GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Compared! (Which Is Better?)

American giant home appliance maker GE and its South Korean counterpart Samsung are irrefutably two of the biggest, most reputable, and most popular refrigerator brands. So, deciding who wins the GE vs Samsung refrigerator battle is never easy.

In recent years, Samsung has been the number one refrigerator brand in customer satisfaction and reliability, offering more configurable, spacious, and space-saving designs than GE. On the other hand, GE offers more energy-efficient and durable refrigerators than Samsung.

Overall, there is more to split the two brands other than on the grounds of customer satisfaction, reliability, configuration, capacity, size, energy efficiency, and age. You can also split them according to cooling technology, cost, and country of origin.

So, we will discuss all these factors to help you choose between the two fridge brands. But before we do, we’ll look at a few things they have in common.

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator

In a rush? Below is a table comparing GE and Samsung refrigerators: 

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Comparison – 10 Differences

  AspectGE RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
1.Country of OriginUnited StatesSouth Korea
2.Customer SatisfactionLower than SamsungNumber 1 overall
3.ReliabilityLess reliable than SamsungNumber 1 overall
4.Energy EfficiencyMore energy-star rated units than SamsungSlightly fewer energy-star rated units than GE’s
5.Smart Fridge FeatureSmartHQFamily Hub
6.ConfigurationSlightly less configurableMore configurable 
7.Capacity/SizeNot spacious or as space-saving as SamsungMore spacious and more space-saving designs
8.Highlight Cooling TechnologyTurbo CoolingPower Cool, Twin cooling, Triple Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, and Metal Cooling
9.Age/Lifespan10 years +5 – 11 years
10.CostFrench Door and Bottom Freezer units are costlier than Samsung’sSide-By-Side and Top Freezer units are pricier than GE’s

Similarities Between GE and Samsung Fridges

There’s so much that GE and Samsung fridges have in common. They include the following:

  • Energy Star Rating – Most Samsung and GE fridges come with an energy star rating which shows they are energy efficient. An energy-efficient fridge doesn’t emit much heat and consumes less power, thus lowering energy costs.
  • ADA Compliance – Both Samsung and GE make fridges that users on wheelchairs can access, thus more user-friendly. Such fridges are ADA compliant. 
  • Fridge Type – Samsung and GE make French Doors, Bottom Freezer, Top Freezer, and Side-by-Side and Compact Refrigerators. The difference is that Samsung also makes Bespoke, 4-Door Flex, and Specialty options.
  • Finishes – Both brands offer many fridges with fingerprint-resistant finishes, which have the most modern look.
  • Installation Depth – Both brands make counter depth, full depth, and compact fridges to match just about any space. As I’ll explain later, the difference is that Samsung units are more configurable than GE units.
  • Smart Fridges – Samsung makes many smart fridges that employ the Family Hub application, while GE smart fridges utilize Smart HQ. I’ll differentiate the two technologies later.

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Difference

Now, let’s talk about the things that separate Samsung and GE refrigerators:

1. Country of Origin

GE (General Electric) Appliance is an American appliance maker headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, while Samsung Electronics is a South Korean electronics maker based in Suwon, South Korea.

2. Customer Satisfaction 

According to the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index, Samsung remains customers’ most satisfying home appliance brand.

The brand takes position one overall in the fridge category, despite ranking second in the Top-Mount category, behind LG.

While GE doesn’t perform poorly, Samsung remains the brand to beat. The 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index report is supported by a Wire Cutter Analysis which confirms that most customers are more satisfied with Samsung than with GE.

Samsung Vs GE Refrigerator

The exception is the French Door category, where the dissatisfaction with Samsung units is greater than that of GE. Reason? Most customers complain of Samsung French Door ice maker problems.

Here’s a breakdown of the report:

Customer SatisfactionGE (584 customers)Samsung (649 Customers)
Very Satisfied37%40.8%
Slightly Satisfied34.8%35.6%
Not Sure9.4%3.1%
Slightly Dissatisfied13.4%10.9%
Very Dissatisfied5.5%9.6%
French Door Fridge (Very Satisfied)50.5%38.5%


There’s no doubt that Samsung is the overwhelming favorite regarding customer satisfaction. But if you are getting a French door fridge, consider GE as more customers are satisfied with its ice makers.

3. GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Reliability

Logic will tell you that the brand with a better customer satisfaction score is the more reliable. The same thing applies here.

Even though their French door options have a few serial problems, Samsung fridges remain the most reliable refrigerator brand according to JD Power.

Most customers think the fridges are more dependable even though they suffer a few issues. While GE fridges are not entirely unreliable, they fall behind Samsung, LG, and even Whirlpool.


Samsung wins the reliability battle.

4. GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Energy Consumption

According to the Energy Star website, 112 Samsung refrigerators models in the United States come with the Energy Star Rating, while GE enjoys 185 models. 

That means GE has more energy-efficient refrigerators than Samsung. Remember, an energy star-rated refrigerator is at least 9% more energy efficient than one with no energy star rating and could save you up to $200 throughout its lifecycle.

