Maytag Microwave Open/Close Door Error (How to Fix it!)

Are you wondering what the Maytag microwave open/close door error means and how to fix it? Does the error code prevent the microwave from starting and cannot explain it?

Well, the ‘open/close’ or ‘door’ error code on a Maytag microwave often means the door has been shut for more than 5 minutes without starting. In such a case, you only need to open and close the door and start the microwave.

If the microwave door doesn’t shut properly, the issue could be an obstruction such as packing material, dirt, an oversized dish, or an out-of-position cooking rack.

And if that’s not the case, the problem could be an unleveled surface (where the microwave is resting), a faulty door switch, a broken door latch, or clogged grease filters.   

So, at least six issues could cause the open/close door error, which I’ll walk you through. We’ll discuss how each case leads to the error code and what to do to clear it.

Let’s jump into it!

Maytag microwave open close door error

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for the Maytag Microwave Door Open Error

 Likely ReasonQuick Fix
1.The microwave has been shut for 5+ minutes without being startedOpen the microwave and close it, and then start it
2.Obstruction (packing materials, dirt, an oversize dish, or an out-of-position cooking rack)Remove any obstructive packing material, clean the door contact if dirty, replace the dish if it’s oversize, and reposition an out-of-position cooking rack
3.Unleveled SurfacePut the microwave on a more leveled surface
4.Faulty Door SwitchReplace the door switch if it fails the multimeter’s electrical continuity test
5.Damaged Door LatchReplace the door latch if it’s damaged
6.Clogged Grease FiltersClean the grease filters with warm water and detergent

How to Troubleshoot the Maytag Microwave Open/Close Door Error?

Not that the error ‘open/close’ or ‘door’ error is likely to pop up due to one of these six issues:

  • The microwave has been shut for more than 5 minutes but hasn’t been started
  • Something might be blocking the microwave door (shipping materials, dirt, an oversize dish, or an out-of-position cooking rack)
  • Unleveled surface – which destabilizes the microwave and prevents its door from shutting
  • A faulty door switch – one that lacks electrical continuity
  • A damaged door latch
  • Clogged grease filters

Once you recognize what to check, you can troubleshoot the ‘open/close’ error, and below are six steps for doing it:

Step 1 – Restart the Microwave

As I mentioned, the error ‘open/close’ often pops up when you leave the microwave door shut for more than 5 minutes but fail to start it. The reason is to avoid any unintended starting of the microwave, which is a good safety feature by Maytag.

In such a case, it’s advisable to open and close the microwave door and then press start. If the microwave runs, then the error code won’t appear.

But if the error code persists, the issue could be the door not closing correctly, and something could be preventing it.

Let’s talk about that now.

Maytag microwave door switch

Step 2 – Check for Any Obstruction and Remove It

Go ahead and inspect the microwave door to ensure its closing correctly. If it’s not, something is likely obstructing it.

The obstruction could be any of the following:

  • Shipping materials
  • Soil or dirt buildup
  • Oversized dish
  • Out-of-position cooking rack

If shipping materials are on the door’s path, remove them and clean the entry of any dirt or soil blockage. If the dish is oversize, replace it with the right size and if the cooking rack (if applicable) is out of its position, reposition it properly.

Step 3 – Put the Microwave on a Leveled Surface

Sometimes the microwave door won’t close properly because the microwave is resting on an unlevelled surface. Objects on the surface could be getting in the way of the door when it closes and if so, move the microwave to a more uniform surface like a table, kitchen counter, cart, or shelf.

Step 4 – Test the Maytag Microwave Door Switch for Continuity

If the door still doesn’t close after step 2, consider the possibility of a bad door switch. One effective way to check the switch for fault is by testing its electrical continuity with a multimeter.

The absence of electrical continuity proves that the door switch is faulty, thus needing a replacement. But if there is nothing wrong with the door switch, the issue could be the door latch (explained next).

Step 5 – Inspect the Door Latch for Damage

A broken door latch won’t shut the microwave door. So, it’s essential to examine it for any signs of breakage or looseness visually. If so, then replace it. However, if the issue is not the door latch, it will likely be the grease filters.

Step 6 – Check the Grease Filters for Clogging

The last check is the grease filters. These filters at the bottom of the microwave can sometimes clog with dirt and grease, and when they do, they may cause the microwave to display the error ‘open/close’.

So, consider inspecting them for filth clogging. If the filters are clogged, use warm water with detergent to clean them before reinstalling them.

But what if the error ‘open/close’ won’t go off after the above fixes, or you can’t identify the fault?

If so, contact a microwave specialist or even the manufacturer, Maytag. They’ll know how to fix the error code.

