LG Washing Machine Sound Problem Troubleshooting. [Solved!]

While LG washing machines are reputable for their reliability, they are still susceptible to mechanical failure. One way to diagnose a failing LG washing machine is from its sound. So, are you suspecting an LG washing machine sound problem but can’t tell what it is?

LG washers make disturbing sounds when filling water and during agitation or spinning to indicate a major problem. Some of the sounds to watch out for, which could point out the problem affecting your washer, are vibration, whistling, squeaking, banging, and grinding noises.

Remember, LG washing machines are not the most complicated to fix if you are handy and know what to check, and that’s where this guide comes in. You’ll learn about the various LG sound problems, what causes them, and how to fix them.

Why is my LG washing machine making noise

In a rush? Here’s a summary of these LG sound problems.

When It OccursSound TypeCause
When Filling WaterWhistling/squeakingDefective inlet valve
During AgitationRumbling noiseDefective drum bearings Other causes – include faulty motor coupling, drive pulley, or a transmission overload
During SpinningRepetitive rumbling or loud bangLoose or worn-out bearing
Scraping, grinding, or scuffing soundTrapped foreign object
Thumping or banging soundUnbalanced load, laundry overload or damaged shocks, suspension rod, or drive pulley
VibrationNon-uniform surface
Rattling/whirring soundForeign object or clogged drain
Squeaking soundDry bearing or damaged drive belt

10 LG Washing Machine Sound Problem And Fixes!

We’ll look at the LG sound problems under the following:

  • When filling the machine with water
  • During agitation
  • During spinning

Let’s get started:

1. LG Washing Machine Making Noise When Filling with Water

You can tell that your LG washing machine has a problem if it’s making a whistling or squeaking sound when filling up with water.

In most cases, the problem is a defective inlet valve. The inlet valve might be clogged by dirt, corroded, or broken, thus ineffective.


The inlet valve is a small but complicated piece to fix. So, it’s advisable to replace it, which you can do using these steps:

  • Use a Phillip screwdriver to loosen the machine’s console
  • Tilt and remove the console and then disconnect the lid’s harness
  • Locate the exposed brass clips and unclip them
  • Now find the bad inlet valve and take it out
  • Replace the inlet valve with a new compatible option and reassemble the unit.

Check out the LG 5220FR2075L OEM Inlet Valve to see if it’s compatible with your LG washing machines, as it is compatible with so many LG washer models.

LG washing machine drum sound problem

2. LG Washing Machine Making Noise Agitation

The drum bearings are likely defective if your LG washing machine rumbles during agitation. You can confirm this problem by manually spinning the washer by hand. If it makes a rumbling sound, then that’s it.

Other reasons to explain why your washer rumbles during agitation include:

  • Faulty/worn-out motor coupling
  • Faulty drive pulley
  • Transmission overload


It’s usually advisable to replace the affected part when dealing with an LG machine’s rumbling noise during agitation. But if you are not sure, find an LG technician who can help you diagnose and fix the issue.

3. LG Machine Making Noise When Spinning

If your LG machine is making noise when spinning, it is possible to explain it. But first, it’s essential to identify the affected part or the sound type. It may also be helpful to know the kind of LG washer you have.

Here’s what to know:

4. LG Washing Machine Drum Sound Problem

The washing machine drum that holds the spinning clothes will always indicate something wrong. Here are the types of LG washer drum problems you should brewery of:

a) Repetitive Rumbling/loud Banging

If your washer drum is making a loud bang or repetitive rumbling sound, the problem could be:

  • Loose drum bearings
  • Worn out drum bearings


If the cause is loose drum bearings, consider tightening them. But if you are not sure about anything, ask for expert help to avoid voiding your washer’s warranty. 

Replace the drum bearings, nonetheless, if they are old. Again, seek an expert’s help if you cannot do it for the reasons mentioned above.

Check out the LG Electronics 4280FR4048L Ball Bearing for compatibility with your LG washer, as it is compatible with several LG models.

LG washing machine grinding noise

b) LG Washing Machine Grinding Noise, Scraping or Scuffing Sound

Though these three sounds are different, they often relate to one cause – foreign objects. So, it depends on the type of foreign object trapped in your LG washer’s drum.

If it’s a thick cloth trapped, you’ll hear a scraping sound, and if it’s coins, you’ll listen to a scraping sound.

