Maytag Microwave Troubleshooting Guide (11 Issues Fixed!)

Basic Maytag microwave troubleshooting is not complicated, and it’s not only best left to the manufacturer or local microwave experts. It’s actually DIY; all it takes is the right guide, which I’ll share today. 

This guide will enable you to troubleshoot your Maytag microwave when it doesn’t turn on, work, heat, spin, beep, open, or display. Moreover, you can troubleshoot it when its light or door sensor doesn’t work, when it doesn’t recognize a closed door, and when the open/close door error pops up. 

These 11 issues are common among Maytag microwaves but are not the only ones. There are others, but those are the most typical. And when it comes to troubleshooting, you’ve to consider the likely causes of the problems and the applicable fixes. 

Let’s get into the Maytag microwave troubleshooting!

Maytag microwave troubleshooting

In a rush? Below is a quick troubleshooting guide for your Maytag microwave.

Quick Maytag Microwave Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Likely Cause Quick Fix 
1.Microwave Won’t Turn On Failed powerFirmly plug in a loose power cord, reset a tripped breaker and replace a defective socket
2.Microwave Won’t Work (Not Operating)Failed power, unlatched door, error code, or dead display/main control board 

Ensure your microwave has power, latch the door properly, and disable active LOC or Demo mode. Replace the display or control board as your last option
3.Maytag Microwave Not Heating Food  Failed power, wrong power level, error code, unlatched door, or failed component 

Ensure there’s power, and then adjust the power level accordingly. Disable active LOC and Demo mode, shut the door all the way and have an expert check the components as the last option
4.Microwave Won’t Spin Wrongly installed or turned off turntable or obstructive shipping material Reinstall the turntable, turn it on if it’s off, and remove obstructive shipping material 
5.Microwave Won’t Beep Energy Save or Sabbath modeCancel/disable Energy Save or Sabbath mode if any is on
6.Microwave Won’t Open Damaged door lock, door latch, spring button spring, open lever, or door open buttonReplace the damaged door component or the entire door 

7.Microwave Won’t Display Failed power, unlatched door, Demo or Sabbath mode, or Control Lock Ensure the microwave has power and the door is well shut. Then disable Demo or Sabbath mode or Control Lock 
8.Microwave Light Won’t Work Tripped breaker, blown-up fuse, disabled light timer, turned-off vent light, or failed light bulb, light socket, or main control board Reset the breaker, replace the fuse, and activate the light timer or the vent light if off. Replace the light bulb, light socket, or control board if any of them is defective 
9.Door Sensor Not Working Error code or door damage 

Clear any error code present and change the door if it’s faulty
10.Microwave Won’t Recognize A Closed Door Door not firmly latched or obstruction or unlevelled surfaceShut the microwave door all the way and remove any blockage. Place the microwave on a uniform surface
11.Open/Close Door Error The door closed for a long time without being started Open and close the appliance door and then restart it

11 Common Maytag Microwave Problems for Troubleshooting 

Share below are 11 issues common on Maytag microwave for troubleshooting:

1. Maytag Microwave Not Turning On 

If your Maytag microwave won’t power on, it’s likely due to a lack of power. That brings us to these issues:

  • Power loss – A power outage means your home appliances won’t power on, including the microwave. So, check if that’s the case. 
  • Loose power cord – If the power cord is not firmly plugged in, the microwaves won’t get any power and will, therefore, not turn on. 
  • Tripped breaker – A power surge will likely trip the circuit breaker and cut off the microwave’s power supply. So, inspect the breaker box to see if that’s the case.
  • Defective fuse – A faulty outlet won’t allow the microwave to receive any power. You can tell if the fuse is blown up if it fails the multimeter continuity test.


First, confirm if the issue is a power loss by checking the other appliances. If it’s not, check the power cable and firmly plug it in if it’s loose.

Then check the breaker box and reset the breaker if it’s off. And if the fuse fails the multimeter continuity test, replace it. 

Maytag microwave not working

2. Maytag Microwave Not Working (Non- Operational Microwave)

Some issues render the microwave non-operation, and they include the following:

  • Failed power supply – If your microwave lacks power (for the problems shared above), it won’t work. So, consider the possibility of a loose power plug, tripped breaker, defective outlet, or power loss. 
  • Unlatched door – If the microwave door is open, either for failing to shut it all the way or due to an obstruction, the microwave won’t run. So, check if anything (debris, shipping, spacers etcetera.) is obstructing it. 
  • Error code – Not all Maytag microwave error codes point to a problem with the microwave. Some stop it from running, as in the LOC/L (Control Lock) and Demo mode. 
  • A dead display board or main control board – And if the reason your microwave won’t work is none of the above, it’s likely to be a failed display board or main control board. 


Ensure your microwave has power. So, check if it’s turned on. Then check the door and try locking it if it’s not locked. 

Remove anything that could be obstructing it, including debris and shipping spacers. If Control Lock (LOC/L) is enabled, disable it by pressing Cancel for a few seconds until the LOC feature unlocks. 

Alternatively, hold down the start button for about 5 seconds to disable the Control Lock. And if Demo mode is on, hold the Timer Off button for a few seconds until you disable it. 

If you can’t find the Timer Off function, consult your manual to see how you should disable Demo Mode. And if it’s none of the other issues, consider replacing the display board or main control board, but you’ll need an expert’s help to determine which of the two is dead. 

