GE Vs Whirlpool Washing Machine (9 Differences Compared!)

GE (General Electric) and Whirlpool Corporation go back over a century ago. So, it shouldn’t surprise that they are among the most popular brands in the washer space, raising the GE Vs Whirlpool washing machine debate. 

GE washing machines are fancier, more modern, slightly more reliable, cheaper, spacious, faster, and have rich, smart features. On the other hand, Whirlpool washing machines are more minimalistic and enjoy more wash cycles, intuitive controls, and bigger auto dispensers.

So, essentially, we can separate GE and Whirlpool washers according to appearance, reliability, cost, number of cycles, auto dispenser, capacity, ease of use, spin speed, and intelligent features

Based on those factors, I’ll help you decide between the two washer brands. Additionally, we’ll look at the things the two brands share. But first are the brand overviews. 

Let’s jump into it!

GE Vs Whirlpool Washing Machine

In a rush? The table below compares GE and Whirlpool washers side by side. 

GE Vs Whirlpool Washing Machine Side-by-Side Comparison

DifferenceGE Washing MachineWhirlpool Washing Machine
1.AppearanceFancier and more modern (more color choices)More minimalistic (fewer color choices)
2.Service Rate and ReliabilitySlightly lower (8%) than Whirlpool, thus slightly more reliableMarginally higher (9.5%) than GE, therefore slightly less reliable
3.CostSlightly cheaper (from $512)Slightly costlier (from $579)
4.Number of CyclesFewer cyclesMore wash cycles 
5.Auto DispenserSlightly smaller (up to 32 loads)More oversized (up to 40 loads)
6.Capacity Slightly more spacious (up to 5.4 cubic feet)Slightly less spacious (up to 5.3 cubic feet)
7.Ease of UseLess intuitive control More intuitive controls 
8.Spin Speed  (RPM)30% faster (1300 RPM)Not as fast as GE (1000 RPM)
9.Smart features (innovation)Richly innovative features (SmartHQ, Alexa built-in, Tangle Control, Smart wash, among others)Lacks smart features but has several outstanding features

About GE

General Electric (GE) is a US company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was started in 1892 by Charles Coffin, JP Morgan, and Thomas Edison.    

It produces products for various industries, such as energy, healthcare, aviation, power, software, and aviation.

As far as the washing machine sector is concerned, GE makes a variety of washers, such as top-load washers, front-load washers, portable washers, stackable washers, and laundry centers. 

GE washers are reasonably priced, given that you can get a top loader from $512 and a front loader from $779. The washers are spacious, considering some measure up to 5.4 cubic feet. 

Overall, GE is known for its innovative features, more so Smart HQ, which allows you to get real-time washer notifications and operate the washer remotely using your smartphone. 

About Whirlpool 

Whirlpool Corporation is another US appliance maker. The company was started in 1911 by Envoy Upton and Louis Upton in Benton Harbor, Michigan. 

The appliance maker makes various appliances, including washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, freezers, refrigerators, water filters, and cooktops, among many others. 

And when it comes to the washing machine sector, Whirlpool makes and sells top loaders, front loaders, stackable washers, laundry centers, and all-in-one washers. So, they are just as diverse as GE. 

Price-wise, Whirlpool top loaders start from $579 and front loaders from $749; while the US manufacturer is not the most innovative, it’s known for its reliable user friendly, and reliable washers

Are Whirlpool Washing Machines Good

Whirlpool Washing Machine Vs GE Washing Machine Differences 

Below are nine differences between GE washers and Whirlpool washers. 

1. Appearance 

Though not a deal breaker for most people, there is a difference between GE and Whirlpool washers regarding appearance. Whirlpool employs a more minimalistic appearance, limiting the washers to only a few colors, such as white, chrome shadow, and black shadow. 

In contrast, GE tends to be more liberal with color choices, opting for various fancier shades such as white, Sapphire blue, diamond gray, carbon graphite, and white satin. 

Verdict – Go for GE if you want a fancier fridge but opt for Whirlpool if you want a minimalist one.

2. GE Vs Whirlpool Washer Reliability & Service Rate

A study by Yale Appliance conducted between 2020 and 2021 shows that GE washers have a slightly lower service call (8%) than Whirlpool (9.5%). 

That means GE washers have a slight advantage over Whirlpool washers regarding reliability. However, according to the Yale report, brands like LG and Samsung enjoy a much lower service rate.

Here’s how they compare. 

BrandService Rate

Verdict – GE washers are slightly more reliable due to a marginally lower service call. 

3. Washer Cost 

You can get a GE top loader from $512 to $999, depending on the model, style, and capacity, and a front load for $779 – $ 1,999. 

On the other hand, you can get a whirlpool top loader for $579 – $ 1034 and a front loader for $749 –$ 1574. That makes Whirlpool washers slightly costlier than their GE counterparts. 

Verdict – Go for GE if you wish to save slightly, though that doesn’t make Whirlpool excessively expensive

4. Number of Cycles 

GE washers have as many as 12 cycles to do your laundry. Whirlpool, however, has an advantage here, given that some of its washers have up to 37 cycles. 

Most people, however, don’t get the chance to use more than ten wash cycles, so the difference doesn’t matter. 

Verdict – Go for Whirlpool if you want more wash cycles. 

GE Vs Whirlpool Top Load Washer

5. Auto Dispenser 

Both brands offer spacious auto dispensers that dispense the right detergent amount to prevent an overfill and wastage. The difference is that GE offers up to 32 loads while Whirlpool offers up to 40. 

So, if you want a larger auto dispenser, Whirlpool is the better choice. 

Verdict – Go for Whirlpool if you want a bigger auto dispenser. 

