioner fan not working

In a rush? See below the relevant fixes to the six issues that could stop your Rheem air conditioner from working:

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for a Rheem Conditioner Fan That’s Not Working

Likely CauseQuick Fix
1.Power IssueReset the breaker if tripped
2.Wrong Fan SettingAdjust the fan setting
3.Blocked Air FilterClean the air filter
4.Iced-Up Evaporator CoilsClean the air filter, and if you can’t fix it, call an expert
5.Broken BeltReplace the AC belt
6.Defective ComponentReplace the fan motor, relay board, thermostat, capacitor, compressor, or control board if defective

Signs Your Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Isn’t Working

You can tell if your Rheem air conditioner fan is failing or already bad by looking at these signs:

  • The fan won’t start – If it won’t turn on when the AC turns on, it’s highly likely faulty. You may need an HVAC expert to check it if you cannot find the underlying reason.
  • The fan won’t stop running – Sometimes, the fan may start running and fail to stop when you turn off the AC. That again shows that it could be faulty.
  • Slow spin – If the fan runs but only spins slowly, resulting in a weak airflow, it could be faulty. But still, it could be due to a low setting, which you cannot overlook.
  • The fan runs intermittently – In some cases, the fan may spin for a while and stop spinning. That also indicates that it could be faulty. But still, the issue could be a clogged filter, which you need to clean.
  • The air conditioner won’t cool – One of the reasons your Rheem air conditioner won’t cool is that of a failed fan. So, if your AC doesn’t blow cold, check the fan alongside the other issues.
  • Noisy AC – If the air conditioner, especially the outdoor unit, is making a humming or rattling noise, it could be because of a defective fan.

Why Is My Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Not Working?

Since you can now recognize the signs of a bad air conditioner fan, let’s discuss the probable causes. Generally, consider the six issues below if your Rheem air conditioner fan stops working:

1. Power Issue

During a power surge, the circuit breaker trips up and cuts the power supply to the fan and other air conditioner parts. Once that’s the case, the AC fan won’t spin. So, yes, the air conditioner may appear to have power, but the fan won’t run if the circuit breaker is off.


Inspect the status of the circuit breaker and flip it back on (reset it) if it’s tripped off.

Rheem air conditioner fan won't turn on

2. Wrong Fan Setting

The fan may slowly run if it is set on a low setting. Sometimes you may not even notice the impact and assume it’s faulty. For that reason, it’s imperative to check the fan setting early before getting into detailed troubleshooting.


Adjust the fan setting if it’s a low setting. You can refer to your Rheem air conditioner manual to do it.

3. Blocked Air Filter

Over time, the air conditioner’s filter accumulates dirt, impeding unrestricted airflow. Once that’s the case, ice may build up on the evaporator coils and strain the AC. In the end, the fan may have a hard time spinning.


Check the Ac air filter and clean it. If it’s excessively clogged, replace it. It’s, however, essential to clean the air filter as often as possible to prevent this and non-cooling and non-heating issues.

4. Iced-Up Evaporator Coils

If the evaporator coils are frozen, the AC fan will struggle to spin, and as I mentioned, that could happen due to a blocked air filter. But other than that, the evaporator coils could ice up due to a refrigerant leakage or a system malfunction.


Check if the air filter is filthy and clean it. However, if that’s not the case, call an HVAC pro to check for iced-up coils and fix them.

5. Broken AC Belt

The Rheem air conditioner fan may also have difficulty running if the belt is broken. You can tell if that’s the case if the Ac is producing a humming, clicking, or squeaking sound.


Check the belt for signs of breakages and replace it.

Rheem air conditioner outside fan not working

6. Defective Component

Lastly, your Rheem air conditioner fan might not be working because of a failed component. That includes any of the following:

  • Fan motor – The motor could be defective, often when the motor bearings wear out or loosen or when the blade bends. In such a case, the fan won’t spin.
  • Relay board – The relay board’s job is to relay voltage to the fan motor and other AC components. Once it fails, the fan cannot get the necessary voltage to run.
  • Thermostat – If the AC thermostat is defective, it’s unable to monitor the temperature changes. As a result, the fan is unable to run.
  • Capacitor – The capacitor could be dead, and that’s why the fan won’t power on. In such a case, the capacitor cannot power the fan and other components like the relay board.
  • Compressor – The compressor contains contact points that may burn out and stop the Ac fan from running.
  • Control board – Given that the control board’s job is to relay voltage to the entire AC, including the fan. Once faulty, the fan fails to receive the needed voltage for spinning.


If any of the above AC components is faulty, you must replace them. Start by checking if the fan motor bearings are worn out or loose or if the fan blade is bent. If so, then replace the fan motor.

Then use a multimeter to check if the thermostat has continuity. If it doesn’t, replace it. Then call an expert to inspect the other components to avoid a misdiagnosis.

Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Won’t Turn On 

Consider that your Rheem air conditioner fan won’t turn because of a tripped breaker. That’s likely to happen after a power surge. And if it’s not the case, it could be due to a frozen evaporator coil or a faulty motor, capacitor, or compressor.

You can therefore try to check the breaker, reset it if it’s off, and clean the air filter if it’s filthy. But once it comes to the components, have an expert check them.

Rheem Air Conditioner Outside Fan Not Working

If your Rheem air conditioner outdoor fan doesn’t work, it could be because of the lack of power – often relating to a tripped breaker. If the breaker is okay, check the fan or the air filter for clogging and unclog them.

And if none of those issues, it could be due to a failed component: the belt, compressor contactor, or fan motor.

Rheem air conditioner fan not spinning

Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning

Consider that your Rheem air conditioner fan might not be spinning because of any of these issues:

  • Tripped breaker
  • Wrong fan setting
  • Clogged filter
  • Burnt fan motor
  • Broken belt
  • Dead capacitor

People Also Ask

1. Why Is the Fan Not Working On Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner fan won’t work because of different reasons. They include the lack of power (perhaps due to a tripped breaker), a wrong fan setting, a clogged filter, an iced-up evaporator coil, or a defective motor, relay board, thermostat, or capacitor. If that’s not it, the Ac control board could be dead.

2. What Causes the Fan to Stop Working On an Air Conditioner?

The fan may stop working on an air conditioner due to an electrical fault, a tripped breaker, or a clogged filter. Sometimes, however, the issue could be a broken belt, which you should replace.

In the case of an electrical fault, it’s advisable to call an expert, while a tripped breaker will need resetting, and a clogged filter will require cleaning.

3. Why Is My Cooling Fan Not Turning On with The AC?

Your cooling fan won’t turn on with the Ac because the thermostat is malfunctioning. Testing the thermostat with a multimeter can tell if that’s the case. If it lacks continuity, replace it.

If the issue is not a malfunctioning thermostat, it’s likely an electrical shorting in the cooling system. That will require an expert.

4. How Can I Reset a Rheem Air Conditioner Unit?

You can reset your Rheem air conditioner using the reset button. But if it’s not there, use these steps:

  • Turn the AC off using the thermostat
  • Then flip the circuit breaker off and wait for at least 1 minute to flip it back on
  • Then wait for 30 minutes to turn on the Ac and set it on ‘Cool’ mode

Closing Thought On the Rheem Air Conditioner Fan Not Working:

Above are the essential checks when your Rheem air conditioner fan won’t work. It all starts with the power, where you should check for a tripped breaker and reset it. Then go to the fan setting and ensure it is correct and clean the air filter if it’s filthy.

The other checks include frozen evaporator coils, a damaged belt, or a defective fan motor, relay board, thermostat, capacitor, compressor, or control board, which may need replacing. You may, however, need an expert to fix frozen coils.   

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