Frigidaire Air Conditioner Troubleshooting (11 Problems Fixed)

As a Frigidaire air conditioner user, you must have faced a situation where your AC just won’t work or malfunctions. At such a time, knowing basic Frigidaire air conditioner troubleshooting is invaluable.

Issues like the Frigidaire air conditioner not turning on, not cooling, not blowing air, not draining, and not dripping water outside are troubleshoot-able. Others include the buttons, control panel, fan or compressor not working, the AC beeping but not turning on, and WiFi not connecting.

So, there are at least 11 issues prevalent among Frigidaire air cons that you can troubleshoot. We’ll examine these issues, focusing on their probable causes and fixes.

After that, we’ll look at how you can reset your AC after a repair, replacement, or when changing the setting. Let’s get into it!     

Frigidaire air conditioner troubleshooting

In a rush? Below is a summary of the 11 Frigidaire air conditioner troubleshooting issues and their fixes:

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Problems – Quick Guide

Problem Possible CauseRecommended Fix
1.AC Won’t Turn OnLack of power, clogged filter, low coolant, or bad compressorEnsure your AC is getting enough power, replace a clogged filter, and call an expert to fix the rest
2.AC Won’t CoolA high-temperature setting, undersized AC, dirty filter, low refrigerant, frozen evaporator coil, or component failure ( thermistor, PCB, fan, thermostat, compressor, run capacitor, or main control)Turn the thermostat setting to ‘cool’ mode and upgrade the AC if it’s too small. Call an expert to fix a low refrigerant, frozen evaporator coil, or a faulty component that needs replacing
3.AC Won’t Blow AirFaulty fan, thermostat, or main controlReplace the fan thermostat or main control board if any is faulty
4.AC Won’t DrainBlocked drain lineCheck the drain line for clogging and unclog it
5.AC Not Dripping Water OutsideWrong installation or dirty filterUninstall and reinstall the AC correctly, tilting it outside. And if the filter is dirt clogged, replace it
6.Buttons Not WorkingSoftware glitch, tripped breaker, loose wiring, or component failure (fan, user interface board, PCB, evaporator coils, or thermostat)Reset the AC, and tripped breaker, and call an expert to fix loose wiring or failed component
7.Control Panel Not WorkingFaulty remote control, power failure, wrong setting, non-responsive buttons, or component failure (thermistor, compressor, or control board)Replace the remote control batteries to ensure the AC is receiving power, turn the setting to ‘cool mode’ and clean the buttons. Call an expert to address component failure
8.Fan Not Working Tripped breaker, dirty filter, broken motor, or component failure ( thermostat, thermistor, capacitor, blower motor, temperature controller, belt, rotary switch, or selector switch)Reset a tripped breaker, replace a clogged filter and broken motor, and ask for expert help in replacing a failed component
9.Compressor Not Turning OnPower failure, dirty filter or coils, or component failure (thermostat, capacitor, thermistor, selector switch, temperature control board, PCB, start relay, contactor for compressorEnsure the AC is getting power, clean dirty filter or coils, and ask for an expert’s help to replace a failed component
10.AC Beeps But Won’t Turn OnPower failure (tripped breaker or blown fuse), low battery, or clogged filterReset a tripped circuit breaker, replace an exploded fuse, and change the remote control’s batteries or filter
11.WiFi Not ConnectingIncorrect password, wrong WiFi, network, hidden or long-range connection, wrong bandwidth, device location off or mobile data on during WiFi connectionEnsure you use the correct password, connect to the right network, and operate within the WiFi range. Also, use 2GHZ, turn on the device location and switch off mobile data when connecting

11 Frigidaire Air Conditioner Problems for DIY Troubleshooting

Discussed are 11 issues affecting Frigidaire air cons that you can fix:

1. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Several factors could stop the Frigidaire air con from turning on and running. They include the following:

