11 Reasons Maytag Washer Fills with Water Then Stops (Fixed!)

Maytag washing machines are life savers; most Maytag washer owners will agree with that. But what if your Maytag washer fills with water then stops? What could cause that, and how do you fix it?

The most typical explanation for a Maytag washer that fills with water and then stops is that of an open lid. Other likely causes are active ‘Soak Cycle,’ stuck objects, a clogged hose or pump, or a faulty cycle selector, drive belt, heater, drive motor, pressure switch, timer, or control module. 

So, there are many possibilities, and one could go wrong, causing your washing machine not to fill up or agitate.

I’ll walk you through the 11 issues – from the most likely to the least likely – to enable you to troubleshoot your washer.  

After that, we’ll examine why your washer won’t stop filling with water, which is the opposite of the first issue. 

Here we go! 

Maytag washer fills with water then stops

In a rush? Find below a quick DIY troubleshooting guide for a Maytag washer that fills with water and stops.

Quick Troubleshooter for a Maytag Washer That Fills with Water but Stops

Possible CauseRecommended Fix
1.Open Lid Try shutting the lid firmly and removing any obstructions. If the lid doesn’t close, replace the lid switch
2.Soak Cycle Cancel/pause ‘soak cycle’ to restore regular running
3.Stuck Objects Remove any stuck objects  within the drum
4.Clogged Hose Or PumpClean the drain hose and pump to get rid of the clogging and improve water flow
5.Faulty Cycle Selector Change the cycle selector if it won’t spin the motor and drum and shows no continuity
6.Faulty Washer BeltChange the washer belt if it proves to be faulty
7.Burnt HeaterReplace the heater/heating element if it’s burnt and won’t heat the water
8.Bad Motor Replace the motor if it won’t run or spin
9.Bad Pressure Switch Replace the pressure switch if it fails to show continuity
10.Defective TimerHave an expert check the timer, and if it’s defective, replace it
11.Failed Control ModuleChange the control module as the last resort

Why Your Maytag Washer Fills with Water Then Stops and How to Fix It

Below are 11 issues that could stop your Maytag washer from filling up once it starts to do so and how to remedy them DIY:

1. The Washer’s Lid Appears Open

If the washer’s lid looks open for whatever reason, the washer will only fill up briefly and then stop. Even worse, it may not run.

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This is the primary reason a Maytag top load washer fills with water then stops. Well, the washer lid may interpret the lid as open or disengaged due to any of these reasons:

  • The lid is not firmly shut; thus appears open
  • Something else could be stuck between the lid, preventing it from engaging properly
  • The lid switch might be faulty, thus preventing the lid from locking properly


Try to shut the lid firmly. If it won’t close, first check for any obstructions (be it clothes or anything else) and remove them before again trying to shut the lid firmly. 

If the lid won’t close after that, the lid switch is likely faulty, which you should replace. But before you do, confirm that the switch is defective using a multimeter.

If it doesn’t show continuity, you can go ahead with the replacement.

2. The Washer Could Be On ‘Soak Mode’

Have you selected the ‘soak cycle’ on your washer? If yes, then that’s the reason the washer stops once it starts to fill up with water.

As the name suggests, the ‘soak cycle’ allows the washer to hold and soak up the clothes for some time, mostly 15 – 30 minutes.

Only after the soaking cycle completes does the washer resume its regular operation.


You’ve two options here. Option 1, you can stay put for 15 – 30 minutes as you wait for the soak cycle to complete. Option 2, you can press ‘cancel’ and sometimes ‘pause’ to cancel the soak cycle.

Why does my washing machine fill up with water then stops

3. Maytag Washer Stops After Filling Water Due to Stuck Objects in The Drum

Once a Maytag washer senses a stuck object in the drum while running, it may stop filling up with water. So, you ought to inspect the drum for any obstructions as they could prevent your washer from agitating or running normally.


Remove any foreign materials you may find in the drum before restarting the washer. Pay close attention to the drum lock to ensure it’s not faulty. If it is, then you should fix it.

4. The Drain Hose or Pump Could Be Dirt Clogged

Sometimes, the Maytag washer won’t continue filling up because of significant drain hose or pump clogging. So, you must inspect the two. 

Remember, any obstruction in the drain hose and pump affects the water flow and fill-up process.


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Inspect the drain hose and drain pump from clogging and clean them accordingly. And if the drain hose is kinked, stretch it out to clear the twists/kinks. That’ll improve drainage and the fill-up process. 

5. The Cycle-Selector Switch Might Be Faulty

The motor’s speed generally depends on a functional cycle-selector switch. If this particular switch goes bad for whatever reason, the engine may not run or stop a short while after starting. 