3. Maytag Microwave Not Heating

Your Maytag microwave’s main job is to warm up food. So, if it doesn’t heat up, it won’t be able to do the job. Possible issues behind a Maytag microwave not heating include:

  • Wrong power level – Maytag microwaves have different temperature control levels, some producing more power than others. For example, power levels below 50% (PLS/Medium) are for heating food that doesn’t need much heat. 
  • Failed power supply – If your microwave fails to receive power, it won’t turn on and will therefore fail to get hot.
  • Error code – Your Maytag microwave won’t heat due to an error code like LOC, which locks the control panel or Demo mode.
  • Unlatched door – Since the microwave won’t run with an unlatched door, it won’t get hot either. 
  • Failed component – Several components could go wrong and prevent the microwave from getting hot. They include the magnetron, high-voltage transformer, thermal fuse, high-voltage capacitor, and main control board. 


First, check if your microwave has power and adjust the power level to match the food you are heating. Disable LOC and Demo mode as shared earlier, and shut the door if that’s not the case.

If the microwave still doesn’t heat up, have an expert check the various components and replace what’s defective. 

4. Maytag Microwave Not Spinning

The microwave turntable may fail to turn for different reasons, which means your Maytag microwave won’t warm up the food. The reasons for a non-spinning Maytag microwave turntable include the following:

  • Wrong turntable installation – If the turntable is not correctly installed, it won’t be able to spin as it should and may even slip off and fall.
  • Turntable function could be off – Some Maytag models allow you to turn off the turntable to let you cook manually. If so, that could be the reason the turntable won’t turn. 
  • Obstruction – If slipping spacers are in the way of the turntable, the turntable won’t turn. So, check that. 


Check if the turntable is producing a rumbling or thumping sound. If it is, that shows it’s wrongly installed, and you should uninstall and reinstall it correctly. 

If the microwave has the turntable-off setting, turn it on and ensure no obstructions. 

Maytag microwave not spinning

5. Maytag Microwave Not Beeping

Usually, a microwave won’t beep because of an energy-saving mode. In the case of a Maytag microwave, it won’t produce the beeping sound due to one of these two modes:

  • Sabbath mode – The mode disables some microwave features, including its beeping sound. 
  • Energy Save – This mode saves on energy consumption but disables the beeping function in the process. 


Check the microwave manual to see how to cancel the Sabbath until the words Energy Save Off pop up. 

6. Maytag Microwave Not Opening

Your Maytag door won’t open if one of the door components is broken. That includes the door lock, door latch, door spring, button spring, open level, or door open button. 

So, consider inspecting the microwave door keenly to see if any of those door components is defective. 


Consider replacing the broken door component or changing the door entirely. 

7. Maytag Microwave Display Not Working

It’s generally challenging to operate a microwave if its display is blank. In most cases, a Maytag microwave won’t display anything due to any of these reasons:

  • Failed power supply – If your microwave has no power, it won’t display anything. 
  • Demo/Sabbath mode – Just like Demo and Sabbath mode won’t allow the microwave to display anything, they may also prevent it from showing anything. 
  • Control Lock – If Control Lock is on, the microwave fails to display anything until you disable it. 


Check if your microwave has power and the door is well shut. Disable Demo or Sabbath mode and Control Lock if any of those settings are active. 

8. Maytag Microwave Light Not Working

Consider the issues below if your Maytag microwave won’t light up:

  • Tripped breaker – The breaker disrupts the microwave’s power supply when it trips, preventing the microwave from lighting up. 
  • Blown-up fuse – The thermal fuse also disrupts the microwave’s power supply when it blows up, preventing the microwave from lighting.
  • Disable light timer – If the light timer is off, the microwave will not light up. 
  • Turned-off vent light – The vent light function may also prevent the microwave from lighting if the setting is off. 
  • A failed light bulb or light socket – If the light bulb or light socket burns up or breaks, the microwave won’t light up. 
  • Dead control board – Lastly, don’t expect the microwave to light up or power on if the control board is defective. 


Reset the breaker if it’s flipped off and replace the thermal fuse if it fails the multimeter’s continuity test. Activate the light timer and vent light setting and have an expert check the light bulb, light socket, and control board. 

Maytag microwave light not working

9. Maytag Microwave Door Sensor Not Working

A Maytag microwave door sensor fails to be responsive due to any of these two reasons:

  • Error code – An error code such as LOC or Demo mode may render the door sensor non-responsive and prevent the microwave from running.
  • Door damage – The microwave door sensor may become non-responsive if the door is damaged. 


Disable LOC or any other error code present and if the door or its components are damaged, replace the door. 

10. Maytag Microwave Not Recognizing Door Closed

Sometimes you may close the door, but the microwave may fail to recognize that. The reasons for that include the following:

  • Failure to firmly shut the door – If you fail to close the door firmly, the Maytag microwave will fail to recognize that the door is open and may not run. 
  • Unleveled surface – If the microwave is resting on an unleveled surface, the door may not latch properly, and the microwave may see it as open. 


Ensure you firmly latch the door (all the way) and place the microwave on a more leveled surface. 

11. Maytag Microwave Open/Close Door Error

Lastly, expect the open/close door error to pop up on your microwave when you leave the microwave closed for more than 5 minutes. That often doesn’t mean something is wrong with the door. 

Sometimes, the error code may indicate that something obstructs the door from closing. That includes shipping spacers, debris, and an oversized dish. 


Open your microwave and then shut it immediately and start it. If the door won’t close, check for possible obstruction and remove it.

Closing Thought:

Above is a detailed guide on Maytag microwave troubleshooting. Use it to fix common Maytag microwave issues. With it, you don’t have to first turn to Maytag or the local microwave expert. 

The more you learn to troubleshoot your Maytag microwave, the more you master how to fix it quickly and, to an extent, prevent the issue in time. 

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