GE Vs LG Washer Compared [2023] – Which Brand is Better?

General Electric (GE) and Lucky-Goldstar (LG) are two of the biggest brand names in the washing machine sector. So, understandably, they are often pitted against each other. But who wins the GE vs LG washer battle?

While both brands are reliable and user-friendly, GE scores a win over LG on user-friendliness given that the washers have fewer easier-to-operate controls. On the other hand, LG scores a slight advantage on reliability given that its parts and technicians are more available than GE’s.

Other than the two key differences, these two companies (their washers) differ slightly in size, weight, Turbo Wash, mold control, auto dispenser size, aesthetic, and price.

GE vs LG washer

Below is a table that compares them side by side based on these parameters:

GE Vs LG Washer – 9 Differences: Are LG or GE Washers Better?

ParameterGE WasherLG Washer
Brand ReliabilitySlightly less reliable than LGSlightly more reliable than GE
Ease Of UseMore user-friendlySlightly less user-friendly
Washer SizeLarger and deeperSlightly smaller
Washer WeightWeighs slightly lessWeighs slightly more
Turbo WashAbsentPresent
Mold ControlBetter mold controlLess superior to GE’s
Auto Dispenser SizeHigh capacity auto dispenserSmall capacity auto dispenser
AestheticsSlightly less aestheticMore aesthetic
PriceMore affordable optionsSlightly fewer affordable options

I’ll break down the nine differences between GE and LG washers to help you decide between the two washing machines. We’ll also compare their top loader, front loader, and washer dryer combo options.

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GE Vs LG Washer Side-By-Side Comparison

Now, here are nine ways to compare GE and LG washers:

1. Brand Reliability

When it comes to brand reliability, three essential elements come to play: parts quality, level of servicing, and parts availability.

While both brands are among the most reliable alongside Samsung, Maytag, and Whirlpool, LG has a slight advantage on two of the three fronts. 

First, LG washer service dealers are more widespread than GE service dealers. That means you can quickly get an LG expert technician around you than a GE expert technician.

Second, LG washer parts are more available online and locally than their GE equivalent. But when it comes to the quality of the specs, both brands employ the highest quality and high-performing specs, which makes it hard to choose between them.

are GE washers good


Since LG washer dealers and parts are more available than GEs, LG scores a small win on reliability. But as far as the quality of the product is concerned, both washers are reliable.

2. Ease of Use

While both washers brag about user-friendly functions such as simple cycle selectors, one-touch controls, and easy-to-read displays, LG washers tend to have more functions that can be overwhelming for a beginner user.

GE washers, in contrast, have fewer easy-to-operate functions that make the machine operation more user-friendly.

Furthermore, GE enjoys better support online that attends to technical issues affecting GE washer users. So, while LG is improving on this front, GE still takes the lead.


GE washers score a win here, given that they have fewer straightforward controls and enjoy better support online.

3. Washer Size

Both brands are available in compact, full size, and mega sizes. The difference, however, is that GE washers are slightly larger and deeper.

For example, while full-size LG washers come in a standard width of 27 inches, their GE counterparts measure 28 inches.

And in terms of depth, you are likely to find an LG washer measuring 30.25 inches while its GE equivalent averages 34 inches or thereabout.

Note, however, that the size has nothing to do with the weight, as I will explain next.


LG washers have a size advantage making them the best for slightly smaller laundry rooms.

4. Washer Weight 

Ironically, the washer that measures the widest and deepest weighs much less than the narrower and shallower option, but that’s what it is.

For example, a full-size top loader GE averages 100 pounds while its LG equivalent weighs about 140 – 160 pounds. So, if you are looking for the most portable option between the two washers, consider GE, as its washer weighs slightly less. But if you’ve limited space, LG is more desirable.


GE washers weigh slightly less than LG washers, making them more portable.

5. Turbo Wash 

LG has been employing Turbo Wash technology for quite a while, yet other companies haven’t been able to copy it. Overall, this washing technology uses motion action and high water temperature to promote a much faster wash cycle and cut down washing times.

So, as far as fast washing goes, LG washers have an advantage due to Turbo Wash. While GE washers also have shorter cycles, they mostly have them for smaller loads.

However, shorter cycles apply to both bigger and smaller loads in LG washers.


