Are GE Refrigerators Good Quality Brand? [Quick Answer!]

For decades, American giant appliance maker General Electric (GE) has been at the forefront of fridge innovation.

Today, the Kentucky-based brand makes fridges in all sizes and styles, but those who have never tried its products always wonder, ‘are GE refrigerators good?’

GE refrigerators are good because they are user-centered, functional, energy-efficient, stylish, easy to install, affordable, and reliable. They also come in many options, characterized by three unique series and at least four door styles, to meet the modern buyer’s needs. 

So, General Electric ticks all the boxes regarding user focus, functionality, energy efficiency, style, ease of installation, affordability, reliability, and product variety. That, nonetheless, doesn’t imply that these refrigeration units won’t fail. Like other brands, they also sometimes fail, but the silver lining is that the failure rate is much lower. 

But just to set the record straight, I’ll highlight the problems that GE fridges face and their potential causes. That’ll help you be aware of them if your unit develops an issue. 

Are GE Refrigerators Good

In a rush? See below a table summary of the pros and cons of GE fridges: 

Pros and Cons of GE Refrigerators 

Pros Cons 
a) User-centered a) Occasional component failure, especially the dispenser, ice maker, and compressor 
b) Functional units b) Occasional noise, especially a humming noise 
c) Energy-efficient (energy-star rated) c) Some customers report the fridge not cooling
d) Stylish (great finished and interior)  
e) Easy to install  
f) Affordable (their prices slice across all price points) 
g) Reliable – supported by a good warranty and a 10-20-year lifespan  
h) Available in multiple series and door style  

Are GE Refrigerators Good or Bad? 

Let’s discuss GE fridges under user focus, functionality, energy efficiency, style, ease of installation, affordability, reliability, and product variety to determine if they are good or bad. 

1. User Focus 

A good fridge should be customer-centered, and that’s an area where General Electric thrives. Here are the elements that describe the manufacturer’s efforts on the user: 

a) Storage conveniences 

GE offers lots of storage conveniences to improve the storability of the fridges. Some fridges, for example, have sliding shelves to fit lots of items and others have rotating bins for easy access to stored items. 

Others feature multi-level drawers and drop-down trays for easy stacking, whereas those with full-width controlled drawers accommodate massive containers. 

Furthermore, some high-end models have door-in-door designs to allow you easy access to items that don’t need so much refrigeration. 

b) Interior lighting 

GE refrigerators employ LED lighting to offer you a bright view of all corners. That makes it easy to access the fridge and stock up. In addition to improving the fridge’s functionality, LED lighting enhances the inner aesthetic.

c) Connectivity features 

GE Profile refrigerators are usually powered by the intelligent SmartHQ mobile app that allows you to control them with your smartphone.

SmartHQ allows you to schedule the brewing of your morning coffee, switch the ice maker on and off and adjust the cooling temperature. It also allows you to receive status updates about your fridge and alerts when something goes wrong.


The storage conveniences, interior lighting, and SmartHQ connectivity make GE refrigerators user-friendly.

2. Functionality 

A good fridge doesn’t just have fancy features but functional ones, and that’s another area where HE doesn’t disappoint. You can tell the high level of functionality of these fridges through their climatic controls and innovations as follows:

a) Climatic controls

Starting with temperature control;

GE fridges feature different temperature control settings that allow you to control the cooling and freezing conditions easily.

Special functions include Turbo Freeze for fast freezing and Turbo Cool for seamless cooling. As for humidity, most GE fridges employ Crisper Drawers to keep the food in a controlled humidity condition.

b) Fridge innovation 

High-end GE fridges employ unique technologies that improve their functionality. One notable technology is Keurig K-cup Brewing, which you’ll find on GE French door units.

The technology allows you to brew tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and cider conveniently, and the best part is that you can schedule the brewing with your phone through the SmartHQ app.

GE also employs Hands-Free Autofill on its French door and side-by-side fridges to allow you to dispense water hands-free automatically.

Other impressive innovations include an Adjustable Temperature Drawer for holding canned drinks, door-in-door for accessing your favorite supplies, and Glass Freeze Shelving.

How Long Will A GE Refrigerator Last


GE fridges are quite functional due to their impressive climatic controls and innovative features.

3. Energy Efficiency

Over 40 GE refrigerators come with the Energy Star Rating to prove energy efficiency. These fridges won’t consume much power and will not give out much heat either.

Note, however, that while most GE fridges are energy-star rated, it doesn’t apply to all. So, if you want an energy-efficient option, you’ve to confirm it has Energy Star Certification.


Most GE fridges are energy efficient. You can identify them by the Energy Star mark.

4. Fridge Style

a) Fridge Finish

GE fridges come in the most elegant finishes offering you options like fingerprint-resistant stainless finishes, matte black, black slate, matte white, slate and white. If you want a fridge with a luxurious finish, General Electric never disappoints as the brand offers lots of choices.

b) Interior Styling

Interiorly, there’s so much to like about GE fridges. Low budget options, for example, feature sliding shelves for convenient storage. On the other hand, high-end options feature glass shelves and multi-level drawers.

All fridges also have good LED lighting to see all angles clearly when you open them.


Exterior and interior, GE fridges are uniquely stylish and modern. As a result, they’re perfect for the contemporary kitchen or office.

5. Installation (Full-Depth Vs. Counter Depth)

When it comes to the installation, GE fridges offer you the option of full-depth or counter-depth installation. It all depends on the nature of your kitchen.

