Samsung Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

Once the filter indicator on your Samsung refrigerator turns red, and you replace it, you expect the unit to reset and start working, right? But what if the water dispenser fails? Is your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser not working after replacing filter, and you cannot explain it?

As odd as it sounds, your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser isn’t working after a filter change because the new filter is fake, incorrectly fitted, the wrong type, or defective. If not, it could be due to a locked control panel, frozen tank, water supply failure, trapped air, or faulty switch.

Essentially, you’ve to look at least nine possibilities, starting with the filter itself, and I’ll take you through them. 

Remember, Samsung always recommends DIY troubleshooting before you can contact their technical service team, and they even offer guides for the same. So, optimistically, this troubleshooter will help you restore your water dispenser to its former glory.

But before discussing the issues, let me help you understand why a filter replacement is advisable and when you should consider it.

In a rush? Then see below a quick troubleshooting guide for your failing Samsung refrigerator water dispenser after a filter replacement.

Samsung refrigerator water dispenser not working after replacing filter

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for Samsung Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

 Probable CauseDIY Fix
1.Fake/Non-Genuine FilterOnly buy a genuine Samsung water filter. Use your older filter as a guide for finding a replacement
2.Incorrect Filter InstallationFollow the accompanying filter instructions to install the filter the right way
3.Incorrect Filter TypeMatch the replacement filter with the original model
4.Defective FilterReplace the new filter if it appears faulty
5.Locked Control PanelCheck for possible active Child Lock, Control Lock or Dispenser Lock and deactivate them
6.Freezing Water TankDe-thaw the water tank if icy and adjust the freezer’s temperature to about 0-100F
7.Water Supply FailureLook for a fault in the water supply line and fix it to improve the water supply to the dispenser
8.Trapped Air in the Water LineFlush out trapped air from the water line by running some water down the dispenser
9.Faulty Dispenser/ Door SwitchReplace whatever switch that’s faulty

Samsung Refrigerator Filter Replacing: Why It’s Important for the Water Dispenser and When to Consider It

Essentially, changing the water filter of a Samsung refrigerator is vital when you want to drink the purest and safest water from your fridge dispenser.

Over time, the filter clogs with dirt, microbes, and debris. While a clogged filter may work slowly, it often fails utterly, causing the water dispenser to fail too.

But before that happens, the unit will indicate to let you know it’s time to replace the filter. Most Samsung units indicate blue or green when the filter is safe to use, orange when you should prepare to replace it, and red when it’s clogged and unsafe to use.

Often, it takes up to 5-6months for the filter light to turn orange or red, indicating you should replace it. So, you expect the filter light to reset after the replacement and the water dispenser to start working.

But what if your Samsung refrigerator filter light won’t reset or the dispenser won’t work? If so, then consider the nine explanations shared next.

9 Possible Explanations for A Samsung Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter

Now, discussed are nine probable causes of a failing water dispenser following a filter replacement:

1. The Filter Could Be Fake / Non-Genuine

You cannot expect to use a fake Samsung water filter and have the best performance. Sometimes, these so-called ‘cheap Samsung filters’ fail, and the reason for that is that they are counterfeit.

If you want the refrigerator water and ice dispenser to work optimally, you must use genuine Samsung filters.


Consider checking your older filter to see if it matches the replacement. If it doesn’t, the chances are that it’s fake. If so, look at the model number and search for an exact replacement directly from the manufacturer’s website or Amazon.

Samsung water filter

You can know if a water filter is authentic by following these simple steps:

  • Remove the authentication tag/ sticker from the water filter
  • Attach the tag to the back of the accompanying magnet
  • If green stripes appear, the water filter is genuine. If not, then it’s fake.

2. The Filter Could Be Wrongly Installed

If you cannot install a Samsung refrigerator water filter correctly, there is always the chance that I’ll fail. And if it does, then the dispenser may fail too.

A too-loose filter will not perform its job correctly, and the control panel may sense that. Once it does, the water dispenser may fail to respond to your command when you run it.


Every Samsung refrigerator water dispenser has installation instructions that you must follow to fit it correctly. While the instructions differ slightly depending on the filter type, here are the general steps for replacing a Samsung filter:

  • Locate your old water filter
  • Press it in, and twist its cap anticlockwise to loosen it from its position
  • Pull it out once loose and dispose of it
  • Gently insert the new filter and press it in and then twist its cap clockwise to lock it into position
  • Now run some water to test the dispenser and flush it out
  • Complete the installation by pressing reset to reset the water filter light if it doesn’t reset automatically.

3. The Filter Could Be the Wrong Type

Samsung water filters are not the same, and I’m not talking about the models here. No, I’m talking about the filter type where you have these three options:

  • HAFCU1

Without going into the details, the above filters differ in appearance and are for different Samsung models. So, you ought to find your match.


