10 Reasons Your Maytag Washer Sounds Like a Jet Engine!

Maytag washers produce different sounds for different reasons, but the most concerning of them all is that of an airplane ready to take off. So, are you wondering why your Maytag washer sounds like a jet engine? 

Your Maytag washer makes a jet engine sound because of a worn tub bearing, failing seal, defective drive belt, water leakage, loose concrete block, or trapped object. It could also be because the washer is spinning fast or due to loose parts, debris buildup, or clogged vents.

Once you know what to look at, it becomes easy to troubleshoot your Maytag washer. Remember, a jet engine sound is not a good sign, which means you should act fast. Your washer could be on its last kicks sooner than you think if you keep ignoring the sound.

This troubleshooting guide shall highlight the possible causes and the related fixes. Hopefully, that’ll enable you to do the troubleshooting yourself at home.

Let’s dive into it.

Maytag washer sounds like a jet engine

In a rush? See below a quick troubleshooter for a Maytag washer that won’t stop sounding like an aircraft ready to take off:

Why Your Maytag Washer Sounds Like a Jet Engine and Relevant Fixes

 Possible ExplanationFix
1.Worn tub bearingCheck the tub bearing for wear or rust and replace it if that’s the case
2.Failing tub sealInspect the tub seal for wear and replace it
3.Defective drive beltTake out the defective drive belt and fit a new one
4.Drain leakage or blockageFix the source of the leakage or blockage
5.Loose concrete blockFix the loose concrete block or change the washer’s position
6.Trapped objectRemove trapped objects and reposition the load capacity
7.Faulty motorInspect the drive motor and replace it if it’s faulty
8.Clogged ventsClean the washer to unclog the vents
9.Loose partsLook for loose parts and fix them tightly in place
10.The washer is spinning too fastAdjust the spin settings to 600-1400 rpm and position the washer on level ground.

Why Does My Maytag Washer Sounds Like a Jet Engine?

Below are ten possible explanations for why your Maytag washer runs like an airplane about to take off:

1. Worn Tub Bearing (The Commonest Reason Maytag Washer Sounds Like Jet Engine)

A worn tub bearing is often why most washers make a jet engine sound – not just Maytag washers but also LG washers and many others.

So, it makes sense to consider it first. If the tub bearing is worn, it’ll become loose and likely vibrate in the drum, producing a jet engine sound. 

Sometimes, a worn-out or faulty tub bearing causes the washer’s metal parts to rub against one another, producing a jet engine noise.

Also, note that the tub bearing can rust; if it does, it’ll make a screeching sound.


You should look at the tub bearing carefully to see if it’s worn out or rusty. If it is, you should replace it. Get a matching Maytag washer bearing replacement and fix it using these steps:

  • Locate your old tub bearing on the rear end of the outer tub (on a front loader) or the tub’s underside (on a top loader washer)
  • You’ll need to dismantle your washer to access the old tub bearing
  • You may also need to replace the seal alongside the tub bearing

Luckily, most Maytag tub bearing replacement kits often come with replacement tub seals. So, you won’t have to get them separately.

Overall, since replacing the tub bearings requires you to dismantle the washing machine, the job is best left to the pros.

Maytag washer bearing replacement

2. Failing Tub Seal

A faulty tub seal will leak water into your washer’s tub bearing, causing it to rust. But if it’s in good condition, the tub seal will prevent the water from leaking when the Maytag washer is not in use.

Overall, worn tub seals screech like a jet engine, and the more they wear out, the more deafening the screeching sound.


Consider inspecting the tub seal for wear. You’ll find the seal on the outer tub. If it looks worn out or the tub bearing is rusty (an indication of a leaky tub seal), you should replace it.

3. Defective Drive Belt

Your washer’s drive belt loosens up and wears down over time. In such a condition, the washer will slip off and most likely produce a screeching noise.

Ordinarily, the screeching sound is the onset of a drive belt that is likely to break. So, it should serve as a warning for you to replace it fast.


Inspect your Maytag washer’s drive belt for wear and replace it if that’s the case.

Here’s how to go about replacing your defective drive belt:

  • Locate your washers drive belt close to the drum and unscrew it
  • Then pull it out and fit in the replacement.
  • Screw everything back before resetting your Maytag washer

4. Water Leakage or Clogging

Sometimes water leakage or clogging creates some friction which results in a sound tantamount to that of a jet engine.

Kinks and blockages in the drain line cause an increase in pipe pressure, resulting in a loud screech. On the other hand, pipe leakages force water to escape through them with lots of force, making a jet engine-like sound. 


