Samsung Microwave Touchpad Not Working (5 Issues & Fixes!)

I can imagine how frustrated you’re that your Samsung microwave touchpad isn’t working properly – or not working at all. But in this troubleshooting post, you’ll learn why the touchpad is unresponsive as well as how to fix each error.

Your Samsung microwave’s touchpad isn’t working because there’s a problem with the main control board or the membrane switch. Also, it could be because the control panel is defective or dirty. Sometimes the touchpad fails to respond to commands because the microwave jammed.

In this guide, I’ll address each of these issues in details, so you can restore the touchpad to its optimal performance in the shortest time possible.

Let’s get to it.   

How Does Samsung Microwave Touchpad Work?

First, it’s important to understand that a microwave’s touchpad isn’t a sensitive component. Rather, the touchpad is a membrane with a conductive inner coating.

Every button on the switch membrane is a bubble.

When you push a button on the touchpad, the coating will make contact with the back of the keypad. The circuit closes, current flows, and signals travel to the main control board for execution. 

Unfortunately, switch membrane wears with time. Because of the wear and tear, a microwave loses its ability to connect and second command signals.

Samsung Microwave Touchpad Not Working

5 Reasons Why Your Samsung Microwave Touchpad Isn’t Working

Now that you understand how your Samsung microwave’s touchpad works, let’s take this even further and identify all the reasons why the touchpad fails as well as learn you can do to fix the problem.

 ProblemQuick DIY Fix 
1.Defective control panel  Replace the defective control panel with a new one
2.Problem with the main control boardGet a new main control board for replacement to fix the problem.
3.The touchpad is dirtyWipe the touchpad clean to remove grease and dirt.
4.Samsung microwave jammedDo a hard reset on the microwave to see if that fixes the problem.
5.There’s a problem with the membrane switchUse a micrometer to check the membrane for continuity. Replace the membrane if it lacks continuity

1. The Control Panel is Defective

Your Samsung microwave’s touchpad might not be working because the control panel is faulty.

samsung microwave control panel

To determine whether the control panel is faulty, press each option on the touchpad and check the response. If you notice that some buttons work and other don’t, the possible conclusion is that the control panel is defective.

The best fix is to get a new control panel for replacement. 

2. The Main Control Board is Faulty

The control board is the component responsible for supplying the membrane switch or touchpad with voltage signals. If the control board fails to produce the low voltage signals, it means you’re dealing with a faulty main control bboard.

The best fix is to replace the current control board with a new one.

To replace the main control board:

  • Turn off the power
  • Remove the cabinet and the assembly
  • Replace the old control board with a new one
  • Put the cabinet and the assembly back in place

3. Your Samsung Microwave’s Touchpad is Dirty

It is also possible that your Samsung microwave touchpad is not working because it is dirty.

Keep in mind that the touchpad and vent are two parts of the unit that collect grease and dirt. As such, you need to inspect these parts to ensure they don’t have dirt. 

To clean dirt and grease from the touchpad:

  • Prepare warm water and mix it with dish soap or baking powder if the dirt is too
  • Apply the solution to the touchpad area with a sponge
  • Use clean water and a clean rag to wipe the section dry.

The final step in cleaning the touchpad is to run a test to determine whether it works.

If the touchpad stopped working because of dirt, it should respond to commands after thorough cleaning.

4. Your Samsung Microwave Jammed

Your Samsung microwave touchpad can fail to work because the entire unit jammed.

samsung microwave unit

A jammed microwave doesn’t precisely indicate that the unit has a problem. Therefore, doing a reset should be enough to fix the problem.

A hard reset works best with Samsung microwaves.

To do a hard reset:

  • First, unplug the microwave from power and wait for about 60 seconds
  • Plug the microwave back to power
  • Tap on the touchpad to confirm the hard reset

Note that doing a hard reset is the best way to clear all possible jamming errors from your Samsung microwave.

5. There’s A Problem with the Membrane Switch

The membrane switch could be the other reason why your Samsung microwave is not working.

This part comes with several electrical switches and a productive coating that goes bad because of repeated use.

Use a micrometer to check the membrane for continuity. If the membrane doesn’t pass the continuity test, replace it.

Samsung Microwave Touchpad Replacement

The best way to fix a faulty touchpad on your Samsung microwave is by replacing it with a new one.