It’s essential to look at your old Samsung filter and get the exact type. If you get it wrong, then the chances are that the replacement won’t fit properly, and the water dispenser won’t work.

4. The Filter Might Be Defective

Generally, it’s easy to damage the water filter during installation if you are forceful. The valve stem and the cap can break if you apply too much force when fitting the filter.

If that happens, you’ll have a faulty filter preventing the water dispenser from running.


Inspect the filter’s housing correctly, paying attention to the valve stem and cap. If any of them looks damaged, replace the entire filter.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator after changing the water filter

5. Check for Possible Locked Control Panel

Samsung refrigerators allow you to lock the control panel for different reasons, and when you do so, you close the dispenser. Unfortunately, a locked water dispenser won’t dispense.

Here’s what to watch out for as far as a locked control panel goes:

  • Control Lock – The ‘Control Lock’ fridge locking function automatically locks the control panel after 60 seconds of inactivity. If the control lock light is on, the dispenser won’t work.
  • Child Lock – The ‘Child Lock’ functionality functions like the automatic fridge Control Lock. Its goal is to prevent your child from changing the fridge’s setting.
  • Dispenser Lock – Some models have the ‘Dispenser Lock,’ which only locks the dispenser.


Hold the door alarm switch to deactivate the Control Lock or the ‘Ice Maker-Off’ button to deactivate the Child Lock. As for the Dispenser Lock, go to Settings on your Family-Hub control panel to unlock the dispenser.

6. The Water Tank Could Be Freezing

The water tank freezes when the freezer temperature drops below 00F. Once that happens, the dispenser fails to receive enough water and thus won’t work.


Check the freezer’s temperature and adjust it if it’s lower than 00F. Preferably, it should range around 0-100F. Then allow the unit to dethaw naturally to unfreeze the water tank.

Other Reasons for a Samsung Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Filter Replacement

7. Possible Water Supply Failure

Your Samsung water dispenser can only run if it receives enough water. So, if there’s any interruption to the water supply, the water dispenser won’t work.

Here are some of the things that may interfere with your unit’s water supply:

  • Disconnected water supply – Check the supply line to ensure it’s turned on. If it’s not, then do it to supply the fridge.
  • Frozen water tube – If the freezer temperature is colder than 100F, the water tube will freeze indoors, preventing the water dispenser from getting any water. If that’s the case, thaw out the water tube naturally (by disconnecting the fridge) and then set its temperature at 0-100F.
  • Faulty water inlet valve – a bad water inlet valve prevents water flow to your Samsung water dispenser. Test it using a digital multimeter. If it doesn’t show continuity, it’s bad; so replace it.
  • Low water pressure – Lastly, lower pressure means the failure of enough water to feed the dispenser. So, use a water pressure gauge to determine the water pressure level. If it’s less than 20 psi, increase it.
How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator after changing the water filter

8. Trapped Air in The Water Line

Sometimes, the air gets trapped in the water line when replacing the filter and blocks it. If that happens, then the water dispenser may fail to run. 


It’s essential to flush air out of the water line after a filter change. You can do it by holding a container under the water dispenser and waiting for water to flow.

It may take a few minutes, but it’ll happen if the filter is not faulty.

9. The Dispenser On Door Switch Could Be Defective

The dispenser and the refrigerator’s door switch are vital in running the water dispenser. If any switch breaks or malfunctions, the water dispenser won’t run. Thus, they are worth checking.


Use a multimeter to test the dispenser and door switch for continuity. If any of them doesn’t show continuity, consider replacing it.

People Also Ask

1. Generally, How Do I Reset My Samsung Refrigerator After Changing the Water Filter?

You can reset your Samsung refrigerator after changing the water filter by pressing ‘Filter Reset,’ ‘Ice Type + Child Lock,’ ‘Fridge Manager,’ or ‘Reset Water Filter’ on your control panel. It depends on your refrigerator model, as different models have different reset techniques.

2. Why Is Water Not Coming Out of My Samsung Refrigerator?

Water is not coming from your Samsung refrigerator because your filter is faulty, clogged, or wrongly installed. It could also be that you don’t have enough water due to a defective inlet valve, blocked line, or low water pressure.

3. How Do You Reset a Samsung Water Dispenser?

You can reset a Samsung water dispenser by holding the water switch on the unit’s control panel until the filter light turns blue/green.

Closing Remarks On Samsung Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter!

Generally, something might be wrong with the new filter if your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser won’t work after a filter change. It could be that the filter is the wrong type, non-genuine, faulty, or just wrongly installed.

However, don’t forget to check for possible water supply failure, freezing water tank, trapped air, faulty switch, or locked control panel.

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