How To Do A Frigidaire Microwave Hard Reset (A Quick Guide)

A Frigidaire microwave hard reset is recommendable when the touchpad is non-responsive, the clock malfunctions after an outage, or the appliance won’t start, among other issues. The question, however, is how you do it effectively. 

You can hard reset a Frigidaire microwave by turning it off, unplugging it for 3 – 5 minutes, and re-plugging it. After that, reset the clock in case the timer misbehaves. 

As you’ll realize, resetting is probably the quickest way to fix some Frigidaire microwave issues. If the reset doesn’t work, you should dive into the root of the problem to find the underlying cause. 

I’ll help you do that by highlighting what to check when your Frigidaire microwave won’t reset after a hard reset. That should at least come before considering calling a microwave expert. 

Let’s begin with what a hard reset is and the issues you can troubleshoot

Frigidaire microwave hard reset

What Is a Hard Reset For A Frigidaire Microwave?

A hard reset, short for Hardware Reset, refers to reverting to the appliance factory setting. For that reason, it’s often referred to as a factory reset. 

In the case of a Frigidaire microwave, you delete its current memory to enable it to assume its default setting. You can hard reset a Frigidaire microwave for these reasons:

  • Troubleshoot non-responsive touchpad 
  • Reset a malfunctioning clock/timer 
  • Troubleshoot a non-working or non-starting microwave 
  • Troubleshoot a microwave that won’t heat properly 
  • Restore the microwave default setting 
  • Clear an existing error code 
  • Troubleshoot a non-working display

Let’s discuss these issues:

1. Troubleshooting a Non-Responsive Frigidaire Microwave Touchpad

In some cases, Frigidaire microwave’s buttons won’t work because of a defective touchpad; in others, the control panel usually is the problem. 

However, you may try to hard-reset the microwave before you can check the two. If it’s just a technical hitch, the touchpad will become responsive again once you restore power. 

What if the hard reset doesn’t work?

If the touchpad remains unresponsive after a hard reset, see which one between the touchpad and the control panel is defective. Try pressing all the buttons to see if there’s any response. 

If some buttons are responsive, replace the microwave touchpad. However, if none of the buttons are responsive, replace the microwave control panel. 

2. Resetting a Malfunctioning Frigidaire Microwave Timer

Sometimes the timer misbehaves when the microwave restarts after a power outage. If so, you may need to reset the microwave and, in particular, ensure you reset the timer. 

What if the hard reset doesn’t work?

Ideally, the hard rest should work on the timer. But if it doesn’t, which is quite rare, call an expert to check the timer. 

3. Troubleshooting A Non-Working or Non-Starting Frigidaire Microwave

Some issues, such as a blown fuse, tripped breaker, unlatched door, loose plug, or defective outlet, can stop the Frigidaire microwave from starting or working. But before you can check out these issues, you may try hard resetting the microwave. 

What if the hard reset doesn’t work?

If your Frigidaire microwave still doesn’t start or work after a hard reset, check the following:

  • A blown-up fuse – Test the main switch’s continuity using a multimeter; if the fuse lacks continuity, replace it as it has blown up.
  • Tripped breaker – Go to the circuit to check if the breaker is off. If it is, reset it. 
  • Unlatched door – Sometimes, the microwave door may appear latched when it’s not. So, check the door and firmly lock it. If something obstructs it, remove it, but if the door latch appears broken, replace it. 
  • Loose power plug – Ensure the power plug is firmly inserted into the wall outlet. If it’s not, then the microwave won’t have sufficient power. 
  • Dead outlet – How about you try plugging another electronic into the power outlet to see if it works? If it doesn’t work in another socket, replace the non-working socket. 
Frigidaire gallery microwave hard reset

4. Troubleshooting a Non-Heating Frigidaire Microwave

While a Frigidaire microwave won’t heat for different reasons, troubleshooting it sometimes takes a hard reset. So, give it a try first. 

What if the hard reset doesn’t work?

There is no guarantee that your microwave will get hot as soon as you reset it. But even if it doesn’t, you may need to check the following:

  • Burnt diode – A burnt diode needs replacing as it cuts off the microwave’s power supply, preventing it from getting hot. 
  • Faulty door switch – The door switch could be defective if the microwave door won’t properly close when you try latching it. And if so, it needs replacing, lest the microwave won’t get hot. 
  • Burnt fuse – The microwave won’t heat up if the thermal fuse is blown. You’ll have to replace the fuse.
  • Tripped Thermoprotector – The Thermoprotector trips up when the microwave overheats; when it does, it stops the microwave from heating up. 
  • Other issues – Consider that the high voltage transformer, high voltage capacitor, magnetron, or main control board could be defective and replace it. 

