6 Reasons Your Maytag Microwave Display Not Working (Fixed!)

With the Maytag microwave display not working, it’s impossible to visualize the pressed-in commands, the countdown timer, or the power level. That virtually makes the microwave unusable, something you wouldn’t want. 

Often, a Maytag microwave display won’t work because of an unlatched door, lack of power, a disabled control panel, or faulty wiring. If that’s not it, it could be a defective display board or main control board.

So, whether your microwave display is completely blank or shows the selected figures intermittently, those six issues are worth considering, and I’m going to help you do it. 

We will examine what to look for in each case and how to fix it to enable your Maytag microwave display to start working. Remember, the goal is to help you troubleshoot the display and bypass a service call. 

Let’s jump into it!   

Maytag microwave display not working

In a hurry? Below is a quick Maytag microwave troubleshooting guide for a non-working display. 

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for A Maytag Microwave Display Not Working

Likely Cause What to CheckRecommended Fix 
1.Unlatched DoorObstructive packing materials, oversized dish, or an out-of-position rackRemove the obstructive shipping material, ensure you use the right dish size, and reposition the rack if it’s out of position.
2.Lack of PowerAn outage, microwave not turned on, tripped breaker, loose/damaged power cord, faulty outlet, blown-up fuse, or the use of the extension cordEnsure there’s power and the microwave is turned on. Reset the breaker, properly plug in the power cord and replace it if it’s faulty. Fix a faulty outlet, replace a blown-up fuse, and plug into the wall instead of the extension cord
3.Disabled Control PanelActive Control LockHold the cancel switch for 3 seconds to disable Control Lock
4.Faulty WiringLoose or broken control panel wiresFix any loose or broken control panel wiring or call an expert technician
5.Bad Display BoardPartially blank displayReplace the display board
6.A defective main control board Other microwave functions are affectedReplace the microwave’s main control board

6 Steps to Fixing a Maytag Microwave Display Not Showing

To fix your non-working or non-showing Maytag microwave display, you must identify the actual cause or fault. As highlighted earlier, the probable reasons include the following:

  • Unlatched (blocked or improperly shut) microwave door
  • Lack of power 
  • Control lock (which disables the microwaves control panel)
  • Wiring fault
  • Faulty display board 
  • A defective main control board

Now that you have the most likely reasons behind your non-showing microwave display, let’s discuss troubleshooting by following this 6-step guide.

Step 1 (Ensure The Microwave Door Is Latched)

The Maytag microwave won’t run if the door is open. So, it makes sense to see whether the door is appropriately latched.

Overall, several things can prevent the microwave door from locking correctly. They include the following:

  • Shipping materials – The packing materials may extend to the door and prevent it from shutting. So, you’ve to check that and remove them before trying to close the microwave door. 
  • Oversized plate – If you use the wrong dish/plate size, it’ll prevent the microwave door from shutting, especially if it’s too big. So, in case of a dish replacement, get the right size. 
  • Misplaced cooking rack – Some Maytag microwaves have a cooking rack that sometimes goes out of position and prevents the door from closing. So, if it’s present, check its positioning and try to position it correctly. 
Maytag microwave display not showing

Step 2 (Check The Microwave Power Supply)

Your Maytag microwave won’t display anything without an electric power supply. So, it’s essential that you check its power supply. Overall, you’ve to check the following: 

  • Possible outage – Your microwave won’t turn on or display anything if there’s a power loss. In such a case, you’ve to wait for the electricity. 
  • The microwave could be off – Remember to turn on the microwave from its power switch. If it’s off, the display won’t work. 
  • Tripped breaker – Check the circuit breaker for possible tripping. That’s likely to be the case during a power failure. And if the breaker is off, reset it accordingly.
  • Loose or damaged faulty power cable – If the power cord is loose or damaged (lacks continuity), the microwave won’t power on. So, ensure it is firmly plugged in and if you find it faulty (by checking its continuity with a multimeter), replace it. 
  • Defective electric outlet – Try plugging another working appliance into the power outlet to see if it powers on. If the appliance doesn’t turn on, you need to fix the socket or talk to an electrician. 
  • Blown-up fuse – Check the power fuse to see if it’s blown up. That happens when the microwave overheats or during a power surge. Consider replacing the fuse if it won’t show continuity on a multitester/multimeter. 
  • Extension cord – An extension cord is never a good idea when plugging in a heavy appliance like a microwave. Not only does it present a safety risk, but it’s likely to fail to deliver adequate power to the microwave. So, plug the microwave directly into the wall socket instead of using the extension cord. 

