Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made Around the World?

It’s generally hard to bypass Samsung when talking about the most technologically advanced, energy-efficient, user-friendly, spacious, durable, and reliable fridges. But do you wonder, where are Samsung refrigerators made, given that the brand has been in operation for decades?’

Samsung refrigerators are predominantly made in South Korea, the company’s headquarters. However, the corporation makes the fridges in smaller volumes in the US, China, South Africa, Sweden, Hungary, India, Germany, Luxembourg, and Poland.

That makes Samsung one of the most dominant electronics brands globally. According to reports, Samsung’s revenue stood at 279.6 trillion South Korean won, over $220 billion.

As impressive as the numbers are, so are Samsung fridges. This review will look at the specific locations where Samsung fridges are made, the type of Samsung fridges available, and Samsung fridges’ advantages. 

We’ll also look at how to recognize a genuine Samsung fridge. But first, let’s talk about the manufacturer. 

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Who Makes Samsung Refrigerators?

Samsung Electronics, a South Korean electronics company, headquartered in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, makes Samsung fridges and other Samsung electronics.

Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969, initially as Samsung Electric Industries, and as of 2019, the company was the second-largest tech company in the world by revenue.

Samsung fridges are innovative, employing smart technologies like Twin-Cooling Plus technology that preserves food by balancing humidity between the freezer and fridge compartments and Multi-Flow Cooling technology that holds cold air from escaping, to name a few.

Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made Globally?

As earlier mentioned, Samsung fridges are predominantly made in South Korea, where Samsung runs the manufacturing operations from its Suwon headquarters. The company, however, has several factories across the country.

And when it comes to other countries, here are the locations of the Samsung Electronics factories:

  • USA – Newberry County, South Carolina
  • China – Suzhou
  • India – Sriperumbudur, Chennai
  • South Africa – Durban
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Hungary – Jaszfenyszaru Schwalbach am Taunus
  • Poland – Wielkopolskie province
  • Luxembourg
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Why Samsung Refrigerators? 

Now that you know where Samsung refrigerators are made and who makes them, it’s essential to address why the fridges are top sellers.

Well, Samsung refrigerators come with these assurances:

1. Durability 

Samsung refrigerators come with a lifespan of 14 years to over 20 years, depending on the maintenance. So, these fridges promise to last.

Their overall build is sturdy, whether it’s the stainless steel exteriors, the plastic components, or the framework.

2. Easy Maintenance

Samsung fridges are generally easy to maintain. Yes, their fridges might cost an arm and a leg but prove cost-effective in the long run by guaranteeing low maintenance.

For example, you’ll find them in easy-to-clean stainless steel constructions, and some even feature a fingerprint-resistant finish which is just impressive. Their interiors are also easy to keep clean.

3. Energy Efficiency

A good fridge does not consume much energy, and Samsung possesses the litmus test. Its fridges promise to save you a few dollars on your monthly energy cost, making them cost-effective for larger families with bigger budgets.

4. User-friendliness 

Samsung refrigerators are also famous for their ease of operation. Anyone can operate them efficiently, even the latest models that employ Alexa and touchscreen technologies. It’s even easier for kids to master how these home appliances work, making them family-friendly.

5. Advanced Cooling 

The work of a refrigerator is to maintain a low-temperature environment around things that could go bad quickly. Samsung refrigerators do that job very well. 

They keep your foods and drinks under the coolest conditions to ensure they stay longer and taste fresh.

6. Ample Storage 

Though there are slimmer Samsung fridges, they usually have sufficient storage space for stacking your foods and drinks.

The manufacturer doesn’t compromise on storage space, making Samsung fridges quite family-friendly. You’ll get them in just about any capacity, such as 176l, 185l, 203l, 210l, 617l, or 302l.

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7. Multi-Use 

You’ll find Samsung refrigerators without freezer compartments, so you don’t have to buy a freezer separately.

Others can even be your entertainment spot as they allow you to stream music and mirror your TV using family Hub technology.

