Brand New Samsung Dryer Not Heating (8 Issues Fixed!)

No one wants to deal with a non-heating Samsung dryer, especially a brand-new one. So, is your brand new Samsung dryer not heating and suspecting a malfunction but are not sure what it is?

Your brand-new Samsung dryer is not heating due to an electronic glitch, incorrect installation or cycle, failed power, laundry overload, blocked ventilation, or a bad heating element or thermostat. 

And if it’s a gas Samsung dryer, the gas valve, flame sensor, or ignitor might have failed, or the gas supply could be off.

But if it were an old Samsung dryer, you would have to consider components like the timer, dryer door, and control board. The dryer won’t run, let alone get hot if any of the three parts fail.

This troubleshooting guide shall help you identify why your brand-new Samsung dryer won’t get hot and how to fix it quickly. 

So, here we go!

brand new Samsung dryer not heating

In a hurry? Check out the troubleshooting guide below for a non-heating Samsung dryer.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide for A Brand New Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Likely Reason Most Probable Cause Quick Fix 
1.Electronic Glitch Recent power outage Reset the dryer 
2.Wrong Installation – Uninstall and reinstall the dryer correctly according to the manual
3.Wrong Cycle/Setting Eco Dry, Delicates, Air Fluff, and Quick Dry, among others Choose the right dryer setting depending on the laundry
4.Failed Power Unplugged or faulty cord, tripped breaker, bad outlet, or blown fuseFirmly plug the dryer and replace a defective power cord, outlet, or fuse. Reset a tripped breaker
5.Wet Laundry Overload The drum capacity exceeds ¾Reduce the laundry capacity to not more than ¾ full
6.Blocked Ventilation Clogged lint filter or vent or a kinked or crushed air vent Clean the lint filter and air vent if clogged. Remove kinks from a kinked vent and replace a crushed vent
7.Bad Heating Element The heating element is burntReplace the heating element if it lacks continuity
8.Defective Thermostat Replace the thermostat that lacks electrical continuity

Why Is My New Samsung Dryer Not Heating?

Generally, your new Samsung dryer is not heating due to one of the eight issues discussed below:

1. Electronic Glitch 

All electronic appliances suffer glitches at some point, especially during a power failure, and the dryer is no exception. So, if there was a recent power failure while the dryer was running, it’s highly likely the dryer suffered a slight hitch, and the issue is often fixed with a reset.

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Are you wondering, ‘how do I reset my Samsung dryer not heating?’ Let’s look at that below.

Quick Fix 

Quickly reset your dryer, and here are the basics of a Samsung dryer not heating reset:

  • Unplug the dryer from the wall outlet and wait for 1 – 5 minutes 
  • Alternatively, flip off the circuit breaker to turn off the dryer’s power supply, also for the same period (1 – 5 minutes)
  • Power the dryer back on after the time (1 – 5 minutes) elapses and wait for it to start

2. Wrong Installation 

If you have never run the dryer since installing it, it could be that the installation was wrong, especially if you did it without considering the manual. 

So, again, you may need to go back to the manual to see if you installed the dryer correctly. 

Quick Fix 

Check the dryer manual to see if the installation was correct. Meanwhile, observe the following:

  • The outlet is 240v (if it’s not, the dryer won’t heat up)
  • The power cord is not loose, and it’s plugged into the wall outlet and not the extension cord
  • In the case of a gas dryer, there are no issues with the gas line 

3. Wrong Cycle or Setting

It doesn’t take a fault or component failure for the Samsung dryer to fail to heat. Sometimes all it takes is the wrong setting. That’s why getting familiar with the various Samsung dryer cycles and settings is essential.

In the case of a non-heating Samsung dryer, check if any of these cycles/settings is active:

  • Eco Dry – This setting saves power consumption but lengthens the drying cycle. Sometimes you won’t notice the dryer heating.
  • Delicates – The Delicates setting produces a low-heat drying temperature that’s only best for heat-sensitive or light clothes. So, the dryer may appear like it’s not heating when drying bulky garments. 
  • Air Fluff – The Air Fluff setting allows the dryer to tumble without heat. It only blows room-temperature air.
  • Quick Dry – Quick Dry allows the Samsung dryer to only run for a specified time, mostly 30 minutes. The dryer doesn’t heat after that. 
  • Others – Other settings worth checking are Time Dry (allows the dryer to run for a timed period), Eco Normal (where the dryer uses little energy), Perm Press (where the dryer has a more extended cool-down period), and Wrinkle Prevent (allows the drum to turn without heat
Why is my new Samsung dryer not heating

Quick Fix 

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Choose a cycle or setting that matches the clothes you are drying. For example, there are options for delicates, heavy-duty fabrics, regular clothes, and bedding. 

You can even choose the dry level you prefer or the temperature (either low, extra low, medium, medium-low or high). 

