Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes? If Yes, How?

Born from the need for stylish, comfy, and lightweight shoes yet affordable, Hey Dudes have taken over the casual footwear market. You just have to keep them clean, which brings us to this question; can you wash Hey Dude shoes?

Yes, you can wash Hey Dude shoes either with a washing machine or by hand. Just wipe off the mud, remove the insoles and laces and wash with lukewarm or cold water and liquid detergent. Then deodorize (optional) and air-dry them. 

I’ll explain what to do in each step. Note that you can only machine-wash canvas Hey Dude shoes. If you want to wash leather, suede, or wool, you’ll need to wash them by hand, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it. 

We’ll also observe other tips when washing these casual shoes. Let’s jump into it!

can you wash Hey Dude shoes

How Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes?

Depending on the fabric type, there are two ways to wash Hey Dude shoes. They include:

1. Machine Wash 

Machine washing is ideal for canvas Hey Dudes. If that’s the case, here is how to wash Hey Dude shoes in washing machine:

  • Step 1 (Wipe off mud or excess dirt) – You wouldn’t want mud or dirt to clog your washing machine. For that reason, wipe off the mud or grime before loading the dirty shoes into the washer. 
  • Step 2 (Remove insoles and laces) – Take the insoles from the shoes and wash them separately. Do also the same with the laces.
  • Step 3 (Add liquid detergent into the washer) – Add a tablespoonful of liquid laundry detergent or less (if your washer is highly efficient) into the washing machine. Avoid powder detergents as they are abrasive and may ruin the shoe’s fabric. 
  • Step 4 (Select a delicate wash cycle) – Given that Hey Dudes are delicate, you’ve to match them with an equally delicate wash setting. That also includes light and hand wash settings. 
  • Step 5 (Start the wash cycle) – Now that everything is set, you can begin the wash cycle to clean your Hey Dudes. Avoid using hot or warm water, which could shrink the shoes, and instead use cold water. 
  • Step 6 (Air-dry the shoes) – Once the wash cycle ends, remove the wet shoes and air-dry them. Avoid direct sunlight as it may shrink the shoes. The same goes for the dryer, which can not only shrink them but also damage them.

Remember to hand-wash the laces and insoles separately by hand unless you have plans to replace them. 

2. Hand Wash

Now, while you can only machine-wash Canvas Hey Dudes, you can hand-wash the rest. Here’s how to wash Hey Dude shoes by hand:

  • Step 1 (Wipe off mud and excess dirt) – Use an old towel or rag to remove mud and dirt from your shoes. That’ll make the cleaning easier. But if you’re Hey Dudes aren’t filthy, you can skip this step. 
  • Step 2 (Add liquid detergent to lukewarm water) – Put lukewarm water in a basin or bucket and add liquid detergent. Just put enough to obtain a few suds. So, a tablespoonful will do, but again, avoid powder detergents as they can abrade the shoes. 
  • Step 3 (Start cleaning) – Dip an old cloth or towel into the sudsy water and bloat the dirty shoes. Use it to clean the shoes as much as possible but avoid using bristled brush on the fabric so as not to damage it. You can, however, use the brush on the sole. 
  • Step 4 (Wash off the soapy residue) – Dip a clean rug or towel into plain clean water and then bloat the shoes to eliminate the soapy residues. 
  • Step 5 (Air-dry the shoes) – Now that the shoes are clean, you can put them to dry. Air-dry them away from direct sunshine. 
how to wash Hey Dude shoes in washing machine

How to Deodorize Hey Dude Shoes

I might have skipped the deodorizing step because it’s optional, but it usually comes after the air-drying stage. Sometimes you may want to give your Hey Dudes a fresh smell. If so, consider these deodorizing options. 

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Option 1 (Baking Soda or White Vinegar)

Either of these household reagents can eliminate foul smell from your Hey Dudes. Add baking soda to the shoes and allow them to sit overnight. 

You can trash the baking soda powder the following morning and wear the shoes. However, if you apply white vinegar, you’ll need to wipe it inside the shoes and leave them to air dry. 

Option 2 (Dryer Sheets)

If you can access some unusable dryer sheets, you can stuff them into the shoes (one in each shoe). Then leave the sheets in the shoes overnight and trash them the following morning. But just for the best deodorization, use scented sheets. 

Option 3 (Tea Bags)

You can also use tea bags to give your Hey Dudes a fresh smell. Tea bags are good absorbers, so you can leave them in your shoes overnight to eliminate the foul odor. 

Option 4 (Freezer Method)

Lastly, you can kill off the bad smell by freezing your Hey Dudes. The cold freezer temperature kills the bacteria that cause your footwear to smell. 

Just wrap the shoes in plastic bags after cleaning them, and load them into the freezer. This, however, can be a little gross for a freezer you use for food preservation. 

