8 Reasons Samsung Fridge Water Dispenser Keeps Running!

So, your Samsung fridge water dispenser keeps running, and you are thinking of calling the technician? You don’t have to, as most of the causes are DIY fixable, and that’s where this troubleshooter comes in.

A Samsung fridge water dispenser is likely to run nonstop if it’s unleveled or due to trapped air in its water lines, a faulty water valve, a stuck switch, or ice growth in the chute. Other possibilities include a leaky door seal, bad solenoid, or electrical fault.

In that case, you’ve to look at the eight possibilities to be able to fix the malfunctioning water dispenser. In light of that, I’ll share the troubleshooting tips for all eight causes so that you can know the steps to take when you diagnose your Samsung unit. 

Later, we’ll look at how you can reset your refrigerator dispenser after a replacement or when you cannot find the source of the fault. 

Samsung fridge water dispenser keeps running

In a rush? Check below the eight probable reasons behind a continuously running Samsung fridge water dispenser. 

Why Your Samsung Refrigerator Water Dispenser Keeps Running Plus Quick Fixes

 Probable CauseFix
1.Unleveled Fridge Level the fridge if it’s unstable
2.Trapped Air Within The Water LineRun the water dispenser at least thrice to get rid of trapped air after a new fridge or filter installation
3.Faulty Water ValveTest the water valve with a multimeter/ohmmeter. If its continuity is outside 200-500 ohms, replace it
4.Stuck SwitchLubricate the dispenser switch with mineral oil. Replace the switch, however, if it lacks continuity
5.Ice Growth in the ChuteClear the ice growth from the ice chute
6.Leaky Door Seal Replace the door seal if it’s loose or damaged
7.Bad SolenoidReplace the solenoid valve if it doesn’t show continuity
8.Electric FaultConsult an expert technician

Why Does My Samsung Fridge Water Dispenser Keeps Running?

As the above table shows, at least eight reasons explain why your Samsung fridge water constantly runs when not in use. But before we can discuss the issues, let me mention one crucial tip:

Tip – First, Turn Off the Fridges Water Supply

Since the fridge’s water dispenser is already running, you can only find the reason behind that when you first shut off the water supply. 

Besides, doing so prevents the water from flooding your floor and, more importantly, from inflating your water bill. Once you shut off or disconnect the water supply, you can troubleshoot your water dispenser.

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Generally, the water dispenser of a Samsung refrigerator may run nonstop due to any of these reasons:

1. Unleveled Fridge

For starters, if your Samsung refrigerator is out of balance, the door may not close air-tight, which means warm air may escape into the ice maker. Once that happens, the warm air may melt the ice in the icemaker, which may end up dripping.


Level up your Samsung refrigerator. Adjust its level leg if you can, and consider moving it to a more uniform surface.

Refrigerator water dispenser keeps running

2. Trapped air Within the Units Water Line

Air sometimes gets trapped in the fridge’s water line when replacing the filter. But still, this can happen during a new refrigerator installation.

So, consider the two possibilities. The problem with trapped air is that it holds water which constantly drips when the water dispenser is not in use. 


It’s essential to allow the water dispenser to run for a few seconds to purge out trapped air forcefully. You may need to dispense up to 3 times to get rid of the trapped air from the water line. 

Remember, this is only important after a filter change or a new fridge installation. If that’s not the issue, consider the other six probable causes shared below.

3. Faulty Water Valve

The water valve, whose job is to supply the unit’s dispenser with water, could cause the water dispenser to run if it’s faulty. When speaking of a defective water valve, we are talking about a situation when:

  • It’s stuck and cannot close
  • Damaged, thus defective
  • Worn out following long-term use, therefore defective


The advantage of troubleshooting this problem is that you can tell a faulty water valve from its continuity level. Using an ohm meter or multimeter, test the valve’s continuity level. If it’s not within the range of 200-500 ohms, it’s defective. And in such a case, replace it. 

4. Stuck Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switch’s job is to supply the dispenser with adequate voltage and enable it to run. Sometimes, however, the dispenser switch gets stuck within the handle, unable to communicate with the dispenser. 

Once that happens, the dispenser runs uncontrollably until the water is disconnected or runs out. 


Inspect the dispenser switch and if it’s stuck, consider freeing it. You can apply mineral oil to ease its release. After that, consider testing the switch for continuity using a multimeter.

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If it doesn’t show continuity, get a new switch as what you have is faulty and undependable.