Owing to Turbo Wash, LG washers enjoy shorter cycles for all loads. Sadly, GE washers lack this innovative wash technology even though they have others that shorten the process for smaller loads.

ge vs lg front load washer

6. Mold Control 

With LG washers, you must leave the machine’s door open, dry the surface after use, and employ the TubClean cycle to avoid mold.

You, however, don’t have to do all that when it comes to GE. GE washers employ an OdorBlack fan and have a Microban surface to discourage mold.

So, even if you leave the door open and do not dry the washer surface properly, mold will not grow. Note nonetheless that due to TubClean technology, LG users don’t worry about mold. The only caveat is that you’ve to use this cycle to control mold.


While both washers employ different mold control technologies, GE’s OdorBlack and Microban surface technologies are superior and more reliable than LG’s Tub Clean cycle.

7. Auto Detergent Dispenser 

While most LG washers have an 18-load capacity auto detergent dispenser, their GE equivalents have a 32-load capacity.

Thus, if you are looking for a washer with a bigger automatic dispenser, go for GE. a GE washer will carry more of your detergent and even softener when washing large loads.


GE washers have a higher capacity auto dispenser than LG washers.

8. Design Aesthetic 

While “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” LG washers arguably have the most aesthetic look. A part of that is because they are narrower and shallower, which means they have a sleeker look. 

The other reason is that they have a lot of intelligent controls on their control panels and enjoy sleeker tamper-resistant glass doors that look outstanding.


LG washers look more aesthetic and stylish, given that they are sleeker and have a more modern look. But again, the argument is debatable depending on the model you favor the most.

9. Washer Price 

While it’s possible to get both brands for under $1,000, GE has more budget-friendly options than LG. So, if you are on a budget, you will likely find more GE washers than LG washers. But overall, these two washers are among the most budget-friendly.


Both options are budget-friendly, but GE washers offer you more affordable options.

are lg washers good

Comparing GE Vs LG Washer Types

GE Vs LG Front Load Washer

One clear difference between GE front loader and LG front loader is that GE washers are larger (broader and deeper). They, however, are more angled if compared to LG front loaders, which enjoy a slight angle to encourage an easy reach of the controls.

And while GE front loaders enjoy an overnight cycle to allow you to leave your laundry overnight and still be okay, LG front loaders enjoy Turbo Wash, which promises shorter wash cycles.

And when it comes to mold control, GEs Odor Black and Microban surface technology promise better mold prevention than LGs TubClean technology.

GE Vs LG Top Load Washer

Both LG and GE top loaders promise easy laundry loading, high-capacity washing, durability, a sleeker look, and a more accessible motor.

So, feature-wise, there is a little to separate the two. But once it boils down to reliability and performance, LG top-loaders are more reliable as their parts and dealers are more available. At the same time, GE top loaders promise user-friendly controls, mold control, and overnight cycle.

However, you can count on LG Turbo wash for shorter cycles, and when it comes to rinsing, LG arguably offers better rising performance.

GE Vs LG Washer Dryer Combo

When it comes to GE and LG washer dryer combos, both brands promise you the best of both worlds. You can count on their innovative integration features and application for ease of use and their vast capacity for large load loading.

They also offer you stackable options and are energy efficient. Perhaps, the only apparent differences are that GE washer and dryer combos are slightly noisy, though you are less likely to note.

However, they employ mold control technology missing on LG and are slightly cheaper. While LG washer dryer combos are slightly costly, they are more energy-efficient and promise a less noisy experience and more smart integration.

People Also Ask

1. Are GE Washers Good?

GE washers are highly energy-efficient, user-friendly, powerful, and stackable, making them suitable for domestic and commercial use. These washers also employ mold control technology to prevent mold attacks and overnight cycle technology to allow you to leave your laundry overnight.

2. Are LG Washers Good?

If you want a washer that can take a high load and promise more energy efficiency, easy operation, and reliability, go for LG. LG washers are also stackable, less noisy, and more affordable, making them suitable for home use and even commercial.

3. Are GE or LG Washers Better?

Choosing between GE and LG washers depends on deciding between reliability and ease of use. If it’s the former, then LG’s dealers and parts are readily available. But if it’s the latter, go for GE as it enjoys better support and more user-friendly controls.

Closing Remarks On GE Vs LG Washer!

Generally, it’s hard to choose between GE and LG washers as both are innovative and user-friendly washers by two of the most reputable brands.

But based on reliability and ease of use only, LG has a slight advantage on reliability while GE scores a few points on user-friendliness.

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