Fortunately, replacing a bad touchpad is not as hard.

You will need:

  • A new touchpad
  • Tools to help with replacement, including a multimeter, a screwdriver, and gloves

It’s important to check themodel and the serial number of the new touchpad before ordering one. Check the back, bottom, or side of your microwave for this information.

The information will make it easy for you to get a compatible touchpad for your Samsung microwave.

To replace the touchpad:

Remove the microwave from power to avoid electrocution and to ensure the unit doesn’t short out.

Don’t handle the microwave just yet even after unplugging from power. The microwave feature capacitors still carry charges even after disconnecting the unit from power.

Once you unplug the microwave, allow it to sit for 2 to 3 days so that the electrical charges on the capacitors disappear.

If you can’t wait for that long, manually discharge the capacitors. Short the high-voltage capacitors by linking the negative and positive terminals. Alternatively, use a bulb that consumes a lot of energy when lighting, preferably a heating bulb. Let the bulb light until it goes off, signifying the bulb is out of charge.

Replacing the Samsung Microwave Touchpad

Now that you’ve discharged the capacitor, it’s time to replace the old Samsung microwave touchpad with a new one.

microwave touchpad replacement Samsung

To do this:

  • Put on the gloves so that you get a good grip on anything you hold.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the screws to release the front grill.
  • Find mounting screws inside the microwave door and remove them.
  • Find screws mounting behind the vent in case your Samsung microwave model comes with one.
  • Remove the clips.

Take a photo of the wire connection between the touchpad and the main control board. Alternatively, sketch the connection so that you can easily recall what wire connector connects to where.

  • Carefully pull the wires free from their slots.
  • Unscrew the ground wire to release the control panel.
  • Remove the control board.
  • Now that the control board is out you should be able to see the touchpad membrane. The touchpad membrane looks like a sticker and it is stuck to the board buttons.
  • Carefully unpeel the faulty touchpad membrane from the control panel and completely wipe away the old glue.
  • Unbox the new switch membrane and test it to determine if it’s functional.
  • Press every button on the membrane to ascertain they are all working.
  • Unpeel the membrane to reveal its sticky side and quickly stick the side with glue to the control board sticky back and quickly stick it. Ensure the edges align are properly aligned to the edges of the panel. As you do this ensure bubbles and ripples do not form.

It is now time to put back everything in its place so that you test if the new touch membrane will make your microwave work as before.

  • Put the control board back in its place.
  • With the help of the photo taken or sketch drawn earlier, reconnect all the wire ribbons to their places including the ground wire and secure the board with mounting screws.
  • Return the vent if your model has one.
  • Put the grill and cabinet back to place.
  • Plug the microwave back into power.

Turn the microwaves on and try microwaving something you like to see if the repair worked.

Samsung Microwave Touch Panel Repair Cost

You will spend about $50 and $100 on Samsung microwave touchpad repair. Note that the cost variation depends on the model of the Samsung microwave.

I understand how expensive it is to replace the touchpad of your Samsung microwave. But working with a faulty one is only going to frustrate you.

If anything, a faulty touchpad can’t program time, set temperature, or run on your personalized settings. And if you ask me, I’d say that replacing a touchpad is far much a better option than buying a new microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Replace the Samsung Microwave Touchpad?

You can replace the touchpad of your Samsung microwave with a new one. You only need to know your microwave’s model number so that you can order the correct replacement membrane switch.

2. Why is My Microwave Keypad Not Working?

In most cases, the touchpad on your Samsung microwave fails to respond to touch because the control panel is not functional. Press all the buttons and as you do so identify those that respond and those that don’t. You will need to replace the control panel if some keys respond and others don’t.

3. How do I Reset My Samsung Microwave Control Panel?

You can reset the Samsung microwave control panel by unplugging it from power. Once unplugged from power, wait 60 seconds to let the system reset itself and clear faults.

4. How Do I Clean the Touchpad on My Microwave?

To clean the touchpad on your Samsung microwave, you will need baking soda and warm water or a mixture of dish soap and warm water. After applying either of the solutions depending on how dirty the touchpad is, dry with clean water and a rag.

Final Thoughts

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new Samsung microwave if the touchpad of the current one isn’t working. All you have to do is to replace it with a new one.

Replacement costs about $100, which is less compare to what you’d pay if you opted to buy a new microwave.

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