4. Failed Power (Insufficient Power)

Don’t expect your brand-new Samsung dryer to get hot if it doesn’t get enough or any power. So, it’s imperative to check for any cause of a failed power supply, and that includes the following:

  • Unplugged or faulty power cord – If the power cord is loose, the dryer won’t power on. Likewise, the dryer won’t have any power if the power cable is defective. 
  • Tripped breaker – The power breaker is likely to trip or fall during a power surge, and if so, it cuts off the dryer’s power supply. 
  • Bad outlet – The dryer won’t power up if the outlet is not working. It could be that the outlet is defective or under voltage (less than 240v).
  • Blown fuse – A power surge may also blow up the fuse, and the dryer’s power supply may fail once that happens. 

Quick Fix 

Plug the power cable firmly into the wall outlet if that’s not the case. Use a multimeter to check if the power cord, wall outlet, and thermal fuse have continuity. If any does not, replace it. And if you have a tripped breaker, reset it. 

5. Wet Laundry Overload 

Don’t expect your Samsung dryer to get hot if you’ve overloaded the drum with wet laundry. Ideally, the drum shouldn’t be more than 3⁄4 full. And if the laundry is soaking wet, you may want to squeeze off the excess water first.

The easiest way to do that is while the clothes are in the washer, where you run the drain wash cycle.

Quick Fix

Reduce the dryer’s wet load capacity to less than ¾ full. While at it, ensure the laundry is not soaking wet.

6. Blocked Ventilation 

A good air supply is key to a dryer’s heating performance. If there’s airflow restriction, the dryer may take a long time to get hot or may not heat at all.

Overall, there are the issues that could lead to blocked ventilation:

  • Clogged lint filter or air vent 
  • Kinked or crushed vent 
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Quick Fix

Clean the lint filter if it’s clogged. You can use soap and running sink water to do it. Clean the air vent, too, if it’s blocked, straighten it out if it’s kinked, and replace it if it’s crushed. 

7. Bad Heating Element 

Cold air goes through the heating element to be warmed up. Sadly, the heating element burns out over time, and once that happens, it’s unable to warm up the unbound air.

Quick Fix 

Perform the Samsung dryer heating element test to determine if the heating element is faulty. You can do that using a multimeter.

Choose between the continuity and resistance (ohm) setting and test the heating element. If the multimeter does not beep or show continuity or fails to give a resistance value of 5 – 50 ohms, it’s defective. If so, replace it. 

In the absence of a multimeter, you can use a 9v battery. Connect the battery to the heating element to see if it heats up. If the heating element doesn’t get hot, that affirms it’s faulty, and thus, consider a Samsung dryer heating element replacement. 

How do I reset my Samsung dryer not heating

8. Defective Thermostat 

Lastly, the new dryer might not be heating because of a faulty hi-limit or cycling thermostat. In that case, these thermometers cannot monitor or regulate the dryer’s heat.

Quick Fix 

Run the thermostat through a multimeter to see if they have continuity. If they don’t, it proves they are faulty, and you should replace them. 

Brand New Samsung Gas Dryer Not Heating 

If your brand new Samsung dryer is the gas type, you’ve to pay attention to these factors that may prevent it from heating:

  • Gas supply is off – The dryer won’t get hot if the gas supply is off. So, check it. 
  • Failed solenoid – A failed solenoid (or gas valve) prevents the burner from getting enough gas, and as a result, the burner won’t burn, and the dryer won’t get hot. 
  • Burnt igniter – A burnt igniter won’t ignite the gas, and that stops the dryer from heating. Generally, a burnt igniter lacks continuity.
  • Faulty flame sensor – A faulty flame sensor won’t detect the emitted heat, preventing the gas dryer from heating up. Like the igniter, a bad flame sensor lacks continuity. 

Quick Fix 

Ensure the dryer’s gas supply is turned on and if the igniter or flame sensor won’t show any continuity while testing with a multimeter, replace it. 

Meanwhile, the solenoid is likely faulty if the igniter only glows briefly but doesn’t ignite. So, replace it. 

Samsung Dryer Not Heating and Turning Off

Several issues could explain why your Samsung dryer won’t heat and keeps turning off. That includes the following:

  • A tripped circuit breaker, which you should reset 
  • Small laundry loads, which you should increase to about ¾ full 
  • Bad heating element or thermostat, which you should replace 
  • Blown up thermal fuse, which you should also replace 
  • Defective moisture sensor motor or control board

Closing Thought on Your Brand New Samsung Dryer Not Heating:

Shared are the reasons your brand-new Samsung dryer won’t get hot. Clearly, you don’t have to worry much about a major repair, as most of the fixes are simple. 

Hopefully, you won’t have to call Samsung to pay a local expert after going through this troubleshooting guide. 

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