Samsung Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Manual and Guide

Essentially, having an easy-to-follow Samsung air conditioner troubleshooting manual is the key to recognizing and fixing faults on your AC. In most cases, that means doing it yourself and not having to call Samsung or the local HVAC expert.

This manual shall help you troubleshoot your Samsung air conditioner when it doesn’t switch on or off, when it won’t respond to the remote, and when it won’t cool or heat. Additionally, you can use it to troubleshoot your AC when it blinks its light or beeps thrice.

Not only that, but I’ll also share about Samsung AC error codes and unit reset. The former shall help you recognize faults just by the codes it displays, while the latter can help you fix a few issues without any repair.

I’ll separate the DIY fixes from expert fixes to help you draw the line, as not all issues are DIY. Let’s jump into it!  

Samsung Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Manual

In a hurry? Below is a quick troubleshooting manual for your failing or non-working Samsung air conditioner.

Quick Samsung Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Problem  Likely Cause  Troubleshooting 
1. Samsung AC Won’t Switch On  Unplugged AC, power outage, a tripped breaker, a damaged cord, or a faulty power outlet Ensure the AC is plugged in and there’s power (no outage). Reset the breaker (if it’s off) and replace a damaged cord. Call an expert to check and fix a faulty electric outlet
2. Samsung AC Won’t Switch Off Auto-clean mode, dead remote batteries, dirty evaporator coils, or faulty sensor (thermostat) Wait 3 minutes for the auto-clean to go off, replace dead batteries, and clean the dirty coils. Call an expert to check and fix the faulty sensor
3. Samsung AC Won’t Respond To The Remote  Wrongly installed batteries, obstruction, long sensor, distance, dead batteries or faulty remote or AC main control board Check the batteries to ensure they are correctly placed, and operate the remote at a close distance and away from obstructions. Change the batteries if they don’t work, or replace the remote. Call an expert in case of a faulty AC main control
4. Samsung Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air   Wrong AC capacity or mode, high-temperature setting, dirty air filter, blocked unit, low refrigerant or voltage supply, or a failing component (compressor, thermostat, temperature control board, run capacitor, thermistor, or main control) Ensure the AC is the correct size and change the setting to cool or Auto mode (or lower the temperature). Clean dirty filter or condenser coils and clear any obstructions. Call an expert to check the refrigerant, voltage sup[ply and the various components for faults and fix or repair them
5. Samsung AC Won’t Blow Hot Air  AC not warmed up, wrong mode, or incorrect capacity  Wait for the unit to warm up (up to 5 minutes), turn it to heat mode and if the capacity is wrong, replace it
6. Samsung AC Blinking Lights  Poor airflow, dirty filter, electrical fault, or low refrigerant Ensure there’s proper air circulation around the AC, clean dirty air filter, and call an expert to check for possible electrical defects or refrigerant leakage
7. Samsung AC Beeps Thrice A remote command pressed in or a technical fault Release any pressed remote button and try resetting the AC. If it doesn’t work, call an expert

Samsung Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Manual for 7 Common Issues

While the Samsung air conditioner may suffer different issues, the commonest are discussed below. Use the tips I’ll share to troubleshoot the AC. 

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1. Samsung Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Something must be wrong if your AC won’t power on. Often, the reason why the AC won’t turn on is one of these:

  • Failure to plug in the AC – It’s easy to forget to plug in a window or portable AC. If that’s the case, it won’t turn on. 
  • Power outage – Your Samsung AC won’t turn on if there’s an outage. So, you’ve to rule out this possibility before considering the rest. 
  • Tripped breaker – If there was a power spike before, it might have tripped the breaker off, preventing the AC from powering on. 
  • Damaged cord – Check the power cord for damages, as it won’t deliver power to the air conditioner that way.
  • Faulty power outlet – Consider plugging another appliance into the electrical outlet to see if it’s working. If it’s not, the AC won’t switch on. 

DIY Fix 

Check the power plug to ensure it is connected to the power outlet. If the AC doesn’t work, confirm if there’s a power outage. If there isn’t, check the circuit breaker and flip it on if it’s off. 

Also, check the power cord for any damages and replace it. 

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Call an expert when the power outlet is faulty. That’s when it won’t power any appliance (not just the AC)

Samsung Air Conditioner Not Turning On

2. Samsung Air Conditioner Not Switching Off

Sometimes, your Samsung air con may switch on and fail to switch off. In that case, it runs nonstop despite your attempt to turn it off. Some of the issues that could trigger that are:

  • Auto-clean mode – The auto-clean function, a self-cleaning command, takes about 3 minutes before the AC goes off. So, check if it’s on.
  • Dead batteries (non-responsive remote) – If the remote batteries are dead, the remote will be non-responsive. So the AC won’t respond to it when you try switching it off.
  • Dirty condenser coils – Dirt-clogged condenser coils may force the AC to run nonstop, trying to make up for the failure of the refrigerant to dissipate heat properly.
  • Faulty sensor – If there’s a defective sensor, especially a shortened thermostat, the AC won’t get the correct signal. So it may run nonstop. 
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DIY Fix 

Wait for up to 3 minutes if the Auto-clean command is on for the AC to power off. Try replacing the batteries to see if the remote is working. If the issue is not the remote, inspect the condenser coils for dirt clogging and clean them. 

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Call an expert to check the sensor, especially the thermostat, for faults, and replace it. 