5. Ice Growth in The Chute

Sometimes, ice builds up in the refrigerator’s ice chute. The danger is that the ice melts up due to warm air entering the ice maker. As a result, water starts dripping and is likely to do so for as long as there’s ice. So, your ice maker may appear like it’s leaking. 


Check the chute and defrost any ice build-up. Ensure you clear out all the ice mass from the chute, leaving the chute dry.

Samsung fridge water dispenser keeps running about 3 minutes

6. Leaky Door Seal

The ice chute should form a watertight seal with your Samsung fridge. For that to happen, the fridge door seal or gasket has to hold tightly. If it’s loose or damaged, warm air will enter the ice maker and melt it. The result will be some water dripping continuously. 


Inspect the door gasket for leakage. If the seal looks loose or damaged, consider replacing it. 

7. Bad Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve, whose job is to control the flow of refrigerant or water across the fridge, can cause the water dispenser to run nonstop if it’s faulty. So, this part is worth checking for fault, something you can achieve with a multimeter.


Test the solenoid valve’s continuity level and change it if it shows no continuity. Overall, testing and replacing the solenoid is slightly more complicated than other valves. So, asking for an expert’s help here may be a good idea. 

8. Possible Electrical Fault

Lastly, an electrical fault could be why your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser won’t stop running. For instance, if there’s loose or burnt wire, the dispenser will fail to receive voltage information from the dispenser control board and may run continuously.


Unless you have some electric knowledge, consider talking to an expert technician to inspect and fix your fridge.

How to Reset a Samsung Fridge Water Dispenser That Keeps Running?

If you have done a replacement or cannot find why your Samsung water dispenser is running nonstop, consider resetting the unit. Here are your options:

Option 1 – Hard Reset

The hard reset applies not just to Samsung refrigerators but to all brands. That, however, doesn’t mean that it always works but given its simplicity, it’s worth a go.

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Here’s how to hard reset your Samsung refrigerator:

  • Switch off the refrigerator
  • Unplug (pull its cord) from the wall socket
  • Wait for 10-30 minutes or more to plug it back
  • Try restarting the fridge and the water dispenser.

Option 2 – Power Freeze + Power Cool reset

Most Samsung fridges have power-freeze and power-cool switches. So, consider this reset technique if you can spot the two buttons on your refrigerator.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Hold the two buttons simultaneously while your refrigerator is on
  • Wait for the fridge to reset, which should take a few seconds
Samsung fridge water dispenser keeps running about 10 minutes

Option 3 – ‘Reset Switch’ Press

Consider this reset approach if your Samsung fridge has a reset switch. You have to look for a button underneath the fridge door. It’s usually labeled ‘reset,’ so it should be easy to locate.

Once you do, flip it or press it, depending on its design, to reset the refrigerator or water dispenser.

Option 4 – Water Filter Reset

You can also rest your Samsung fridge water dispenser by resetting the filter. That’s achievable using these steps:

  • Locate the multi-function switches on your refrigerator control panel
  • Press the button for several seconds until the water filter light change

Option 5 – ‘Water Button’ Reset

Lastly, consider resetting your Samsung fridge water dispenser by holding the water buttons for a few seconds until the filter light disappears. You can locate the water button on your unit’s control panel. 

People Also Ask

1. Why Does Water Dispenser Keep Running?

Your fridge’s water dispenser keeps running because warm air is escaping into the ice maker and melting the ice, the dispenser switch is stuck, or the water valve is malfunctioning.

It could also be due to trapped air in your fridge’s water line, an electrical fault, or a bad solenoid. 

2. Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Keep Dripping Water?

Your Samsung refrigerator keeps dripping water because of trapped air within its water line. That’s often the case during a new fridge or filter installation. The unit could also run because of clogged ice in the chute, leaky door seal, or electrical fault.

3. How Can I Reset a Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel?

You can do a hard reset on your Samsung refrigerator to reset the control panel. That requires you to unplug the fridge from the wall socket or turn off the circuit breaker for about 10-30 minutes. After that, power the unit back and restart it.

Closing Remarks on Samsung Fridge Water Dispenser Keeps Running!

Above are the eight possible explanations for your constantly dripping Samsung fridge water dispenser when not in use. So, consider them and try fixing the refrigeration before calling Samsung or the local fridge service.

While at it, remember to disconnect the fridge’s water supply to stop the leakage and reset the unit after any fix or when you are out of options. 

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