Once that happens, the washer won’t fill up with water, at least not entirely. So, the cycle selector is a must-check, especially when the motor won’t run and spin the drum.


You can know if the cycle-selector switch is faulty if it won’t spin the motor and drum. But since it’s a switch, you can check for faults using a multimeter. Consider replacing it if it won’t show continuity.

6. The Washer Belt Could Be Faulty

If the washer belt could be frail, loose, too tight, or broken, those are signs of faultiness.

In that case, the belt won’t turn when the motor runs, bringing the washer operations to a standstill, including the filling up.

So, you ought to examine the washer belt for fault as it could be the reason behind the problem. 


Consider replacing your Maytag washer belt if it shows any signs of faultiness. Ask for an expert technician’s help if you can’t do it.

Maytag top load washer fills with water then stops

7. The Heater Could Be Burnt

The heater or heating element usually turns on when the Maytag washer fills up. And once the water reaches a specific temperature, a sensor triggers the motor to run and turn the drum.

That, however, is unlikely to happen if the heater burns out from overheating.


Inspect the heater, which you can find beneath the front panel for burning. If it is burnt, replace it. A burnt heater won’t turn on, so it won’t heat the water.

8. Maytag Washer Fills with Water Then Stops but Won’t Run Due to A Defective Timer

If your washer won’t spin, the source of the problem is mostly the drive belt or motor.

Over time, the motor brushes wear off, but the motor could also break or malfunction. So, provided the motor is not running, it’ll interrupt the water-filling process. 


Inspect the drive monitor to see if it’s running. If it’s not, it could be why the washer stops filling. But to be sure, ensure nothing is obstructing it from turning. Overall, a faulty motor will need replacing. 

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9. The Pressure Switch (Or Water Level Switch) Could Be Bad

The work of the pressure switch is to regulate the water level in the washer. So, once the switch goes bad, it’s unable to monitor or control the washer level, and therefore the fill-up process may abort prematurely. 

Another thing to note is that a faulty switch prevents the motor from getting power and thus won’t run. 


Consider connecting a multimeter to the pressure switch to see if it has continuity. If it doesn’t, replace it. That shows its faults.

10. Maytag Washer Fills and Stops Due to a Detective Timer

The motor depends on a functional timer to run. The washer won’t fill up entirely if it doesn’t run because of a defective timer. Overall, the timer signals to the motor for it to run. 

That doesn’t happen, however, if the timer is bad. In the long run, the washer won’t agitate


While one indicator of a defective timer is a motor that won’t run, it’s never conclusive. So, you can’t just assume that the timer is faulty.

Instead, have an expert technician examine it. If they find it defective, they may advise you to replace it. 

Maytag washer stops after filling water

11. Your Washers Control Module Could Be Burnt

Lastly, if none of the discussed issues is the culprit, then your only option is the control module. This central coordinator, which acts as the brain of the washing machine, fails over time. 

In most cases, it burns out, thus unable to coordinate the running of the washer’s functions, including the fill-up process.


Consider replacing the control module as your last resort. Alternatively, get a new Maytag washer to replace the old one if replacing the control module looks expensive. 

What If the Maytag Washer Won’t Stop Filling Up?

Sometimes the Maytag washer will continuously fill up with water. If so, the reason could be one of these:

  • A faulty water inlet valve that stays stuck open to allow water to run continuously
  • A bad pressure switch that fails to regulate the amount of water filling the drum
  • Inadequate water pressure (less than 20 psi)
  • A bad control module (or main control board)

People Also Ask

1. Why Does My Washing Machine Fill Up with Water Then Stops?

Your washing machine fills up with water and stops because the door/lid is faulty or the ‘soak mode’ is on. Other reasons include drain clogging and a defective pressure switch, washer belt, timer, motor, heater, or cycle selector.

2. Why Is My Maytag Washer Not Filling Up with Enough Water?

Your Maytag washer is not filling up with enough water because the lid won’t close, possible clogging or faultiness involving the cycle selector, pressure switch, motor, washer belt, or timer.

3. How Do I Reset My Maytag Washer? 

The quickest way to rest a Maytag washer is to disconnect it from the power outlet for about 3-5 minutes. If that won’t work, unplug the machine for 10 – 30 minutes, then restart it.

Maytag Washer Fills with Water Then Stops – Closing Remarks 

As shared, it’s most likely that your Maytag washing machine fills and stops because of an open lid. Don’t forget to check for possible clogging, soak mode, or fault involving the cycle selector, pressure switch, motor, washer belt, timer, heater, or control module.

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