For that reason, consider energy star-rated options in both cases.


While both brands offer you energy star-rated fridges, GE provides the majority. In fact, all its counter depth units are energy-star rated.

5. Highlight Features

Samsung’s highlight feature is the Family Hub, present in its French door, 4-Door Flex, and side-by-side fridges.

A Family Hub is where innovation meets functionality. Family Hub fridges are Alexa built-in and Wi-Fi-enabled to allow you to connect with family and friends from anywhere in the world, stream music, control other Samsung devices and appliances, and see who’s at the door.

Even better, you can plan your meals, organize your calendar, leave memos and personal notes, and watch TV there (through screen monitoring). It’s just the height of innovation.

As for GE, they promise you SmartHQ on their profile refrigerators. SmartHQ application allows you to operate the fridge using your phone. You can open and close the door, dispense ice and water, brew tea, adjust the unit’s temperature, and turn the ice maker on. 

You can even receive status updates on your fridge and alerts when something is not running as it should.

So, though you may not watch TV, see who’s at the door, plan your calendar, or stream music as you do with Samsung Family Hub, SmartHQ makes you feel like you have a smart fridge.

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Comparison


Samsung’s Family Hub offers more possibilities than GE’s SmartHQ.

6. Samsung Vs GE Refrigerator Configuration

Samsung refrigerators allow you to fit them almost anywhere. You can do it under the counter, on the counter, or against the wall. You won’t have a hard time, unlike GE units. 

While GE also offers options for the counter, under-counter, and against the wall, they are fewer than those by Samsung. You may need to be more thoughtful to fit one in your space.


Samsung wins the configuration battle as it offers more easily configurable units.

7. Capacity 

Samsung refrigerators generally come with larger capacities than GE fridges. What’s more, their designs are sleeker to save on space.

So, not only are you getting a space-saving design but also a voluminous unit. Below is a table comparing the capacities of these two fridge brands.

Fridge Type GE RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
Top Freezer Refrigerator16 – 24 cubic feet24 – 26  cubic feet
Bottom Freezer Refrigerator20 – 25 cubic feet24 – 26 cubic feet
French Door Refrigerator20 – 25+ cubic feet21 – 24 cubic feet
Side-by-Side Refrigerator20 – 25+ cubic feet27+ cubic feet


Samsung offers more spacious and more space-saving options than GE

8. GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Cooling

GE’s dominant cooling technology is the Turbo Cooling, which allows the fridge to adjust its cooling temperature to keep food fresh after constantly opening the fridge door.

On the other hand, Samsung is known for Power Cool, Twin cooling, Triple Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, and Metal Cooling, among other innovations.

Power cooling promises faster food chilling, while Twin Cooling, Metal Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, and Triple Cooling all promise to keep your fresh produce fresher longer.

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Cooling


Samsung enjoys more and more advanced cooling technologies.

9. GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Age

Though Samsung claims that its refrigerators can last up to 15 years with proper usage and maintenance, most owners claim their lifespan is 5-11 years. A few others even claim 2 years after their disappointment with the ice makers.

On the other hand, GE refrigerators can last 10 years or more with proper usage.


GE fridges seem to outlast Samsung units just by a couple of years.

10. GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Cost

There’s little to split Samsung from GE regarding their fridge pricing. GE offers the cheapest Top Freezer and Side-By-Side Fridges, while Samsung offers the cheapest Bottom Freezer and French Door options. 

However, even though most are cheaper than GE’s, Samsung has the costliest French Door unit, while GE has the priciest side-by-side unit even though most are more affordable than Samsung’s.

GE Vs Samsung French Door Refrigerator

GE and Samsung French door fridges have much in common but differ significantly in customer satisfaction, reliability, capacity, and cost.

Starting with customer satisfaction, more customers are dissatisfied with Samsung French door fridges due to their ice maker problems. Their ice maker often fails, making the units less reliable.

GE Vs Samsung Refrigerator Difference

Here’s a table that shows what I exactly mean.

Customer SatisfactionGE (289 Customers)Samsung (615 Customers)
Very Satisfied50.5%38.5%
Slightly Satisfied35.3%36.3%
Not Sure4.2%3.9%
Slightly Dissatisfied8.3%11.2%
Very Dissatisfied1.7%10.1%

As for capacity, GE French door fridges come with a 20 – 25 + cubic feet capacity, while Samsung units have a 21 – 24 cubic feet capacity. That makes GE fridges spacious.

As for the price, GE French door fridges retail at $1,100 – $4,199 while Samsung units go for $999 – $4,529. That means you are more likely to find a cheaper Samsung French door fridge than a GE option, even though Samsung also has the costliest option.

Is GE Refrigerator Better Than Samsung? Verdict 

Looking at GE and Samsung fridges, they are undeniably among the best. They aren’t just energy-efficient, reliable, spacious, and high-tech but also ADA-compliant, stylish, and functional.

However, go for Samsung if you want the most reliable, easily configurable, spacious, space-saving, and innovative fridge. On the other hand, go for GE if you want the most energy-efficient, most stylish, most durable, and one of the most innovative fridges.

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