21 Common Maytag Centennial Washer Error Codes (Explained!)

The Maytag Centennial is irrefutably one of the smartest washers out there. Let’s face it; this washing machine tells you when something is wrong – at least most times! So, your job is to know how to interpret the various Maytag Centennial washer error codes, and that’s where this guide comes in. 

We’ll look at the various error codes you can read on a Maytag Centennial washer and their interpretations. What’s more, I’ll share the exact fixes for each error code to help you clear it fast. 

So, the goal is to impact you with error code interpretation knowledge and the technical know-how to act and correct them. But first, let’s talk about how you can set your machine in a diagnostic mode to determine the fault (error code).

Maytag Centennial Washer Error Codes

In a rush? below is a summary of the error codes, which we’ll cover in-depth later in this post:  

Common Maytag Centennial Washer Error Codes to Read and Interpret

 Error CodeInterpretation 
1.LIDOpen lid
2.OLThe load is too large
3.LOC/LCLocked controls
4.OFBThe load is out of balance
5.F3E2Faulty water temp sensor
6.DR/DRN/F9E1/F9E2Improper or delayed drainage
7.LF/LOFL/F8E1Long fill/ long flow
8.SD/FOE2Too much suds
9.FOE3Laundry overload
10.FOE5Load imbalance
11.F1E1/F1E2Control board failure
12.F2E1Stuck key/ button
13.F2E5Failed user interface
14.F5E1Lid switch fault
15.LDL/F5E2The lid won’t close/ lock
16.LDU/F5E3The lid won’t open/unlock
17.PF/F7E0Power loss/failure
18.F7E2Faulty drive motor
19.F7E4/F7E8Failed clutch
20.F7E8Overheated drive motor
21.F8E6Water fault

How Do You Run a Diagnostic Test On a Maytag Centennial Washer?

Generally, it takes these steps to put your Maytag Centennial washer in a diagnostic mode:

  • Leave your washer plugged into the power socket but switch it off
  • Locate the main knob and rotate anticlockwise until it aligns at the 12 o’clock position
  • Rotate the knob clockwise three clicks at a one-second space
  • Rotate the knob counterclockwise one click and lastly one click clockwise
  • Once you complete the above steps, the washer’s indicators will signal that the machine is now in diagnostic mode.

You’ll see an error on the washer’s display if there’s an error. It’s also at this point that you can recalibrate/reboot/reset your washer, as I’ll explain later.

What Are the Error Codes for Maytag Centennial Washer?

Below are 21 common Maytag Centennial washer error codes to interpret and fix at home:

1. Maytag Centennial Error Code LID

The LID error will pop up if you leave your washer lid open for 10 minutes.


Close your washer lid once you notice the LID error and restart the cycle.

2. Maytag Centennial Error Code OL

Code OL indicates your laundry load is too big for the wash or insufficient detergent.


First, stop the washer and then reduce the excess load. Also, add some detergent but ensure you don’t put too much and only use HE (high-efficiency) detergents.

How To Read Error Codes On Maytag Centennial Washer

3. Error Code LC/LOC

The error code LC/LOC pops up when you activate the ‘control lock’ washer function. Once you lock the controls, it becomes harder for the washer to run.


Deactivate/turn off the ‘control lock’ to unlock the washer’s vital controls.

4. Maytag Error Code OFB

Code OFB signifies that your load is out of balance. In this case, you could have heaped the laundry on only one side of the washer, or you could be washing the wrong item.


Redistribute your laundry evenly in the washer and avoid heaps. Also, avoid washing heavy blankets and mats.

5. Maytag Centennial Error Code F3E2

Code F3E2 indicates a fault on the water-temperature sensor. It could be that the wire harness which connects the water valve and main control is loose or damaged.


Check the wire harness and reconnect it if it’s loose. Replace it, however, if it’s damaged. But if the harness is okay, consider replacing the water valve, which could be faulty.

6. DR/DRN/F9E1/F9E2

Error code DR.DRN/F9E2 will pop up if there’s a drainage issue. It often indicates delayed or improper drainage.


Check for drain blockage and unclog the drain hose, filter, and any other clogged part of the drain.


The error code LF/LOFL/F8E1 shows that the washer takes longer to fill. It could be because the valve is not fully open or defective, or the fill lines could be frozen.


Ensure the valve is fully open and if it’s defective, replace it. Also, unfreeze the fill line if frozen.

How To Reprogram Maytag Centennial Washer

8. Maytag Error Code SD/FOE2

The error code SD/FOE2 shows excess suds formation in your washer. That happens when you use too much detergent or non-HE options.


Avoid too much detergent and use only HE options.

9. Maytag Error Code FOE3

Code FOE3 signifies a laundry overload. It means the size of your laundry surpasses what the washing machine can handle.


Stop your washing machine and reduce the amount of garment you are washing. Try to keep the washing tub ¾ full. If you go past that and fill up the washer, it may not spin.

10. Maytag Error Code FOE5

While code FOE3 shows a laundry overload, code FOE5 indicates a load imbalance. You have to ensure your laundry is even in the washer in this case.


Stop the washer and try to redistribute your laundry even. Remember, a load imbalance could also cause your Maytag washer not to spin. So, always balance your load.

11. Error Code F1E1/F1E2

Both error codes F1E1 and F1E2 indicate a problem with your washer’s main control board. So, you have to check it out.


Try resetting the main control board, which you can do by unplugging the machine for 5 – 10 minutes. If the error code doesn’t go away, replace the main control board as it is faulty.

12. Error Code F2E1

Code F2E1 indicates there’s a stuck key or button.


Look for the stuck key and try to release it by tapping around it gently. Consider replacing the washer’s user interface (UI) control if you cannot do it.

