How To Run The Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Mode!

Generally, putting your Whirlpool Duet dryer on diagnostic mode is advisable when you want to identify a hidden fault and fix it. Luckily, the Whirlpool Duet dryer diagnostic mode process is very straightforward and DIY.

You can run diagnostic on your Whirlpool duet dryer by selecting any button other than pause/cancel or lock/unlock while the dryer is on standby mode. Then, press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds, release it for another 2-3 seconds, and repeat the process twice. 

Alternatively, you can activate the diagnostic on your duet dryer by pressing More Time + Less Time + More Time +Less Time within 5 seconds.

I’ll take you through the two options to enable you to run diagnostics on your Duet dryer.

Later, we’ll highlight error codes you will likely find once you put your dryer on diagnostic mode. We’ll look at what the errors mean and how to clear them.

Let’s jump into it! 

Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Mode

How to Get into the Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Mode

Generally, you can run a diagnostic on your Whirlpool duet dryer by using any of these two options: 

Option 1 – ‘Any Selector’ Diagnostic

This is the most popular technique for putting a Whirlpool duet dryer on diagnostic mode. Generally, the method requires you to:

  • Step 1 (Put the dryer on standby mode)

Start by ensuring the dryer is plugged into the power outlet but switch off all its indicators. You can leave the ‘Done’ indicator on, however.

  • Step 2 (Button selection)

Choose any button to press that is not pause/cancel or lock/unlock.

  • Step 3 (Press hold and release)

Now, press your preferred button and hold it for about 2-3 seconds before releasing it. Release it for the same number of seconds (2-3) before moving to the next step.

  • Step 4 (Repeat step 3 twice)

Redo step 3 twice and wait for the dryer to get into diagnostic mode. 

Overall, you can know if your Whirlpool dryer has successfully entered diagnostic mode if all the indicators display 8:88 for about 5 seconds and the projected remaining time.

If there are any faults, they will come on display, but if there are none, the indicator will briefly turn off before code 8:88 remains on display on the console.

Remember, you can always pick another button other than pause/ cancel or lock/ unlock if the first one is not successful at entering your duet dryer into diagnostic mode.

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Option 2 – ‘More Time Less Time’ Diagnostic

If you are unsuccessful with the first diagnostic technique, consider this.

Here’s how to run diagnostic on Whirlpool duet dryer using the ‘More Time Less Time’ technique:

  • Step 1 (Put the dryer on standby mode)

Keep the dryer plugged into the power outlet and turn off all indicators.

  • Step 2 (‘More Time’ ‘Less Time’ button selection)

Find the ‘More Time’ and ‘Less Time’ buttons on your dryer’s console. The two switches usually are on the right-hand side of the ‘selector switch.

  • Step 3 (Button press)

Press More Time + Less Time twice within 5 seconds to enter the diagnostic. You can know if your duet has entered diagnostic if it displays 88, followed by the error code (if any).

Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Codes

Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Codes

After activating the diagnostic, you will likely find a code indicating what’s wrong with your Whirlpool duet dryer. If so, then you should know how to interpret them.

Below is a summary of these diagnostic codes, their interpretation, and repairs.

 Error CodeInterpretation Recommended Repair
1.PFPower failureCheck the electric outlet and power cord
2.LFRemoved/faulty lint filterReplace or reinstall the lint filter
3.F01/F1E1Main control failureRestart the dryer but if unsuccessful, replace its main control board
4.F02/F2E1Stuck keypad/faulty User Interface (UI)Free up the keypad if stuck or replace UI (user interface) board if it’s not
5.F22, F23, F3E1 or F3E2Faulty outlet thermistorReplace the outlet thermistor
6.F24 or F25Faulty inlet thermistorReplace the inlet thermistor
7.F28, F29, or F3E7Malfunctioning moisture sensorReplace the faulty sensor
8.F30, AF, or F4E3Bad airflow (clogged lint screen or air duct)Clean the air duct and filter
9.F72-F78Bad user interfaceReplace the user interface assembly
10.F4E4/L2Low voltageReset the breaker, reconnect loose wiring or replace the power cord or control board
11.F9E1Faulty drain systemUnclog the drain hose or replace the drain pump
12.F6E1/F6E2Communication faultReset the dryer or replace the user interface, wiring harness, or main control
13.F3E8/F3E9Faulty compressor thermistorReplace the faulty thermistor
14.F4E1Faulty heater relayReplace the wiring harness, loose wiring, or main control

Let’s now discuss the codes a little more!

1. Error Code PF

The error code PF pops up when there’s a power failure when the duet dryer is running.

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Press STOP on the dryer to clear the error or START to enable the cycle to continue. If that doesn’t work, check the electric and power cord using a multimeter. If any does not show continuity, replace it.

How to Run Diagnostic On Whirlpool Duet Dryer

2. Error Code LF

The error code LF (for lint filter) will appear if the lint filter is either damaged or absent. But at times, it indicates a damaged wiring harness.


