12 Reasons Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On

A bad compressor is one of the typical reasons why most Frigidaire air conditioners fail. If the compressor doesn’t run, the AC won’t work. But why is the Frigidaire air conditioner compressor not turning on?

Your Frigidaire AC compressor may not turn on due to power failure, a defective thermostat, temperature control board, capacitor or contactor, or filthy filters and coils. Other reasons include a faulty thermistor, relay board, selector switch, start relay or control board, or dead compressor.

So many things could prevent the Frigidaire AC compressor from turning on, and I’ll help you identify and fix them. 

But how do you know you have a bad AC compressor? How do you tell it’s the compressor that’s not turning on?

We’ll answer that in a minute or so. But before we do, let me help you understand what an AC compressor does and why it’s essential.

Frigidaire air conditioner compressor not turning on

In a rush? Below is a quick troubleshooter for a Frigidaire AC that won’t turn on.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for A Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor That is Not Turning On

Probable CauseRecommended Fix 
1.Power Failure Turn on the on/off switch if it’s not, reset a tripped breaker, and replace a faulty power cable or overload
2.Defective ThermostatReplace a thermostat that fails the multimeter/multimeter continuity test
3.Bad Temperature Control BoardHave an HVAC expert examine the control board, and if you find it defective, replace it
4.Defective Capacitor Replace the capacitor if it fails to show continuity
5.Malfunctioning AC Contactor Change the AC contactor if it fails the multi-testers continuity test
6.Filthy Filter And Coils Clean the filter and coils if they are dirt clogged
7.Faulty Thermistor Replace the thermistor if it fails to show any continuity
8.Faulty Relay BoardHave a licensed HVAC professional check the relay board and replace it if you confirm it’s faulty
9.Bad Selector Switch Test the selector switch if it won’t turn on the compressor
10.Bad Start Relay Replace the start relay if it fails the multimeter continuity test
11.Defective Electronic Control Board (PCB)Replace the PCB if it’s faulty. Talk to an HVAC expert about it
12.Dead Compressor Replace the AC compressor as your last resort

What Does a Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Do?

The compressor is more like the heart of the air conditioner. Most of the AC’s operations depend on the compressor, including cooling.

As the name suggests, the work of the compressor is to compress. In this case, it compresses the unit’s refrigerant and drives it throughout the AC.

By compressing, we mean that the AC turns the low-pressure and cool gaseous refrigerant into a higher-pressure form to kick start the AC. Its running allows the AC to cool your space.

Signs A Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Is Not Turning On (Indicators of A Bad AC Compressor)

You can know if you have a bad air conditioner compressor, especially one that won’t turn on, by reading these signs:

  • The compressor is quiet – Its typically noisy though not loud) when turning on and running
  • The circuit breaker repeatedly trips
  • Its vents only blow warm air and never cold air 
  • Moisture leakage outside (a sign of the refrigerant leaking)

If you notice one of these signs, your Frigidaire AC compressor is likely failing. However, it doesn’t always mean the compressor is bad when it doesn’t turn on. 

As we’ll see next, other issues not touching the compressor could prevent the compressor from turning on. So, they are worth checking before concluding that the compressor is bad and going ahead to replace it. 

Frigidaire ac not turning on

Why Is My Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On?

One of the 12 reasons explained below is why your Frigidaire air conditioner compressor is not turning on and what to do about it.

1. Possible Power failure (Lack of Power)

Unless the AC gets enough power, the compressor won’t turn on. Here are some issues that could cut off the AC’s power supply and end up stopping the compressor from turning on:

  • The on/off switch might be off – Check the AC’s on/off switch and ensure it’s turned on. If it’s not, then turn it on. 
  • Burnt-out overload fuse – The overload fuse will blow out due to an overheating to protect the AC. So, test it with a multimeter and replace it if it has no continuity.
  • Tripped breaker – The breaker trips off due to a power surge to protect the AC. So, check it and reset it if it’s tripped. 
  • Unplugged, loose, faulty power cable – The AC or compressor won’t turn on if the power cable is slack, unplugged, or defective. In the case of the last part, replace the cable if it shows no continuity.

2. Thermostat Could Be Defective 

The thermostat (or temperature controller) features electrical contacts that may burn out over time. If that happens, the thermostat cannot turn on the AC compressor motor. So, this is a must-check.


Use a multimeter/multimeter to test the thermostat’s electrical contacts. If they fail to display continuity, indicative of a faulty thermostat, replace it. 

3. The Temperature Control Board Could Be Bad

The compressor and the fan motor rely on the temperature control board for voltage delivery. If this board is defective, the compressor won’t turn when you turn on your Frigidaire AC. 