Step 3 (Disable Control Lock to Fix the Maytag Microwave No Display)

‘Control Lock,’ whose function is to prevent the unintended use or operation of the microwave, deactivates the control power pads. In doing so, the display appears like it’s not working since the control becomes non-responsive.

So, it’s essential that you disable the control lock if it’s on. Just hold the cancel button for 3 seconds. It also takes the same protocol to enable it.

Step 4 (Check The Wiring for fault)

Issues like loose or broken wires, especially those involving the control panel, may prevent the display from showing anything. If you are handy, consider removing the microwave control panel to inspect it for any wiring faults. 

If there are any loose wires, secure them and if they are broken, talk to an expert. Overall, this step may be slightly handy, and you may find it wise to leave it to a microwave technician. 

Step 5 (Inspect The Display Board)

Now, if the problem has nothing to do with an unlatched door, lack of power, or the control lock, it’s highly likely that the display board is defective. That’s likely to be the case if the display is partially showing, which can be confusing. 

Overall, if the display board is faulty, replace it. If you’ve doubts, talk to a microwave expert or the manufacturer. 

Maytag microwave no display

Step 6 (Consider Replacing the Control Board)

After ruling out the above five issues, the control board is the last consideration. The control board controls all microwave functions, including the display. 

If it’s faulty, the display won’t receive any commands to show, making it impossible to operate the microwave. Luckily, you can replace the main control board. But again, only consider it as your last resort. 

Still No Display On Maytag Microwave?

If your Maytag microwave still doesn’t display or partially displays after performing the necessary checks and fixes, it may be time to get a new microwave. 

It could be that what you have is beyond repair and will only cost you much money for no reason. So, instead of paying for expensive repairs, get a new microwave. 

People Also Ask 

1. Why Is My Microwave Display Not Working?

Your microwave display is not working because of an unlatched door, lack of power, or active control lock. If that’s not it, it could be faulty wiring, a failing display board, or a non-working main control board. 

2. Why Is the Screen On My Microwave Not Working?

If the screen on your microwave is not working and the microwave has no power, you likely have a tripped breaker, faulty wiring, blown-up fuse, faulty outlet, or defective or loose power cable. 

Simply put, the power supply to your microwave has failed. If that’s not it, then it could be that something is preventing the microwave door from shutting or the control lock is ON. 

3. How Do I Reset My Maytag Microwave? 

You can easily reset a Maytag microwave by flipping off its circuit breaker for at least 1 minute and then flipping it back on. Alternatively, you can unplug the microwave for the same amount of time. 

4. Can I Repair a Microwave Display? 

You cannot repair a microwave display. What you can do, however, is to replace the display board. But before you can get to such a decision, consider any underlying issue, such as lack of power, control lock, and an unlatched door, that could be causing the display not to show anything. 

5. Why Do Microwaves Have a Black Screen?

Microwaves mostly have a black screen to stop the leakage of electromagnetic energy and protect you from the effects of radiation. So, the black screen is a safety feature for protecting you against harmful emissions. 

6. How Much to Replace a Microwaves Control Board? 

Depending on the type of microwave and the model, a control board replacement will cost you $100 – $500. In some cases, that’s nearly the price of getting a new microwave. So, you may have to think about the replacement cost carefully.  

Closing Thought On Maytag Microwave Display Not Working:

No doubt, a non-working Maytag microwave display is disappointing. That, however, doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. 

You can generally fix it and avoid paying an expert or the high cost of replacing the microwave. The above guide will help you do it, starting with the six discussed issues.

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