Where Are GE Refrigerators Made? (3 Countries Shared!)

GE appliances are undoubtedly among the most reliable, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient, and so it makes sense to consider the brand when shopping for a refrigerator. But where are GE refrigerators made?

Most GE refrigerators are made in the United States in Louisville (Kentucky), Decatur (Alabama), and Selmer (Tennessee). The rest, however, are made in China and Mexico.

While it’s unclear where you can find the manufacturing plants in China, you can locate them in Celaya, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Coahuila, and San Luis Potosi in Mexico.

It’s worth noting that all these countries have specific types of GE refrigerators that they make. For example, China makes mini-fridges and some four-door options, while Mexico makes everything.

This guide will answer our title question in detail to help you know where the GE refrigerator you are using comes from. So, let’s dive in!

where are GE refrigerators made

In a hurry? Consider the summary below showing where the various GE refrigerators come from.

A Summary of Where GE Refrigerators Are Made

CountryPlant LocationType of Refrigerators
1.United StatesLouisville, KentuckyBottom-freezer and multi-door refrigerators
Decatur, AlabamaTop-freezer refrigerators
Selmer, TennesseeHigh-end Monogram, GE Profile, and GE Café refrigerators
2.MexicoCelaya, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Coahuila, and San Luis PotosiSome French-door, side-by-side, top-freezer, among other refrigerator types
3.ChinaNot specifiedMini fridges and some four-door refrigerators

Where Are GE Refrigerators Made Around the World?

Generally, GE refrigerators are manufactured in three countries globally, and they are as follows:

1. The United States

GE Appliance might not be an American-owned company (since it’s Chinese-owned), but the appliance maker has its global headquarters in the United States in Louisville, Kentucky. Therefore, most of its appliances, not just refrigerators, are made in the United States.

Today, GE makes its refrigerators in the following places:

a) Louisville, Kentucky

As I mentioned, GE Appliances has its global headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The manufacturing site, the Appliance Park, was opened in 1951.

It currently sits on a 750-acre industrial land and employs 7100 people. 4500 of the employees are in the production units while 2600 of them offer corporate support.

There are five production plants in Louisville, Kentucky, and since the Appliance Park is expansive, it even has its own zip code.

In terms of refrigerators, GE makes bottom-freezer and multi-door refrigerators to majorly serve the US market and the larger North American region. Moreover, the manufacturer makes dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, and appliance parts in Louisville, Kentucky.

Overall, the Appliance Park is the largest industrial production facility by GE. Though the park was hit by a mammoth fire in 2015, causing it to turn into a green space, GE plans to improve its production soon.

b) Decatur, Alabama

GE started manufacturing appliances in Decatur, Alabama, in 1977. The plant is positioned on the banks of River Tennessee and has a staff population of 1300, making it the leading private employer all over Morgan County

Today, GE makes top-freezer refrigerators for itself and Hotpoint in Decatur, Alabama. Unlike most plants, which juggle between different appliances, the Decatur plant concentrates more on refrigerators.

GE considers this production facility a smart factory due to robotics. In total, there are about 50 robots that do the most labor-intensive work. With GE’s recent $ 115 million investment, the manufacturing plant can only grow and expand its fridge production.

c) Selmer, Tennessee

GE also makes refrigerators in Selmer, Tennessee. Arguably the smallest production unit in the United States, the Selmer facility makes the most high-end GE-branded refrigerators. That includes Monogram, GE Profile, and GE Café refrigerators.

This facility, which features a set of two plants, was originally built to move operations from Mexico to the United States and currently employs about 500 people.

Besides high-end refrigerators, the Selmer production facility makes freezers and PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners).

who makes GE refrigerators

Other GE Production Locations in the United States

GE also has appliance manufacturing plants in these two locations:

Lafayette, Georgia

The Lafayette plant was launched in 1973 and is currently the biggest private employer in Walker County, boasting 2050 employees. It’s the second oldest appliance manufacturing facility by GE that’s known to produce cooking appliances such as cooktops, wall ovens, and ranges.

So far, GE has invested over 119 million, but they are still unable to match the growing demand for cooking appliances in the region. This facility is heavily automated, with robots doing the heavy lifting. Therefore, they plan to hire more than 600 employees and expand their production by 50%.

Camden, South Carolina

Lastly, GE has an appliance production facility in Camden, South Carolina. Haier originally built that as a refrigeration facility. However, GE converted it into a water heater production unit in 2019, so they no longer make refrigerators there.

The production plant reopened for business in 2022 with an initial staff population of 140.

2. Mexico

Mexico makes up 41% of Latin America’s home appliances, most of which are GE options. GE has its production facilities in these places:

  • Celaya
  • Nuevo Leon
  • Queretaro
  • Mexico City
  • Guanajuato
  • Coahuila
  • San Luis Potosi

Overall, GE makes a variety of refrigerators in Mexico, which include French-door refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators, and top-freezer refrigerators.