13. Error Code F2E5

Code F2E5 shows that your washer user interface is failing. Sometimes it only takes a reset, but you have to replace the failed user interface at other times.


Unplug the washer for about 5 minutes and try restarting the washer. If the code does not clear, replace the user interface (UI) control.

14. Error Code F5E1

Code F5E1 indicates a problem with your washer’s lid switch. It could be that the lid is open and unable to lock correctly, or a wiring issue.


Unplug your washing machine to inspect the lid and its wiring connections. If the wiring is okay, the lid switch is likely faulty. Therefore, replace it.

15. LDL/FSE2

Code LDL or FSE2 shows that your washer’s lid cannot lock. It could be because of an obstruction or because the lid lock or the switch is faulty.


Check to see if something is obstructing the lid. If there’s none, use a multimeter to test the lid switch. If the lid switch is faulty, replace it, but if it’s okay, the problem is the lid lock, which you should replace.

Maytag Centennial Error Code List

16.  LDU/F5E3

While code LDL shows that the lid won’t close, code LDU shows that it won’t unlock. Again the problem could be the lid lock or lid switch, which is faulty.


Test the lid switch using a multimeter and replace it if faulty. If the lid switch is okay, replace the lid lock.

17. PF/F7E0

Code PF or F7E0 shows a power failure or power loss. Your Maytag washer usually detects a power issue and shows it by displaying the code.


Check the power code for any loose connection or damage. Connect it properly if it’s loose and replace it if faulty. Don’t forget to confirm that there’s power and try restarting the washer.

18. Error Code F7E2

Error code F7E2 shows a failing drive motor. The wire connectors between the motor and main control board could be loose, or the motor could be faulty.


Check the motor connectors to identify any loose wiring and reconnect it. If the wiring is okay, try turning the motor with your hand. If it doesn’t rotate freely, it needs replacing as it’s failing.

19. F7E4/F7E5

Error code F7E4 or F7E5 indicates a failed clutch. The clutch could fail because of a loose or damaged harness or obstruction between it and the control board.


Look for any obstruction around the clutch and remove it. And if the wire harness is faulty, replace it. But if the wire harness is okay, replace the clutch.

20. Error Code F7E8

Error code F7E8 shows the possibility of an overheated washer motor. An overheated drive motor is defective, which means your Maytag Centennial washer won’t start.


Replace the motor once you notice the error code.

21. Error Code F8E6

Error code F8E6 shows a water fault. The code mostly pops up when there’s a water leakage due to a faulty inlet valve.

If the water valve starts to leak while the washer is off, the error code F8E6 will leak while the washer is off, and the error code F8E6 will pop up.


Replace the water inlet valve as it is leaky and faulty.

How to Reprogram Maytag Centennial Washer?

You can reboot, re-calibrate or reset your Maytag washing machine in three ways.

Option 1 – Press ‘start/pause’ on your washer’s control panel and hold for about 5 minutes for the indicator light to turn off. After that, restart the washer to see if you have cleared the error codes.

Option 2 – Turn the main control knob (also known as the cycle selector knob) anticlockwise after performing all steps on option 1.

Option 3 – Unplug your centennial washer for about 10 minutes and then re-plug it before restarting the washer.

People Also Ask

1. How Do You Read a Maytag Centennial Washing Machine Error Code?

The Maytag Centennial error codes are in the form of letters and numerals. The letters are usually an abbreviation of a fault, such as SUD (for excess suds) and OFB (for off-balance load).

2. How Do I Reset a Maytag Centennial Washer?

You can reset your Maytag Centennial by switching it off and unplugging it for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can press start/pause for about 5 minutes until the indicator lights go off.

3. How Do I Find My Maytag Error Code?

The Maytag washer will display most errors when a fault or failure is detected. If it doesn’t, you need to set the washer on diagnostic mode to find the error code.

What is the suggested fix for the issue with the shift actuator and where can it be ordered?

Based on the provided information, it seems that the suggested fix for the issue with the shift actuator is to replace it. The problem may be due to the optical sensor in the shift actuator not accurately detecting the movement of the tub basket. Many instances of this issue have been resolved by replacing the shift actuator. Specifically, the recommended shift actuator for your model is the WPW10006355 Shift Actuator.

What could be causing the optical sensor in the shift actuator to not read the tub basket movement properly?

The optical sensor in the shift actuator might not be reading the tub basket movement properly due to several potential causes. One possibility is that the optical sensor itself is malfunctioning or damaged. Another factor could be an issue with the wiring or connection of the sensor, causing it to not receive the correct signals from the tub basket. Additionally, there could be an obstruction or physical obstacle interfering with the movement of the tub basket, thus affecting the ability of the optical sensor to accurately detect its motion. It is worth considering that environmental factors, such as excessive dirt or debris, could also impact the sensor’s performance. These are some potential reasons why the optical sensor in the shift actuator may not be functioning properly.

Where can I find the tech data sheet for the Maytag Centennial washer?

To find the tech data sheet for the Maytag Centennial washer, you can refer to this link: [link to the tech data sheet]. The tech data sheet contains detailed information about the washer, including troubleshooting guides and specific instructions for various components. If you are experiencing an issue where the optical sensor in the shift actuator is not reading the tub basket movement properly, the tech data sheet suggests replacing the shift actuator. On page 14 of the data sheet, you can locate the section that relates to the ‘Optical Sensor’ and further verify the recommended fix. To purchase the appropriate shift actuator for your model (WPW10006355), you can order it from the link provided in the tech data sheet. Many others have reported fixing the same problem by replacing the shift actuator, so it is a recommended solution.

Closing Remarks!

Generally, reading the various Maytag Centennial washer error codes and interpreting them is critical in troubleshooting the washer. Hopefully, the above troubleshooting guide will help you fix your Maytag Centennial as soon as you note a given error code.

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