Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights: 7 Causes & Fixes!

Often, Samsung air conditioner blinking lights indicate a fault. Thus, it’s advisable not to ignore the LED flashes once you spot them but to try to determine the reason and troubleshoot it.

Mostly, Samsung air conditioners blink their lights because of a clogged or incorrectly installed filter, frozen coils, poor airflow, low refrigerant, electrical fault, a failing compressor, or incorrect (AC) installation. 

While blinking lights generally have different possible causes, it’s imperative to recognize their appearance (color) to identify the fault quickly. To help you, I’ll discuss the reasons behind red, green, and red + green lights, among others.

We’ll see how you can troubleshoot these errors, especially when they prevent the air conditioner from working.  

Let’s jump into it!  

Samsung air conditioner blinking lights

In a hurry? The table below outlines the likely causes of the blinking lights, their appearance, and fixes. 

Quick Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights Troubleshooting Guide

Likely CauseThe Appearance of the Blinking LightRecommended Fix
1.Clogged or Incorrectly Fitted FilterRed blinking lightReplace the air filter and ensure you fit it correctly
2.Frozen Coils Red + green blinking lightsCall an HVAC pro to check the evaporator coils
3.Poor Airflow (Blocked Unit)Green or blue + red blinking lightsRemove anything obstructing your indoor and outdoor unit, and keep the AC clean
4.Low Refrigerant Green blinking lightCall an expert to inspect and refill the refrigerant
5.Electrical FaultGreen or red blinking lightsAsk for an expert inspection of your electrical wiring. But first, inspect the breaker and reset it if it’s off
6.Failing Compressor Red blinking lightCall an expert to check the compressor and possibly replace it
7.Incorrect AC InstallationCall an HVAC pro and mention the error code you are seeing

How to Troubleshoot Samsung Air Conditioner Lights Flashing?

When it comes to Samsung air conditioner flashing lights, you have to consider the possibility of any of these causes:

1. Clogged or Incorrectly Fitted Filter

If the air filter is filthy (dirt-clogged) or wrongly fitted, the air conditioner will flash the filter indicator light. The blinking light is primarily red and so watch out for that.

Remember, your air conditioner won’t cool properly when the filter is clogged or faulty. So, you don’t need the indicator light to check that.


Inspect your air filter for dirt clogging. Samsung recommends replacing it every six months. Meanwhile, ensure the filter is correctly fitted. 

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2. Frozen Coils 

If the air conditioner blinks red and green, the evaporator coils are likely frozen. In most cases, the evaporator coils frost over to indicate a refrigerant leak, which means this is something you should call a professional for. 


Power your air conditioner off and open the front panel to inspect the evaporator coils. If they are frozen over, call a pro.

3. Poor Airflow

Good airflow is pivotal to properly cooling and heating an air conditioner. The AC will malfunction if anything prevents your indoor or outdoor unit from properly circulating air.

The AC unit won’t cool or heat properly and may present with a blinking light. The blinking light can be green or a combination of blue and red light.


Check for anything that could be blocking your AC. Indoor, remove any obstructing furniture or heavy curtains. And outdoors, clear any bushes and clutch. Meanwhile, ensure your AC is clean (dust-free).

Samsung air conditioner red and green light flashing

4. Low Refrigerant 

The air conditioner may also flash green when the refrigerant (coolant) level drops. That usually is a serious issue since the AC won’t heat or cool when the refrigerant drops. The cause is often a leakage which an expert can help you fix.


Most ACs have a refrigerant meter that measures the refrigerant level. Once you suspect a refrigerant leak, call an expert. 

5. Electrical Fault 

Your Samsung air conditioner will flash its lights if there’s an electrical fault. That includes broken and loose wires, irregular power (or power surge), a malfunctioning PCB (Printed Circuit Board), and a damaged cord.

In most cases, the AC will blink green severally to indicate the fault, but it can also blink red, especially if the circuit board is malfunctioning.


If you have the technical know-how, inspect your electrical wiring for faults and observe the power cord for damages. However, if you cannot do it, especially inspecting the PCB, request an expert inspection of your wiring.

But first, check the circuit breaker for possible tripping (due to a power surge) and reset it. 

6. Failing Compressor 

If the reason your AC blinks red has nothing to do with a faulty filter, it’s likely to be the compressor. It’s highly probable that the compressor is failing, forcing your AC to work double hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.


To be sure that the problem is the compressor, look for the error codes on your Samsung AC. An error code like E403 indicates a compressor issue. So, you should have an expert check the compressor and replace it if it’s defective. 

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7. Incorrect Air Conditioner Installation 

Lastly, your Samsung air conditioner could blink its light if it’s wrongly installed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the unit is faulty, but it indicates you’ve to check it and probably reinstall it.

Note that an error code (201, 556, EA, 203, or any other) may accompany the blinking light.


