21 LG Washing Machine Cycles Explained!

So you just bought a brand new LG washer but are unsure what cycles to use? If so, here are the LG washing machine cycles explained, and you’ll learn what wash cycle to use on what clothes and the approximate time each will take.  

As you’ll notice, some LG cycles are shorter than others and require different spin speeds, wash temperatures, and soil levels. The critical determinant, however, is the type of clothes or fabric you wash and how soiled they are. 

Expect delicate fabrics and lightly soiled options to take the shortest time and probably a slow spin setting. In contrast, heavily-soiled and bulky clothes will most likely require a medium-to-high spin setting and will take longer to complete a cycle. 

Without saying much, let’s jump straight into these cycles to explain what to expect of each. 

LG washing machine cycles explained

In a rush? Below is a summary of 21 LGF washing machine cycles worth knowing about. 

A Summary of LG Washing Machine Cycles Explained

Cycle Preference/SuitabilityApproximate Time 
1.Speed Wash Small loads and lightly soiled clothes 15 minutes
2.Steam Fresh Light clothes that may wrinkle or wear out on a full wash 20 minutes
3.Drain & Spin Wet clothes requiring spinning out of excess water 20 minutes
4.Rinse + Spin Deep cleaning clothes 20 minutes
5.Hand Wash/Wool Hand-washable and woolen machine-washable items 34 minutes
6.Permanent Press Wrinkle-free clothes, dresses, tablecloths, and poly/cotton blends 34 minutes
7.Delicates Blouses, shirts, lacy garments, sheers, and nylon 42 minutes 
8.Small Load Small loads of towels, cotton, jeans, sheets, shirts, mixed loads, and linen 50 minutes
9.Normal Cycle Mixed loads, jeans, shirts, and work clothes 57 minutes
10.Cotton/Normal Cotton, mixed loads, jeans, towels, shirts, linen, and sheets 58 minutes
11.Cotton/Towels Cotton, towels, sheets, linen, and shirts 58 minutes
12.Cotton Plus Large cotton loads, especially pajamas and undergarments 59 minutes
13.Tub Clean Washer maintenance 60 minutes 
14.Cold Care Smaller cotton loads, mixed loads, sheets, jeans, linen, and towels 63 minutes
15.Towels Towels or cotton garments 73 minutes
16.Bright White White fabrics 75 minutes
17.Heavy Duty Heavily-soiled cotton items 100 minutes
18.Bulky/Large More oversized items like comforters and blankets 105 minutes
19.Sanitary Heavily-soiled articles, undergarments, cloth, diapers, and work clothes 105 minutes
20.Allergiene Allergen-contaminated items 113 minutes
21.Baby Wear Lightly soiled baby clothes 120 minutes

What Are the Cycles On A LG Washing Machine? Explained!

Explained below are 21 typical LG washing machine cycles: 

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1. Speed Wash (Approximate Time – 15 minutes)

The Speed Wash cycle is intended for washing small loads and lightly soiled clothes. This cycle’s default wash/rinse temperature is hot (1220F) or cold (770F), while its default spin speed is Extra High. 

On the other hand, its default soil level is light, and the cycle generally takes 15 minutes, making it the shortest. 

2. Steam Fresh (Approximate Time – 20 minutes) 

When running a complete wash cycle, the Steam Fresh cycle is best for light clothes prone to wrinkling or wearing. 

In this case, you don’t need to apply any spin speed, soil level, or wash/rinse temperature setting. The cycle generally averages 20 minutes. 

3. Drain and Spin (Approximate Time – 20 minutes) 

If wet laundry requires you to spin out the excess water, there’s no better cycle for the job than the Drain and Spin. This cycle takes approximately 20 minutes and may work with any spin speed setting. 

What are the cycles on a LG washing machine

4. Rinse and Spin (Approximate Time – 20 minutes) 

The Rinse + Spin cycle is just what the name suggests. This cycle lets you quickly rinse and spin the clothes to eliminate excess water. 

You can use this setting for deep cleaning, and it’s best paired with a high spin and cold wash/rinse temperature (770F). The cycle generally takes 20 minutes, just like the Drain & Spin and Steam Fresh cycle. 

5. Hand Wash/Wool (Approximate Time – 34 minutes)

You can use the Hand Wash/Wool cycle for items with the hand washable tag or woolen machine washable options. As a gentle setting, it requires a low spin speed setting and cold wash/rinse temperature (at 770F). The Hand Wash/Wool cycle generally averages 34 minutes. 

6. Permanent Press (Approximate Time – 34 minutes) 

The Permanent Press is another wash cycle that averages 34 minutes, and it’s generally best for wrinkle-free clothes, dresses, table clothes, and poly/cotton blends. 

These items are prone to wrinkling and don’t require a fast spin or a high wash temperature. Therefore, the cycle’s default wash/rinse temperature is cold (770F) while its default spin speed is low. 

7. Delicates (Approximate Time – 42 minutes)

The Delicates cycle is best for most delicate items that can easily tear or shrink from fast spinning or high temperatures. These items include blouses, shirts, lacy garments, sheers, or no-spin fabrics. 

The cycle generally works best with a low, medium, or no spin setting and its default wash/rinse temperature is cold (770F). This cycle typically averages 42 minutes. 

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8. Small Load (Approximate Time – 50 minutes) 

The Small Load cycle is ideal for washing smaller towels, cotton, jeans, bed sheets, mixed loads, and linen. 

The cycle requires a warmer temperature and a high-spin speed setting. Depending on the load type, it may take up to 50 minutes to complete a process. 

