GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

While these are different things to like about GE refrigerators, you ought to adore the ability to know it’s time to change the filter by looking at its indicator light. So, the last thing you expect is your GE refrigerator water dispenser not working after replacing filter. 

A GE refrigerator water dispenser may fail to work after filter replacement because of a filter or water supply line problem, low water pressure, frozen water tank, or faulty water inlet valve or switch. Other probable explanations include water leakage and a bad dispenser control board.

Once you counter-check all these eight issues, you’ll likely find why your refrigerator water dispenser won’t work despite replacing its clogged filter.  

But to make the troubleshooting more manageable, we’ll look at the issues in an 8-step guide, starting with the most likely reason. Let’s get started!

GE refrigerator water dispenser not working after replacing filter

In a rush? Find below a quick guide to why your GE refrigerator water dispenser may fail after a filter change.

Reasons Plus Quick Fixes to a GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

 Probable Reason What To CheckQuick Fix
1.Filter ProblemWrong filter type Use the same filter type as the old
Non-genuine filterOnly use genuine GE water filter
Wrong filter installationFollow the manufacturer’s filter installation instructions
Filter damage during installationReplace the newly installed filter
2.Water Supply Line Problem The water supply line is offTurn on the water supply line if it’s off
Frozen supply lineRaise the freezer temperature to 0-100F
Trapped airPurge out the air by pressing the cradle
3.Low Water PressureWater pressure levelRaise the water pressure to at least 20 psi
4.Frozen Water TankLow temperatureRaise the fridge’s temperature
Food underload in the fresh food unitIncrease the food load in the fresh food unit
5.Faulty Inlet ValveContinuity levelReplace the defective inlet valve
6.Faulty SwitchDispenser and door switchesReplace any of the switches which fail to show continuity with a multimeter
7.Water LeakageDefrost drain blockageService call
8.Bad Dispenser Control BoardFailed dispenser systemReplace the dispenser control board

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter? Here’s How to Fix It

Several reasons could fail your GE refrigerator water dispenser even after a filter replacement. Below is an 8-step guide to take you through the probable causes:

Step 1 – Check Your Newly Installed Filter For Possible issues

A few things could go wrong during a filter installation, or you could get the purchase wrong. Once that happens, your GE refrigerator water dispenser may not work.

Here are some of those issues to check:

a) Wrong Filter Type

GE refrigerator water filters come in at least five types as follows:

  • GSWF
  • MWF
  • MSWF
  • XWFE

Generally, you need to get the exact type like your old filter. If you buy the wrong type, the refrigerator will detect it as faulty. As a result, the water dispenser won’t work.


You may have to replace the filter (again) if it doesn’t match the old type. To confirm that, compare the old filter with the new one and if they are a mismatch, get another replacement – the correct type this time around. 

b) Non-Genuine GE Water Filter

There are so many non-genuine water filters out there that GE warns against. These water filters are cheaper than genuine ones but often turn out to be defective. 


You can know if your new GE water filter is genuine or fake by looking at two things. One, if the refrigerator displays’ replace water filter’ or ‘leak detected’ immediately after a filter replacement, the new filter might be faulty. 

Thus, you’ll need to get a new genuine GE refrigerator water filter and fix it. 

GE profile refrigerator water dispenser not working after replacing filter

c) Wrong Filter Installation

GE water filters might be the easiest to install, but some people still get it wrong, perhaps for failing to read the installation instructions. If wrongly installed, the water dispenser won’t work. 


If the word’ back’ is showing after installing the water filter, then the installation is wrong. In such a case, you’ll need to take the filter out and reverse it to indicate ‘front.’

Here’s a video by GE on installing a new water filter.

d) Filter Damage During Installation

Though it doesn’t happen often, you could damage the new water filter during installation. That could happen if you forcefully install it or if it accidentally drops from clumsy handling.

Once that happens, the GE filter becomes faulty, preventing your water dispenser from working. 


Try reinstalling the old filter. If the dispenser works, get another water filter to install.

Step 2 – Examine Your Water Supply Line for issues

If any issues are blocking or preventing water from reaching your water dispenser, the dispenser won’t work. That includes the following:

a) Water Supply Might Be Off

Unless you turn the water supply to your refrigerator on, your water dispenser won’t work. It’s that simple!


