10 Ways To Fix a Maytag Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry!

Given the many years Maytag has been making washing machines, you expect them to be flawless. But frankly, no washer is faultless, and one problem most customers complain about is the Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry.

Issues like excess suds, wrong spin cycle setting, faulty lid switch, and incorrect drain pipe height may cause the Maytag washer not to spin the clothes dry. Other reasons include poor drainage, unbalanced or too much load, unleveled washer, power failure, and broken washer belt.

As you’ll notice, most of these issues are easier to fix, and you only need to know how to pinpoint the problems when they arise and fix them timely.

On that note, I’ll explain all these reasons and their DIY repairs. Moreover, we’ll look at individual Maytag washers such as the top loader, front loader, Centennial, Atlantis, Neptune, Performa, and Maxima to enable you to relate with them. 

Let’s jump into it!

Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry

In a rush? See below why Maytag washers fail to spin clothes dry and their exact fixes.

Quick Troubleshooter for Maytag Washer Clothes Still Wet

 Probable CauseWhat To Do
1.Excessive SudsReduce the amount of detergent and preferably use HE options
2.Wrong Spin Cycle SettingPick the right spin setting and cycle for your laundry
3.Faulty Lid SwitchReplace the lid switch if it fails to show continuity on a multimeter
4.Incorrect Drain Pipe HeightAdjust the drain pipe height to 30-96 inches to boost the drain pump’s pumping action
5.Poor DrainageUnkink and unclog the drain hose and clean the drain filter and drain pump if they are dirty
6.Unbalanced Load Balance your clothes in the washer before spinning them
7.Too Much Wash LoadKeep your washer tub load ¾ full. Don’t overload it
8.Unlevelled WasherReposition the washer on a more even surface
9.Power FailureRestart the washer if there was a recent power outage and avoid extension cords
10.Broken Washer BeltReplace the washer belt

Why Is My Maytag Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry?

Generally, your Maytag washer is not spinning clothes dry because of one of these reasons:

1. Excessive Suds 

Though it’s tempting to use too much detergent when washing filthy laundry, it doesn’t do your washer any good. Quite the contrary, the excess detergent leads to over-Sudsing, and that causes the washer to spin slowly.

A slow spin translates to less water removal. So, your clothes will spin wet.

However, suds sometimes form for not using too much detergent but the wrong type.  For example, the washer is likely over suds when using non-high-efficiency detergents.


Don’t put too much detergent in your washing machine. Preferably, use high-efficiency laundry detergents over non-high-efficiency detergents as they are low on suds. 

Maytag washer clothes still wet

2. Wrong Spin Cycle Setting 

It’s essential to look at the washer setting when your clothes are wet at the end of the spin cycle. Depending on how fast your washing machine spins, it won’t spin the clothes dry if you choose a low spin or no spin when working with bulky laundry.

Likewise, if you use the normal, hand, rapid, or delicate wash on a bulky load, your laundry will drip wet at the end of the spin cycle.


Learn to pick the right setting for your laundry. For example, opt for the highest spin speed that matches the material if you handle bulky loads. And if you have a top loader, remember to select the ‘add garment’ function before adding clothes.

3. Faulty Lid/ Lock Switch

Check the lid /lock switch as it could be faulty. If it is, then your Maytag washer won’t be able to complete a wash cycle, which means the clothes are likely to drip wet.


To be sure that the lid/lock switch is the problem, test it with a multimeter. If there’s no continuity, the switch is faulty and needs an immediate replacement.

4. Incorrect Drain Pipe Height

The washer drain pipe pumps best when the drain pipe is between 30 inches and 96 inches (8 feet). If it’s lower than 30 inches or higher than 96 inches, the drain pump won’t be able to discharge the washer’s wastewater. And if the water won’t drain, the clothes will soak wet. 


Measure the washer’s drain pipe height to ensure it’s 30-96 inches long. If it’s not, consider moving the washer near the standpipe or away, depending on whether the distance is under 30 inches or over 96 inches.

5. Poor Drainage

Unless wastewater drains away, your clothes may never spin dry. The problem with poor drainage is that the water may flow back into the tub and stay there, wetting the clothes throughout.

Overall, look for these possibilities when dealing with poor drainage:

  • Clogged hose – Check the drain hose to unclog it if it won’t allow water to pass through.
  • Dirty drain filter – Inspect the drain filter for dirt clogging and clean it if that’s the case to encourage good drainage.
  • Dirty drain pump – Check the drain pump for possible dirt clogging and clean it if it’s filthy.
  • Faulty drain pump – Observe the pump for wear and damage; if there are any, it’s defective and needs a replacement.