6. Whirlpool Vs GE Washing Machine Capacity 

Whirlpool and GE make their washers in different capacities. For example, Whirlpool front loaders have a 4.3 – 5.0 cubic-feet capacity, and top loaders range from 1.6 to 5.3 cubic feet. 

Meanwhile, GE front loaders enjoy a 2.4 – 5.3 cubic-feet capacity, and top loaders have a 2.8 – 5.4 cubic-feet capacity. If you are looking for the smallest capacities, go for Whirlpool, but GE has more options if you want the most spacious washing machines. 

Verdict – GE offers more spacious washers than Whirlpool 

7. Ease of Use

Whirlpool is an incredible choice if you are a more traditional consumer who wants a more intuitive and easy-to-run washer. 

Its washers have simple, intuitive controls that make their operation seamless. GE focuses more on smart features, so the washers can be slightly less intuitive if you are the traditional type. 

Verdict – Whirlpool has the edge over GE, given that its washing machines are more intuitive. 

8. Spin Speed 

The spin speed determines how fast the washers are and how much drying time you need. While Whirlpool washers enjoy an RPM of up to 1000, GE washers have an RPM of up to 1,300.

That makes GE washers 30% faster, so they enjoy less drying time. 

Verdict – Go for GE if you want a faster washer, especially if you want to wash bulkier clothes. 

9. GE Washer Vs Whirlpool Washer Smart Features 

GE is incontestable when it comes to smart features. The brand is known for the SmartHQ application, which allows you to remotely operate the washer with your smartphone and get real-time notifications. 

In addition to SmartHQ, the washers enjoy Alexa built-in (as a voice assistant), Smart Wash (that optimizes the washing time), Smart Dispenser (for dispensing the right detergent amount), Tangle Control (that reduces tangled loads), among others. 

While Whirlpool doesn’t have a SmartHQ equivalent or any other smart features, some innovative features make the washers more user-friendly and reliable. 

Among them are Steam Clean (for removing stubborn stains), Single Load Dispenser (for washing with a detergent different from what’s in the load), Cold Wash (for washing the most colorful clothes and Wash Dry (for bypassing the dryer).

Verdict – GE has a lot to offer if you want the most innovative or smartest features. However, if you want the most practical and straightforward features, Whirlpool has it all. 

Are GE Washers Good

Similarities between GE and Whirlpool Washing Machines

While the difference between GE and Whirlpool washers is vivid, so are their similarities. These big washer brands have so much in common. Yes, the features or technologies may have different names, but they play the same role.

They include the following:

  • Odor and mold prevention technology – Both brands offer the Sanitize Cycle, which eliminates up to 99% of household bacteria. Plus, GE’s Ultra-Fresh Vent System and Whirlpool’s Tumble Fresh keep your clothes fresh and free from mildew smell.
  • Energy-efficiency – These two big washer brands are energy-rated and energy-qualified. You can count on their washing machines to save on energy bills.
  • Auto-dispensers – Though their capacities differ, they both have auto dispensers that seamlessly dispense detergents and prevent an overfill.
  • Steam cycles and pre-soak – Both brands offer the steam cycle to remove stubborn stains and pre-soak to allow you to pretreat the clothes before the main wash.
  • Multiple wash cycles – You can count on both brands to offer you at least a dozen wash cycles, thus more flexibility.
  • Washer type – Both brands have top-load, front-load, portable, and stackable washers.

GE Vs Whirlpool Front Load Washer

GE and Whirlpool front loaders primarily differ in price, the number of cycles, capacity, RPM and auto dispenser, and ease of use. Whirlpool front loaders enjoy more wash cycles, more detergent dispenser loads (due to a bigger auto dispenser), and more intuitive controls. 

Meanwhile, GE front loaders have slightly larger capacities, are more affordable, and enjoy a higher RPM and color choices. Both options, however, use less water and are stackable and reliable. 

GE Vs Whirlpool Top Load Washer

While both GE and Whirlpool top loaders have low maintenance and are faster, they slightly differ in capacity, price, the number of cycles, and ease of use. 

GE wins the capacity and price battle, given that its top loaders are slightly more spacious and less costly. However, Whirlpool wins the ease of use and cycle number battle because it enjoys more intuitive controls and wash cycles. They make up for the slightly higher price. 

Is GE or Whirlpool Washing Machine Better

People Also Ask 

1. Are Whirlpool Washing Machines Good?

Whirlpool washing machines are good because of their simplicity, intuitive controls, spaciousness, and low service rate. They also enjoy more cycles and bigger dispensers. The only major issue is that they lack intelligent features. 

2. Are GE Washers Good?

GE washers‘ top selling point is their Smart HQ application which allows you to operate the washing machine remotely and get real-time alerts. In addition, these washers are reliable, spacious, stylish, and faster, thus good.

3. Is GE or Whirlpool Washing Machine Better?

It’s hard to separate GE and Whirlpool washing machines based on ease of use, sanitization, washing cycles, and auto dispenser provision. The difference in price, capacity, and number of cycles is also tiny.

However, go for GE if you want a minimalist, more user-friendly washer with more dispensing loads and wash cycles. But if you want to save slightly and get intelligent features and the trendiest finish, consider GE.

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Closing Remarks 

While it’s hard to settle the GE vs Whirlpool washing machine argument on some fronts, the difference is clear. GE wins in the intelligent feature category and when it comes to the most stylish finishes, larger capacity, higher RPM, reliability, and affordability.

Meanwhile, you pay more for a Whirlpool washer to enjoy more wash cycles, intuitive controls, and a bigger auto dispenser (with more loads).  

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