How to Wash Hey Dude Insoles 

I remember mentioning that you should keep the Hey Dude insoles aside for separate cleaning. Now, here is how to do it:

  • Put mild detergent into lukewarm water or use soap instead
  • Wash the insoles by hand or with a soft brush
  • Rinse the insoles and air-dry them
can you put Hey Dudes in the washer and dryer

How to Wash Different Types of Hey Dude Shoes

Discussed are the commonest Hey Dudes and their cleaning tips:

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How to Wash Suede Hey Dude Shoes? 

You’ll need a suede brush to clean suede Hey Dudes and here’s how to go about it:

  • Brush off the shoes to remove dirt and dust
  • Dip the brush in water and use it to brush off stains from the shoes gently 
  • Use a dry cloth to blot the Hey Dudes
  • Leave the shoes to air-dry overnight
  • Spray a suede protector to protect the suede material from moisture damage

How to Wash Colored Hey Dudes?

You can wash colored Hey Dudes in a washing machine as long as they are canvas. If they are suede or leather, wash them by hand.

And when machine-washing the shoes, use a delicate wash setting and a small amount of liquid detergent, as shared earlier. 

How to Wash Leather Hey Dude Shoes?

You’ll need to wash leather Hey Dudes by hand, and here’s how to do it:

  • Put lukewarm water in a basin, bucket, or tub 
  • Add a small amount of liquid detergent 
  • Gently wipe the shoes with a piece of cloth (damped by the soapy water)
  • You can brush off the soles if they are filthy
  • Air-dry the shoes 

How to Wash Classic Black Hey Dudes

Unlike the other Hey Dudes, there’s much freedom when cleaning black Hey Dudes. Instead of just bloating the shoes with a damp cloth, you can wash them thoroughly. 

You may first need to clean the shoes with a mild liquid soap, and once they are spotless, air-dry them. 

How to Wash White Hey Dudes

White Hey Dudes are probably the most challenging to clean, but you can do it with these steps:

  • Remove the laces and insoles
  • Wipe off mud and dust from the soles
  • Spray Dawn Powerwash (View on Amazon) or any other cleaning spray and let it act for an hour
  • Gently scrub the footwear with a soft-bristled brush
  • Soak the shoes in a basin of cold water and soap if they are canvas, and wash them by hand
  • Alternatively, wash the shoes with a washing machine 
  • Air-dry the shoes and clean the laces and insoles separately
can you wash white Hey Dude shoes

People Also Ask 

1. Can You Put Hey Dudes in The Washer and Dryer?

Putting Hey Dudes in the washer and dryer combo is not a good idea. The reason is that the dryer’s heat will damage the fabric or shrink it. However, you can wash canvas Hey Dudes with a washing machine only, but when it comes to drying them, you should air dry them. 

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2. Can You Wash White Hey Dude Shoes?

Yes, you can wash white Hey Dude shoes. However, you should apply Dawn Powerwash to make the cleaning easy and use a soft-bristled brush to rub the shoes gently. If the shoes are canvas, you can wash them with a washer but don’t dry them with a dryer.

3. How Do I Clean Hey Dude Shoes?

You can clean your Hey Dude shoes by hand or by washing machine. Consider the washing machine for canvas Hey Dudes, but use your hands when washing the other materials. In both cases, you should use a mild liquid detergent and air-dry the shoes after washing. 

4. Can You Put Hey Dudes in The Washing Machine?

You can put Hey Dudes in the washing machine if they are canvas. You shouldn’t put suede, wool, leather, and other materials in the washer as they could shrink and lose shape. Instead, wash them by hand. 

5. Can You Put Hey Dudes in The Dryer?

No, you shouldn’t put Hey Dudes in the dryer. The extra heat will cause the shoes to shrink and may even damage the fabric and separate the sole by melting the glue. Instead, air-dry the shoes. 

6. How Do You Hand Wash Your Hey Dude Shoes?

To wash your Hey Dude shoes by hand, just wipe off any mud and dirt, remove the laces and insoles, and use soapy water to blot the shoes gently. You’ll then need to wipe off the soapy residues with a clean damp cloth and air dry the shoes. 

7. Can I Machine Wash Hey Dude Shoes?

Not all Hey Dude shoes are machine-washable. Only canvas Hey Dude should be washed by machine. You should clean the rest by hand as they may shrink if you wash them by machine. That includes suede, leather, and wool Hey Dudes. 

8. How Do You Dry Hey Dudes After Washing? 

It’s advisable to air-dry Hey Dudes after washing. That allows the shoes to dry properly without shrinking or suffering any damage which happens when you use the dryer. If you cannot air dry the shoes, consider using a low-heat hair dryer (15 cm apart) or a fan. 

In Conclusion, Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes?

 As shared, you can wash your Hey Dudes by hand or machine. The washing machine is only best for canvas Hey Dudes, but as the other materials are concerned, hand-wash them. Remember to air-dry them, but don’t load them into the dryer or under direct sunlight.

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