You can clean everything (drain hose, drum, filter, washer pump, and valve) using Affresh washing machine cleaner.

why is my Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry

6. Unbalanced Load 

Your Maytag washer will only spin the clothes dry if they are even in the drum. An unbalanced load doesn’t turn uniformly. Quite the contrary, it forms heaps that hold more water and even slow down the drainage and spin speed. 


Check your laundry, and if it’s uneven, balance it properly. Make it as even as you can before you spin the washer.

7. Too Much Load

Overloading your Maytag washer also does not favor spinning. It’s likely to have difficulty turning the load as there won’t be enough room to do it. As you know, if the wash load won’t turn properly, it’s likely to drip wet at the end of the spin cycle. 


Ideally, the washer’s tub should be ¾ full. If you go past that, your washer won’t spin the clothes dry. And if you underload it, the laundry will be thrown out of balance, resulting in the wet laundry too.

8. Unleveled Washer 

If your Maytag washer is not resting on a uniform surface, the wash load will quickly go out of balance when the machine spins. Once that happens, the washer is unable to turn the clothes dry.


Consider moving your Maytag washer to a level surface if it’s running on a non-uniform surface. After that, ensure you distribute the load evenly before spinning the washer.

9. Power Failure 

If your washer doesn’t receive enough power, there’s always the chance it won’t spin the clothes properly. On that note, here are the things that could lead to a power failure:

  • Use of an extension cord – Extension cords don’t transmit adequate electric power to the washer. Therefore, it’s advisable not to use them when powering a washing machine.
  • Recent power outage – Your washer is likely to spin the clothes wet if there was a recent power outage. In such a case, restart your washing machine.

10. Damaged Drive Belt

The washing machine can only spin maximally if the drive belt is in good condition. Your clothes will spin wet if it’s frail, cracked, or torn. Thus, inspect the washer belt to ensure it turns well.


Check the washer’s belt for damage and find its replacement if it’s damaged.

Maytag top load washer not spinning clothes dry

More Quick Guides

Maytag Top Load Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

Maytag top loader washers fail to spin dry clothes due to these reasons:

  • Washing bulky garments with a gentle/delicate setting
  • Wrong drain pipe height (mostly over 96 inches)
  • Positioning the washer on an unleveled surface
  • Too much detergent (excessive suds)
  • Recent power failure

Maytag Front Load Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

Consider these issues if your Maytag front loader won’t spin the clothes dry:

  • Wrong setting – Possibly delicate or slow speed on bulky load
  • Overloading the washer with laundry
  • Excess suds due to too much detergent, especially non-HE options
  • Low voltage due to power failure
  • Drain pipe clogging or hose kinking
  • Wrong drain pipe height (higher than 96 inches)

Maytag Centennial Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

Generally, here’s why Maytag Centennial washers deliver wet laundry at the end of the spin cycle:

  • Poor drainage due to a faulty pump or clogged hose
  • Defective pressure level switch
  • Faulty clutch assembly
  • Unbalanced or bulky load
  • Unleveled washer
  • Wrong cycle or spin setting

Maytag Maxima Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

If your Maytag Maxima won’t spin your clothes dry, consider these possibilities:

  • Wrong washer setting (the use of gentle/delicate setting on bulky wash)
  • Bulky laundry or uneven load
  • Clogged drains or faulty filter 
  • Uneven washer
  • Use of the wrong detergent, causing over sudsing
  • Frail washer drive belt
Maytag front load washer not spinning clothes dry

Maytag Atlantis Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

Consider these issues if your Maytag Atlantis won’t spin dry your clothes:

  • Unbalanced or excessive wash load
  • Broken washer belt
  • Inadequate drainage (primarily due to a faulty pump or clogged hose)
  • Uneven washer (non-uniform surface)

Maytag Neptune Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

Your Maytag Neptune is likely not to spin your clothes dry due to any of these reasons:

  • Wrong spin setting or speed (slow speed or bulky load)
  • Unbalanced load
  • Faulty washer belt
  • Malfunctioning motor
  • Standing water in the tub or clogged filter

Maytag Performa Washer Not Spinning Clothes Dry

A Maytag Performa washer may fail to spin the clothes dry due to any of these reasons:

  • Unbalanced, uneven, or bulky load
  • Faulty door switch
  • Broken or frail washer belt
  • Poor drainage (clogged hose, drain filter, or pump)
  • Unstable washer
  • Wrong setting

Closing Remarks

Now you know the reasons behind a Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry. To recap, ensure your washer’s load is not out of balance or excess and that you choose the right speed setting and cycle. Also, ensure the washer drains appropriately and is not on an unstable surface.

Lastly, confirm there are no faulty components such as the drive belt, drive motor, or transmission. If any, replace it to get your Maytag washer back spinning the clothes dry.

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