GE Vs Whirlpool Dryer (9 Differences Explained!)

GE Appliances and Whirlpool date to over 100 years, and they have been making dryers for decades. So, it’s expected to pit them against each other, bringing us to the GE vs Whirlpool dryer debate. 

GE dryers are more stylish, spacious, and affordable and offer more dryness levels than Whirlpool dryers. Whirlpool dryers, in contrast, are more reliable, energy-efficient, innovative, and user-friendly.

So, you can easily separate the two dryer brands according to style, capacity, price, dryness level, reliability, energy efficiency, innovation, and user-friendliness.

In addition to the eight differentiating fundamentals, we’ll also compare the dryer brands according to dryer type, where they almost make the same dryer styles. 

Additionally, we’ll look at the specs and qualities they share. But first, let’s dive into the brands’ overview. 

GE vs Whirlpool dryer

In a rush? Here’s a side-by-side table comparison of the two dryer brands.

GE Vs Whirlpool Dryer Comparison 

No.FeatureGE DryerWhirlpool Dryer
1.Style More stylish and modern with lots of color choicesLess stylish but more traditional with fewer colors
2.Capacity Up to 7.8 cubic feet (more spacious)Up to 7.4 cubic feet (slightly less spacious)
3.Price From $444.60 (more affordable)From $649 (slightly costly)
4.Dryness Levels Five or moreUp to 4
5.Reliability Slightly higher service rate, thus less reliableLower service rate thus more reliable
6.Energy Efficiency Energy efficient but not as much as WhirlpoolMore energy efficient, thanks to Eco Mode and Smart Grid capability
7.Innovation Innovative but not as much as WhirlpoolMore innovative lots of intelligent features
8.User FriendlinessUser friendly but not as much as WhirlpoolMore user friendly
9.Dryer Type Front load, top load, portable and stackable Front load, top load, stacked and all-in-one dryers, and laundry sets and laundry centers

Brand Overview 


General Appliances, popular as GE, is an American household appliance maker headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The company was founded in 1905 and currently makes appliances under multiple brand names such as GE, GE Cafe, GE Profile, Hotpoint, Monogram, and Haier.

Speaking of Haier, GE was acquired by Chinese multinational Haier in 2016, and the Chinese giant enjoys the right to use the brand name up to 2056.

Production-wise, GE makes various home appliances, including dryers, washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, cooktops, ice makers, freezers, microwaves, and dishwashers, among many others. 

As far as dryers go, GE makes front loading, top load, stackable and portable dryers, and stackable washers and dryer combos. The dryers are available in electric and gas options. Many are ADA-compliant and energy efficient. 


Whirlpool Corporation, or just Whirlpool, is another publicly traded American home appliance company that dates to 1911. It is based in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, USA but has a vast global fan base. (

Whirlpool also makes home appliances under several other brand names, such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Hotpoint (just like GE), JennAir, and Consul, among many others. 

Today, Whirlpool makes various home appliances, including dryers, washers, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, cooktops, microwaves, ice makers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers, among many others.

Basically, Whirlpool makes the same appliances as GE. In terms of dryers, Whirlpool makes front load, top load, stacked, and all-in-one dryers, and like GE, most of their appliances are energy certified and some ADA compliant.

GE and Whirlpool Dryer Similarities

Before differentiating GE and Whirlpool dryers, we must mention what the dryer brands have in common. After all, they are almost the same age, serve the same market, and are all headquartered in the United States.

