GE vs Samsung Washer Compared (Which Brand is Better?)

GE and Samsung are often in a cutthroat contest regarding the most innovative washing machines. Both brands promise the most modern and high-tech washing machines, which makes one wonder who wins the GE vs Samsung washer contest.

Based on fair pricing, space-saving, and auto dispenser capacity, GE wins the battle, given that its washers are cheaper, save on space, and have a larger detergent auto dispenser. Meanwhile, Samsung washers are more reliable and spacious, faster, and enjoy more wash cycles and better warranty.

So, there are differences when it comes to these two traditional washer brands, and you can differentiate them according to price, space-saving flexibility, auto dispenser size, reliability, washer capacity, cycle length/speed, wash cycles, and warranty.

But in addition to the eight differences, there are slight differences in terms of washer type, wash technology, mold control, smart application, noise level technology, ease of use, and user safety, which makes it hard to choose between them.

I’ll also highlight those other differences when comparing the washers and some similarities, such as brand recognition, appearance, energy efficiency, and stackability.

So, let’s jump into it!

GE vs Samsung washer

In a rush? See below the key eight differences between GE and Samsung washing machines:

GE vs Samsung washer Compared

DifferenceGE WasherSamsung Washer
1.Washer PriceCheaper than SamsungCostlier
2.Space-SavingMore space-savingNot as space-saving as GE washers
3.Auto Dispenser SizeLarger capacity (up to 32 loads)Smaller than GE
4.ReliabilitySlightly less reliable than SamsungMore reliable
5.Washer CapacitySlightly less spacious (up to 5.3 cu-ft.)More spacious options (up to 6.0 cu-ft.)
6.Cycle Length/SpeedAverages 60 minutes (reasonably fast but not as fast as Samsung)Can average 28-30 minutes due to Super-Speed technology (thus quicker)
7.Wash CyclesSlightly fewer wash cycles (12)More wash cycles (13 and 23)
8.WarrantyDecent warranty (1-year full washer warranty and 10-year motor warranty)Slightly better warranty (1-year full washer warranty, 3-5-year extended warranty, and 5-20-year motor warranty)

Samsung Washer Vs GE Washer Side-By-Side Comparison

Here’s how GE and Samsung washing machines compare:

1. Washer Price

GE washers may be slightly higher priced than some models but cost much less than Samsung. For example, while you can get a GE top-load washer for $512 and pay $999 for the costliest option, the cheapest Samsung washer will cost you $559, but you may pay up to $1,169 on some models.

On the other hand, a GE front-loader will cost you $779-$1,999 depending on the model, while its Samsung counterpart will average $649-$3,157, again depending on the model.

Below is a table comparing the pricing of the two washing machine brands:

Washer TypeGE WasherSamsung Washer
Top Load$512-$999$599-$1,169
Front Load$779-$1,999$649-$3,157

Verdict – GE wins the price battle, given that its washers are more affordable.

2. Space-Saving Flexibility

Both Samsung and GE sell dryer-stackable washers, saving laundry room space. The difference is that Ge has more compact, apartment-size options for smaller households and apartments.

GE even has a portable washing machine line, where the washers are just move-ready because of their space-saving designs. Additionally, GE washers employ reverse door technology, which, as you’ll see later, not only helps in easy loading and off-loading of the laundry but also saves on door space.

Verdict – GE wins the space-saving battle by having more portable and compact options and employing reverse doors.

are GE washers good

3. Auto-Dispenser Size

Both washer brands have automatic detergent dispensers, saving you from detergent wastage. The difference is that GE washers have a larger capacity, up to 32 loads. In fact, only Whirlpool washing machines have a bigger capacity than GE washers.

Verdict – GE scores another win here for having a bigger auto-dispenser.

4. Samsung Vs GE Washer Reliability

GE and Samsung washers are among the most reliable washing machine brands. But according to a Yale study, Samsung washers have a lower service rate (just slightly higher than LG washers), which means they are less likely to break down, thus, more reliable.

And when it comes to customer satisfaction, a 2022 J.D Power customer satisfaction index (CSI) study shows that more customers are satisfied with the performance of Samsung washers than GE washers.

That explains why J.D Power has ranked Samsung the number 1 washer brand in the top-load category for the last four years. According to J.D Power, Samsung is better in reliability, performance, style, and appearance.

Samsung also ranks number 1 under customer satisfaction according to the ACSI (American Consumer Satisfaction Index).