Turn on your refrigerator’s water supply if you haven’t done so.

b) Frozen Water Supply Line

The GE freezers should run under a temperature range of 0-100F. If the temperature drops below 00F, there is the risk of the water supply tube in the fridge door freezing. If it does, then the water won’t get to the dispenser. 


Check the freezer’s temperature and raise it to about 0-100F if it’s below 00F. Then, empty and unplug the refrigerator for a while to allow the water supply line to self-defrost. 

c) Trapped Air

Sometimes air gets caught in the water supply line during filter change and blocks the water line. If that happens, your water dispenser won’t receive water.


Press the water dispenser lever/cradle for about 5 minutes to purge out trapped air.

Step 3 – Measure Your Home Water Pressure

The GE refrigerator water dispenser will only receive water if your home water pressure is at least 20 psi. You can measure it using a water pressure gauge.

GE refrigerator water dispenser slow after replacing filter


Raise your home water pressure if it’s less than 20 psi, but don’t exceed 120 psi. You can do that by adjusting the main valve, removing any kinks along the water line, and shutting off other water supply lines when not in use. 

Step 4 – Inspect The Water Reservoir Tank for Possible Freezing

Behind your refrigerator’s vegetable bins is a water reservoir tank (except the top freezer). If the reservoir tank freezes, there won’t be water going to the dispenser.

That can happen due to of these two reasons:

  • Food overloading in the refrigerator’s fresh food compartment
  • Low refrigerator temperature


Ensure you load enough fresh food and keep the refrigerator’s temperature at around 37-420F. You may need to defrost the water tank before doing all that. 

Step 5 – Test The Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve plays a pivotal role in allowing water supply to the refrigerator’s dispenser. If it’s faulty, it will prevent water from reaching the dispenser. 


Use a multimeter tester to test the inlet valve’s continuity. If it shows no continuity, it is likely to be defective, and you should replace it.

GE profile refrigerator water dispenser not working after replacing filter

Step 6 – Observe The Switches for Fault

Two switches could prevent your GE refrigerator dispenser from working if they are faulty. (That includes the ice dispenser too). The switches include:

  • Dispenser switch – A faulty GE dispenser switch prevents the dispenser from turning on. 
  • Door switch – A faulty GE fridge door switch switches off the dispenser and the ice maker. 


Test these switches with a multimeter tester. If any fails the tester’s continuity test, it needs a replacement.

Step 7 – Look for Water Leakage

The GE refrigerator water dispenser is quite sensitive. Once it detects leakage, the dispenser shuts off. That is likely to happen if the defrost drain blocks the freezer.


Fixing a leaky water dispenser is an expert’s job. So, consider giving the GE service technicians a call. 

Step 8 – Replace The Dispenser Control Boards; Its Likely to Be Bad

If you have arrived at this last stage unsuccessful, your only remaining resort before you can call GE is to replace the dispenser control board.

If the dispenser control board is bad, the dispensing system’s function becomes paralyzed. Simply put, the whole dispenser unit fails.

But before replacing the dispenser control board, go through all the above seven checks to verify that nothing else is wrong.

People Also Ask

1. Why Is My GE Profile Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter?

Several reasons can explain why your GE profile refrigerator water dispenser is not working after replacing the filter. It could be that the new water filter is non-genuine, incorrectly fitted, damaged, or the wrong type. 

2. Why Is My GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Slow After Replacing Filter?

Likely, your GE refrigerator water dispenser is slow after replacing the filter because of a water supply problem. The water pressure could be lower than 20psi, or the water supply line could be kinked, partially frozen, or not fully turned on.

3. How Can I Reset My GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser?

You can reset your GE refrigerator water dispenser by pressing the ‘water filter reset’ switch for about 3 seconds. You’ll know if the reset has been successful if the red indicator light goes out or changes to green.

Closing Remarks On GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter!

Now you have at least eight broad explanations for why GE refrigerator water dispensers fail to work after a filter change and an 8-step guide to troubleshoot them. So, consider following the troubleshooting guide before calling GE service support.