Frigidaire Microwave Display Not Working (5 Issues Fixed!)

Frigidaire microwaves have impressive specs like the electric clock, control lock, and one-touch keep-warm settings that are dependent on a working display. So, a Frigidaire microwave display not working is disappointing. 

Often, Frigidaire microwave displays fail to work due to a lack of power, an unlatched or blocked door, a locked control panel, a faulty display board, or a dead main control board. 

There are, however, a few things to look at that could point you to why your Frigidaire microwave display is non-responsive. For example, a blank display highly suggests a power failure or dead control board, while a partial display likely indicates a problem with the display board. 

I’ll systematically walk you through these five issues so you can quickly troubleshoot the display. Let’s jump into it!

Frigidaire microwave display not working

In a rush? Here’s how to quickly troubleshoot a non-working Frigidaire microwave display. 

Quick Troubleshooting Guide For A Frigidaire Microwave Display Not Working

Display Condition Likely cause Troubleshooting 
Blank Display (No Power)Lack of power Ensure the microwave has a power supply and turns on
Dead control boardReplace the control board
Microwave Has Power, But the Display is Not WorkingUnlatched/blocked door Check the door and latch it properly
Locked control panel Disable control/safety lock
Partial Display Bad display board Replace the display board 

5 Reasons Your Frigidaire Microwave Display Is Not Working 

When it comes to a non-working microwave display, there are several issues to consider here, such as:

  • Is the display blank?
  • Does the microwave have power?
  • Is the display partial?

Answering the three questions will enable you to quickly determine what’s wrong with your Frigidaire microwave and fix it, as I explain below.

But overall, here are the five probable reasons behind a non-working Frigidaire microwave display:

  • Power failure (lack of power)
  • A dead main control board
  • Unlatched or blocked door 
  • Locked control panel (due to control or safety lock)
  • Bad display board 

Blank Frigidaire Microwave Display 

If the Frigidaire microwave display doesn’t show anything, it’s likely due to any of these two reasons:

1. Lack of Power 

The microwave won’t show anything on display without power. In that case, check out any of these issues:

  • Power loss – You cannot expect your microwave or any other appliance to power on if there’s no power. So, you may have to check out other appliances to rule out a power outage. 
  • Unplugged, loose, or faulty power cord – The microwave won’t power on if the power cord is not plugged in, loosely attached, or damaged.
  • Tripped breaker – If there was a recent power failure or surge, it might have tripped the breaker, and once that happens, the microwave won’t receive sufficient power to turn on. 
  • Extension cord – If you are plugging the microwave into an extension cord, that could be the problem. An extension cord disrupts the appliance’s power supply and could be why you have a blank display. 
  • Defective outlet – If the wall socket you are plugging into is faulty (which you can tell if no other appliance works), the microwave won’t display anything.


Try checking other appliances and the lights to see if there’s power. You can also check the main box. If it’s a case of a power loss, there’s no action to take. 

But if there’s power, check the power plug to ensure it’s firmly plugged in, and if the microwave still doesn’t turn on, try plugging a different (but working) appliance to see if the problem is the power outlet. 

If it is, have it changed; if not, ensure you are not plugging into the wall outlet – not the extension cord. Lastly, check the breaker box to see if the circuit breaker is off.  If the display is still blank, consider the second reason.

2. Dead Main Control Board

If the microwave won’t display anything at all and the issue is not lack of power, the problem is likely with the main control board. The control board is dead and thus non-responsive. 


If the control board is defective, you’ll have to replace it. Don’t be in a hurry, but try hard-reset the microwave first. 

The easiest way to do it is to unplug it for at least 3 minutes and then plug it back in. If the display is still blank after that and you’ve ruled out a power failure, replace the control board. 

why is my Frigidaire microwave not working

Frigidaire Microwave Has Power but Display Not Working  

If the microwave display lights up but non-responsive, there are two issues to consider, and they are:

3. Unlatched or Blocked Microwave Door 

The Frigidaire microwave won’t show anything if the door is open. It could be that you failed to close it, or something is coming. As far as the latter issue goes, watch out for any of these issues:

  • Shipping material 
  • Oversize dish 
  • Food or debris obstruction 
  • Out-of-position cooking rack (in some models)


Is the microwave door open, even slightly? Then try shutting it firmly. If it won’t latch, check if anything obstructs the door, specifically the ones mentioned above, and remove it. After closing the door, try restraining the microwave from seeing if the display works. 

4. Locked Control Panel 

Frigidaire microwaves, like most microwaves, have the control lock safety feature, sometimes known as the safety lock. Its job is to prevent kids from operating the microwave, and it works by displaying the control panel. 

So, the display won’t work. Yes, the display will light up and even show the control lock icon, but you won’t be able to operate the microwave until you disable it. 


Disable the safety or control lock if it’s on, and try operating the microwave. 

Frigidaire Microwave Display Partially Working 

5. Bad Display Board 

If a part of the microwave display is showing something, the problem is likely the display board that is failing and not the control board. 


Replace the display board as it is faulty.

Frigidaire Microwave Not Showing Time

If your Frigidaire microwave won’t show the time, it’s essential to try and reset the timer/clock. You can do that by plugging out the microwave for 5 minutes.

Once you plug back the microwave, you should try to readjust the timer.

Frigidaire Microwave Display Is Dim 

There are three common reasons why a microwave display will become dim, and they are as follows:

  • Power saving mode – If the power-save mode is active, the microwave will have a dim display. Expectedly, that’s because the mode forces the microwave to save on power, sacrificing the display’s brightness. 
  • Surface-light setting – A surface-light setting also causes the microwave display to dim if you opt for a low setting. Besides a low setting, you can also choose a medium setting or hi setting, which are brighter. 
  • Failing control panel – If the issue is not the power-saving mode or surface-light setting, it’s likely to be a dead control panel. In such a case, you should replace the control panel. 
can you reset a Frigidaire microwave

People Also Ask 

1. Why Is My Frigidaire Microwave Not Working?

Your Frigidaire microwave might not be working for different reasons. The first check is the power supply. If the microwave lacks power, it won’t power on and will, therefore, not work.

The other issue is an unlatched door. If the microwave door doesn’t shut, the microwave won’t run. And lastly, if the main control is dead, the microwave won’t work.

2. Can You Reset a Frigidaire Microwave?

Yes, you can reset a Frigidaire microwave. Since these microwaves don’t have a reset button, all it takes to reset them is to unplug them from the power for at least 3 minutes. The microwave should reset and restart when you plug it back. 

3. Why Is My Microwave Display Not Working?

Your microwave display is not working because it lacks power, the control panel is locked, or the door is not latched 100%. If it’s none of the three issues, the display board or the control board could be faulty. In the latter case, you should replace the defective board. 

Concluding Thoughts on the Frigidaire Microwave Display Not Working: 

In summary, it’s worth checking for lack of power, an unlatched or blocked door, a locked control panel, or a defective display board or main control board when your Frigidaire microwave display won’t work. 

Hopefully, the shared guide can help you troubleshoot the display. Start by checking if the microwave has power and if it has, ensure the door is well latched and disable a locked control panel. 

And if it’s a partial display, replace the display board. Your last option, however, is replacing the main control board, especially if the display is blank and the issue is not power-related. 

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