Note the error code and use it to consult an HVAC pro.

ac light blinking but not working

Types of Blinking Lights by Samsung Air Conditioner and Their Troubleshooting

Here are some notable blinking lights on Samsung ACs and their interpretation and troubleshooting:

1. Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Green Lights

While a Samsung AC displays a solid green indicator light to show it’s running smoothly, a blinking green light is a sign of a fault. The fault could be any of the following:

  • Power surge – Once there’s a power surge, enough to trip the breaker, the AC will start blinking green. So, check the breaker box to reset the breaker if it’s off. 
  • Blocked outdoor unit – If anything is blocking the outdoor unit from proper air circulation, the AC will flash the green light severally. So, you need to check the outdoor unit and remove any obstructions. 
  • Refrigerant leak – If the reason for the green flashing LED is not an electrical fault or blocked outdoor unit, it’s likely to be the refrigerant that needs refilling. So, call an expert.

2. Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Red Lights

Several issues could result in your Samsung air conditioner flashing its red indicator light. The commonest ones include: 

  • The AC’s outdoor unit is off – If your outdoor unit (especially the compressor, fan, or condenser) is not running, the AC will indicate RED. So, you need to inspect the outdoor unit. 
  • Dirty air filter – As mentioned earlier, the AC will indicate RED if there’s an issue with the filter. So, check it for clogging and clean it. 
  • Tripped-up breaker – Remember, an electrical fault (in this case, a tripped breaker) can cause the red blinking. So, you need to check it and reset it. 
  • Faulty circuit board – A malfunctioning circuit board that you should replace can force the AC to blink red. 
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3. My Samsung Air Conditioner Red and Green Light Flashing

The Samsung air conditioner rarely flashes the red and green LED simultaneously, but it can happen. If it does, it’s likely to be due to one of these causes: 

  • Clogged condensate pipe – Once the condensate pipe clogs, which you can tell by a leaky unit, the AC may flash the red and green LED. If so, have an HVAC pro check the condensate pipe. 
  • Frozen coils – Frosted-over evaporator coils may force the AC to flash red and green lights. If so, also have an expert check the unit. 

4. Samsung Air Conditioner Red + Green + Blue Blinking Lights

Sometimes the Samsung air conditioner flashes the red, green, and blue lights simultaneously to indicate an EEPROM error. The EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) error pops up when the outdoor unit’s main chip or indoor PCB fails to get any feedback from the AC’s EEPROM chip. 


Since the blinking light indicates an EEPROM error, you should try resetting your AC. Just power it off and unplug it for a few minutes. If the error won’t erase after resetting, consult a professional. 

what does a blinking air conditioner light indicate

Other Samsung Air Conditioner Lights Flashing and Their Meaning 

Consider the table below for additional Samsung AC blinking light and their meaning.

Type Of Blinking LightMeaning/AC Condition
Ice blue blinking light (every 2 seconds)Power reset 
Ice blue blinking light (every 10 seconds)Defrost mode
Blue blinking lightOutdoor unit fault
Blue + red blinking lightIndoor fan error 
Blue + yellow blinking lightShort/open circuit fault
Flickering reservation lightAbnormal indoor temp sensor
Flickering filter lightAbnormal outdoor pipe temp sensor 
Flickering reservation light + operation LEDAbnormal indoor pipe temp sensor
Flickering filter light + operation LEDAbnormal outdoor temp sensor 
Flickering filter light + reservation LEDCommunication fault between the outdoor and indoor unit

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My Samsung AC Light Blinking But Not Working?

Your Samsung AC light is blinking, but the unit is not working because of a clogged filter, low refrigerant, obstructed outdoor unit, non-working compressor, electrical fault, or wrong installation.  Fixing these issues won’t just clear the error codes but will get your AC working. 

2. What Does a Blinking Air Conditioner Light Indicate?

A blinking air conditioner light may indicate different things. It could show a clogged or wrongly placed filter, a blocked outdoor unit, a low refrigerant, or a wiring fault. It could also be demonstrating a failing compressor.

3. Why Is My Air Conditioner Light Blinking?

Different issues could cause your air conditioner to blink. The commonest ones include a clogged filter, obstructed outdoor unit, frosted coils, low refrigerant, failed compressor, wiring fault, and wrong AC installation. So, go through all those checks to troubleshoot the AC.

4. How Do You Reset a Samsung AC Unit?

Samsung recommends unplugging the air conditioner for at least 30 seconds and then re-plug it back to reset it. That’s more important when your Samsung AC won’t turn on for a reason you can’t tell.    

5. Why Is Red Light Flashing On My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner is blinking red to indicate that the outdoor unit is off. So, you should confirm if the compressor, condenser, and fan are running. 

Other issues that could result in a red blinking light include a dirty air filter, tripped breaker, and a bad circuit board. 

Concluding Thought On Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights:

Generally, it’s worth checking the air filter for clogging or wrong installation, the evaporator coils for frosting over, and the outdoor unit for airflow obstruction when your Samsung AC starts blinking. 

Don’t forget to inspect the refrigerant for leakage and issues like an electrical fault, faulty compressor, and wrong AC installation. Once you go through these checks, you can stop your AC from blinking. 

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