Counter-depth fridges align with the kitchen cabinets’ edges to give the kitchen a streamlined look. Full-depth options, in contrast, stick out of your kitchen cabinets.


The availability of full-depth and counter-depth fridge installations offers you lots of flexibility in finding a fridge that matches your kitchen.

Are GE French Door Refrigerators Good

6. Affordability 

GE targets both the high-end and low-end markets with its fridges. Their regular series, which I’ll talk about later, caters to budget buyers, while the cafe series is for those who want a smart fridge experience.

Overall, here’s what to expect to spend on different door styles:

Fridge Style Starting Price
French Door$1,100
Side By Side$933.50
Bottom Freezer$900
Top Freezer$549


GE fridges cut across all price points and budgets, making them affordable.

7. Reliability 

As a user, the last thing you want is a fridge that breaks down or fails to work just a few months after buying.

Luckily, for GE users, the fridges rarely disappoint. Yes, these fridges may develop some issues, even break down, as I’ll share later, but their failure rate is much lower.

These fridges can last 10 – 20 years, depending on usage and servicing. The parts come with decent warranties starting from 12 months to a lifetime.


GE refrigerators are reliable, and you can tell from their warranty-backed parts and general build.

8. Product Variety 

Let’s talk about product variety in terms of fridge series and fridge door style.

GE Refrigerator Series 

Based on design, functionality, and price, GE makes three fridge series:

a) Regular GE Series (Regular GE Refrigerators)

The regular GE series features the most basic GE fridges. They only have the basic features and come at the most budget-friendly prices.

Mini fridges like the GE Mini Fridge with Freezer belong here. They have all the essential features to suit an office, small kitchen, bedroom, or garage space.

Is GE Refrigerator a Good Brand

b) GE Profile Series – Are GE Profile Refrigerator Good?

The GE Profile series is more advanced than the Regular Series. The fridges are sleeker and have curved handles.

GE Profile fridges are generally user-friendly, thanks to their compatibility with SmartHQ. Sadly, their dispenser only dispenses cold water. But despite that, these fridges are really good.

Most GE French doors and side-by-side fridges belong to the GE Profile Series, evidence of their excellent capability and design.

c) GE Cafe Series – Are GE Cafe Refrigerator Good?

The GE Cafe series is the closest you can get to a restaurant-grade fridge. These units have robust handles, flexible storage, and sturdy designs. And unlike GE profile, their dispenser dispenses both cold and hot water, thus the most advanced. So, yes, GE Café fridges are good. It’s just that they are the most expensive.

GE Refrigerator Door Style (Types of GE Refrigerators)

When it comes to the fridge door style, GE fridges come in four primary types:

a) French Door Fridges – Are GE French Door Refrigerators Good?

French door fridges have a bottom drawer freezer and a double door refrigerator at the top. They are among the classiest and most sophisticated fridges.

You’ll find them with the most advanced features, relishing special provisions like internal water dispensers, adjustable spill-proof shelves, and fingerprint stainless-steel finishes.

So, yes, GE French Door fridges are good, and you can tell that from the GE GNE27JYMFS 36″ French Door Refrigerator.

b) Side-by-Side Fridges – Are GE Refrigerator Side-By-Side Good?

Side-by-side fridges also have double doors, but unlike French door options, one side of the door opens up the refrigerator, and the other opens up the freezer. These fridges are also sophisticated and classier, and they are generally spacious.

You’ll find them in fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel finishes and featuring high-end storage like glass freezer shelves, adjustable door bins, and advanced built-in water dispensers.

That is just what the GE GSSS25GHSSS Side Refrigerator demonstrates. So, yes, these fridges are pretty good. They, alongside French-door options, are the most refined.

Are GE Refrigerator Side-By-Side Good

c) GE Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top freezer fridges have a top-mount freezer while the fridge occupies the lower part. They are usually the cheapest, and they are best for storing frozen items that you are likely to use.

d) GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Bottom freezer fridges are just the opposite of the top freezer units. They feature the freezer compartments at the bottom, while the top part is a fridge. They are best for storing frozen items that you don’t use often.

GE Refrigerator Problems

GE refrigerators may be reliable and good quality, but that doesn’t make them void of problems. Some users complain that the GE refrigerator water dispenser is not working, which is often due to a frozen water line, jammed filter, bad inlet valve, low water pressure, or defective micro switch.

Other users complain of their GE refrigerator is making a loud humming noise, and it’s often because of a faulty or obstructed blade or fan motor, worn-out compressor, floor vibrations, or bad inlet valve.

You may also experience other refrigeration problems such as the fridge not cooling, the dispenser leaking, a slow dispenser, the ice maker not filling up with water, or a failing icemaker.


1. Is GE Refrigerator a Good Brand?

GE refrigerators are reliable, user-friendly, energy-efficient, and innovative. They enjoy a good warranty and have lots of convenient features.  So, yes, GE is a good refrigerator brand. All it takes is proper usage and good maintenance.

2. How Long Will A GE Refrigerator Last?

A GE refrigerator can last you 10 – 20 years with proper usage and good maintenance.

3. Is GE Refrigerator Better Than Samsung?

GE and Samsung are both highly reputable and reliable brands. Samsung, however, has the upper hand when it comes to reliability as it’s the most reliable fridge brand today. GE, however, is more affordable and cheaper to fix than Samsung. 

Are GE Refrigerators Good? Closing Thought

GE may not be a flawless fridge brand, but it delivers on many angles that make its fridges among the best. GE has it all, whether you want a simple family fridge or a high-end model for a smart home. You only have to research carefully and find your best pick.

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