On the other hand, a grinding sound may indicate a small object such as a pin or jewelry or even a tiny coin being trapped within the washer’s drum.


If you are dealing with a trapped foreign object, the best thing to do is to stop the machine from running and manually take out the foreign object. Also, check the pockets and cuff for foreign objects before restarting the washer.

c) Thumping or Banging Sound

A thumping or banging sound often indicates an unbalanced load or overload. The washer may produce a thumping sound if you don’t evenly distribute your laundry in the drum.

The thumping may sometimes be too loud enough to cause the door to shake. However, in some cases, it’s a case of washing things you shouldn’t, such as the doormat, heavy blanket, or carpet.


First, stop your LG machine from running and open the drum to see what might be causing the thumping and fix it. If there is a mat, blanket, or carpet, remove it and if the load is uneven, spread it uniformly.

While at it, ensure you don’t overload the drum as that could also cause the thumping when the washer is spinning.

d) Vibration 

The washer drum may also vibrate if standing on a non-uniform surface. That will often happen when the machine is spinning at high speed. (


Stop the washing machine from running and try stabilizing its feel. If possible, move it to a corner and adjust its feet to ensure they touch the ground.

5. LG Front Load Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning

If your front loader washer makes some weird noise that you cannot explain? Here are possible explanations:

a) Unbalanced load/laundry overload

Check to see if you have overloaded your washing machine with laundry. Also, check for uneven load distribution or things you shouldn’t wash, such as the carpet, rug, or blanket.

b) Foreign objects

You should check the washer drum for foreign objects such as coins, jewelry, pins, and screws as they could be causing the noise.

You have to watch out for a grinding, clicking, or scraping sound.

c) Old tub bearing

If the tub bearing is either too old or rusty, it could result in a grinding noise when the machine is spinning. So, you also have to check the condition of the tub bearing and replace it if need be using the steps I shared earlier.

d) Faulty or misaligned shock

Your front loader features shock absorbers whose role is to soak the excessive energy and vibration when running. So, if these shock absorbers are either faulty (for being too old) or misaligned, they won’t absorb the impact when the machine spins.

The result will be a banging sound or a loud vibration. Also, watch out for an unlubricated/ dry bearing as it could produce a squeaking sound.

e) Broken or loose drive pulley

You also should check the drive pulley, which contributes to spinning washing machines. The washer will produce a loud vibration if the drive pulley is broken or loose.

So, look at the drive pulley’s condition to see what you can fix. If it’s loose, tighten it and if it’s old, replace it.

Remember, you can always talk to a local washing machine expert to help you fix it or take it to an LG service dealer.

6. LG Top Load Washing Machine Making Noise When Spinning

Now, if you have a top load washer that’s making noise, consider looking for the following culprits:

a) Worn out suspension rod

Instead of shock absorbers, LG Top loaders have suspension rods that perform the same as the front loaders’shock absorbers.

The LG washer will likely vibrate loudly from the heavy impact in the case of old suspension rods. So, the proper fix is to replace the rod.

Consider the LG 4902EA1002E Genuine OEM Suspension Rod, compatible with many LG washers.

LG washing machine making noise when filling with water

b) Laundry overload or unevenness

Also, check to see if your LG top-loader is overfilled with laundry or if the laundry is uneven, and fix it accordingly

c) Foreign objects

Remember to check for foreign objects such as pins, coins, and jewelry, as they could cause your top-loader to produce a grinding or squeaking sound.

People Also Ask

1. How Do I Get the Sound Back On My LG Washing Machine?

You can get the sound back on your LG washing machine using any of these tips:

  • Turn your washer on and press and hold the timer button for about 30 seconds
  • Switch the washer on and then press the temp and delay-end buttons simultaneously

2. Why Is My LG Washing Machine Making Noise?

Your LG washing machine makes noise because the drum is overloaded with laundry or uneven laundry. It could also be that there are foreign objects such as coins, pins, and jewelry.

3. Why Does My Front Load Washer Sound Like a Jet Engine?

Your front load washer sounds like a jet engine because of a worn-out bearing, faulty shaft, worn-out drive or gear belt, old dampening straps/spring, or bad drive pulley.

Closing Remarks!

Now you know what to look for when you sense an LG washing machine sound problem. You can use this guide to diagnose the washer’s sound and fix it accordingly. Hopefully, that’ll save you time and money.

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