5. Restoring a Frigidaire Microwave to Default Setting

A Frigidaire microwave doesn’t necessarily have to fail for you to reset it. Sometimes, you may do so because you want to return to its factory setting and do away with the current one. So, this should be straightforward. 

6. Clearing an Existing Error Code with A Frigidaire Microwave Factory Reset

An error code is usually indicative of a hidden problem. But hard reset the microwave before you can figure out what the error code means. You could end up clearing the error code that way. 

What if the hard reset doesn’t work?

If the hard reset fails to clear the error code or the error code pops up soon after running the microwave, look it up online to see what it means and fix the issue. After that, try to reset the microwave hard one more time. 

7. Troubleshooting a Non-Working Frigidaire Microwave Display

Lastly, you may try hard resetting your Frigidaire microwave if its display won’t work. The issue could be power related or a technical hitch which is fixable with a hard reset.

What if the hard reset doesn’t work?

If the microwave display still doesn’t work after a hard reset, check if there’s power. If there is, consider the control panel touchpad or display board, which could be faulty. 

The display board is faulty if there is a partial display, but the control board is likely defective if the display is blank. But if some buttons are responsive, you should consider replacing the touchpad. 

How to Perform the Frigidaire Microwave Hard Reset? 

Now that you know when to hard-reset a Frigidaire microwave, here’s how to do it: 

Step 1 – Turn off the microwave 

Avoid any electrocution incidence by first turning off the microwave

Step 2 – Plug out the microwave 

Now that the microwave is off, gently put it out of the power socket and wait 3 – 5 minutes. 

Step 3 – Plug in the Microwave 

Once the 3 – 5 minutes are over, plug back the microwave to restore it to power

Step 4 – Turn on the microwave 

Switch on the microwave after plugging it back by pressing the start/power switch 

Step 5 – Reset the timer 

If you notice the timer is misbehaving, reset it by pinning down the timer/clock button. Then use the manual to set the timer correctly. 

Frigidaire microwave factory reset

Frigidaire Gallery Microwave Hard Reset

You can reset a Frigidaire Gallery microwave by switching it off and plugging it out for 3 – 5 minutes. The microwave should hard reset once you plug it into the power outlet, but if it doesn’t, consider the possibility of an underlying issue. 

Any Alternatives to the Hard Reset?

Ordinarily, you would press the reset button to reset a microwave. Sadly, Frigidaire microwaves don’t have a reset button, so you cannot use the reset button. 

However, you can do a soft reset, which involves pressing Cancel for a few seconds.

People Also Ask 

1. Can You Reset a Frigidaire Microwave?

You can reset any microwave, and that includes a Frigidaire option. But since Frigidaire microwaves don’t have the reset button, you can only hard reset them. Unplug the microwave for 3 – 5 minutes before returning it to power. 

2. Does A Frigidaire Microwave Have a Reset Button?

Sadly, no, Frigidaire microwaves lack the reset button. That, nonetheless, doesn’t stop you from resetting it. You can perform a factory reset by unplugging the microwave for at least 3 minutes and then plugging it back on. 

3. How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Microwave?

You can soft reset or hard reset a Frigidaire microwave. A soft reset involves pressing the Cancel button for a few seconds to fix a technical hitch or software issue. Meanwhile, a hard reset includes briefly plugging out of the microwave for about 3 – 5 minutes to repair a hardware problem. 

4. What Would Cause a Frigidaire Microwave to Stop Working?

A failed power supply would cause a Frigidaire microwave to stop working. That could be due to a power outage, tripped breaker, a blown-up outlet or fuse, or an unplugged or loose power cable. But still, an unlatched door could stop the microwave from working. 

5. How Do You Reset the Power Level On a Frigidaire Microwave?

You can change or reset the Frigidaire microwave power level by pressing Time Cook, Cook Time, or Micro Clock and entering the cooking time. 

You’ll then need to press the Power Level button and choose any value between 1 and 10 (1 being the lowest power level)—lastly, press start/pause. 

Concluding Thought:

As shared, a Frigidaire microwave hard reset isn’t complicated. You just need to plug out the appliance for 3 – 5 minutes and plug it back in. However, remember that a hard reset won’t magically troubleshoot every problem, especially those resulting from a failed component. 

So, you may have to figure out the underlying issues when the reset fails, and the above guide can get you started. 

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