Are LG Refrigerators Good Quality Brand As Advertised?

The latest JD Power US Appliance Satisfaction study press release is out, pitting LG with other big hitters such as Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid.

According to the report, LG ranks second overall in the fridge category (after Samsung) based on customer satisfaction. If the report is to be believed, are LG refrigerators good?

LG refrigerators are good because they are reliable, energy-efficient, quiet, stylish, and sleek. They also enjoy superior cooling technology, good capacity, and smart technology, among other impressive features. (

The only downsides are their steep prices and occasional component failure. So, as good as LG fridges are, they are not void of problems or setbacks, which I’ll expound on later in this review.

I’ll also talk about the various lines and types of LG fridges on the market. But if you’re in a hurry, check out a summary of LG refrigerators’ pros and cons in the table below:

are LG refrigerators good

Pros and Cons of LG Refrigerators

Pros Cons 
a) Reliable – backed with a 5-year component warrantya) Reported compressor failure
b) Energy-efficient backed by energy star ratingb) Icemaker failure in some cases
c) Quiet, thus family and office-friendlyc) Not all are Energy Star rated
d) Sleek and stylishd) Cooling issues on some units
e) Advanced coolinge) Fridge leakage
f) Spacious choices f) More sophisticated models are expensive
g) Impressive smart technologies 
h) User-friendly and fun to operate 
i) Varying designs with modern touches 

Are LG Refrigerators Good or Bad? LG Refrigerators Review

Below is a detailed review of LG fridges to help answer if the fridges are good or bad.

1. Reliability 

Upon digging into the JD Power Release, I discovered that one of JD Power’s pillars for determining customer satisfaction is reliability. So, according to them, LG fridges are the second most reliable fridges after Samsung refrigerators, and it’s hard to argue with that.

For example, LG fridges are backed by a 5-year component warranty, which says a lot about the quality of the units.

The other thing is that LG fridge parts are easy to find and replace. And more importantly, the fridges don’t break down easily apart from a few issues involving the compressor, condenser, and fan, which I’ll talk about later. That, to me, is reliability.


Though LG refrigerators suffer a few component failures, they remain among the most reliable refrigerators on the market.

2. Energy Efficiency

LG presently has 69 of its 91 fridges (models) with an energy star rating. That means that the majority of its fridges promise to save you energy. They use less power and give out less heat; that’s all energy efficiency.

On average, energy star-rated LG fridges consume about 738 kwh annually, which is reasonable. So, the next time you want to buy an energy-efficient fridge, go for an LG with an energy star identity.


Even though not all LG fridges are energy efficient, the majority are, and you can tell them by the energy star rating.

who makes LG refrigerators

3. Noise 

Low noise is something every homeowner wants from their fridge, and LG seems to be delivering on that.

The South Korean appliance maker employs Lo-Decibel Operation on its fridges to promise a low-noise running of its fridges. While its fridges are not entirely quiet, the noise is low, averaging 44-48 decibels, depending on the model.

You can have an uninterrupted conversation or sleep with the fridge running a few meters from you.


LG fridges are low noise options, making them family and office-friendly.

4. Style and Design

LG invests richly in high-tech specs and modern designs to stay as current as possible. Their fridges have a sleeker look characterized by metallic panels and stainless steel finish.

Others have the InstaView design, which is not just fingerprint/smudge-proof but allows you to knock on the door to view what’s inside.

Others enjoy the door-in-door design, allowing quick access to items that don’t lose heat quickly.


LG fridges are undoubtedly stylish and current. They are the pinnacle of modern fridge invention.

5. Cooling Technology

The cooling sphere is another area where LG reigns supreme. The fridge maker employs different cooling technologies to keep your food fresher for longer.

The most notable ones are:

  1. Linear Cooling – LG’s Linear Cooling technology gives your food a freshness similar to when the food was harvested/bought.
  2. Door Cooling – LG’s Door Cooling technology delivers cool fresh air to the entire fridge once you shut the door. You quickly bring the refrigerator to its desirable cooling temperature by locking the door.
  3. Smart Cooling – LG’s Smart Cooling technology employs sensors and venting systems to maintain optimum food preservation. Smart Cooling systems quickly adjust to temperature and humidity changes.
  4. Fresh Shield Cooling – Fresh Shield technology employs a set of ducts that release cool air to cool your food quickly.


Due to its impressive food cooling technologies, an LG fridge remains a dependable and purposeful fridge to have at home.

6. Refrigerator Capacity 

You want a refrigerator with enough storage for your supplies, an area LG suffices. LG fridges come with different capacities but a majority average 20-24 cubic feet.

You can get some good counter-depth options within this range that save on flow space without sacrificing the food storage area.

Ultra-large LG fridges offer you about 25 -30 cubic feet of storage, but they are generally roomier, so you’ll need more space for their installation.


