7 Ways To Fix a Frigidaire AC WiFi Not Working (DIY!)

Is your Frigidaire AC WiFi not working, and you cannot explain it? Do you want to call an expert technician right away? Don’t call them just yet – at least not until you try out this Frigidaire air conditioner troubleshooting.

Well, your Frigidaire AC WiFi is not working because of using the wrong password or password combination, connecting to the wrong network, or your appliance being too far or hidden. It could also be that the phone’s location service is off, mobile data is on when connecting, or the wrong bandwidth. 

Once you go through the checklist, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the problem and reconnect your AC to WiFi. 

To help you, I’ll walk you through the seven issues and their quick fixes. Then later, I’ll share quick steps on connecting your Frigidaire AC to WiFi and resetting it.

Let’s jump into it! 

Frigidaire ac WiFi not working

In a rush? Below is a quick Frigidaire AC troubleshooting table for the seven mentioned issues (which will be discussed later in detail).

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for Frigidaire AC WiFi Not Working

 Possible CauseQuick Fix
1.Wrong Password Or Password Combination Re-check the password to ensure its correct and set it with special characters if you haven’t done so
2.Wrong Network Confirm you’re connecting to the correct office or home network. If not, try reconnecting to the right one.
3.Long RangeMove the router closer to the AC
4.Hidden Connection Avoid walls and anything that could hide the router
5.Mobiles Location Is OffTurn location service on if you’re using an Android phone
6.Mobile Data Is On Turn mobile data off when connecting
7.Wrong BandwidthSwitch to 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz

Why Your Frigidaire AC WiFi Not Working Plus Fixes

Consider these seven issues if you cannot connect your Frigidaire air conditioner to your home or office WiFi.

1. You’ve Entered the Wrong Password or Password Combination

You cannot connect your Frigidaire AC to your office or home WiFi if you use the wrong password. Remember, your password should feature special characters, which you must consider when setting up the password. 

More importantly, you must password-protect your WiFi before connecting the AC to it. If you don’t do that, then you cannot connect the Frigidaire air conditioner to the WiFi.


Counter-check the password you use to ensure it’s correct. If it’s not set or there are no special characters, reset it and try reconnecting the AC. (

2. You’re Connecting to The Wrong Network

You must connect to the right home or office network for the AC to work. Even if you get the password and username correct but fail to connect to the right router, your AC won’t connect. 


Counter Check your home or office WiFi connection to ensure you connect to the right router. If not, carefully re-enter the correct password and wait for the AC to connect to WiFi.

3. Your WiFi Router Is Out of Range (Long Range)

The router shouldn’t be too far when connecting your Frigidaire AC to WiFi. It should be within range so that you can connect to it fast.

Let’s face it; if your smartphone or smart TV can’t locate the router connection, then it’s out of range even for the AC.

how to connect Frigidaire ac to WiFi


Try to move your home or office router closer to the AC to establish a good connection. 

4. Your WiFi Connection Is Hidden

Sometimes, the router may be within range but hidden. For example, if the router is in another room or floor, you may have difficulty locating it and connecting the AC to WiFi. 


Ensure nothing blocks the router from the AC, especially walls. If so, consider moving the router to the AC or vice versa (if you have a portable Frigidaire AC).

5. Your Mobile’s Location Service Is Off

If you are using an Android phone to connect your AC to WiFi, it’s imperative that you turn its location service on when connecting the AC to WiFi.

If you don’t, you may have trouble establishing a connection between the AC and WiFi.


Turn your Android device’s location service on during connection if it’s off. 

6. Your Mobile Data Is On When Connecting

Unlike the location service, which should be on during connection, your mobile’s data connection should be off. You should only turn it on after connecting if you wish to. 

But as long as you are using the mobile device to connect your Frigidaire AC to WiFi, mobile data should be off. 


Turn mobile data off if it’s on when connecting.

