Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Won’t Reset? (5 Reasons!)

You expect the filter indicator on a Samsung refrigerator to turn to blue or green when you replace and reset the filter. But what if the Samsung refrigerator filter light won’t reset? What if the indicator light remains red or orange?

Your Samsung refrigerator filter light won’t reset if the wires between it and the control console suffer an electric short or you insert the filter with its buttons locked. Furthermore, the filter light won’t reset if the filter type, installation, or reset procedure is wrong.

So, for the indicator light to turn blue or green, there shouldn’t be any wiring mishap, you must unlock the filter buttons, and the filter, installation, and reset technique have to be correct.

I’ll address all the five issues to enable you to reset your Samsung unit’s filter properly. But first, let’s talk about the filter indicator lights – what they mean. 

Samsung refrigerator filter light won't reset

In a rush? Below is a table troubleshooter for a Samsung fridge whose filter light won’t reset.

5 Reasons Your Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Won’t Reset (Plus Fixes)

 Probable CauseFix 
1.Wiring short between the control console and filterHave a fridge expert service your unit’s filter system
2.Locked filter buttonsUnlock the filter buttons before installation
3.Wrong filter typeOnly use the water filter that the manufacturer recommends
4.Wrong filter installationEnsure the filter sits nicely in place. If not, take it and re-install it
5.Incorrect filter resetReset the water filter correctly as per the manufacturer’s recommendation

Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Types and Their Meaning

Generally, the filter light indicator on a Samsung refrigerator notifies you when it’s time to replace the filter. But why?

Well, the water filter clogs over time and is likely to become defective.

If it does, it won’t be able to prevent water contaminants from getting into your ice maker and water dispenser. That means you will likely take contaminated water or ice, which is very hazardous. 

The other issue is that a clogged water filter may be why your Samsung refrigerator ice maker is not working.

Overall, changing your Samsung water filter after six months is advisable. But instead of watching the calendar, how about you watch the indicator light on your fridge? It’ll indicate when the unit’s water filter needs changing.

Here’s how to interpret the different indicator lights:

Indicator LightMeaning Action Recommended
Blue/Green LightThe filter is in good condition, and the water is safe for useNothing at the time
Orange LightThe filter is about five months old or has reached the 2046 liter/450-gallon filtration limitPrepare to replace the filter as quickly as possible before the light turns red
Red LightThe filter is older than five months and has reached the 2273 liter/500-gallon filtration limit. Thus, the water is unsafe for drinking as the filter is defectiveReplace the filter immediately

Note that some newer Samsung models don’t show the blue/green light when the filter is newly installed. Instead, the indicator light is off and only turns when it’s time to replace the filter.

Why Your Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Won’t Reset

Now, let’s discuss why your Samsung filter light still indicates red/orange after replacing and resetting it. The reasons include these five:

1. Wiring Short Between the Control Console and The Refrigerator Filter

Unless you did the installation or reset wrong or used the wrong filter, your Samsung refrigerator filter light won’t reset because of short wiring.

The electric short happens between the control console and the water filter, primarily because of a problem in the filtration system.


Overall, this type of problem is not DIY fixable. You’ll need to contact Samsung fridge personnel to help you service your unit’s filtration system.

2. Locked Filter Buttons

The filter buttons should be unlocked before installing the filter. The filter will not fit or reset if you don’t unlock them.


Ensure you unlock the filter buttons before fitting the water filter into the fridge.

3. Wrong Refrigerator Filter

While you can get some water filters advertised as Samsung-compatible or universal and fit them, there is no guarantee that they’ll work. 

Some may work, but a majority fail. That’s why Samsung recommends getting only genuine Samsung water filters from their stores or trusted dealers like Amazon.

The problem with non-genuine Samsung filters is that they won’t just reset but may also fail miserably in performance. These filters could start leaking and probably damage your refrigerator. So, avoid them.

how to reset filter light in Samsung refrigerator


If you are not using a genuine Samsung water filter, replace it with a genuine one and then test your unit to see if the filter resets.

Remember also that genuine Samsung filters come in 3 types, and you’ve to get the right one. The options include

  • HAF-QIN filter
  • HAF-CIN filter
  • HAFCU filter

All it takes to buy the right Samsung refrigerator water filter is to match it with your old filter. Look at your refrigerator manual to know where you can find the filter. Once you get it, look for the same type.

4. Wrong Refrigerator Filter Installation

Yes, you may get a genuine Samsung water filter and even the right type, but if you cannot fit it correctly, the filter may fail to reset.

So, following the filter installation instructions is essential, and I will summarize them next.