Inspect all your drain pipes for leakage and clogging and fix them accordingly. Unclog the drains if there’s clog and untwist the kinked areas. And if the drain hose is leaky, replace it. (Phen375)

Maytag bravos washer making humming noise

More on Why Your Maytag Bravos Washer Sounds Like a Jet Engine

5. Loose Concrete Blocks

Maytag washers are heavy. Their extra weight can loosen the concrete slab you place them on.

And if the concrete slab is loose, the washer will screech like a running plane engine when running. That, however, doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the washer.


Try pushing the washer away from its current position to check the condition of the concrete blocks it rests on. You may need to fix the concrete blocks if loose or change the position of the washer.

6. Trapped Objects

Trapped objects can also make the washer produce a screeching sound. Starting with coins, broken zippers, and pins, they can grind against the washer’s joints, creating a weird sound that could be anything from a grinding noise to a screech.

The other thing that may make your Maytag washer screech is trapped clothing. If some of your clothes get trapped somewhere in the washer, the washer will make a jet engine-like noise when spinning.


It’s essential to stop your washer from running as soon as you hear a screeching sound. Then, inspect the laundry in the tub to remove any trapped objects. 

Also, ensure you set the clothes correctly in the tub to prevent them from getting trapped.

7. Faulty Motor – Maytag Washer Motor Sounds Like Jet Engine

It’s also worth checking the drive motor as it could be faulty. If it is, it’ll make some weird sounds, including that of a jet engine, and may even be why your Maytag washer won’t start.

A malfunctioning washer motor may move so fast and grind against the walls of the washer, producing a jet engine sound.


Replace the drive motor if it doesn’t spin the drive belt correctly,

why does my Maytag washer sounds like a jet engine

8. Clogged Vents 

Your washer vents shouldn’t be clogged to enable free air circulation to keep the washer cool. If they are dirt-clogged, the washer will most likely overheat and produce a screeching sound.

For that reason, regular cleaning of the washer is advisable to keep the air vents open.


Clean the washer’s air vents, preferably with True Fresh Washer Cleaner to eliminate dirt and other clogs. That’ll ensure free air circulation to cool your washer, and your washer will run smoothly.

9. Loose Parts 

If loose parts are in the washer, they are likely to move aimlessly, rub against the washer and even get trapped.

Not only is that likely to result in washing machine damage, but it may also lead to weird sounds like screeches.


Check your washer keenly to identify loose parts and fit them tightly in place. Don’t let any loose part stay that way when using your Maytag washer. That means you should inspect the washer routinely before washing.

10. Washer Is Spinning Too Fast

Lastly, consider the possibility of your Maytag washer spinning too fast, which could indicate an underlying issue.

If your washer spins more than 600-1400 rpm, it’s spinning too fast, meaning it’s likely to produce weird sounds. Often, the washer spins too fast because it’s unbalanced or due to wrong settings.


Adjust the washer’s spin settings correctly and position the washer on stable ground to stop the fast spinning.

are Maytag washers noisy

People Also Ask

1.  Are Maytag Washers Noisy?

Maytag washers naturally make a low noise when running. The noise often goes unnoticed, especially when doing your laundry.

Sometimes, however, these washers make loud noises ranging from thumping and grinding to jet engine sounds, indicating a vast problem to fix.

2. Why Does My Washing Machine Sound Like a Jet Engine When Spinning?

If your washing machine sounds like a jet engine when spinning, the tub bearing is likely either worn out or rusty. Other reasons include a defective motor, drive belt, or tub seal. It could also be due to drainage blockage or leakage, loose parts, or unstable concrete blocks.

3. Why Does My Washing Machine Sound Like an Engine?

Your washing machine sounds like an engine because of a faulty tub bearing, tub seal, drive belt, or drive motor. If not, it could be because of forceful water leakage, blockage, air vent clogging, or loose concrete blocks.

4. Why Is My Maytag Washer So Loud On Spin Cycle?

Your Maytag washer is so loud on spin cycle because of a possible worn-out or rusty tub bearing. In that case, inspect the tub bearing and replace it if it looks defective.

Don’t forget to look at the drive belt and tub sealing as they too could be worn out.

Closing Remarks On a Maytag Washer that Sounds Like a Jet Engine!

Whenever your Maytag washer sounds like a jet engine, consider checking the tub bearing as they could be rusty or worn out, thus defective.

Check the drive belt, motor, and tub sealing for wear if that’s not it. Furthermore, consider the possibility of water leakage, vents clogging, loose concrete blocks, or loose parts.