7. You Are Using the Wrong Bandwidth

Lastly, it’s essential to check the bandwidth you are using. If you use 5GHZ, your Frigidaire AC won’t connect to WiFi.


Access your router’s settings and change the bandwidth to 2GHZ if it’s 5GHZ. If you aren’t sure, contact your internet service provider.

How do I reset my Frigidaire AC WiFi

How to Connect Frigidaire AC to WiFi?

Generally, the process of connecting an existing Frigidaire AC to WiFi and that of doing a fresh installation differ. Let’s look at the two next.

How to Connect an Existing Frigidaire AC to WiFi?

Follow these steps to connect your existing Frigidaire AC to WiFi:

  • Hold the AC’s power button for 5 seconds
  • Wait for the AC’s connect the light to indicate, or a beeping sound
  • Go ahead and access your air conditioner

How to Connect a New Frigidaire AC to WiFi (Fresh Connection)?

This is where the installation process is a little detailed. You can, however, do it DIY by following these steps:

  • Frigidaire app download – Go ahead and download the Frigidaire application on your mobile device. You can get the application on Google Play or the App store.
  • Account sign-up – Launch the app on your phone and sign up for a user Frigidaire account.
  • Appliance selection – Sign into the app and click on the ‘add appliance tab.’
  • AC connection – Hold the AC’s connect switch until the appliance makes a beeping sound. That will confirm that the AC is on, and you only need to wait for the app to detect it. 
  • Pick the AC and WiFi connection – Follow the app’s prompts to choose the AC and its WiFi connection. Then wait for the AC to connect to your WiFi connection. 
How Do I Connect My Frigidaire Air Conditioner to My Phone

But what if your AC still won’t connect to WiFi?

Then try resetting it, as I explain next.

How Do I Reset My Frigidaire AC WiFi?

Overall, consider resetting your Frigidaire AC if it won’t connect to WiFi for a reason not mentioned in the table above. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Unplug the appliance – Unplug your air conditioner from the power outlet and wait 15-25 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Press the reset button – Locate the reset button on the AC and press it down for 3-5 seconds. Your AC should connect to WiFi after that. If it doesn’t, go to the next step. 
  • Hold the reset button longer – Instead of pressing the rest button for 3-5 seconds, do it for 10 seconds or until you hear a beeping sound. 

Alternatively, you can disconnect the AC from the power by flipping off the circuit breaker and wait 10 minutes before flipping it back on. That should also reset your Frigidaire air conditioner quickly.

People Also Ask

1. How Do I Reconnect My Frigidaire AC to WiFi?

Consider using your smartphone’s Frigidaire app to reconnect your AC to WiFi. Just go to your smartphone’s WiFi settings, select the WiFi network you want to connect your AC and follow the prompts. 

2. How Do I Connect My Frigidaire Air Conditioner to My Phone?

You can connect your Frigidaire air conditioner to your phone by downloading and installing the Frigidaire app. You should then sign up for a Frigidaire user account and add your air conditioner. Then select your WiFi connection and enter the correct password to complete the linking.  

3. Is There an App for Frigidaire Air Conditioners?

Yes, the Frigidaire air conditioner mobile application is available on Google Play and App Store. You can download this app and use it to control your Frigidaire air conditioner, among other appliances.

4. Can I Control My Frigidaire AC with My Phone?

Thanks to the Frigidaire mobile app, you can control your Frigidaire AC with your phone. You need to download the app, install it on your phone and sign up for a user account.

After that, sign into the app, and add your Frigidaire AC. Then, you must pick a network connection and connect your app.

Closing Thought On Frigidaire AC WiFi Not Working:

Generally, ensure you use the correct WiFi password, connect to the right network and stay within range when your Frigidaire AC doesn’t connect to WiFi.

Also, ensure you turn the mobile service location on and mobile data off when connecting, and use 2GHZ. If that doesn’t work, reset your Frigidaire AC.

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