Here are the things they share:

  • Wi-Fi integration – These two brands offer lots of dryers with Wi-Fi options. That allows you to track the dryer’s performance remotely and receive timely alerts through their respective apps. 
  • Smart application – Their smart dryers allow you to operate them using a mobile app. You can use the app to monitor the dryer’s performance and condition.
  • Dryer type – Both dryer brands make top load, front load, stackable, and washer dryer combo (all in one) dryer options. 
  • Moisture sensing technology – Both brands employ moisture sensing technology to allow you to track the dryer’s moisture level and temperature.
  • Sanitization technology – The two brands have sanitization cycles that kill 99.9% of household bacteria. 
  • Wrinkle reduction – The two brands employ wrinkle reduction technology to protect your clothes from wrinkles after drying. 
  • Reversible door – A reversible door offers easy washer-to-dryer transfer and accessibility. Both brands offer you this convenient feature to allow you to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer quickly. 
  • Stainless steel drums – Both brands feature stainless steel on their drums to tolerate the extra heat and protect your clothes from staining.
  • 1-year warranty – You’ll receive a one-year limited warranty from the time of purchase from both brands. 
  • Energy certification – Both brands offer energy-certified dryers that promise to save you energy.
are Whirlpool dryers good

GE Dryer Vs Whirlpool Dryer – Differences 

Let’s discuss the nine factors that set GE and Whirlpool dryers apart. They are as follows:

1. Style (and Appearance)

GE dryers enjoy a more modern look and are available in various stylish colors, such as white, carbon graphite, stain nickel, diamond gray, and sapphire blue. 

Whirlpool dryers, in contrast, have a more traditional minimalist look and are available in only a few color choices, such as white, chrome, and shadow black.

Verdict – GE dryers win this battle as they are more stylish and modern.

2. Capacity 

These two brands come in different capacities to cater to the needs of smaller and bigger households. GE dryers’ capacities range from 2.4 cubic feet to 7.8 cubic feet, while Whirlpool’s capacities are about 3.4 – 7.8 cubic feet.

So, if you want the smallest dryer, go for GE. Similarly, if you want the largest capacity, go for GE too.

Verdict – GE dryer scores another win here, given that they have the most considerable capacity.

3. Price 

The two brands offer their dryers at different prices, depending on the dryer and fuel sources. Generally, you can get a GE dryer from $444.60 and a Whirlpool option from $649.

That makes GE dryers more affordable. 

Note, however, that you are more likely to pay more for a Whirlpool dryer because of its features and performance. 

Verdict – GE wins the price battle because its dryers are more affordable. 

4. Dryness Levels 

Most Whirlpool dryers offer you up to 4 dryness levels. That includes normal, delicate, timed dry, and air only. Meanwhile, GE dryers provide you with up to 5 dryness levels or more which differ between models.

The levels include less dry, more dry, optimum dry, low heat, medium heat, and normal (high heat/cotton). That means you’ve more setting options on GE to get your clothes dry depending on their fabric and how wet they are. 

Verdict – GE has the edge over Whirlpool here, given that its dryers offer more dryer levels/settings.

are GE dryers good

5. Reliability 

This is often the bone of contention regarding any appliance, not just dryers. In an ideal world, the dryer with the lowest service rate is the most reliable.

Luckily for Whirlpool, its dryers, according to expert appliance reviewer Yelp, have the lowest service rate (0.4%). The rate is lower than GE, LG, and Maytag.

Here’s a table comparison of the service rates of the four dryer brands.

Dryer Brand Service Rate
Maytag 6%
GE Appliances 5.2%

From the table, Whirlpool dryers have the lowest service rate, making them the most reliable compared to GE, Maytag, and LG.

Verdict – Since Whirlpool dryers have a lower service rate, the breakdown rate is lower, making them more reliable. 

6. Whirlpool Dryer Vs GE Dryer Energy Efficiency 

GE and Whirlpool are energy certified, and that makes them energy efficient. The difference is that some Whirlpool dryers have the Eco Boost option, saving energy consumption.

Others are smart grid compatible which saves on your household energy bill.

Verdict – Whirlpool scores a win here as its dryers are more energy efficient.

7. Innovation (Smart Functionality)

GE is known for its SmartHQ application, which allows you to get real-time feedback, performance notifications, and alerts. 