LG fridges are generally spacious, befitting large families and offices.

where are LG refrigerators made

7. Smart Technology 

LG fully immerses in the smart world sector with its high-end fridges. Among its technologies are:

a) ThinQ

Today, over 50% of LG fridge models employ ThinQ app technology that connects them with the user’s smartphone.

ThinQ allows you to operate your refrigerator using your phone but even better; you can issue voice commands using Google Assistant or Alexa. How cool is that!

The technology even gets juicier. ThinQ offers you preventative notifications to help you improve the fridge performance and save on energy loss.

What’s more, ThinQ can run the compressor in its high-efficiency mode and activate Fresh Air Filter when necessary to keep the food fresh.

And if you are not sure about what to restock, you can use the ThinQ to take a quick look at your inventory and even know when some foods will expire.

b) Smart Diagnosis

Another impressive smart technology that LG employs is Smart Diagnosis, which you can initiate with ThinQ. As the name suggests, Smart Diagnosis provides valuable diagnostic information to help you identify and solve problems with your fridge early enough.

c) InstaView 

Having mentioned InstaView before, InstaView is an intelligent door feature that prevents you from repetitively or progressively opening the fridge door trying to see what’s in it.

You just have to ‘knock to see.’ As a result, it saves the fridge from unnecessary heat loss, resulting in high energy costs.

d) Door-in-Door 

As the name suggests, Door-in-Door is a technology where there is a door inside another door. The supplementary door allows you to grab things that don’t need much refrigeration.

So, you don’t have to interfere with the cool air circulation of those that need utmost refrigeration.

Other Impressive Technologies  

Here are some other impressive technologies that make LG tick:

  • Craft Ice that allows you to slowly melt and chill your beverages for the best taste
  • Dual Ice Maker, which doubles up as an ice maker and ice dispenser to ensure you always have ice
  • Fresh Air Filter that deodorizes your fridge and circulates fresh air throughout.
  • Measure Fill that allows you to pre-set the amount of water you would want to dispense
  • Economy Care analyses your energy usage to help you avoid wastage


There’s no denying that LG’s use of ThinQ and other intelligent technologies makes the fridges more user-friendly and fun.

how long do LG refrigerators last

Fridge Line and Type

All LG fridges are not the same (forget the type). Others are more high-end than others. Here are three famous lines:

  1. LG Line – This fridge line is for everyday home use. The units are the simplest and most affordable.
  2. LG Signature – The fridges here are a step above the LG line which means they promise better features, superior technology, and better craftsmanship.
  3. LG Studio – This is the crème de crème of LG fridges. It’s the premium line where everything is crafted with the most advanced technology to match your home and lifestyle.

And when it comes to the fridge types, LG makes the following fridge categories:

  • French Door LG Fridge – Features a double door with a bottom freezer with an independent door
  • Side-by-Side LG Fridge – The freezer and refrigerator are vertically next to one another
  • Top Freezer LG Fridge – Features a freezer with a door at the top
  • Bottom Freezer LG Fridge – Feature a pull-out freezer (drawer freezer) at the bottom.


LG fridges come in a wide price range to accommodate users with different budgets. Here are the average prices:

Fridge TypeAverage Price
InstaView LG Fridge$3,779 – $7,999
Door-in-Door LG Fridge$1,299 – $4,399
French Door LG Fridge$1,221 – $2,849
Side-By-Side LG Fridge$1,221 – $1,899
Bottom Freezer LG Fridge$1,169 – $1,799
Top Freezer LG Fridge$899 – $1,499

LG Refrigerator Problems

LG fridges aren’t problem-free, at least not when you start using them. Most customers complain of the following LG French door refrigerator problems:

  • Compressor Failure

Compressor failure is often due to a faulty seal, and it leads to issues like noise and not cooling.

  • Ice Maker Failure

The icemaker starts to fail when the water filter becomes faulty (after six months of usage), the control board fails, or the power switch develops an issue.

  • The Fridge Not Cooling

In most cases, the fridge isn’t cooling. The problem is related to a dirty condenser, defective motor, or a failed compressor.

  • Leakage 

If the drain line is frozen or blocked or the tank assembly is faulty, there could be an overflow in your fridge or outside it.

LG refrigerator problems

People Also Ask

1. Who Makes LG Refrigerators?

LG Electronics, a South Korean company part of LG Group, makes LG refrigerators but has plants all around the globe.

2. How Long Do LG Refrigerators Last?

LG fridges have a 5-year replacement warranty, but they can go for 13 – 20 years with good maintenance.

3. Where Are LG Refrigerators Made?

LG fridges are primarily made in South Korea, but some in China and the US.

In Conclusion – Are LG Refrigerators Good?

After looking at factors like reliability, energy efficiency, cooling technology, smart technology, and noise, there’s no denying that LG fridges tick most of the boxes, making them good.

The problems will be there but compared to most brands, LG fridges are less likely to break down, and even if they do, they are easier to fix.

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