The table below shows how the two washer brands compare to each other and other brands in terms of service rate and customer satisfaction

Washer BrandFront Loader Service Rate by YaleFront Loader CSI (at a scale of 1000)Top Loader CSI (at a scale of 1000)

Verdict – Owing to a lower service rate and higher CSI (customer satisfaction index), Samsung wins the reliability contest.  

5. Washer Capacity

Both GE and Samsung washers come in different capacities. For example, GE top-loaders average a 2.8-5.3 cu-ft capacity, while its Samsung counterpart ranges between 4 and 5.5 cu-ft.

Meanwhile, GE front-loaders have a capacity of 2.4-5.3 cu-ft, while their Samsung equivalent range between 2.2 cu-ft and 6.0 cu-ft, and below is a table comparing them.

Washer TypeGE WasherSamsung Washer
Top Load2.8-5.3 cu-ft.4.0-5.5 cu-ft.
Front Load2.4-5.3 cu-ft.2.2-6.0 cu-ft.

Verdict – Samsung edges GE slightly, given that its washers can hold up to 6.0 cu-ft when GE’s maximum capacity is 5.3 cu-ft.

6. Cycle Length and Speed    

GE and Samsung washers generally average 60 minutes per cycle, making them some of the fastest washers on the market. Newer Samsung models, however, have the SuperSpeed function, which gives them the extra gear to halve the time and cycle length.

So, instead of the regular 60 minutes, you can hit 28-30 minutes with a SuperSpeed Samsung washing machine, thus time-saving.

Verdict – Samsung wins the spin battle due to SuperSpeed technology.

7. Wash Cycles

Both GE and Samsung washing machines offer multiple wash cycles, allowing you to do laundry the way you prefer. The difference is that GE washers provide up to 12 cycles while Samsung has 13 and 23 options, thus more.

Verdict – Samsung wins the wash cycle battle, given that it offers more wash cycles

8. GE Vs Samsung Washers Warranty

Both Samsung and GE offer a full one-year limited warranty for the appliance, which shows the workmanship quality. However, Samsung provides you with the option of a three- or 5-year extended warranty through the Extended Warranty Care+ plan.

Moreover, while GE washer motors have a 10-year warranty, Samsung washer motors have a 10-20-year warranty.

Verdict – Samsung wins the warranty battle for offering slightly better coverage.

are Samsung washers good

Other Comparisons

9. Washer Type

While both brands offer front-loading, top-loading, and stackable washing machines, GE also provides laundry centers and portable washers, while Samsung adds Bespoke (AI-driven) washers to their lineup.

Samsung’s all-washing machines and washer and dryer sets are similar to GE’s laundry centers, which combine washers and dryers.

Verdict – Though Samsung has a slight edge over GE due to its AI-driven Bespoke washers, there isn’t much to split the two washer giants.

10. Wash Technology

These two washer giants employ different wash technologies that set them apart. But still, they also share some technologies; some differ in names but play the same role, which makes them inseparable.

For example, Samsung’s AI OptiWash, which customizes the washing depending on fabric type and washing habits, is almost similar to GE’s Adaptive MySettings, which also promises a customized wash.

Perhaps the only difference is that OptiWash is AI-enabled, thus promising a more automated and cleaner wash based on fabric and soil detection. 

Meanwhile, GE enjoys Overnight Cycle, which lacks on Samsung washers. The cycle allows you to soak deeply-soiled clothes overnight for an easy wash the following day.

Plus, there is the Reversible Door, which lets you quickly load and unload the clothes when washing. The technology is only present on Electrolux and GE washers.

Both washers, however, have the steam wash, pre-soak, and sanitize cycle options and preset cycles, among other similarities.

Verdict – Though the wash technologies differ slightly, both brands are tremendous. So, nothing major to split them here.

11. GE Washer Vs Samsung Washer Mold Control

Samsung is notable for its CleanGuard antibacterial technology, which eliminates up to 99%of microorganisms, including mold, in the detergent dispenser and gasket.

GE also has a similar technology, though by another name, Microban, which has the same effect.  

Verdict – No winner here as both brands offer mold control solutions

12. Smart Application

Both GE and Samsung are notable for their smart Wi-Fi-enabled washers. On the one hand, GE offers the SmartHQ application, which allows you to operate and monitor your washer and every other smart GE appliance using your mobile phone.

SmartHQ gives you real-time feedback and alerts on the performance of your washer, and you can use it to troubleshoot it.

Samsung also has a SmartHQ-equivalent known as the SmartThings. Like SmartHQ, SmartThings allows you to operate your washer and other Samsung appliances using your phone, get real-time alerts, and troubleshoot the machine.