Maytag microwave door open error

Maytag Microwave Keeps Saying Open and Close Door but Won’t Start

In most cases, your Maytag microwave will display the error open and close door but fail to start because of a faulty door switch. And, as mentioned, you can use a multimeter to determine if that’s the case.

Just replace the door switch if it has no continuity. Remember to inspect it visually; if it looks damaged, consider replacing it.

Maytag Microwave Door Won’t Close

Generally, a Maytag microwave door won’t close due to one of these issues:

  • Dirty door contact – Dirt on the door contact will prevent the microwave door from closing, and in such a case, you’ve to remove it.
  • Packing materials – The sipping materials may sometime get in the way of the microwave door and prevent it from closing. That’s why you should remove shipping materials from the door’s path.
  • Oversize dish – If the microwave dish is more extensive than it should be, it prevents the door from closing correctly.
  • Loose, rusty, or broken door hinge – If the microwave door hinge is faulty (broken, rusty, or loose), the door won’t close. And if so, replace the door hinge.
  • Faulty door switch – The microwave may also not close if the door switch is faulty. Using a multimeter, you can tell if the door switch is defective (when it lacks continuity).

People Also Ask

1. What Causes a Microwave to Run When the Door Is Open?

A microwave is likely to run when the door is open because of a faulty interlock door switch, a firmware glitch, or an internal circuitry problem.

You can fix the issue by resetting your microwave if the problem is a firmware glitch. Meanwhile, a faulty door switch needs a replacement and if it’s a circuitry issue, call a technician.

2. What Causes the Microwave Door Not to Close?

Several issues could prevent the microwave door from closing, such as:

  • Dirt around the door – which obstructs the door
  • Obstructive shipping materials
  • Large/oversized microwave dish
  • Faulty door switch
  • Damaged door latch

If there is dirt around the door, clean it off, and if shipping materials obstruct the door, remove them. Moreover, replace an oversized dish, a faulty door switch, or a broken door latch.

3. How Do You Fix a Microwave Door Switch?

A faulty microwave door switch needs replacing. But before you do, first inspect it for physical damage. If it’s damaged, replace it.

If you cannot see any signs of damage, test its electrical continuity with a multimeter. You can tell it’s faulty if it has no electrical continuity.

How do I check the door latch lever for damage?

To check the door latch lever for any potential damage, follow these steps:

1. Begin by ensuring that the power to your microwave is turned off for safety purposes.
2. If you haven’t already done so, remove the control panel from your microwave to gain access to the latch lever.
3. Locate the latch lever, which is a small plastic object within the door latch assembly, and carefully inspect it for any signs of being stuck, broken, or displaced. If the latch lever appears to be in good condition, you can proceed to the next step.
4. In case the latch lever is damaged and repair is possible, try fixing it. However, if the damage is beyond repair, you will need to replace it.
5. To replace the latch lever, acquire a new compatible part specifically designed for your microwave model. Then, attach the new lever to the door latch system. Alternatively, if a replacement lever is not available separately, you may have to replace the entire door latch assembly.
6. Once you have successfully replaced the latch lever, test the functionality of your microwave’s door latch by ensuring it opens and closes properly. If you encounter any issues or if the latch still doesn’t work correctly, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

Remember to prioritize your safety throughout the process and always refer to your microwave’s user manual or seek professional assistance if needed.

How do I check if the latch is stuck?

To check if the latch is stuck in your microwave door, follow these steps:

1. Start by pressing the door button and attempting to open the door. Simultaneously, try manually pulling the door to see if it opens easily. This test will help determine if the latch is indeed stuck or not.

2. If you are able to open the door by pulling on it manually, your next step is to identify what could be causing it to stick when it is not being pulled. Carefully inspect the latch area and check for any debris, such as food particles or other objects, that might be obstructing the latch mechanism. If you find any loose debris, remove it.

3. In case there is no visible debris obstructing the latch but the door still appears to be stuck, it is recommended to clean the latch thoroughly. Use a soft cloth or a gentle brush to wipe away any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on the latch. Sometimes, a clean latch can resolve the sticking issue.

4. If cleaning the latch does not resolve the problem, it suggests a more serious underlying issue. At this point, it is advisable to proceed to step 2 and explore other potential solutions or seek professional assistance.

Closing Thought on the Maytag Microwave Open/Close Door Error

Above is everything about the error ‘open/close’ on a Maytag microwave. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with the microwave when the error pops up.

First, try to restart the microwave, remove any obstructions, and then ensure your microwave is on a leveled surface. Only after that should you consider checking the door switch and door latch for fault and replacing them and the grease filters for clogging and cleaning them.

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