8. Anti-Bacterial Design

Another way Samsung fridges prolong the shelf life of your food is by keeping bacteria and other contaminants away. They offer you compartments treated with anti-bacterial agents to discourage bacteria build-up.

9. Plenty of Aeration

Samsung fridges employ advanced air circulation technologies to ensure your groceries and other foods remain fresh for long. Your food won’t go bad unless you forget to power the fridge or leave the doors open for long. 

10. Smart Integration

Samsung fridges are all about the most innovative innovations. Some of these fridges come with built-in Alexa to take on voice commands and allow Wi-Fi connectivity to enable you to control them with your smartphone.

Their latest innovation, Samsung Family Hub, is more than a refrigerator. There is nothing that this fridge cannot do. Whether to prepare your meals, entertain yourself in the kitchen, or manage your calendar, you can do it all with the Family Hub. You can even see who’s at your door and stream music right from your refrigerator. That’s just innovation at its best.

What Refrigerator Type Does Samsung Make?

Samsung is famous for the following fridge types:

1. Single Door Fridges

Samsung single door fridges are the most space-saving type of refrigerator as they don’t have separate freezer compartments.

As a result, they suit students, single adults, and people living a minimalist life. Their capacities often range from about 176l – to 302 liters, usually the most cost-effective choices.

While they lack a freezer compartment, they usually have a Chiller space to keep your ice.  They also feature LED lights and user-friendly temperature controls.

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2. French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are notable for their Twin-cooling system that promotes optimal humidity and temperature while eliminating odor.

The fridge also has an indoor ice and water dispenser and enjoys a stainless steel finish. These fridges come with either a 4-door, a 3-door style, and enjoy the family Hub smart integration.

3. Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by side refrigerators features full-size doors which open from the center. As a result, they save you the hassle of maneuvering around a narrow fridge door.

These fridges allow you to store layers of containers which generally won’t fit on other fridges. They usually have water/ice dispensers on their doors and are available in stainless steel finishes.

4. Top-Freezer Refrigerators

As the name suggests, top freezers refrigerators have the freezer unit at the top, and the fridge unit is below. These fridges are large capacity options and are among the most energy-saving types.

5. Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Unlike top freezer fridges, bottom freezers refrigerators have the freezers at the bottom to allow you easy access to your frozen foods.  

For those who prefer eye-level freezing bottom freezers, fridges are ideal. They allow easy organization of foods, and their shelves usually are adjusted.

6. Bespoke Samsung Refrigerators

Bespoke fridges are high-performance fridges with built-in features that allow you to create a custom kitchen. They feature internal dispensers, built-in pitchers, and metal coolers.

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How Can You Tell a Genuine Samsung Refrigerator?

The easiest way to tell an original Samsung refrigerator is by looking for the model and serial number, which you will find in any of these two places:

  • On the lower left side of the exterior of the fridge, just near the front
  • Inside the refrigerator on its sidewall, just above the unit’s top shelf

And if you have doubts about the serial number, you can always verify it from Samsung customer support. But to be sure about the purchase, buy directly from Samsung. They do home deliveries.

People Also Ask

1. Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Manufactured?

Samsung refrigerators are primarily made in South Korea, where the company is based. But over the years, Samsung has opened several branches in the USA, Germany, China, India, Hungary, Poland, and South Africa.

2. Are Samsung Refrigerators Made in The USA?

Samsung’s biggest refrigerator plant is in South Korea, where the company headquarters are. However, the company has a factory in Newberry County, South Carolina, USA.

3. Are Samsung Refrigerators Made in China?

Only a small volume of Samsung refrigerators is made in China to cater to the Chinese market. Most Samsung refrigerator manufacturing, however, takes place in South Korea.

In Summary – Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made?

Samsung refrigerators are mainly made in South Korea, but the company has several plants in the US, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, China, Luxembourg, Sweden, and South Africa. That proves the company’s dominance on a global scale.

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