Inspect the harness for damage and replace it.  If it’s okay, consider reinstalling or replacing the lint filter.

3. Error Code F01 or F1E1

Error code F01 or F1E1 indicates a significant fault with your dryer’s main control board.


Unplug your dryer for about 5 minutes, and then try restarting it. If the error code doesn’t go, consider replacing the main control board as it’s highly likely to be faulty.

4. Error Code F02 or F2E2

The error code F02 or F2E2 will likely come up if there’s a stuck keypad or the user interface (UI) is faulty.


Check to see if you’ve got a stuck keypad and try to free it. If the problem is not a stuck keypad, it’s likely to be a faulty user interface. So, you may need to replace it.

5. Error Code F22, F23, F3E1, or F3E2

The error codes F22, F23, F3E1, and F3E2 all indicate a faulty outlet thermistor. You can confirm by testing the thermistor with an ohm meter or multimeter with an ohm-testing capability.


Once you confirm that the outlet thermistor’s resistance is insufficient (if it’s below 10,000 ohms), replace it.

Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Codes

6. Error Code F24 or F25

Error codes F24 and F25 all suggest that the inlet thermistor is malfunctioning. So, consider testing its resistance.


If the inlet thermistor’s resistance is below 50,000 ohms, the thermistor is defective. Therefore, replace it.

7. Error Code F28, F29 or F3E7

The error codes F28, F29, and F3E7, indicate a defective moisture sensor.


Unplug your dryer to inspect the motion sensor. If the wiring looks okay, then the problem is highly likely to be the moisture sensor, and so you should replace it.

8. Error Code F30, F4E3, or AF

The error codes F30, AF, and F4E3 indicate inadequate airflow, which often relates to a clogged lint screen or air duct. 


Clean the lint screen and air duct to improve airflow. Also, avoid using too much fabric softener as it could be the reason for the clogging.

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9. Error Code F72 to F78

The error codes F72 to F78 all show a malfunctioning user interface (UI) assembly. 


Unplug your dryer to inspect the wire harness. If nothing is wrong with the wire harness, replace the UI assembly as it’s likely to be faulty.

10. Error Code F4E4 or L2

Error codes F4E4 and L2 all indicate a low line voltage, which could be due to a tripped breaker, faulty power cord, loose wiring, or failed main control.


Reset the breaker if it’s tripped and replace the power cord if it’s faulty. Reconnect loose wring or replace the main control if it’s none of the other issues.

11. Error Code F9E1

The error code F9E1 will likely pop up when there’s an issue with the dryer’s drain system, mostly blockage or a stuck float switch. 


Inspect the float switch to see if it’s stuck and free it. Meanwhile, check the drains for blockages and unblock them, and if the pump is faulty, replace it.

12. Error Code F6E1 or F6E2

If there’s a communication failure between the user interface and the main control, the error code F6E1 or F6E2 will pop up. That could happen if the wire harness between them is loose or damaged.


Check the wiring harness. If it’s loose, reconnect it and if it’s damaged, replace it. But if it’s neither, consider replacing the control board.

13. Error Code F3E8 or F3E9

The error code F3E8 or F3E9 will pop up if the compressor thermistor malfunctions. You can know if that’s the case if its resistance is below 10,000 ohms.


Use an ohm tester to measure the compressor thermistor’s resistance. If it’s less than 10,000 ohms, replace the thermistor.

14. Error Code F4E1

Lastly, the error code F4E1 will come up when the heater relay has a problem. The problem often relates to a damaged wiring harness or main control.


Reconnect loose wires if any or replace them if faulty. But if it’s none of those, replace the control board.

People Also Ask

1. How Can I Run a Diagnostic On a Whirlpool Dryer?

You can run a diagnostic on a Whirlpool dryer by putting it on standby and pressing any button besides pause/cancel or lock/unlock for 2-3 seconds. Do that three times to view error codes. 

2. How Do You Reset a Whirlpool Duet Front Load Dryer?

You can reset a Whirlpool duet front load dryer by pressing the start button for a couple of seconds. You can also try unplugging it before pressing ‘start.’

3. Why Is My Whirlpool Duet Dryer Not Heating Up?

Your Whirlpool duet dryer is not heating up because of clogged vents, burnt heater, tripped breaker, blown up fuse, or power failure. So, you’ll need to assess all these possibilities closely.

4. What Does the Code LF Mean On a Whirlpool Dryer?

LF stands for lint filter. Often the error code pops up when the lint filter is missing or defective, indicating you should reinstall or replace it.

Closing Thought On Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Mode!

Generally, running diagnostics on a Whirlpool duet dryer can help you diagnose hidden issues with your dryer and fix them. 

Of course, you’ve to know how to interpret the various error codes, and you can use the above guide to get acquainted with the most popular ones.

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