3. China

GE is owned by Chinese multinational Haier, which acquired its ownership in 2016. So, it makes sense that the Asian country retains a part of the production.

Though it’s unclear where the production plants are in China, GE is known to mostly make mini-refrigerators and some multi-door options (though the majority was transferred to the United States).

But besides refrigerators, GE makes ovens, microwaves, and compact washers in China to cater to the Asian market.

Notable GE Appliance Brands

GE identifies with these appliance brands:

  • Monogram – GE Monogram is an ultra-premium brand. That is where you get the most luxurious and high-end GE appliances, which are best for personalizing your space and elevating your Kitchen experience.
  • GE Café – GE Café also offers an array of ultra-premium appliances. These appliances are high-performance and easily customizable to fit into any space.
  • GE Profile – The Profile family is for those craving simplicity but don’t want to sacrifice quality and performance. These appliances are costly but not as much as Café or Monogram.
  • Haier – GE also makes Haier-branded appliances for adventurers who fancy a modern style. 
  • Hotpoint – Besides Haier, GE also makes Hotpoint-branded appliances, arguably GE’s hardest-working appliances.  
Are GE refrigerators made in China

Who Makes GE Refrigerators?

All GE home appliances are made by GE Appliances Company or simply GE Appliances. The appliance maker’s headquarters are in Louisville, Kentucky.

However, despite being headquartered in the United States, GE is owned by Chinese multinational Haier – the company acquired its ownership in 2016. Haier has invested over $660 million since 2018 and created over 1500 new jobs.

GE Appliances generally makes 2333 units an hour and delivers about one unit every 4.5 seconds. Globally, GE Appliances ships 28.1 million appliance components, and in the United States, GE Appliances contributes to $18 billion of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The appliance maker has five manufacturing units in the United States across five states (Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia).

Is GE A Good Brand for Refrigerators?

There’s a lot to suggest that GE is a good refrigerator brand. The appliance maker enjoys a long reputation for delivering the highest quality and most reliable appliances, including refrigerators. Its refrigerators are also energy-efficient, user-friendly, spacious, and modern.

Furthermore, GE refrigerators come with impressive warranties and are among the most high-tech options on the market. We also cannot forget that they come in various types and sizes to suit different spaces and functions.

People Also Ask

1. Are GE Refrigerators Made in China?

Only a few GE refrigerators are made in China. In fact, GE only makes mini refrigerators and multi-door fridges in China. The rest come from the United States (the majority) and Mexico.

2. Are GE Refrigerators Made in The United States?

Most (not all) GE refrigerators are made in the United States, specifically in these places:

  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Decatur, Alabama
  • Selmer, Tennessee

Other countries that make GE refrigerators are Mexico and China.

3. Where Are GE Profile Refrigerators Made?

GE Profile refrigerators and other high-end refrigerators are made in the United States in Selmer, Tennessee. There, the manufacturing facility has two production facilities, which make freezers and packaged terminal air conditioners, in addition to high-end refrigerators.

4. Where Are GE French Door Refrigerators Made?

GE French door refrigerators are made in the United States, particularly in Louisville, Kentucky, and Selmer, Tennessee. However, the company still makes a few French-door refrigerators in Celaya, Mexico and China.

5. Where Are GE Cafe Refrigerators Made?

GE makes its Café refrigerators and other high-end options in Selmer, Tennessee. The manufacturer has two production units at this facility where, in addition to making top-tier refrigerators, they also make freezers and air conditioning units.

6. Where Are GE Monogram Refrigerators Made?

GE makes Monogram, Café, and Profile refrigerators in Selmer, Tennessee. The company has been doing that since 2005, dedicating two buildings to the production.

7. Are GE Appliances Made by Whirlpool?

No, Whirlpool Corporation doesn’t make GE appliances. GE appliances are made by GE Appliances Company, owned by Chinese multinational Haier. The company headquarters are in Louisville, KY.

8. Where Are GE Side by Side Refrigerators Made?

GE side-by-side refrigerators are made in the United States, more so in Selmer, Tennessee, where the company makes all high-end GE appliances. A few options, however, come from Mexico.

9. Where Are GE Refrigerator Parts Made?

GE produces most of its refrigerator parts in the United States. However, many come from China, where the appliance maker has a few plants.

Closing Thought:

Generally, GE makes its refrigerators mostly in the United States, particularly in Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee. However, we can’t overlook the production units in China and Mexico as they equally contribute to the number of refrigerator units that GE makes each year.

So, the next time you buy a GE refrigerator, know that it most likely comes from the United States, and if it’s not the United States, then the chances are that it’s from Mexico or China. You can use the above guide to tell the different fridge types and their origin.

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