9. Normal (Approximate Time – 57 minutes)

The Normal Cycle is ideal for washing mixed loads, shirts, jeans, and work clothes. This cycle runs best on a high-spin setting, and its preferred wash/rinse temperature is warm (at 104 0F) or cold (at 770F). It, however, enjoys a Normal default soil setting.

The question, however, is, how long is a Normal cycle on LG washer? Well, the Normal wash cycle averages 57 minutes. 

10. Cotton/Normal (Approximate Time – 58 minutes) 

The Cotton/Normal cycle averages 58 minutes and is best for various fabrics and items. That includes cotton, mixed loads, jeans, towels, shirts, linen, and sheets. 

This cycle works best with a high spin speed and warm (1040F) or cold (770F) wash temperature. 

How long is a normal cycle on LG washer

More LG Washing Machine Cycles Explained

11. Cotton/Towels (Approximate Time 58 minutes) 

The Cotton/Towel cycle is another option that takes 58 minutes and is best for cotton, shirts, linen, and sheets. But in addition to those, you can also use it for towels. 

But like the Cotton/Normal cycle, the Cotton/Towels cycle requires a high spin speed and warm or cold wash temperature. 

12. LG Washing Machine Cotton Plus Cycle – Explained (Approximate Time – 59 minutes) 

The Cotton Plus cycle is best for washing large cotton items, especially pajamas, and undergarments. This cycle allows you to use cold or warm water, averaging 59 minutes. 

13. Tub Clean (Approximate Time – 60 minutes) 

If you want to regularly maintain your washer and avoid mildew or mold, running the Tub Clean cycle is a seamless way to do it. 

This cycle will clean off dirt accumulating over time, giving your washer a fresh smell. On average, the Tub clean cycle takes 60 minutes. 

14. Cold Care (Approximate Time – 63 minutes)

The Cold Care cycle suits items that require a cold wash. That includes smaller cotton loads, mixed loads, sheets, jeans, linen, and towels. Its default spin speed is high, while its default soil level is Normal. 

15. Towels (Approximate Time – 73 minutes) 

If you want to wash towels or cotton garments, use the Towels cycle. It works best with warm water, a medium spin speed, and a Normal soil level. This wash cycle takes approximately 73 minutes. 

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16. Bright White (Approximate Time – 75 minutes) 

White fabrics need to maintain their natural brightness, and that’s possible by washing them with the Bright White cycle. 

You can use a hot (1220F) or cold (770F) wash temperature and a high spin speed setting. Bright white generally takes 75 minutes. 

17. Heavy Duty (Approximate Time – 100 minutes)

The Heavy Duty cycle is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled items, especially those of cotton fabrics. Thus the cycle takes longer than every other cycle shared above, given that it averages 100 minutes. 

For the best wash results, use a high or extra high spin speed warm (at 1040F) or cold (at 770F) wash temperature and heavy soil level setting. 

LG washing machine cotton plus

18. Bulky/Large (Approximate Time 105 minutes)

Bulky and oversized items like comforters and blankets require the Bulky/Large cycle to clean them properly. The process takes an average of 105 minutes, close to two hours. 

You can use warm or cold wash temperature, a low spin, and a Normal soil level setting for the best results. 

19. Sanitary (Approximate Time – 105 minutes) 

The Sanitary cycle is best for heavily soiled articles, undergarments, cloth diapers, and work clothes. This wash cycle requires an extra hot (at 1580F) or cold wash temperature, extra-high spin speed, and Normal soil level.

Use extra hot water when the clothes are not prone to fading (color bleeding), but if they are, use cold water. 

20. Allergiene (Approximate Time – 113 minutes)

From the name, the Allergiene cycle is best for removing household allergens such as pet dander and dust mites from items. That includes bed sheets, undergarments, baby wear, pillow covers, and cotton. 

This cycle takes an average of 113 minutes and generally works best with a high spin speed. 

21. Baby Wear (Approximate Time – 120 minutes)

Lastly, consider the Baby Wear cycle for baby clothes that are lightly soiled. Such clothes need cold or extra hot wash temperatures, depending on whether they are bleeding-prone. Overall, this cycle averages the longest time – 120 minutes. 

My LG Washing Machine Takes 3 Hours to Wash – What’s Wrong? 

From the above guide on ‘LG washing machine cycles explained,’ it’s clear that the Baby Wear cycle takes the longest time – an average of 2 hours. So, it’s not normal for any cycle to go longer than that, let alone 3 hours.

If the process is clocking 3 hours, it could be due to any of these issues: 

  • Washer overload 
  • Laundry imbalance 
  • Excess detergent 
  • The wrong setting, especially a slow spin
  • Reduced water pressure 

Now, here’s how to reduce time in LG washing machine: 

  • Avoid overloading the washer 
  • Evenly spread the laundry 
  • Use the recommended detergent and avoid overusing it 
  • Use the recommended setting
  • Adjust the water pressure 

LG Washing Machine Mode for Curtains (Cycles Explained)

You can use the Curtains wash cycle on your LG washing machine to clean lightly soiled curtains. Depending on whether the curtains are bleeding-prone, you’ll be required to use warm or cold wash temperatures.

Additionally, you’ll need a medium spin speed. Use the Delicates or Hand Wash/Wool cycle if you can’t find the curtains mode. 

Concluding Thoughts On The LG Washing Machine Cycles Explained:

Above are the typical LG washing machine cycles for your day-to-day use. They are, however, not the only ones. You can check out more cycle options here if you don’t find what you want in the guide above. You can get the most out of your LG washer with such guides!

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