Diagnosing the temperature control board is often tricky. You may need an HVAC expert’s input to avoid a misdiagnosis. Once you confirm the temperature control board is bad, replace it.

4. The Air Conditioner Capacitor Could Be Defective 

Between the compressor and the capacitor are electrical leads that burn out and eventually affect the capacitor. If the capacitor burns out, the compressor won’t run. 


Use the multimeter to examine the capacitor’s continuity level. If the capacitor shows no continuity, then it must be defective. In that case, replace it. 

5. The AC Contactor Might Be Malfunctioning 

A contractor completes an ACs electrical circuit. So, if it’s malfunctioning, the compressor won’t start due to a power failure. Luckily, you can test it with a multimeter.


If you test the contactor’s continuity using a multimeter and it shows none, replace it. The contractor must be faulty in such a case.

window ac compressor not turning on

6. The Filter or Air Conditioner Coils Could Be Dirty

Over time, the filters and evaporator or condenser coils accumulate dirt, reducing their efficiency. Too much filth interferes with the air conditioner’s performance and can stop the compressor from running. 

If the compressor manages to turn on, it’ll struggle to work and may stop repeatedly. 


Clean the filter and the coils, preferably with an air conditioner cleaning brush, to get rid of the dirt. 

7. The Thermistor Might Be Faulty 

The thermistor, a control board sensor, detects temperature changes outside the AC. If it’s unable to do its job, the compressor may fail to run. 


Use a multimeter/multimeter to determine the thermistor’s continuity level. If there’s no continuity, the thermistor must be faulty and require a replacement. 

8. The Relay Board Could Also Be faulty

The compressor also receives a significant amount of voltage from the relay board. If this board is faulty, the compressor won’t receive enough voltage to run. It’s, however, essential to have an HVAC expert check and diagnose the relay board to avoid a misdiagnosis.


Replace the relay board once an expert confirms it’s faulty.

9. You Might Be Having a Bad Selector Switch

The work of the selector switch is to direct adequate voltage to the AC compressor. So, if it’s malfunctioning, the compressor won’t run or may run intermittently.


Try pressing the selector switch or turning the switch knob. If they aren’t responsive, the selector switch must be bad. So, replace it. 

10.  The Start Relay Could Be Bad

A bad start relay can sometimes prevent the AC compressor from starting, and if it does turn on, it’s likely to stop after some time. So, it’s worth checking, and you can do that with a multimeter. 


If the start relay shows no continuity, replace it, as it’s likely to malfunction.

how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner

11.  The Electronic Control Board (PCB) Could Be Malfunctioning 

The electronic control board’s job is to manage the AC’s fan speed and heat functions. If it’s malfunctioning, the compressor may fail to turn on as it depends on the board for command.


Since the PCB is hard to diagnose, have an expert HVAC technician inspect it. If it’s faulty, get a new control board. 

12.  The Compressor Could Be Dead – Irreparable 

Lastly, if your compressor still won’t run even after considering all the above 11 possibilities, then there’s the chance the compressor is dead. You may need an HVAC technician’s help to make the diagnosis, however.


Consider getting another Frigidaire AC compressor. Of course, after an expert technician’s advice. Alternatively, you can get a new Frigidaire AC.

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My Frigidaire Ac Not Turning On?

Your Frigidaire AC is not turning one because of a tripped breaker, blown overload, failing compressor, or dirty condenser. So, check all these issues to troubleshoot your Frigidaire air conditioner and turn it on.

2. Why Is My Frigidaire Window Ac Compressor Not Turning On?

Your Frigidaire window AC compressor is not turning on because one major part is faulty. The culprits include the thermostat, temperature control board, contactor, thermistor, start relay, capacitor, relay board, and electronic control board. 

3. Why Would an AC Compressor Not Turn On?

Your AC compressor won’t turn on if it’s dead. But still, if the temperature controller, thermistor, contractor, capacitor, start relay, or any other major AC component is faulty, the compressor may not turn on. 

4. How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Air Conditioner?

This is how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner:

Start by pressing the reset switch for 2-3 seconds. If that doesn’t work, unplug the air conditioner for 15 –2 0 seconds and then restart it. 

Closing Thought On Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On:

Generally, it’s worth checking the thermostat, temperature control board, capacitor, AC contractor, thermistor, relay board, selector switch, start relay, and PCB for faults when the Frigidaire AC compressor won’t turn on.

Other checks include power failure, dirty filters and coils, or a dead compressor.

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