Here’s the correct procedure for installing your new Samsung refrigerator water filter:

  • Turn off your fridges water supply
  • Turn off the power temporality and open up your refrigerator door
  • Locate the filter and uncover it
  • Turn the filter anticlockwise to loosen it
  • Pull it out and fit in the replacement
  • Turn the replacement filter clockwise to install it securely
  • Return the filter cover as it was
  • Shut the fridge door and turn on the water supply and power

Note that the above installation steps may vary slightly depending on your Samsung model. But overall, those are the basics – explaining why Samsung refrigerators are good.

You can easily replace something on a different model because their installations are often the same.

Samsung refrigerator filter light won't reset after reset

5. Incorrect Samsung Fridge Filter Reset

Lastly, unless you reset your Samsung water filter correctly after doing the replacement, the indicator light won’t reset.

Fix – How to Turn Off Reset Filter Light On Samsung Fridge

You’ve to rest your water filter correctly, and there are many ways to go about it. Depending on the Samsung model, here are the reset techniques to consider:

a) ‘Filter Reset’ Control Panel Reset

This reset technique works on most Samsung units, and it involves the following:

  • Locate the ‘Filter Reset’ switch/button on your unit’s control panel
  • Touch this button and hold it for about 3 seconds to reset the light

Note that your water filter icon will either turn to blue/green or off to indicate the filter has successfully reset. If it doesn’t, explore the other reset methods discussed below.

b) ‘Ice Type + Child Lock’ Reset

This is another reset technique that works for most Samsung units. Generally, here’s how to reset filter light in Samsung refrigerator using the method:

  • Press the ‘ice type’ icon (crushed/cubed ice) alongside the ‘child lock’ button for about 3-5 seconds
  • Wait for the filter status light to change to indicate a successful reset

Consider the other options if the filter status light doesn’t change.

c) Fridge Manager Reset (for Samsung Family Hub Models)

Here’s how to reset the water filter light on a Samsung refrigerator with Family Hub integration:

  • Go to the home screen on your ‘Family Hub’ application and touch on the ‘Fridge Manager’ icon
  • Select ‘Fridge Setting’ and then ‘Water Filter.’
  • Tap on the ‘Reset’ icon to initiate the filter reset

Remember, Samsung allows you to order a genuine water filter from the Family Hub. So, you can take advantage of that when your refrigerator water filter is due for replacement.

how to turn off reset filter light on Samsung fridge

d) ‘Setting Reset’ (For Samsung RSG309 and RF4289)

If you have either an RSG309 or RF4289 model, you can reset its filter using these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ at the bottom of your display panel and tap on the icon
  • Then tap on the ‘Next’ icon at the bottom right end thrice to go to the last page (4/4)
  • Press the ‘Reset Water Filter’ icon and hold it until the filter status light changes
  • Then touch the ‘Save’ icon at the bottom right end to complete the reset

e) Ice Maker Reset (For Samsung RF28K9070SR)

If you have a Samsung RF28K9070SR, consider resetting its ice maker to reset the filter light. This requires you to press the ‘ice maker’ button on the fridge and hold it down for 3-5 seconds.

Other Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Reset Method

Depending on your model, you can try resetting the water filter using these options:

  • Samsung RF23J9011SG/AA – Hold down the ‘crushed/hold’ switch for 3 seconds. The indicator should turn off (from red).
  • Samsung BEAESR/AA/RF260 – Hold down the alarm/hold switch for 3 seconds. Alternatively, press Power-Cool + Fridge for 3 seconds.
  • Samsung DA29-0003G – Press down the Alarm/Hold switch for 3 seconds.
  • Samsung RF263BEAESR – Press down the ‘Ice Type/Water’ switch for 3 seconds

People Also Ask

1. How Do I Reset My Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light?

You can reset most Samsung refrigerator filter lights by pressing the ‘filter reset’ switch for about 3-5 seconds. 

Alternatively, you can simultaneously press ‘Ice-type’ + ‘Child Lock’ for the same number of seconds. You can also do a manual hard reset, which involves unplugging the fridge for 10 minutes.

2. Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light Blinking?

Your Samsung refrigerator filter light is blinking because the filter needs replacing. The filter could be dirt-clogged (after 5 – 6 months) or defective, thus ineffectual in filtering the water.

3. How Do I Force My Samsung Fridge to Reset?

You can force your Samsung fridge to reset by pressing the ‘Power-Cool’ And ‘Power-Freezer’ buttons. Alternatively, unplug the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

Closing Thought on Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light That Won’t Reset!

The next time your Samsung refrigerator filter light won’t reset, consider the possibility of a wiring short, unlocked filter buttons, or wrong filter type, filter installation, or reset.

So, explore all the possibilities but don’t hesitate to talk to a Samsung fridge expert if you cannot fix it or go back to your manual. 

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