Verdict – Nothing to separate the two, as GE’s SmartHQ and Samsung’s SmartThings play the same roles

GE vs Samsung top load washer

13. Noise-Level Technology

Samsung employs vibration-reduction technology to promise a noise-free operation, while GE uses dynamic-balancing technology to promise the same.

Verdict – Both washer brands promise low-noise washers.

14. Ease of Use

Both GE and Samsung are ADA-compliant, which shows that their ADA-compliant washers are easy to use by people with disability. Their washers also allow you to run them using mobile applications and voice control and have intuitive control panels, which make them user-friendly.

Verdict – Both washer brands are user-friendly

15.  User Safety

Both washer brands promise many safety features. For instance, GE’s Control Lock is similar to Samsung’s Child Lock, which prevents kids from operating the washers.

Verdict – Both washers are safe

Similarities of a GE and Samsung Washer

Here are the things that make GE and Samsung washers inseparable:

a) Brand Recognition

Both GE and Samsung are recognized by J.D Power, American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and Good Housekeeping. The three are reputable customer satisfaction watchdogs.

Moreover, the two brands are also Energy-Star-certified and ADA-compliant, showing that people with disability can use the washers.

b) Appearance

Both washer brands promise modern, stylish washers which come with a variety of tasteful finishes.

c) Energy Efficiency

Since both brands are Energy-Star-certified, that proves they are energy-efficient.

d) Stackability

You can stack their front loaders with dryers from the same brand.

GE Vs Samsung Top Load Washer

GE and Samsung top-loaders are energy-efficient, easy to use, quiet, and safe. The major difference is that Samsung top-loaders are faster. They can hit 28-30 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes due to SuperSpeed technology.

Samsung top-loaders, as mentioned earlier, also enjoy a higher customer satisfaction index, which proves they are slightly more reliable.

Samsung washer vs GE washer

GE Vs Samsung Front Load Washer

GE and Samsung front loaders have so much in common regarding energy efficiency, ease of use, low-noise operation, and user safety, just like their top-loading siblings.

Moreover, they are stackable. The difference is that Samsung front loaders have a lower service rate (as mentioned earlier) and higher customer satisfaction index, thus making them slightly more reliable.

Meanwhile, GE front loaders offer you an Overnight Cycle for pre-soaking soiled clothes overnight and reversible doors for easy loading and off-loading, which is lacking on Samsung front loaders.

Are GE Washers Good?

GE washers aren’t perfect. For example, they have a slightly higher service rate than Samsung washers, which makes them slightly less reliable. Their capacities are also slightly limited, given that the maximum capacity is 5.3 cu-ft when you can get up to 6.0 cu-ft from Samsung.

But on a positive note, GE washers have several advantages that make them good. For instance, these washers save on storage space, making them ideal for apartments, and they have a bigger auto dispenser, making detergent dispensing seamless.

GE washers are also energy efficient, quiet, Wi-Fi and app-enabled (thus user-friendly), and fast. They employ advanced washing technology; the best part is that most of their washers are affordable.

Are Samsung Washers Good?

Samsung washers have a few concerns, like every other washer brand. For one, these washers can be a bit bulky and thus not ideal for smaller apartments. They are also highly-priced and, therefore, unaffordable to some users.

But overall, there is so much that Samsung washers promise, which makes them good. These washers, for example, are pretty user-friendly thanks to their intuitive controls, voice assistant integration, and SmartThings app compatibility.

They are also reliable (due to a lower service rate), fast (due to SuperSpeed technology), energy-efficient, stackable, spacious, stylish, and quiet. So, these advantages make up for the few defects and high prices.

In conclusion, is GE or Samsung washer better?

The GE vs Samsung washer battle is often hard to settle, given the brands’ resemblances. Both brands offer similar washing machine types and employ similar wash technologies.

Their washers are also mobile app, voice, and Wi-Fi-enabled, quiet, easy to use, and safe. And if you are looking for the most stylish modern, energy-efficient, and stackable washer, you cannot overlook the two washing machine brands.

Besides, they are recognized by reputable bodies like J.D Power and Good Housekeeping and are ADA-compliant and Energy Star Qualified. So, what sets them apart?   

As shared, go for GE if you want an affordable, space-saving washer with a bigger-capacity detergent dispenser. On the other hand, go for Samsung if you want a slightly more reliable, spacious, and faster washer with more wash cycles and a better warranty, but be prepared to pay more.