  • Lack of power – Your AC won’t turn on if it doesn’t get enough power. So, check for a blown-up fuse and replace it, a tripped-up breaker and reset it, and a faulty outlet or cable and replace it.
  • Clogged filter – A filthy filter sometimes makes it hard for the compressor and other components to run and prevent the AC from turning. You’ll need to replace/clean it if that’s the case.
  • Low coolant/refrigerant level – A low coolant level can prevent the AC from turning on. If so, mainly due to leakage, call an HVAC expert.
  • Bad compressor – If the compressor is bad, it won’t run, and the AC won’t turn on. So, talk to an expert who may ask you to replace it.
Frigidaire air conditioner not turning on

2. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cooling (Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough)

One of the AC’s core functions is cooling. So, if your Frigidaire air con won’t cool, there’s a reason to worry. It’s most likely due to one of these issues:

  • High-temperature setting – If your AC temperature is too high, the air conditioner won’t cool. You need to set the thermostat at a lower temperature, preferably in ‘cool mode,’ to enable the unit to cool.
  • Undersized unit – If the air con is smaller than the room, you may feel like it’s not cooling at all, even if it is. Therefore, consider matching your room with the correct air con size. Here’s a table to employ:
Room Size (sq.ft.)Air Con Capacity (BTU)
150 – 350 sq.ft.5,000 – 8,000 BTU
350 – 500 sq.ft.8,000 – 11,000 BTU
500 – 700 sq.ft.11,000 – 14,000 BTU
700 – 1050 sq.ft.14,000 – 18,000 BTU
1050 – 1600 sq.ft.18,000 – 25,000 BTU
  • Dirty filter – A filthy filter does not allow your AC to breathe. And if it doesn’t breathe, it won’t cool. So, replace the filter if it looks dirty.
  • Low refrigerant – AC’s low refrigerant level is not enough to cool the warm air in circulation. So, consider calling an expert to check the refrigerant level and fix the issues.
  • Frozen evaporator coil – An iced evaporator coil cannot cool the air in circulation. But since it’s hard to reach, call an expert.
  • Component failure (thermistor, electronic control board PCB), fan, thermostat, compressor, run capacitor, or main control) – Lastly, check all the above components for faults or ask for an expert’s help. If any is faulty or worn out, your AC won’t cool, and the fix is a replacement.

3. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Blowing Air

If your Frigidaire air con is not just cooling but also not blowing air, possible causes include:

  • Faulty fan – If the fan is broken or worn out, it won’t turn, and so the AC won’t blow air. You’ll need to replace the fan if that’s the case. 
  • Defective thermostat – A malfunctioning thermostat fails to enable the compressor to run, and so the AC won’t blow air. You’ll also need to replace it if that’s the case.
  • Bad main control board – If the main control board is defective, the AC won’t work until you replace it. 

4. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Draining

The primary reason why most air conditioners won’t drain is drain clogging. If the drain line is clogged by debris or even dust, water won’t drain.


Try flushing the drain line with a vacuum to unclog it. You can also flush bleach and warm water down the line. 

5. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Dripping Water Outside

If your Frigidaire AC leaks water inside instead of outside, it could be because of:

  • The wrong installation – If the AC is tilted more inside your room, it will leak in instead of out. If so, you need to uninstall and reinstall it correctly.
  • Dirty filter – A dirt-clogged filter will block the drain line causing the AC to leak inside. Its fix is replacing it.

6. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Buttons Not Working

Nothing annoys like pressing an AC’s buttons, but they won’t respond. Possible explanations for non-responsive air conditioner buttons include:

  • Software glitch – Consider resetting your AC (steps discussed below), as it could have suffered a software hitch that is freezing up the buttons.
  • Tripped breaker – A tripped breaker cuts off the power supply and prevents the buttons from responding. So, check it and reset it.
  • Loose Wiring – If loose wires are in the control panel, you need to call a technician to fix them as they could render the buttons non-responsive.
  • Component failure (fan, user interface, board, PCB, evaporator coil, or thermostat) – Ask for an expert’s help to check these components from failure and replace whatever is faulty.

7. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Control Panel Not Working

The Frigidaire air conditioner control panel often becomes unresponsive due to any of these issues:

  • Faulty remote control – Replace the remote control’s batteries or try a different remote control before doing any major fix. 
  • Power failure – If the remote control is okay, check for possible power failure. It could be that the air con is not getting power due to a tripped breaker, faulty outlet, blown-up fuse, or loose power cable.
  • Wrong setting – Ensure you set your AC on ‘cool mode’ if that’s not the case. An incorrect setting could be causing the control panel to become non-responsive.
  • Non-responsive buttons – The control panel buttons could be wet or dusty, thus defective. So, clean the control panel.
  • Component failure (thermistor, compressor, or control board) – Ask for HVAC experts to help examine and replace any of these components if any are faulty.
Frigidaire air conditioner control panel not working

8. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

The Frigidaire AC fan may fail to run and blow cold air due to one of these issues:

  • Tripped breaker – A tripped-up breaker prevents the fan motor from getting any power. So, check the circuit box and reset the breaker if it’s tripped. 
  • Dirty filter – If the air filter is dirty, the fan will struggle to power up and run. So, consider replacing the filter if it’s clogged.
  • Broken motor – A broken motor is unable to run the fan. So, inspect it and replace it if that’s the case. 
  • Component failure (thermostat, thermistor, capacitor, blower motor, belt temperature controller, rotary switch, or selector switch) – If one of these components fails, your Frigidaire air conditioner fan won’t run. So, inspect them or ask for expert help and replace the faulty one. 

9. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On

The Frigidaire AC compressor won’t turn on due to one of these issues:

  • Power failure – If the on/off switch is off, the fuse is blown up, the breaker is tripped up, or the power plug is loose or faulty, the compressor won’t turn on. So, check all these issues and fix them accordingly.
  • Dirty filter or coils – Dirty filter or coils or both could make it hard for the compressor to run, let alone turn on. So, you need to inspect them and clean them properly.
  • Component failure (thermostat, capacitor, thermistor, selector switch, temperature control board, PCB, start relay, or contactor) – The compressor depends on the proper working of all these components to run. If any is faulty, the compressor won’t run. However, you may need an HVAC expert’s help to check and replace them.
  • Dead compressor – The problem could be that the compressor is beyond its better days. If so, replace it or get a new AC.

10. Frigidaire Air Conditioner Beeps But Won’t Turn On

Sometimes the air con will beep but won’t turn on when pressing start. If so, the reason is often any of these issues:

  • Low remote control battery – Change the remote control batteries before trying to operate the AC. the battery power could be low.
  • Clogged filter – The filter could be blocked and, as a result, it prevents the air con from turning on. If so, replace or clean it.
  • Tripped breaker – Check the circuit breaker from tripping and reset it if it’s tripped.
  • Blown fuse – Check the thermal fuse, and replace it if it’s blown.

11. Frigidaire Ac WiFi Not Working (Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Connecting to WiFi)

Lastly, if your Frigidaire AC won’t connect to WiFi, consider these possibilities:

  • Incorrect password – Recheck the password you are using. It could be wrong and thus preventing the AC from connecting to WiFi.
  • The wrong network – Also, check the network you are connecting to ensure it’s not someone else’s. If the network is wrong, the AC won’t connect to WiFi.
  • Hidden or long-range connection – Ensure the router is not far or hidden, as the AC will have difficulty accessing it.
  • Wrong bandwidth – If you are using 5GHz, consider switching to 2GHz if you want your AC to connect to WiFi.
  • Device location might be off – Ensure you turn on the location service on your mobile phone to allow your phone to locate the AC and WiFi.
  • Mobile data might be on – The mobile data should be off when connecting to WiFi.
Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Connecting to WiFi

How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner?

You can quickly reset your Frigidaire air conditioner by unplugging it for 15 seconds or more and then pressing its reset button for 2-5 seconds. Alternatively, you can turn off the breaker for at least 10 minutes before turning it back on.

Overall, resetting the air conditioner helps jump-start it and avoid any issues after a replacement, software update, or setting change.    So, it’s imperative when performing a Frigidaire air conditioner troubleshooting.

Closing Thought

Above is how to do the Frigidaire air conditioner troubleshooting expertly. So, you don’t need to be an expert to do it. What’s important is knowing when to call an HVAC expert, and that’s when dealing with a failed component that needs a replacement. As for the other Frigidaire troubleshooting tips, you can give them a try before making that service call.  

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