3. Your Samsung Air Conditioner Not Responding to Remote Control

If the air-con doesn’t respond to its remote, then it could be due to the following:

  • Wrongly installed batteries – If the +/– poles of the remote aren’t matching the batteries’ polarity, the remote control won’t work.
  • Obstruction around the AC – The remote control will also not work if there are obstructions, especially walls around it. 
  • Long sensor distance – In most cases, the remote control works within a 10-ft. length. If the distance is longer, the remote control won’t work. 
  • Dead batteries – The remote may also be non-responsive if its batteries are dead. 
  • Faulty remote – Sometimes, the problem could be the remote control no longer working. It could either be damaged or just defective. 
  • Failing main control board – If the remote is not the issue, then the problem could be the AC, whose main control board is defective. 

DIY Fix 

Check the remote batteries to ensure they are correctly placed. If there are obstructions around the remote control, avoid them when operating the remote and try moving closer (within a 10ft radius).

Consider replacing the remote’s batteries if it still won’t work. 

And if you are still unsuccessful, take a picture of the remote sensor when pressing it to see if it will light up. If it doesn’t, then that confirms the remote is faulty. So, replace it. 

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Contact an expert when the remote doesn’t work after the above troubleshooting. The issue is likely a failed main control board which an expert can diagnose and fix. 

4. Samsung Air Conditioner Not Cooling (or Samsung Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly)

One of Samsung air conditioners’ strongest qualities is their ability to blow cold air during the heated seasons and promote a cool indoor environment. If that’s not the case, the issue could be any of these:

  • Wrong AC capacity – The unit won’t cool if its capacity doesn’t match your room size. See the table below.
  • Wrong temperature mode or high setting – If the AC is on any other mode other than Cool Mode or Auto Mode, it won’t cool. It’ll also not cool if it’s set above room temperature.
  • Dirty air filter or condenser coils – The AC cannot blow cold air if its air filter or condenser coils are filthy.
  • Blocked unit – The AC can also not blow cold air and circulate it if the indoor unit is obstructed.
  • Low refrigerant – Insufficient refrigerant (due to leakage) means it cannot absorb the heat in the room and so your AC won’t cool. 
  • Low voltage supply – The AC will fail to cool if the voltage supply is lower than it should be (at least 180v)
  • Faulty components – Lastly, if the issue is not in the above list, then the compressor, thermostat, temperature control board, run capacitor, thermistor, or main control board could be faulty.
Samsung Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

DIY Fix 

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Replace your AC if it’s the wrong size. Here’s a table by Samsung to use as a reference. 

Room Size AC Capacity
9 – 28 square-meter 2.5kW
25 – 38 square-meter  3.5kW
35 – 55 square-meter 5kW
48 – 72 square-meter  7kW
55 – 85 square-meter  8kW

If the capacity is okay, check the temperature mode and setting. Raise the AC’s temperature above the room temperature using the remote or set it to cool or auto mode.

Remove any obstruction around the indoor and outdoor unit and clean the air filter or condenser coils if dirty.

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Contact a professional to clean the refrigerant level and refill it or to inspect the compressor thermostat, temperature control board, run capacitor, thermistor, or main control board. 

5. Samsung Air Conditioner Not Heating

A Samsung air conditioner may also fail to blow hot air and warm up your cold space. In such a case, the problem could be any of these:

  • AC hasn’t warmed up – It takes up to 3 – 5 minutes for the Samsung air conditioner to warm up. That’s normal and not a malfunction.
  • Wrong temperature mode – The AC won’t heat your space if it’s set on any other mode apart from heat mode or auto mode.
  • Incorrect AC size – A wrong AC capacity won’t just prevent the unit from cooling your space but also from heating. 


Give the AC 5 minutes to warm up. If it doesn’t, check the temperature mode to ensure it is the Heat Mode or Auto Mode. Auto Mode allows the AC to match the temperature at any season.

And if the AC stool won’t heat, consider replacing it, as it could be the wrong size. But before you do, refer to the earlier shared table.

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Call an expert if the issue is not the wrong mode or capacity.

6. Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights

Your air conditioner always tries to tell you something when it flashes its light. The reason could be any of these:

  • Poor airflow – If the air conditioner struggles to distribute the air in the room, it will blink its light.
  • Dirty filter – The AC will also blink its light when the filter becomes dirt clogged. That shows you that you should change it.
  • Electrical fault – If there’s a wiring fault, your AC will flash its light, and sometimes an error code accompanies the blinking. 
  • Low refrigerant – Lastly, the AC will flash its light if the refrigerant level is lower than it should be. 

DIY Fix 

Remove any obstruction around the AC and clean it. Replace the air filter if it’s dirty, and try resetting the AC. 

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Call a professional to check for an electrical fault or refrigerant leakage. 

7. Samsung Air Conditioner 3 Beeps

Another way that a Samsung air conditioner shows a fault is by blinking. If it blinks thrice, it could be because of a pressed remote command or a technical issue. 

DIY Fix 

Check for any pressed-in remote control button and release it. If the buttons are okay, try resetting the AC (steps shared beneath). (

When to call a Samsung AC expert:

Contact an expert when the AC continues blinking after a reset.

Samsung Air Conditioner 3 Beeps

Samsung Air Conditioner Reset

Is your Samsung air conditioner not working, still? Then consider a reset.

Generally, it’s advisable to reset the AC when its remote is not working, when you want to clear an error code, or when you want to turn off blinking lights. You can also do it when the AC is not cooling or heating enough.

Here’s how to reset a Samsung air conditioner:

  • Turn off the AC and unplug it
  • Take out the batteries from the ACs remote and wait for 5 minutes
  • Return the batteries and plug back the AC and turn it on

Samsung Air Conditioner Error Codes

Check out this post on Samsung air conditioner error codes to see how to clear various error codes on your Samsung unit. 

Closing Thought

Above is a Samsung air conditioner troubleshooting manual for your Samsung AC when it fails. Consider it to troubleshoot your unit when it won’t power on or off, blow cold or hot or respond to the remote or when it presents an error code or flashing light. Do that before contacting Samsung. 

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