The app even works with Alexa, which is a big plus. Another notable integration is the Adaptive MySettings functionality, which allows you to personalize the dryer’s cycle selections. 

Meanwhile, Whirlpool has the Whirlpool app, which tracks the dryer’s progress like SmartHQ and works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other assistive applications. 

Additionally, the dryers allow voice controls, scan-to-connect (where you can connect without an expert), task assigning to family members, and choosing and saving a favorite cycle, among many other applications.

Verdict – Though both brands have smart functionalities, Whirlpool is more innovative and wins this battle. 

8. User Friendliness 

When it comes to usability, Whirlpool mobile application makes this much easier. The fact that you can assign tasks, monitor the dryness performance, scan and connect DIY, and save a favorite cycle is impressive. 

Yes, you can do some of these tasks with GE’s SmartHQ, but the Whirlpool App makes everything easier. 

Verdict – Whirlpool dryers have a slight edge over GE dryers. 

9. Dryer Type 

GE makes the following dryer types:

  • Front loading dryers
  • Top loading dryers
  • Stackable dryers
  • Portable dryers
  • Stackable washer and dryer combos

Whirlpool, on the other hand, stocks the following dryer styles:

  • Front loading dryers 
  • Top loading dryers
  • All-in-one dryers
  • Laundry centers 
  • Laundry sets 
  • Stackable dryers

The two brands make top-load and front-loading dryers. They also make washer and dryer combos which Whirlpool calls all-in-one, and stackable options, which Whirlpool calls laundry centers.

The only difference is that GE has portable options while Whirlpool has laundry sets (which allow you to match complementary dryers and washers). Both brands, however, offer you electric and gas options. 

Verdict – Both brands offer you almost the same dryer types and styles. Thus, there’s no winner. 

Whirlpool vs GE washer and dryer

Whirlpool Vs GE Washer and Dryer

There’s little to separate Whirlpool and GE washer and dryer combos as they are both reliable, energy saving, user friendly, and high capacity.

GE, however, offers you more wash cycles, some up to 12, and prioritizes more on Smart functionality through SmartHQ. However, Whirlpool washer and dryer combos are slightly more energy efficient and enjoy a lower service rate, hence more reliable. 

GE Vs Whirlpool Gas Dryer

Price-wise, GE gas dryers are more affordable than their Whirlpool counterparts. You can get a GE gas dryer from $444.60 and a Whirlpool option from $649. 

Essentially, that’s because Whirlpool gas dryers promise slightly more specs and innovative features. There are also other factors such as reliability, energy efficiency, and ease of use where Whirlpool has a slight edge. 

GE Vs Whirlpool Stackable Washer Dryer

GE and Whirlpool stackable washer dryers are all about performance. They enjoy a higher spin rate, easy-to-use controls, and innovative functions.

However, Whirlpool has the upper hand in setting them apart according to energy efficiency, reliability, and intelligent functionality. 

But if you are looking for the most stylish and affordable stackable washer and dryer, go for GE.

People Also Ask

Are Whirlpool Dryers Good?

Whirlpool dryers are irrefutably good. They have a lower service rate, hence are more reliable, and are energy efficient, easy to use, and innovative. 

They also come with countless features, such as Advanced Motion Sensing, Wrinkle Shield, Steam Refresh, Sanitize Cycle, and Static Reduce, making them good. 

Are GE Dryers Good?

GE dryers are stylish, innovative, user-friendly, and high-capacity. They are also more affordable than most competitors and enjoy superior drying functionalities and technologies, making them good.

In conclusion, is GE or Whirlpool dryer better?

The GE vs Whirlpool dryer clash doesn’t always result in an outright winner on fronts like performance, reliability, and style. That’s because these two traditional giant brands are almost evenly matched.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an option with a slight edge on reliability, energy efficiency, innovation, and user-friendliness, go for Whirlpool. But if you want a more affordable, stylish, and spacious dryer, GE fits the bill. Its dryers are just that!

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